Chapter 26 – Red velvet cake

After Being Marked by a Powerful Love Rival
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Note: Auntie and Aunty are interchangeable


After Song Yi took a deep breath, he stretched out his hand and pulled a wet towel from the coffee table, wiping at his lips. A smear of scarlet blood captured his eyes; he didn’t feel any pain, so he guessed the blood was Gu Xingchuan’s.

He really could not understand. People always followed logic in whatever they did. When Shen Li kissed himself, Gu Xingchuan should be going back to forcefully kiss Shen Li. What was the point of kissing him?

Song Yi picked up the remote control and turned off the TV. He took another deep breath. “I don’t care what you think. Is sleeping with me good enough for you? Or do you want to balance that with Shen Li as well? Now that Shen Li’s back, let’s return to how it was before.”

Gu Xingchuan touched his bitten lips. He gave Song Yi a deep look, and turned his face away indifferently. “I don’t agree.”

Song Yi held his forehead, calming his heart and asked, “Then, what do you want?”

Gu Xingchuan questioned him back bit by bit, “Is Shen Li really that good?”

Song Yi was stunned; he was completely confused. “You also like Shen Li. Of course you know his good points.”

Gu Xingchuan’s breathing stagnated for a while. He pursed his thin lips, suppressing the discomfort in his heart, and gave a frivolous smile. “Of course , I know better than you how great he is.”

He stood up and put his hands on Song Yi’s shoulders. Shocked, Song Yi pulled away.

“Thank you for your hospitality, I’m very satisfied.” Gu Xingchuan licked the lingering blood on his lips, looking a little gloomy.

After speaking, he walked away without looking back. Song Yi looked at his tall and straight back expressionlessly and then he sighed softly.

Obviously, he was the one who was forcefully kissed. He had not even flared up yet, so why was Gu Xingchuan the one who became unhappy? What was this?

Song Yi didn’t have many scenes left in the crew. The filming was completed in a few days. On the day of the finale, Director Yang gave him a banquet. After two and a half months of getting along with everyone, the crew was very reluctant to let him go.

That night, he drank too much, never seeing a hint of Gu Xingchuan. Out of sight, out of mind. His heart was relaxed. It felt pretty good.

The next day Song Yi returned to the capital, and Song Jie also came back from abroad. The long-lost family of three shared a meal together. Zhao Hongyan hugged Song Jie, and the mother and daughter pair were crying, leaving Song Yi unsure who to coax.

The company contract with Star Entertainment was about to expire. This time, he planned to finalise the termination of the contract. According to the normal termination process, he would have to wait for a one-month buffer period before officially canceling the contract with Star Entertainment.

This month, Song Yi would be giving himself a vacation. He planned to take a good rest and consider which brokerage company to sign with and make his future career plans. He had been very busy these recent years and rarely was able to take such a long vacation, other than the times he fell sick.

Cheng Song called on this day and asked him for a badminton game together. They used to play together when he had time off. Excited, Song Yi agreed to the game.

The location was at a local badminton hall. As Song Yi entered the stadium, he saw Cheng Song at first sight. Amongst the group of students who hadn’t even grown their hair, he was far too conspicuous. Cheng Song wore simple sportswear, which dulled his usual solemn look, making him appear much younger.

Song Yi said hello and changed into proper light clothes.

Cheng Song played badminton very well with precise accuracy and tricky angles. In the past, Song Yi could barely play him to a tie, but now that he hadn’t practiced for a while , his skills depreciated, leaving him in the dust.

Song Yi was so tired that he threw his racket and sat in the rest area, wiping the sweat from his forehead while pulling down his collar with one hand. “President Cheng, I concede defeat!”

Cheng Song lowered his head and smiled, twisting open a bottle of mineral water and handed it to him. “Your stamina is much worse than before, haven’t you been working out recently?”

Song Yi took a sip of water and chuckled. “I’ve been found out.”

Song Yi didn’t know if it was because he didn’t go to the gym or if it was because of some other reason. But recently, he always felt weak and lethargic.

Song Yi’s back was completely soaked. His sweaty clothes stuck to his spine, causing his neck to look slender and white. The skin behind his neck was dripping with sweat, as if emitting a glowing luster.

