Chapter 18 – You’re such a little liar.

After Being Marked by a Powerful Love Rival
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The next day.

In a slight daze, Gu Xingchuan tilted his head. His shoulders were itchy. The empty space in front was filled with a light milk fragrance, innocent and fragile.

He opened his eyes and lowered his gaze. A slender and fair neck came into view. The hair was black, and the skin on the neck was pale. The hair was slightly shorter near the edge of the hairline, with a layer of fluffy fluff, looking like a child. It felt pure and untainted.

Everything was beautiful except the glands on the back of the neck. They were horrible to look at, dense teeth marks packed one after another. This owner had suffered a lot.

Gu Xingchuan froze. His back chilled and his jet-black pupils shrank, as if struck by lightning.

He did it with Song Yi…

Song Yi was actually an Omega. And the pheromone smelt exactly the same as Shen Li’s.

These three things hit Gu Xingchuan’s chest like a series of bombs, with a buzz of a grenade.

Though he had been bossy and domineering since he was a child, he had his own measure of doing things and had never been in big trouble. Unlike those alphas who can’t control their own member, he had never lost control in front of an Omega.

But when he saw Song Yi yesterday and smelled this pheromone, it was like a bullet smashing onto him, wholeheartedly clamoring for him to devour Song Yi, to coat this Omega with his mark.

That feeling was too fucking satisfying. Gu Xingchuan licked his lips. As long as he thought of that scene, his blood surged unstoppably, his heart pounded, and he was tireless.

But… how could it be exactly the same as Shen Li’s pheromone?

Gu Xingchuan would never remember this taste wrongly. A particularly appetizing, fresh and sweet, seductive yet innocent scent. Just a slight smell was enough to make any Alpha excited.

“Hmm…” Song Yi, who was sleeping, muttered as he turned away in discomfort.

Gu Xingchuan paused. Song Yi’s face was very red. He felt his forehead. Hot to the touch, it was inevitable to have a fever after such a heavy rain.

Gu Xingchuan was a little worried. He located the medicine box left by the crew, pulled out a box of antipyretics, and fed it to Song Yi with water.​​

Yesterday, Gu Xingchuan came out to find Song Yi, and the crew waited till the evening, until they couldn’t wait any longer. They had to leave for Seaside City due to the storm, leaving them a lot of supplies and a note: Tomorrow morning, wait for the rain to pass and the weather to clear before returning to pick up Song Yi and me.

Though the rain on the island lightened, it nevertheless continued unabated. Bit by bit splattering on the tent, leaving a damp feeling in the air.

The light in the tent was obscure, and the light brought by Song Yi which Gu Xingchuan turned on, gave a warm halo of yellow light which sprinkled over Song Yi, and a pale golden glow fell on Song Yi’s sleeping face, bearing a subtle sense of softness.

Gu Xingchuan leaned over and squinted his eyes as he examined carefully, not missing a single detail.

He knew before that Song Yi was good-looking. Many people secretly had a crush on Song Yi in high school. Tons of love letters flew into Song Yi’s desk.

At that time, Song Yi was still an alpha, sitting in front of Gu Xingchuan. His hair then was shorter, and there was a small brown mole behind his left ear, which was usually invisible. But only when Song Yi lowered his head, could the mole be vaguely seen.

During one of the self-study classes, Gu Xingchuan kept throwing eraser dust at the back of Song Yi’s head, disturbing Song Yi’s chat with Shen Li, who was at the same table, forcing Song Yi to turn his head and curse at him. Gu Xingchuan was relieved.

Whenever Song Yi finished scolding him, he would lower his head and reach out to brush the eraser brush on his neck. The mole behind his ear would be clearly exposed.​​

Time had passed. Gu Xingchuan had a lot of hazy memories, but the mole on Song Yi’s left ear was very prominent, as if it was singed into his heart. When he thought about it, his heart felt numb, like an electric current had passed through.

