Chapter 25 – Shen Li kissed your face, so I’ll kiss your mouth.

After Being Marked by a Powerful Love Rival
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After the meal, Song Yi, being the gentleman he is, sent Shen Li back to the hotel. Whereas Gu Xingchuan followed right behind, never leaving a step away from them.

At the entrance of the hotel, Shen Li paused in his footsteps. “No need to send me back. It’s getting late. You guys have to film tomorrow, go back and rest early!”

Song Yi patted him on the shoulder. “You also have an early rest. We’ll contact each other again when we return to the capital. Don’t be out of touch this time.”

Shen Li nodded obediently. Song Yi gazed at his thin back as he remembered those days.

Shen Li took a few steps, then he abruptly turned around. Stretching out his long and tall legs, he ran to Song Yi’s side in a few steps, and Shen Li leaned over to give a very very sweet kiss on Song Yi’s cheek.

“I’m sorry for making you worry. I won’t lose contact in the future.”

After that kiss, he turned to Gu Xingchuan and bowed his head shyly. “I’ll give you another kiss when you release your new album.”

After he finished speaking, he ran back like a little fox whose tail was trampled on.

Song Yi was very happy at first towards that beautiful instance. But when he heard the second half of Shen Li’s words, he was stunned. What did Shen Li mean?

Gu Xingchuan put his hands in his pockets and glanced at Song Yi, his eyes swept across the cheek that Shen Li had kissed just now. His fists in his pockets were clenched tightly, and the veins on his arms stretched taut.

“Are you two acting in an idol drama?” Gu Xingchuan mystifyingly asked.

Song Yi touched his cheek and shrugged. “You’re just being jealous.”

Gu Xingchuan gave a disdainful snort and sneered arrogantly. “I’m jealous? It’s just a kiss. It’s not like you’re sleeping together.”

Song Yi stared down at him. Really rubbing at his weak point. This little barbecued pork was really hateful!

Upon seeing Shen Li, Song Yi finally let go of the lingering heart that he had been hanging on. Before, he wondered whether Shen Li had encountered any unexpected events. Those depressing thoughts vanished and Song Yi’s mood immediately cleared up. Everything was bright and beautiful.

Although his relationship with Shen Li was still ambiguous, Song Yi was nevertheless in a good mood. He didn’t need to have Shen Li like him back. As long as Shen Li was happy, everyone was good.

Song Yi went back to the resort room. Gu Xingchuan followed him all the way, naturally sitting down on the sofa, and watching the NBA game on TV with ease, as if he had done this hundreds of times.

Song Yi came out of the shower, tightly covering himself. He had lingering fears about Gu Xingchuan. He sat on the edge of the bed and carefully dried his hair.

Gu Xingchuan smelled the light scent of orange body wash on his body. It was a sweet daintiness. He took a few deep breaths, and glanced at Song Yi. “Last time you asked me what I liked about Shen Li. Now it’s my turn to ask you. What do you like about Shen Li?”

Song Yi had thought about this question before. Rather than saying it was ‘like’, it would be better to say that he was grateful. He was grateful for the help that Shen Li had given him. And it just so happened that Shen Li was his type .

This kind of relationship was very complicated. If there was no gratitude, for a person like Song Yi, it would be hard to keep up such a long-term unrequited love.

Song Yi avoided the important and focused on the trivial. “I like his gentle and considerate personality.”

“Is he actually considerate?” Gu Xingchuan folded his arms and sneered, “He didn’t even notice that you don’t eat spicy food. He was acting stupidly and serving you vegetables, being stupid like a pig.”

“And what ‘gentleness’? Heh. If he really were gentle, he wouldn’t have been out of touch for so long, making us both so worried.”

Song Yi glanced at him. He was confused. He thought for a while and said, “We can’t say that. His personality is multifaceted. Apart from what I just said, I rather like his scholarly behavior, he’s cute and well-behaved.”

Gu Xingchuan dismissed it. “Scholarly behavior? Haven’t you seen how frightened he was when he gave that speech on behalf of the school? His words were all jumbled up. Is that what you call scholarly?”

“Cute and well-behaved… The real cuteness is not on the surface, but written in the bones. Do you understand?”

