Chapter 2 – Rivals meeting

After Being Marked by a Powerful Love Rival
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Song Yi woke up first.

His head felt dizzy. The muscles all over his body were sore, as if he had been disassembled and reorganized.

Behind his back was warm; a strong and sturdy leg had climbed onto his waist, as if someone was holding him from behind. Song Yi vacantly turned his head and saw a shaggy head full of hair. The man had his eyes closed, long eyelashes casting long shadows under his eyelids as he slept sweetly.

It was a very beautiful face, handsome and dashing, with red lips and pearly teeth, his bit of brows brought a sense of wildness. Just by looking, one could never forget.

Song Yi’s head buzzed, as if struck by lightning. His whole head was stunned.

Song Yi knew this person. Not only did he know, the two of them had crossed lines together.

An excellent Omega like Shen Li of course did not only have Song Yi as the only suitor.

Gu Xingchuan stood out as the best among Shen Li’s suitors. In high school, the three of them were in the same class. For Shen Li, Gu Xingchuan and Song Yi had caused plenty of trouble.

It could be said that the two of them were the thorns of the other’s eyes, the pain of their flesh. Since graduation, they had not been in contact with each other.

Although they were both in the entertainment industry now, one was an actor and the other a singer. They have not seen each other for many years. When Gu Xingchuan opened his mouth, Song Yi did not hear any sound.

Everything that happened last night was too vivid. Song Yi was furious at how Gu Xingchuan imposed on him in the dark room, wanting desperately to throttle Gu Xingchuan.

Gu Xingchuan hummed several times, tightening his arms on Song Yi’s waist, and sticking his lower body close to Song Yi, either intentionally or unintentionally. Song Yi stiffened. He dared not move.

“Xiao Li, let’s sleep together once more.” Gu Xingchuan’s voice was low and sticky, like sweet mutterings between lovers.

It was as if Song Yi was possessed by an evil spirit. His whole body chilled, almost vomiting blood.

Was there anything worse than this fucking thing? He didn’t know what was going on. He was fucked by Gu Xingchuan as Shen Li. He was fucked by his love rival. This was a damn humiliation!

Gu Xingchuan slept soundly as he breathed smoothly and evenly. Song Yi left Gu Xingchuan’s arms and struggled to get up from the bed. He just stepped on the ground with one foot when his legs, which were used by Gu Xingchuan all night until they were broken and muscles sore, were unable to hold his body, almost falling to the ground.

Song Yi swiftly leaned against the wall with his hands and felt the repeatedly exploited place having a violent stinging pain, reminding him what had happened.

Gu Xingchuan moved slightly and noticed that his arms were empty. His ink-black eyelashes flickered a few times. He opened his eyes and looked at Song Yi’s back.

Yesterday, it was pure darkness; nothing could be seen. Now that there was light, he realized that the figure in front of him was very good.

The legs were straight and slender, the bone structure was well-formed, the skin tone was pale and dazzling and two upper buttocks were full, like a ripe peach. On one side of the thigh, there was a big crimson tooth mark left by Gu Xingchuan’s brutal mouth. The longer he looked, the more his throat became dry, wanting to immediately mount this horse.

Gu Xingchuan’s Adam’s apple rolled a few times, his eyes longing. “Xiao Li, I want to hold you.”

Song Yi’s back stiffened. His head shot up as his angry eyes darkened. His heart was ready to murder someone.

But his forever steady personality quickly calmed him down. Song Yi walked into the bathroom without a word, took a few pieces of tissue paper, closed his eyes and reached down to the lower abdomen, wiping the filth that was flowing down his thighs. Then he hurriedly put his clothes on.

On the way, he packed Gu Xingchuan’s clothes, including the bathrobe. Song Yi had clearly seen that the hotel room only had these two bathrobes. Once he took all of them away, Gu Xingchuan had to hide in the room naked.

As soon as he left the house, Song Yi called Shen Li. The call status showed that it was switched off. Song Yi took a deep breath and drove straight back home. The first thing was to take a shower for himself.

Song Yi soaked in the bathtub for two hours, until the skin on his body became wrinkled. He slowly got up and looked in the mirror. His originally pale body had been peppered with green and purple markings, the back of his neck bearing especially a tiny red mark.
This sensitive gland seemed to have enticed Gu Xingchuan into biting and sucking, leaving behind an appealing sight.

Song Yi had always believed that there would be no person who would not encounter some hardships in life. Since it had come to this, it was useless to get angry. The only thing that could be done was to relax, accept, and then get back at Gu Xingchuan.

Song Yi waited for the mark on his body to recede, then found a hospital for a comprehensive physical examination.

The expert that he chose in the private hospital did the diagnosis. A female doctor in her thirties held a medical examination report and looked at Song Yi with a weird expression. “Mr. Song…”

“Go straight to the point.” Song Yi had prepared himself for the worst.