Gu Xingchuan’s eyes paused at Song Yi’s ear. He stretched out a finger and gently poked at the small brown mole. His fingertip itched, that strange heat stretching all the way down to his chest.

“You’re really an Omega.” Gu Xingchuan lowered his voice and gently sniffed the fragrant pheromones from Song Yi’s body.

His feelings were slightly varied. Song Yi was an Alpha in the past, and Gu Xingchuan placed Song Yi in the position of a competitor as a matter of fact. How could Song Yi be unhappy?

And now, Song Yi had become an Omega. Since childhood, Gu Xingchuan received the education of caring for Omegas. This was an Alpha’s most fundamental knowledge.

Moreover, he was an Omega who was temporarily marked by him. An Alpha would be of course taking care of his own Omega.

Gu Xingchuan thought of Song Yi’s unforgiving mouth and pinched Song Yi’s thin chin. He quietly warned, “Listen to my words. I will take good care of you, understand?”

Song Yi slept uncomfortably and turned over.​​

Gu Xingchuan gently tucked a corner of the quilt, lying sideways beside Song Yi, with one hand on his cheek, his dark eyes looking at Song Yi’s face without blinking.

Song Yi’s eyelids trembled, and he was ill at ease. Gu Xingchuan felt for the temperature on his forehead. It was not as hot as before; he was reassured.​ ​

Song Yi woke up in the afternoon, with pain pounding at his temples, like the sequelae of a severe cold.

He looked at the pitch-black top of the tent in front of him. A mouthful of blood stuck in his chest. His eyes darkened. He remembered that he was in estrus yesterday, and then… an Alpha temporarily marked him.

Song Yi coughed a few times, and he didn’t even know who it was. It was a motherfucking tragedy. He truly had the heart to kill someone.​​

“Are you awake?” Gu Xingchuan lifted the curtain of the tent, shook the mineral water in his hand and asked, “Want to drink some water?”

Song Yi looked at his face. Stunned, he said with his hoarse voice, “It’s you…”

The knife in his heart whittled down. From a dagger to a small file.

Finding someone else, Song Yi might as well hang himself with a rope.​​

At least Gu Xingchuan and Song Yi could barely comfort themselves. First as a stranger. Second as familiars. Just treat all these incidents as a nightmare. He had passed this hurdle the last time. This time was nothing much either.

“Who do you think it is?” Gu Xingchuan’s face darkened.

Song Yi took a few breaths, moved his face away. His throat was too dry. “I want to drink water.”

Gu Xingchuan endured the anger in his heart, walked over slowly, twisted the bottle cap and handed it to Song Yi’s mouth.

In his mind, he went through the people who were close to Song Yi in the crew. Like Sherlock Holmes, he analyzed all kinds of people who communicated with Song Yi.

Song Yi sipped the water from the mouth of the bottle. He was tormented by a young and strong alpha like Gu Xingchuan for a whole day. He looked particularly pitiful, his long eyelashes lowered, face pale as his Adam’s apple swallowed, bit by bit like a little milk cat drinking milk.

After having known each other for so many years, Gu Xingchuan had never seen Song Yi so fragile. His brain flushed and the anger in his chest was half extinguished.

After drinking the water, Gu Xingchuan impatiently looked at him. “What do you want to eat?”

Song Yi wanted to sit up, but when he moved, he felt something warm flowing down. It was evidently that.

Still want to eat? Eat a fart. His heart was filled with embarrassment. Gu Xingchuan was really not a human being. Song Yi wanted to bite a piece of chunk from Gu Xingchuan’s flesh. “You bastard.”

Ordinarily, Gu Xingchuan wouldn’t leave it as it was. But looking at Song Yi’s tormented appearance, Gu Xingchuan’s whole body heated up and he couldn’t say a single word against him. “En. What you said is true.”

Song Yi treated it as Gu Xingchuan finding a conscience after having a full meal.

After resting like this for a while, he couldn’t stand the feeling of stickiness, let alone Gu Xingchuan’s inquiring eyes. He gritted his teeth and bit out, “What’s the matter? In love with me?”

