Chapter 30 – Don’t be hasty!

After Being Marked by a Powerful Love Rival
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The people around them were dumbfounded. They looked at each other; they didn’t know what to say. Was Gu Xingchuan planning to smash the whole venue?

The sound of the guitar that followed was soft and clear, overlapping as its tones flowed in the air, accompanied by Gu Xingchuan’s calm singing voice.

“You better keep your eyes wide open and take a good look about,

I’m not the medicine just for you.

If you want to bask in the light, you can only be a blooper.

Other than making people laugh at you,

It’ll also use up his love for you.

Don’t blame me for being unkind,

As you’re just not worthy, 

You don’t deserve to waste my deep emotions, 

You don’t deserve my intoxicated affections,

And still you don’t wake from your dreams.


Shen Li’s face was hideous. Dozens of eyes were all staring at him, striking through him like he was a pincushion. He had never lost such face since he was a child. If this matter was to spread, he would have no face to even mix in with the second generation riches’ circle in the capital anymore.

Song Yi frowned, feeling a little helpless. Both of them were too impulsive. After having known each other for so many years, he understood the tempers of these two people.

Shen Li was spoiled growing up. Though his nature was not bad, he was particular about preserving his pride. As long as someone gives him face, he will be a gentle kitten. But when the opposite happens, he will turn into a little tiger. And what Gu Xingchuan was best at, was exactly that: not giving face. The unspoken rules of society were of no use to him who was willful and reckless.

And Shen Li just had to use Gu Xingchuan as a stepping stone to lift his identity among his circle of friends. He was clearly using Gu Xingchuan. With Gu Xingchuan, this explosive dynamite, how could he stand this kind of bird air?1Because bird = the male part of a man’s masculinity.

After Gu Xingchuan ended his song, the audience was silent. No one dared to speak. Neither Shen Li nor Gu Xingchuan could be offended.

Gu Xingchuan squinted and swept his slender eyes around the stage. He left the guitar on the chair and walked off the stage, step by step. He then walked to Shen Li’s side, picked up a glass of champagne from the top of the champagne tower and smiled slightly. “Happy birthday, Shen Li.”

He happily gulped it down, then slammed it on the table. In a lowered voice, he warned, “Don’t use me as a weapon. This gun will shoot indiscriminately.”

Shen Li clenched his fists, his face pale. Two round eyes stared back as his teeth gritted – a hint of a murderous heart was exposed.

Under the eyes of everyone, Gu Xingchuan walked to Song Yi’s side. He stretched out his hand and gently patted Song Yi’s fluffy head, unconsciously softening his tone, “Let’s go, what are you still waiting for?”

Song Yi came back to his senses. With Gu Xingchuan creating such a big commotion, he felt upset for Shen Li and wanted to comfort Shen Li, but there were too many people in this gathering. This was not a suitable venue.

Gu Xingchuan went to the underground parking lot to pick up his car. Song Yi took off his suit jacket and placed  it on his elbow as he loosened the tie that constricted his breathing. He stood straight and waited on the side of the road.

Shen Li followed out with red eyes, shiny tears pooling within them. Song Yi lightly patted his shoulder and politely wrapped his arm around him. He consoled Shen Li. “It’ll be fine. It wasn’t shameful.”

Shen Li’s nose twitched. He bit his lower lip. “Everyone’s a classmate. Is it so difficult to sing a song? Why did he have to do this?”

Song Yi didn’t want to say bad things behind Gu Xingchuan’s back. He raised his hand and wiped tears from the corners of Shen Li’s eyes. “It’s your birthday. You have to be happy and can’t cry with such beautiful eyes, you know?”

“Can’t you accompany me until midnight?” Shen Li grabbed his sleeve, unwillingness oozing in his posture.

Song Yi shook his head. “I have something to do tomorrow. I will accompany you another day.”

Shen Li wiped the tears on his face with the back of his hand. “Does it have to be another day?”

