Chapter 27.2 – “It’s my honor.”

After Being Marked by a Powerful Love Rival
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The restaurant where dinner took place was at a western restaurant under Star Entertainment Company. It had an elegant environment, with a small bridge over flowing water. Bach’s piano music was playing smoothly in the background. The waiter in a white shirt and black trousers opened the way for Song Yi and led him to the quietness of the last table.

Before Gu Shaoyuan arrived, Gu Xingchuan was ordering food with a tablet. He looked up at Song Yi, “What do you want to eat?”

Song Yi ordered a few dishes that he wanted to eat, which were concise, clear, and unambiguous. Gu Xingchuan quickly placed the order, and his mood was quite cheerful.

He remembered that when he was celebrating his birthday in high school, he invited his classmates to a high-end western restaurant in the imperial capital for dinner. All the classmates came except for Song Yi, and for the whole day, he was not very happy.

In addition, when ordering food, Shen Li was indecisive, he wanted something and in the next moment, didn’t. He was so choosy that he only ordered three dishes within the span of ten minutes t. At that time, Gu Xingchuan thought that if he was with such a person, it might be better to get a rope to resolve himself.

But now it was fine. At least his and Song Yi’s life tempo was the same.

When Gu Shaoyuan came, the dishes were almost ready. He naturally sat diagonally opposite Song Yi, side by side with Gu Xingchuan.

“I didn’t expect you to be Xingchuan’s classmate.” Gu Shaoyuan smiled gently, glanced at Gu Xingchuan, and asked jokingly, “The little bastard never bullied you in school, right?”

No matter what, you can’t scold the family’s sons in front of Laozi. It was one thing for Laozi to scold him himself. It was another matter to join in the scolding match.

Song Yi smiled and shook his head. “No, Xingchuan is very loyal, never bullying classmates, and often helping me.”

For example, helping him draw tits on the cover of his workbook. For example, helping him toss ink onto his school uniform. Or for example, while the school was checking the carrying of knives at school, he would stuff a category 3 CD1ie porn in his school bag.

Gu Shaoyuan felt pleased and smiled. “Perhaps he is just too righteous. His mother is too lenient on him. Such a big person, but still like a stupefied young man, everything was based on his own intentions.”

Song Yi smiled lightly and adjusted the frame of his spectacles. “The heart of a child is the most rare, which shows that Mr. Gu gives a good family education.”

No matter what he thought in his heart, Gu Shaoyuan couldn’t find fault with what he said in his heart. He admired Song Yi’s flexible mind, but he didn’t know what his family was like. He thought about it and asked, “What business does your family do?”

Song Yi truthfully explained that Zhao Hongyan was a nurse in the hospital, and as for his deceased father, he used to be a worker. This family in the imperial capital could not be any more ordinary.

The more Gu Xingchuan listened, the more wrong he felt. He frowned. “What are you asking him this for?”

Gu Shaoyuan glanced at him and snorted lightly. “Look at the other,then look at yourself.”

Gu Xingchuan glanced at Song Yi and deliberately misinterpreted Gu Shaoyuan’s sarcasm. “I see he’s pretty good.”

Gu Shaoyuan was speechless and shook his head helplessly.

One of the dishes on the table was the signature lobster with lemon butter sauce. Gu Xingchuan took a bite, and with a light hiss, he put down his fork.

Gu Xingchuan touched his thin lower lip, only then did Gu Shaoyuan see a crack on his lip. It had been a few days since it had just touched the lemon, and it cracked again.

Gu Shaoyuan glared at him. “How did you do this?”

Gu Xingchuan calmly treated it as it was nothing. Song Yi really wanted to bury his head in the table. Letting Gu Shaoyuan know that Song Yi was the one who had bitten him there, Gu Xingchuan really was finding a place to bury himself.

“It was bitten.” Gu Xingchuan smiled recklessly and continued casually, “It was bitten by a puppy.”

Gu Shaoyuan swept over Song Yi, who was trying to calm down, and sighed inside his heart. “If you have someone outside, bring them back and let your mother and me meet them. Your mother hopes that someone will give her a baby to play with.”

Gu Xingchuan frowned, “Give birth to one yourselves.”

“If we could still do it by ourselves, why would we ask you?” Gu Shaoyuan said angrily.

Gu Xingchuan’s brows furrowed even tighter. He already didn’t have enough fun alone, if he had a baby, then he had to share. It was impossible.

After dinner, Gu Shaoyuan hurried back to the company, and instructed Gu Xingchuan to take Song Yi home. Song Yi enjoyed another send off in a luxury car.

Males would no doubt worship the genes of the strong.Though Song Yi had little contact with Gu Shaoyuan, Song Yi admired Gu Shaoyuan very much. For a single person to work hard abroad for many years and to build up a business of this size was indeed not easy.

He somewhat envied Gu Xingchuan. Not for his family background, but the atmosphere of his father and his mother having equal communication, being very harmonious and comfortable.

Money and status, these Song Yi could earn. But other than that, if one couldn’t obtain it, then one couldn’t ever obtain it.

He and Zhao Hongyan only had the relationship of being dependent and being depended on. Zhao Hongyan didn’t care what he wanted, only caring about whether Song Yi increased her status or threw her face.

While driving, Gu Xingchuan looked at his gloomy expression and asked softly, “What are you thinking about?”

“What to eat tonight.” Song Yi turned his face away and replied casually.

Gu Xingchuan glanced at him, held the steering wheel, and looked forward intently. “My dad appreciates you a lot. If you continue to be at Star Entertainment, you can get an A-level contract.”

