Chapter 27.1 – “It’s my honor.”

After Being Marked by a Powerful Love Rival
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Shen Li’s food taste usually tended to be spicy, and he liked Sichuan cuisine the most. When he was eating at Song Yi’s house, Zhao Hongyan fried some meat with chili peppers, boiled fish, and shredded spicy chicken every day. Song Yi’s ability to eat spicy food was not good. Those days, he ate until he had ulcers. Even so, Zhao Hongyan still happily continued frying the spicy food.

It was still the same today. The sweet and delicious aroma of the cake in the living room was mixed with the pungent smell of pepper. It was too out of place. Song Yi opened the window to let in some air. When the wind from outside blew in, the spiciness hit his face and he couldn’t help but sneeze.

Gu Xingchuan looked away from Shen Li, seeing him and then frowned. He pursed the corners of his lips, neatly lowered the sleeves of his sweater, got up and walked into the kitchen.

After a while, Zhao Hongyan took off his apron and came out, rubbing her hands embarrassedly. “Xiao Gu wants to cook. Why don’t we try his creation?”

Song Yi was surprised that Gu Xingchuan could cook. One really couldn’t tell. He didn’t look like someone who knew how to cook.

Taking advantage of Gu Xingchuan’s absence, Shen Li quickly closed the cake box. Although this stuff was delicious, anyone who kept eating it would get tired of it. He took a sip of tea to dampen the sweetness before looking towards the kitchen. He bumped Song Yi’s shoulder with a smile. “Have you ever eaten the dishes made by Gu Xingchuan?”

Song Yi had never seen Gu Xingchuan hold a spatula. He shook his head honestly.

“I’ve seen him cook in variety shows, and he cooked everything I like.” Shen Li lowered his head and smiled softly. “I never thought he would learn to cook for me.”

Song Yi smiled warmly, yet feeling depressed in his heart.Song Yi pinched Shen Li’s cheek, unwilling to admit defeat. “I’ll let you taste my craftsmanship someday.”

“Alright, I’m really lucky then,” Shen Li said with a smile.

Gu Xingchuan was very busy in the kitchen. How could he bear to watch them flirting and bantering back and forth? Because of that, he leaned sideways on the door frame and glanced back at the two of them, then moved his jaw. “Song Yi, you seem rather free. Come and help me wash the vegetables.”

In any case, he could not let Song Yi and Shen Li be lovey-dovey together.

Song Yi consciously and efficiently worked. After all, Gu Xingchuan was a guest, and he came all the way to his house. As the host, he couldn’t sit idly by. This was no way to treat a guest.

The exhaust above the stove was turned on, and the smell of pepper became very weak. Song Yi washed a handful of lettuce and carefully cut it on the chopping board.

When he bought this house, he valued the surrounding area and the large terrace more. Although the kitchen was smaller, Song Yi usually ate out and didn’t use the inside much. He regretted the decision a little.

The two slender men in the narrow space could touch each other’s limbs with just a single move. Song Yi would cut vegetables without moving, but Gu Xingchuan would move around, occasionally rubbing his arms against Song Yi’s buttocks unintentionally, learning Song Yi alarmed.

In the living room, it was unclear what Shen Li and Zhao Hongyan were talking about, but it was causing them to laugh loudly.

Even in Song Yi’s memories, Zhao Hongyan seldom smiled at him like this. She was always very strict and old-fashioned. Even when Song Yi was the first in his grade, she didn’t give a good face. Only occasionally did she smile at him.

Thinking of this, Song Yi hissed and looked down. The kitchen knife unfortunately sliced at his ring finger, making a small wound.

Gu Xingchuan turned his head and saw his bleeding ring finger and frowned in displeasure. “Why are you so stupid?”

“I wasn’t paying attention.” Song Yi pulled a few pieces of kitchen paper to wipe the blood on his hands, but Gu Xingchuan grabbed his wrist, lowered his head and pulled it to his lips. Warm lips stretched out and sucked the blood, just like a vampire.