Cheng Song sat next to him and couldn’t help but glance back. He sensed something different. He narrowed his eyes then smiled. “What are your plans after terminating the contract?”

“I plan to have a good rest, and to accompany my mother and my sister.” And also to contact Shen Li so they could get in touch with each other. Song Yi had already made arrangements for his off days.

Cheng Song turned his head to the side and asked jokingly, “You never thought about getting married? Auntie doesn’t nag you?”

Song Yi felt helpless when he heard this. He sighed, “There’s nagging every day. But this kind of thing can’t be hurried, and it’s useless to rush.”

Cheng Song patted his shoulder. “What kind of person are you looking for?”

Song Yi was stunned. He hadn’t talked to Cheng Song about personal relationship issues before, and suddenly he couldn’t react. He thought about it for a while, and told the truth, “I need to find someone who’s suitable to live together with.”

The future life he constructed was very simple, it was enough to have tea and rice during the normal trivia of daily life, there would be romance between each other among the alcohol and music, it would be a happy and content life for a young married couple.

Cheng Song thoughtfully offered, “To live a long life together, is to base it on happiness and joy. Though finding someone who is suitable to live together is important, it is still important to see if you’ll be happy with this person.”

Song Yi smiled and nodded. He politely asked, “What kind of person are you looking for?”

Cheng Song narrowed his eyes and smiled meaningfully, “I want to find someone who shares my interests and makes me feel relaxed.”

“That’s easy to find.” Song Yi vaguely felt something was wrong, but couldn’t tell what it was.

Cheng Song reached out and took Song Yi’s mineral water on the stool, taking a sip as if nothing happened. “It’s hard to find, even harder than finding to pass the days with.”

Song Yi was left surprised. This seemed to have crossed passed the topics of friends. He settled down and changed the topic. “If you can’t find them, then take your time. Anyway, did you watch the recent sports match?”

Cheng Song glanced at him, giving him a composed smile. He followed the change in topic and continued chatting, not showing any difference.

Song Yi was aware of Cheng Song’s intentions, but it was hard to break through. To say the truth, though Cheng Song was indeed a good romantic partner, it was a pity that Cheng Song was an alpha, and Song Yi still liked soft Omegas.​​

On the road, there was a serious traffic jam. Song Yi returned home at 7 o’clock in the evening. He parked the car and walked to the door of the house. In front of the door, he saw a pair of Hermes men’s shoes with matte finish.

A few laughter came from across the security door. Song Yi frowned, and turned the key to open the door.

Zhao Hongyan sat on the sofa, intimately hugging the shoulders of a young man with short hair. Hearing the sound, the young man turned his face. His skin was snow-white and his eyes were bright. “Song Yi, why are you only back now?”

“Why are you here?” Song Yi took off his coat, surprised that Shen Li didn’t tell him he was at his house.

Shen Li scratched his hair and smiled embarrassedly. “I miss Aunty’s cooking so much. I have her phone number on , so I couldn’t help contacting Aunty…”

Song Yi grinned. “If you told me in advance, I would have asked my mother to buy more food and cook you a feast.”

“No need! It’s good to have a regular meal. I just want to have a meal with you all. At home, I eat alone and it’s too lonely.” Shen Li looked at Song Yi expectantly.

Song Yi rubbed his fluffy hair, and before he could speak, Zhao Hongyan carried a basket of vegetables and went downstairs to buy vegetables in high spirits.

There were two of them left in the room, the lonely A and the widow O.1孤A寡O which is very funny because the original idiom/chengyu is 孤Male寡 Female. In place of that, the author used A and O ahhahahah. Song Yi made a pot of tea, chatted with Shen Li for a while, and asked about Shen Li’s life studying abroad, before finally turning to the text message.

Shen Li bowed his head in embarrassment and licked his lips. “I originally wanted to invite a few classmates to have a meal together and catch up, but when I got off the plane, I ran into my brother. He grabbed me and threw me into the countryside. I didn’t have time to meet you and cancel the appointment.”


Song Yi patted his forehead and couldn’t say anything to reply.

Shen Li looked at him and asked worriedly, “Did you go? Did you both fight over me again?”

Song Yi couldn’t hold it on his face any longer; it burned hot. He gave a light cough. “It’s okay, I didn’t go. It happened that I had something on that day.”