The female doctor cautiously asked, “Do you1Respectfully know about Recessive Omegas?”

Before, Song Yi had seen in popular science data that Omega were divided into dominant and recessive. Recessive Omegas only accounted for one millionth of the Omega group. Because the glands were naturally slow to develop, they would assume another sex during the developmental period. They would not recover the Omega-specific sexual characteristics until they encountered male pheromones in adulthood.

Song Yi didn’t speak for a while, only staring blankly at the gender column on the medical examination report. The words ‘Recessive Omega’ in bold were particularly dazzling.

After being a male for twenty-six years, he found out that he himself was a female.2雌. Not really a female female per say, but more of the idea that he became an omega.

This blow was something one couldn’t accept.

At home, Song Yi was depressed for several days, sleeping muddle-headed in the dimness.

It wasn’t until three days later that the agent Liu Zhenzhen came to the door. She held a stack of scripts, and upon seeing Song Yi’s state after walking through the door, she flared up. “The production crew is going to hold a meeting this afternoon. How could you make yourself like this?”

Song Yi went to the bathroom to freshen up.

His face was splashed with cold water. His complexion improved. “I have a cold.” Liu Zhenzhen stared at him for a while. Although he was sick, he was still so beautiful. Among the few artists under her care, only Song Yi was worth a second look, belonging to those who could steal a soul at a glance.

Thinking about this, Liu Zhenzhen’s tone softened. “You’re usually in good health. Why did you suddenly fall ill?”

Song Yi didn’t want to talk about this topic. He picked up the script on the table and turned a few pages, frowning. “This is my next play?”

Liu Zhenzhen sat on the opposite sofa, unhurriedly crossing his legs. “The company has temporarily adjusted your shooting schedule. First, shoot this 《Era of Passionate Love》.”

Song Yi’s eyelids twitched. “I remember I rejected this show.”

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《Era of Passionate Love》was adapted from a popular online novel. The original novel was like a pure sweet cookie, a classic routine of two men chasing a woman. Song Yi went to audition for the second male lead three months ago.

There was nothing wrong with the original story. The bad thing was the heroine. The heroine of this film was a popular little flower3Current popular actress, famous for poisoning the ratings. With no acting skills, but loved to hype. There were some male stars, who acted alongside her before and had ambiguous relations with her, being mentioned in forums.

With her large fan base, the actor was labeled as a scumbag; the netizens spraying until he was in cuts and bruises.

Song Yi’s own personal outlook was not very good 4Ie. the people’s impressions of him.. If he stuck this dog-skin plaster on, there was going to be another round of carnage.

Liu Zhenzhen smiled. “It was decided by the company. Nowadays, urban romance dramas sell well. I’m afraid if you film other movies, they may be suppressed for several years before they can be broadcasted.”

Song Yi’s heart was clear. The contract with Star Entertainment was still three months away. Whatever gain he could get for Star Entertainment was a gain. Who cared about his subsequent development.

“You pack up. I’ll take you to do styling, then I’ll buy you some medicine later.” Liu Zhenzhen stood up.

In the car, Song Yi changed into the clothes provided by the sponsor – a dark-coloured casual suit. He was born with a slender figure, long legs and narrow waist, looking like a model in everything.

Today was a production crew meeting. The chief director organized various departments to meet. Everyone was familiar with each other. The official filming would start a month later.

The two went all the way to one of the city’s hotels. The crew was packed into a small meeting room. Song Yi got out of the car while Liu Zhenzhen went to discuss with the person-in-charge of the crew. Song Yi walked straight to the meeting room where they would join.

Song Yi opened the door with one hand, and immediately he saw a head of fabulous hair, the hair length neither too long nor too short, dyed to the popular grey hues, casually bounded with a small tie on the back of his head, looking like a special and unique trend-setter.

Gu Xingchuan heard footsteps. He took off the white earphones from his ears, and turned his head. Upon seeing Song Yi, his expression chilled.

The person in charge of the program group quickly stood up to save the scene, chuckling, “Everyone’s here. Song Yi, this is Xingchuan. You know each other right?”

Song Yi had been an actor for a long time, and had the sensitivity of a professional. Song Yi quickly adjusted his expression. With a bright smile on his face, he said, “Meeting for the first time.”

Gu Xingchuan stared at him for a few seconds, looking up and down. Song Yi’s heart burst into flames but not to be outdone, he simply stared straight back.

Gu Xingchuan’s jaw tightened, stood up and stretched out his hand. “Hello. I am Gu Xingchuan.”

This was one pure manly hand. On the back of the hand were faint blue veins protruding, the fingers slender and strong, the joints distinct and clean. On the index finger, a rose gold diamond ring— Cartier’s new style this season — was worn.


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