Song Yi smiled. “Your friends are still waiting for you inside. Don’t let the guests wait too long.”

Shen Li’s lips trembled. After taking a few deep breaths, he took out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter from his pocket. The very thin cigarette was lit with a click. Sandwiched between those slender fingers, he took a breath and whispered, “I don’t want to go back. They are all waiting to joke about me.”

Song Yi glanced at the cigarette in Shen Li’s hand. His arm stretched and he skillfully folded it in half and threw it into the trash can beside him. He calmly said, “No one looks at you as a joke. They all like you. This is nothing.”

He knew that Shen Li smoked when he was in school. At that time, it seemed that Shen Li’s family put a lot of pressure on him. Adolescent children always learn how to solve problems from adults.

This action poked into Shen Li’s heart, leaving him stunned. He then put the cigarette back into his pocket obediently, his eyes still red. “You know, when I want to smoke, they will always help me light up. Only you don’t let me smoke.”

Him looking so upset also made Song Yi feel uncomfortable. He quietly explained, “The people you know outside are not the same as old friends. They may not be sincere and only want to please you. You have to learn to distinguish between them.”

Shen Li shook his head lightly. He put his both arms around Song Yi’s waist and leaned his head against. “They are all different from you. I’m clear about that.”

Song Yi’s collar became a little wet. With Shen Li being like this, he could no longer comfort him anymore in this situation. He thought about it, chuckled, and teased Shen Li, “Are you sure you want to cry in my arms for other men?’

Shen Li was taken aback. He raised his face. When looking at it from this angle, one could see Song Yi’s raised Adam’s apple, a slightly curved jaw bearing supple-looking lips, and straight nose.

He immediately gathered himself and kissed those lips. Just as Song Yi was about to speak, a strong light from a distance shone on his face. The powerful brightness of Bugatti’s high beam was like the sun at night. Shen Li, who was being shined on in the darkness, couldn’t open his eyes for several seconds.

Shen Li could barely see the scene in front of him when his collar was violently grabbed. A brute force dragged him forward into a stagger. Gu Xingchuan’s chiseled and beautiful face looked at him with a sneer, tightening his grip on his collar until Shen Li couldn’t breathe.

Laozi allowed you to grab and grope?!”

Shen Li was startled and frightened. He shook Gu Xingchuan’s hand away, taking the time to suck in air. “You, let me go!”

Song Yi was stunned. He quickly stepped forward and pulled Gu Xingchuan’s arm back. “Let him go, don’t be impulsive!”

Gu Xingchuan loosened Shen Li’s collar and thrust a warning finger on Shen Li’s face. “Don’t think I don’t know what you are thinking.”

His nostalgic yearning for Shen Li’s past youth kept him from acting on it. But if it was changed to another person, then that person’s chin would be bashed off on the spot.

He and Song Yi might have slept twice and in his eyes, rounding this number up to four or five, would make Song Yi his person now.2That’s a big estimation up. Wears glasses. According to mathematics law, when rounding off 2, it would be 0. Just like a piece of meat he bit tightly, no one could take it out of his mouth. Shen Li was also no exception.

Gu Xingchuan didn’t care what Song Yi thought. In any case, this matter was settled. Whoever dared to fight with him, would regret it.

Shen Li’s lips trembled uncontrollably, unsure whether it was due to anger or fear. He clenched his fists in anger. However, compared to Gu Xingchuan who stood tall and straight, even though he was wearing a sweater, he could still feel the strong muscles, like a lithe leopard, bearing a menacing threat.

Shen Li took a step back before he had the courage to summon up his courage and say, “Don’t think I also don’t know what you are thinking of.”

Gu Xingchuan’s face sank, staring at him, gritting his teeth. “It’s none of your business. Scram the hell away!”

Shen Li shot a glance at a lost Song Yi. He mumbled, “I feel sad today. I just want you to accompany me today. I don’t want to wait until another day, can’t you stay?”