Gu Xingchuan said, “Your pheromone is exactly the same as Shen Li’s.”

Song Yi’s lips trembled, took a deep breath, and avoided the topic. “It’s just a coincidence.”

If he really wanted to break the jar, he could simply confess. Gu Xingchuan couldn’t do anything about him anyway.

But this was too embarrassing.​​

He was about to open a room with Shen Li, but he made a big blunder and Gu Xingchuan had slept with him instead. No matter what, it looked and sounded like he was trying to steal a chicken but lost the rice trying to capture it. Saying it would make others laugh to death.

Song Yi couldn’t afford to lose against this person.

Gu Xingchuan blinked, disbelieving. The probability of the pheromone being the same was one in ten thousand. Even if they were the same, there would be a slight difference. The taste on Song Yi’s body was no different from Shen Li’s.

Seeing suspicion in Gu Xingchuan’s eyes, Song Yi quickly flew into a rage. He coldly stated, “Could it be that you mistook me for Shen Li yesterday?”

“You are different from Shen Li. I can tell the difference.” Gu Xingchuan frowned.

Song Yi smirked. Like hell you could tell the difference. With a belly full of anger, he deliberately made things difficult. “What’s the difference?”

Gu Xingchuan pursed his lips, looked at Song Yi’s pleased look, and replied sullenly, “Different is different. Why are you asking so much?”

Song Yi gave a long “Oh”. Upon thinking of Shen Li, his heart softened, saying seriously, “Shen Li is a very good person, different from everyone else.”

Gu Xingchuan was stumped. His heart was stifled, feeling as if it was being pressed under a stone. Song Yi liked Shen Li so much?

Song Yi restrained his smile and changed the topic. “Thank you for helping me yesterday, just pretend that nothing had happened ba.”

Didn’t matter if he was letting Gu Xingchuan lightly. Treating that nothing happened was the best solution to this matter.

Nothing had happened?

Gu Xingchuan knew that this was the most reasonable way, but why did he feel aggrieved the more he listened? Song Yi was way too calm. An Omega encountering such a thing, would not only be angry, but also be unable to easily make such decisions. 

Why did Song Yi seem so practiced?

He narrowed his eyes at Song Yi and lifted his chin. “If you didn’t remind me, I would have forgotten.”

Song Yi raised his head to look at him. Gu Xingchuan leaned forward and pinched Song Yi’s chin with one hand. “What did you do at the vacation resort last time?”

Song Yi took a deep breath. Being thick-skinned was one thing. But it was still embarrassing to be exposed in person. Because of physical contact, he had his heat in the middle of the night. This was really being too sensitive, not sounding like something normal people could do.” Nothing to do with you.”

“You’re such a little liar.” Gu Xingchuan swiped Song Yi’s plump lower lip with his fingertips.

A double entendre.

He was not a fool. It was a pity that he didn’t find out at that time.​​

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  1. “What did you do at the vacation resort last time?” – Is this in reference to them sleeping together the first time? Does GXC realise that they slept together?

    Thanks for your hard work! Finally GXC is gonna taste some vinegar.

    • Nah, at the resort song yi was still babysitting him for the leg injury. Song yi went into heat and left to get inhibitors when he got back he still leaked pheromones so he lied and said he met up with shen li

  2. I wonder what a permanent marking is for this Omegaverse if sex and biting the gland during estrus is only giving a temporary mark.
    Also, I just realized, back when Gu thought he had sex with Shen Li, he didn’t mark him, he just gave him a hickey over the gland, but the part of him that knew he was with song yi made sure to mark him and…leave a mess. Interesting.
    Poor Song Yi, Cheng would be a better partner because he is more mature and they get along comfortably but Gu is a little boy in a man’s body.

  3. These are some seriously long chapters and I really appreciate your translations. I hope it isn’t true that you work was being poached. That sucks.

  4. I really think that GXC likes Song Yi from the very start and just mistakes his feeling for Shen Li XDXDXD…..very tsundere XDDXDXDX


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