Song Yi was incredibly furious. Gu Xingchuan came to find fault at night, pressing Shen Li down to nothing. This head of his was rusted, right?

“Don’t you like Shen Li? To belittle someone you like is to belittle your own taste.”

Gu Xingchuan’s jaw tightened and his lips twitched. “Don’t need you to care. I’m stating the truth.”

Song Yi couldn’t beat him; he could only let Gu Xingchuan win. If he had a few more words with Gu Xingchuan, he would inevitably get angry again. Song Yi was already in a good mood today, he did not want to get angry.

Song Yi took out his mobile phone and dialed Shen Li, wanting to check if he had returned safely.

As soon as the phone number was dialed, the sound of the TV was suddenly raised, and it was unusually harsh. The shouts of the basketball game got louder and louder; Song Yi couldn’t even hear the call prompt.

Song Yi glanced at Gu Xingchuan, who had a calm look. He determined that he couldn’t make a call so he held the phone and walked out the door to the hotel corridor. Here, he could talk to Shen Li normally.

“Are you asleep, Xiao Li?” Song Yi’s voice asked, concerned.

Shen Li giggled through the receiver. “Just finished taking a shower and lying in bed, before your call came in.”

“It means I’ve seized the opportunity.” Song Yi smiled lightly. Slender pale fingers clasped the back of the phone, and he said sincerely, “I was pleasantly surprised to see you today.”

Shen Li heard it and was elated. The two chatted happily for a few minutes.

Gu Xingchuan followed out. He crossed his arms and leaned against the wall lazily, with one long leg half-bent, his head tilted slightly sideways, looking at Song Yi calmly.

Song Yi originally wanted to ask Shen Li about his text message and say some flirtatious words to tease Shen Li, but Gu Xingchuan stood there like a giant Buddha. He couldn’t say much, ending the call with Shen Li after a few more words. He hung up the phone and went back into the room.

The sound of the TV has been turned down. Thinking it was obvious that Gu Xingchuan had done it on purpose, Song Yi sat on the sofa gloomly, the anger in his chest was unable to be released.

Why does Gu Xingchuan always have to go against him? Always trying to destroy his good deeds?

Gu Xingchuan sat beside him fully, his legs crossed comfortably, occupying more than half of the two-seat sofa.

Song Yi didn’t want to pay attention to him now, so he moved to one side and quietly watched the show on TV.

“What did you just chat about with Shen Li?” Gu Xingchuan asked casually.

Song Yi pursed his lips, intending to hold onto the principle that silence was gold to the end.

Gu Xingchuan glanced at him. There was only one TV light in the room, and it shone onto Song Yi’s profile, like a water tide, sprinkling his edges of eyelashes with a layer of flowing gold powder. Too good-looking.

Gu Xingchuan thought of the kiss at the movie theater. Song Yi’s lips were really soft, feeling like pudding.

He wanted to try again.

As soon as he said it, Gu Xingchuan stretched out his arms and slowly hooked onto Song Yi’s shoulders, and pulled his arms to this side.

The last time it was a light contact, a kiss like that. This time, it was going to be a real close contact, a domineering, savage, and possessive kiss.

Song Yi was startled, but quickly reacted, pushing away Gu Xingchuan’s shoulders, trying to distance the two of them, but Gu Xingchuan didn’t budge from it. Instead, he aggressively attacked and swept back, like a fish back in water.

He had sung songs for so many years. Relying on this mouth to put food on the table, the flexibility of his lips and tongue was incomparable to that of ordinary people. 1Amber: //o.o// blushes. Umamin: What a way to word french kissing. In just over ten seconds, Song Yi was defeated and unable to breathe. But, unwilling to lose, Song Yi took a ruthless bite, and a faint bloody smell spread in his mouth.

Gu Xingchuan let go of him, breathing low and heavy. He said confidently, “Shen Li kissed your face earlier, so now I’ll kiss your mouth.”

So that he can restore the balance.

Song Yi glared at him angrily. What kind of logic was this? How was this making any sense?


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    Amber: //o.o// blushes. Umamin: What a way to word french kissing.

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