Song Yi still hadn’t recollected himself from the sudden kiss just now. With Gu Xingchuan’s sudden violence, he was at a loss. He had no idea what the two of them were doing. He hesitated. “You’re not in a good state right now. You should take a good night’s rest first.”

Shen Li squeezed out a dry smile, with a lonely expression. “I understand. I’ll wait for you when you are free.”

Song Yi couldn’t bear it anymore. He pulled out the gift box that held a fountain pen within and handed it to Shen Li. “You said you want to practice writing words. I chose this specially for you.”

Shen Li took the fountain pen gift box and held it tightly in his hand, sniffing. “Thank you.”

Song Yi rubbed his hair like coaxing a child. “Don’t need to thank me. It’s your birthday today. Forget what happened just now when you go back and happily cut the cake alright?”

Shen Li gave a heavy nod and blankly looked at him. “I understand.”

Gu Xingchuan rolled his eyes and was about to throw up. Song Yi’s tone of speaking with an omega was too corny, leaving such tender emotions behind, making him want to hold the other person in his grasp. Whenever Song Yi talked to him, Song Yi would change his tone completely, as if Gu Xingchuan owed him money.

As soon as Shen Li took a few steps away, Gu Xingchuan remembered something. He turned his neck and said to Song Yi, “You, wait for me for five minutes. I have something to ask Shen Li.”

Shen Li’s shoulders trembled, and he looked at Gu Xingchuan with his wide black eyes.

“Don’t worry, I won’t hit you.” Gu Xingchuan pointed to the hidden aisle beside his jaw. He just wanted to prove something.

Shen Li looked a little hesitant, and glanced at Song Yi pitifully. Song Yi was not at ease. He patted Gu Xingchuan on the back. “What are you going to do to him?”

“Can’t I eat him?” Gu Xingchuan hmphed and walked over with his hands in his trouser pockets.

Shen Li hesitated before following.

Song Yi’s head felt like a complete mess. The first was this confusion between Gu Xingchuan and Shen Li’s relationship. The second mess: Shen Li’s kiss just now.

He always thought that even though he had not expressed himself fully towards Shen Li, Shen Li was his ideal partner. But just now, when Shen Li kissed him and gave him the indication to go for an attack— deep in his heart, he wanted to retreat.

This made Song Yi a little confused. Although he was very fluid in his feelings, the people he was attached to whom he later broke up with ended up hating him. But towards someone Shen Li who gave help when he most needed it, he never had placed a false pretense in front of him. He treated Shen Li sincerely, even thinking of marrying Shen Li before.

Yet he couldn’t understand the current situation. Maybe it was Shen Li’s disappearance, Shen Li’s hesitation, that made him stay away.

Song Yi shook his head and found the car key from his suit jacket pocket. He didn’t plan to wait for Gu Xingchuan anymore. He needed to calm down and think about these complicated emotions.

The parking lot on the second basement floor was full of cars. Against the peak hours where vehicles came and went at night, Song Yi started his car, turned on the stereo and played soothing music.

As he turned onto the parking lane, he saw the overbearing Land Rover behind him from the rear view mirror. The driver seemed to be drunk and the car followed him crookedly.

Song Yi frowned, and cursed the road killer in his heart. Drinking so much yet still driving. This would only harm oneself and others.3Yes. Don’t drink drive!

Sure enough as he stepped on the accelerator to go uphill, the domineering black car slammed into the car. Song Yi’s head was almost knocked on the car window glass. If the collision was a little stronger, he would see blood today.

He was furious and angrily rolled down the car window. He was about the bash the driver. The other party knew he was wrong, hurriedly stopped and the co-pilot’s door opened. Long legs first exited, before the driver himself stepped out. The leather shoes were black and shiny, highlighting the figure of a tall and slender man.