“I’ll think about it.” Song Yi needed to make a good career plan.

Gu Xingchuan curled the corner of his mouth. “I have investigated all the hottest studios in the circle. Jiang Bai’s resources are the best, but there are too many veteran actors in Jiang Bai. In your rising popularity, they won’t be suitable.”

“Hua Le2Chinese Music had recently been in the limelight these past few years thanks to the accuracy of the studio’s new media trends. It had an advantage in its ability to produce hype and control public opinion. But it also had a disadvantage; it didn’t have enough resources to keep up. Shows that had been signed a few years back haven’t even started.”

“Lan Yu3Blue Entertainment’s resources are relatively acceptable compared to Hua Le, but there is someone as Blue Entertainment’s top artist, and Blue Entertainment’s treasures are all placed on him. I don’t recommend you to go there.”

“You’re quite knowledgeable,” Song Yi said with admiration.

Gu Xingchuan sneered. “I already knew them before you wanted to terminate the contract. If you want to go, Hua Le is the first choice. I am familiar with their boss and can look over you.”

“I’ll think about it.” Song Yi was very grateful. Although Gu Xingchuan’s words were still annoying, his heart was still very sincere.

Song Yi didn’t let Gu Xingchuan drive into the neighborhood. The Bugatti’s face clearly screamed ‘I’m super rich’. All this scenario was missing was a robber beckoning them to come over, it was really too ostentatious.

When he got home and pushed the door open, it was filled with people like during Chinese New Year again. All three aunts and six grandmothers came. The living room was full of people, melon seeds were thrown on the floor, the wooden floor was covered with gray footprints, and a child was running around.

Song Yi pretended not to see the footprints on the ground. He picked up the child on the ground, patted the butt, and said with a smile, “You grew really fast. You’re so big now.”

Zhao Hongyan sat in the crowd with a happy smile. “Song Yi, do you remember the Beta I told you last time?”

Song Yi was stunned, remembering that there was such a thing. The last time Zhao Hongyan mentioned a Beta in the car, he was directly against that.

Zhao Hongyan didn’t notice his expression, and said with a smile, “I went to your aunt’s house today, and I happened to bump into that person. I invited them to our home for a meal and for you two to meet.”


Song Yi felt a pain in his head. A voice came from behind. “Hello, I’m Xiao Yuan.”

Song Yi turned his neck and saw an elegant-looking Beta who was as tall as Song Yi’s shoulder. The moment he saw Song Yi, his eyes lit up, and he involuntarily swallowed.

Song Yi smiled politely and shied away. “Hi Xiao Yuan. Sorry, I don’t have time to eat with you today, my friend is waiting for me downstairs.”

“What are you doing?” Zhao Hongyan was dissatisfied with his resistive attitude. “Isn’t this what you asked for?”

Song Yi lied without blinking, and smiled back, “Mom, I have an afternoon gathering. I only came back to get something. Let’s have a family dinner another day when I am free.”

There was nothing wrong with his attitude. However, only Zhao Hongyan knew that Song Yi was really angry. Although she didn’t understand why Song Yi was angry, she was quite afraid of this son being angry.

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Zhao Hongyan’s tone softened. “You pay attention to your own safety and come back early.”

Song Yi left without looking back. Six o’clock in the evening happened to be the time for school and work ended. There was an endless stream of people coming and going in the neighborhood.

He took out his phone and flipped through it. Although he had a lot of friends, it was not suitable for him to find anyone. First, others couldn’t understand his own situation, and secondly, they would blindly make a disturbance.

Song Yi couldn’t think of where he should go to take refuge.

He rarely ever had such a lonely moment. He was standing in the most familiar place, but he had nowhere to go.

Song Yi took a deep breath, brushed his hair, and walked out of the neighbourhood, planning to find a coffee shop to spend the afternoon.

The black Bugatti was still parked at the gate of the community, and the surrounding cars gave way and parked alone in the middle parking space.

Seemingly seeing Song Yi, the headlights flickered a few times as if blinking. Song Yi’s heart trembled, and walked over.

The car window slowly lowered, Gu Xingchuan leaned on the edge of the car window with one hand and elbow one it. “Why are you back?”

Song Yi refused to answer and calmly asked, “Why are you still here?

“Listening to songs.” Gu Xingchuan calmly spit out three words, looking up and down at Song Yi.

Song Yi was still wearing this morning’s suit and shirt, but without the coat and tie. The simple white shirt gave a refreshing impression. Yet, Gu Xingchuan knew that Song Yi was very particular, so when he went out dressed like this, something unexpected must have happened at home.

He pushed open the co-pilot’s door, raised his eyebrows. “Let’s go. I’ll bring you out to play.”

“Where to?” Song Yi sat in the passenger seat, bowed his head and fastened his seat belt.

He was willing to go anywhere, as long as it’s not back home.

Gu Xingchuan’s mouth twitched. His eyes swept over him with wickedness. “If I open a room, will you go?” 4coughcough literally ‘Open a room,’ means have sex.

Song Yi glanced at him and raised his chin. “Just find a bar, I want to have a few drinks.”

Gu Xingchuan was about to refuse outright, when Song Yi’s face suddenly turned pale. He quickly unfastened his seat belt, jumped out of the car, bent down and retched.

Although nothing was vomited out, this sense of nausea followed.

“You’re sick.” Gu Xingchuan twisted the mineral water in his car and handed it over.

Song Yi rinsed his mouth. His already pale face had no blood at all, looking pitiful. “It’s okay, I’ve been like this recently.”

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    ie porn
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    Chinese Music
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    coughcough literally ‘Open a room,’ means have sex.

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