Shen Li breathed a sigh of relief and patted his chest. “That’s good, I was afraid Gu Xingchuan would bully you.”

The two talked about what they had seen and heard in the past few years. The key personnel of their classmates that year were now mixed into the world of adult life and prosperity. Shen Li had established relationships with many people in the class and was going to open a photography training class in China. Song Yi was very supportive, helping to ask several of his friends to find a suitable store.

Just as he was saying this, Zhao Hongyan came back happily, pushed open the door and shouted loudly, “Song Yi, look who’s here!”

Song Yi leaned over her neck and saw a tall and straight figure.It was Gu Xingchuan wearing a VLONE hoodie sweater, carrying a delicate packaging bag in his hand, and casually entered the room as if no one else was around.

Song Yi was stunned. What did Gu Xingchuan come to his house for?

Zhao Hongyan said with a smile. “I happened to meet Xiao Gu in the supermarket and asked him to come over for a meal.”

Song Yi let out a long “Oh”. Who was he kidding. 80% was to come to find Shen Li.2ie, It was highly likely he came to find Shen Li.

Gu Xingchuan glanced at him, his gaze brushing across Shen Li. He squinted his eyes unhappily, raised his hand and put the packaging bag on the coffee table. Gu Xingchuan then sat beside Song Yi, and like Pangu, the creator of the universe, he acted as the mountain splitting Song Yi and Shen Li apart.

Song Yi rolled her eyes at him. How childish. In broad daylight, what could he do to Shen Li?

“You bought Black Swan’s cake.” Shen Li pursed his lips deliberately, looking like a gluttonous kitten. “How do you know that I like to eat the cake from there?”

Gu Xingchuan was stunned for a moment and frowned. “You like to eat this cake?”

Shen Li nodded, smiling with curved eyes. “Thank you for sending me the cake, you are so caring.”

Song Yi felt that Gu Xingchuan was short of breath, his chest slightly heaving, as if he was enduring something. Confused, he looked between Gu Xingchuan and Shen Li.

After a while, Gu Xingchuan laughed and stared deeply at Shen Li, as if he was about to bore down to the flesh. He gritted his teeth and said slowly, “I bought for you. You eat it now ba.”

“Ah?” Shen Li wasn’t currently hungry, but because of Gu Xingchuan’s terrifying eyes, he could only pursed his lips and stretched out his hand to remove the silk covering on the cake box.

Inside laid a piece of red velvet cake decorated with fresh strawberries. It looked extraordinarily pretty and delicious. A small sign was inserted on the cake, and a small pink peach heart was carefully drawn on it, as a black arrow pierced through.

Shen Li blinked. “Did you draw this for me?”

Song Yi coughed, reminding the two of them to be more reserved.

Gu Xingchuan teasing Shen Li in front of him at his house. Did he think of himself as a transparent person?

It was too much.

Hearing his cough, Gu Xingchuan slowly clenched his fists until his bones creaked, and then he resisted the urge to smash a particular someone to the ground.



The author has something to say:

Pushing my other novel: “Transmigration into a Prestigious President’s White Moonlight” (穿成豪门总裁的白月光)

After Su Qiao transmigrated, she was rich and beautiful, and she could get everything.

Except in high school, that school god, who was born poor but looked better than popular celebrities. Su Qiao tried her best to catch that person. After three years of talking, she got tired of sleeping.

“Sorry, even if you work hard all your life, you can’t catch up with my birth status. We are not suitable. Let’s break up.”

He thought that they would never meet again in this life. Who knew that the family went bankrupt a few years later, and he was forced to suspend his studies and return to China to plead with the president of the company that acquired them.

That stern young man sitting on the black leather chair, who had already reached the top of the wealth list at a young age, turned out to be his first love boyfriend?

This wasn’t the most terrifying thing. Su Qiao suddenly discovered that he was actually dressed as a dog-blooded president inside the novel, being a cannon fodder male supporter who has no eyes but a tragic end.

  • 1
    孤A寡O which is very funny because the original idiom/chengyu is 孤Male寡 Female. In place of that, the author used A and O ahhahahah.
  • 2
    ie, It was highly likely he came to find Shen Li.

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