The man wore a silky white shirt with a dark suit waistcoat that hugged his waist. He looked intellectually elegant and aristocratic.

He strode over, drew a snow-white business card from his waistcoat pocket and handed it to Song Yi. “My apologies, my friend drank some alcohol. We will bear full responsibility.”

Song Yi smelled the faint smell of cologne on the business card, and glanced sideways at the man. His appearance was pretty good, with straight eyebrows and looked rather decent and proper.

“Don’t drink and drive,” Song Yi gently reminded. He took the business card, which read [Shen Du, General Manager of Siyi Group].

This surname was not common. Song Yi bowed his neck under the Land Rover’s windshield, a delicately wrapped gift could be seen vaguely. It was from this hotel again. 80% of them were relatives of Shen Li’s family. Song Yi’s tone relaxed. “Coming out to play is done to relax. But since you all have drunk so much, you should find a driver.”

“The driver can’t enter the parking lot. I asked him to wait outside but didn’t expect something to happen here.” The man smiled bitterly, and with his clean fingers, tapped the windscreen glass. “Can you give me your business card? I’ll take responsibility for the compensation.”

Song Yi took out a business card from his storage box and handed it over. “I’m free this weekend. We can go to the insurance company together.”

The man took the business card and his eyes lit up. He looked back at Song Yi. “Your name comes from the beautiful and gorgeous Song Yu?”4Song Yu: In ancient novels, dramas and some literary works, there are often used people who are beautiful like Song Yu and Pan An to describe the handsomeness of men, and Song Yu is not only outstanding in appearance, but also talented in talent. The reason why Song Yu is impressive is because according to the It is recorded in “Deng Tu Zi Lustful Fu” that in Song Yu’s hometown, there was a beautiful woman with thin waist and white teeth, who was lying on the wall of his house and watched him for three years. If it wasn’t for her outstanding appearance, why would she be so obsessed with her?

He paused, his tone was ambiguous, and he blinked a few times. “It suits you.”

Song Yi was lazy to take note of his attempts. If it weren’t him being Shen Li’s family, he would have shaken his face early on. He said calmly, “See you at the entrance of the damage center at 12 o’clock on the weekend.”

Shen Du gave a slight smile. “Alright, I won’t leave until I see you.”

He said it as if they were on a date.

Song Yi cursed this crazy fellow in his heart. He stepped on the accelerator, and drove away without looking back.

When he was far away, a young man came down from Land Rover, slung his elbows on Shen Du’s shoulders, and asked with a grin, “Shen-shao has all the means. He was even able to settle something like this.”

Shen Du held his business card and sniffed under his nose, curling his lips. “What do you think of him?”

The young man leaned back his neck and looked at Shen Du from a long distance. “You don’t need to say anything further. You two have a husband and wife aura. His profile looks very similar to yours.”

“Stop your bragging.” Shen Du patted the back of his head, flicked his business card, and said casually, “He looks very suitable for me. My new prey.”

“How long does Shen-shao plan to take?” The young man grinned, rubbing his head.

Shen Du looked at the direction in which the car disappeared. He squinted his eyes. “At most half a month.”


Note: -shao = Young Master.

  • 1
    Because bird = the male part of a man’s masculinity.
  • 2
    That’s a big estimation up. Wears glasses. According to mathematics law, when rounding off 2, it would be 0.
  • 3
    Yes. Don’t drink drive!
  • 4
    Song Yu: In ancient novels, dramas and some literary works, there are often used people who are beautiful like Song Yu and Pan An to describe the handsomeness of men, and Song Yu is not only outstanding in appearance, but also talented in talent. The reason why Song Yu is impressive is because according to the It is recorded in “Deng Tu Zi Lustful Fu” that in Song Yu’s hometown, there was a beautiful woman with thin waist and white teeth, who was lying on the wall of his house and watched him for three years. If it wasn’t for her outstanding appearance, why would she be so obsessed with her?

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