His expression was focused, the cheekbones were distinct, and the curled eyelashes twitched with his breathing, as if what he was doing was proper and expected.

Song Yi’s thoughts were dazed. His fingers felt a soft and moist tongue. His heart skipped a beat, he forgot to withdraw his hand, and he blankly asked, “What are you doing?”

“Helping you stop the bleeding.” Gu Xingchuan let go of his hand, turned around to look at the dishes in the pot as if nothing had happened. He picked up the salt bottle, then asked calmly, “Do you prefer more salt?”

Song Yi regained his thoughts, rushing his hands under the faucet. He looked back at the living room through the sliding door. Shen Li and Zhao Hongyan were chatting enthusiastically, and no one noticed the little episode in the kitchen.

“Just put it in, I’m not picky.” Song Yi picked up the kitchen knife and cut a piece of lettuce. Feeling uncomfortable, he added, “Don’t do that again in the future.”

Gu Xingchuan glanced at the back of his head full of hair. The sweet and bloody taste in his mouth faintly remained, he rolled his tongue, and tasted it carefully, still not satisfied.

The speed of the two people working in the kitchen was very fast. It didn’t take long for a table of dishes to be prepared, and when Song Yi placed everything on the table, he realized that there were too many vegetable dishes. It looked very similar to food eaten by the monks in temples.

On one side were the fried shrimps, green vegetables and tofu. On the other side were the white radish spare ribs, and scrambled eggs with zucchini. Looking at the lush green table, one couldn’t even see a pepper.

Zhao Hongyan glanced at Gu Xingchuan strangely. Gu Xingchuan sat at the dining table by himself. “It’s hot today. Best to eat something light.”

Although Song Yi felt sorry for Shen Li, he was still very happy. At least he wouldn’t have to bear with the pain. Otherwise, if Zhao Hongyan had fried another table of chili peppers, this mouth of his wouldn’t be able to handle it anymore.

Shen Li glanced at Gu Xingchuan in thought, the side of his cheek bulging as a pair of chopstick led food in. “Thank you for your willingness to cook for me today.”

Gu Xingchuan glanced at him coldly, and raised the corner of his mouth. “You don’t need to thank me. You eating more is the biggest thanks for me.”

Shen Li frowned slightly, picked up the bowl and chopsticks and ate silently, looking sullen and pitiful.

Zhao Hongyan smacked her lips, and praised while eating, “Xiao Gu’s craftsmanship is really good, it’s rare to see young people who can cook.”

“Auntie must be joking, I only know these few dishes.” Gu Xingchuan took a sip of water and ate slowly. “I learned it specially for variety shows before, but it’s not as good as Auntie’s cooking skills.”

Song Yi’s chopsticks stagnated, and he glanced at the sullen Shen Li, feeling a little strange in his heart.

Shen Li didn’t change his face in the face of Song Yi’s eyes. He couldn’t eat the light meal on the table, so he put down his chopsticks and whispered, “Song Yi, I’m full.”

“Go out for a walk when you’re full.” Gu Xingchuan didn’t lift his head, his tone was caring, “The cake’s high in calories. You ate double the amount of carbs today, go out for a run for two hours and come back.”

Shen Li’s pitifully shriveled mouth almost made Song Yi laugh out loud. Only Gu Xingchuan could think about telling a soft omega to go run for two hours. It was truly a straight man’s way of thinking.

“Don’t listen to him, take a break first. I’ll take you home at night.” Song Yi patted Shen Li’s back comfortably.

Shen Li nodded obediently, glanced at the green vegetables on the table and pouted.

Song Yi rested for a few days and made an appointment for Liu Zhenzhen to talk about the termination of the contract. Liu Zhenzhen was very reluctant, but since Song Yi had decided to leave, she could only reluctantly agree, and the two of them made an appointment at eleven o’clock.

Song Yi changed into a straight suit. He buttoned his trousers and felt it was a little tight. He seemed to have gained a little weight recently. This dangerous signal made Song Yi feel as if he were meeting an enemy. As an actor, he was afraid of getting fat. Gaining 3 jin11.8kg/4lbs, was like 10 jin26kg/13lbs under the camera.

Song Yi took precautions, dug out his fitness card, and booked a few private lessons.

When they arrived at Liu Zhenzhen’s office, Song Yi and her began to discuss the termination of the contract. Liu Zhenzhen did not give up and proposed a bunch of retention conditions, to which Song Yi refused one by one.

In the end, Liu Zhenzhen was about to cry. She really couldn’t bear to see this rare entertainer leave, but what else could she do? In the end, Liu Zhenzhen signed the contract termination agreement with a sad face.

Song Yi took back the three-year contract, and immediately felt relieved like a weight was off his mind.

He came out of Liu Zhenzhen’s office and pressed the elevator floor. As soon as the elevator door opened, Song Yi saw two majestic bodyguards, wearing stiff black suits and sunglasses. If it weren’t for the difference in skin color, they would have looked like Africians. (No offense!)

In addition to the bodyguard, there was also a middle-aged man in the elevator. He looked forty years old and was well maintained. He was wearing a gray casual suit with neat features. He glanced at Song Yi, lowered his chin and smiled slightly.

This action was very simple. The etiquette was in place, and it bore the humility of the superior, though unwittingly humble. At first glance, it was the kind of superior who stood on the cloud and was used to giving orders.

Song Yi was neither humble nor arrogant. He smiled in return, walked into the elevator, and pressed the button on the next floor.

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The man looked at his tall and straight back with thoughtful eyes.

Song Yi walked out of the hall and saw a familiar figure in the rest area.

Gu Xingchuan rarely wore formal clothes, and his usually loose and fluffy hair was treated with hairspray, which weakened the original fashionable taste and changed to a more mature flavour.

Usually he looked like a boy. But now, he was looking more like a man.

The middle-aged man walked straight to Gu Xingchuan and sat on the sofa opposite. As soon as the man sat down, the bodyguard on the side bowed and handed the cigar respectfully, while the other bodyguard took out a lighter and carefully lit the cigarette.

Song Yi guessed the man’s identity, but he didn’t expect that Gu Xingchuan’s father looked so young. It was difficult to connect with the financial tycoon who dominated Wall Street.

Gu Shaoyuan beckoned, and a bodyguard listened to the command with his ears close to his face. He frequently looked at Song Yi’s position. After listening to Gu Shaoyuan’s words, he strode over.

“Hello, the chairman would like to invite you3respectfully for lunch if it so happens that you have time to spare?”

Song Yi froze for a moment. His eyes brightened, and he nodded with a smile. “It would be my honor.”

Aside from his relationship with Gu Xingchuan, it was a great honor to have dinner with a commercial giant like Gu Shaoyuan. This was something that many males only dreamed of.

On the other side, Gu Xingchuan turned his head to look at Song Yi, and then at Gu Shaoyuan, with a smug look. “How is it?”

Gu Shaoyuan nodded with satisfaction, stating, “Not bad.”

“What does that mean?” Gu Xingchuan wanted to pull something nice out of his mouth.

Gu Shaoyuan took a cigar, looked at Song Yi and smiled. “This is the most reliable person among your friends I’ve met.”

He had met too many people in the business field, and with just a glance, he would know what level the other party was on.

After just ten seconds of contact in the elevator, Gu Shaoyuan clearly understood that this so-called son’s friend had courage ,insight, and was not an ordinary person.

If an ordinary person saw the two bodyguards, they would choose to wait a while, or go into the elevator and look around, letting their eyes drift about unable to bear the great scene before them.

Gu Xingchuan crossed his arms and smiled contentedly. “He is not only reliable. You will know more about him later.”

Gu Shaoyuan glanced at him and then looked at Song Yi, shaking his head slightly. He sighed in his heart.

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