Chapter 14 – You can scold me, but you can’t scold my fan.

After Being Marked by a Powerful Love Rival
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Song Yi’s head was full of question marks. He couldn’t understand Gu Xingchuan at all.​​

When he acted in a previous drama, Song Yi dated a Beta from the film crew. The other party chased Song Yi first. The appearance was so handsome and clean-cut, whetting Song Yi’s appetite. However, a short month into the relationship, Song Yi began to tire.

The other party kept losing their temper at every turn, then inexplicably picking on him, always finding things to quarrel about. Just like how Gu Xingchuan was now, switching his face without the slightest sign.

If he hadn’t been in close contact with Gu Xingchuan and knew him in and out, Song Yi really doubted whether Gu Xingchuan was a hidden beta.

The next day, Cheng Song finished his work and was about to return to the Capital. During noon break, Song Yi found a restaurant to see Cheng Song off.

He was very apologetic. Because of the troubles by Gu Xingchuan, he couldn’t entertain Cheng Song this round. When ordering food, Song Yi ordered an extra bottle of wine. He poured a small glass, and clinked the wine cup with Cheng Song. “This time I neglected you. Wait until I return to the capital. I’ll treat you well then.”

Cheng Song took a sip of wine and said with a smile, “You’re too polite. Does our relationship need to be so formal?”

“It’s right to be polite. This time, it was my mistake.” Song Yi said lightly.

Cheng Song shook his head and lengthened his words, “You ah…”

“That’s why people feel you’re too distant.”

“I’m too distant?” Song Yi felt he was rather caring though.

Cheng Song looked at him. His eyes brightened, and he pondered, “If the communication between friends becomes too polite, it’ll have a sense of separation. We’ve known each other for so long, yet you give me the feeling that we are just casual friends.”

Song Yi was stunned and a little surprised. “Is that so?”

“No one told you before?”

“No.” The friends Song Yi knew all liked him like this.

Cheng Song laughed. “Alright, I will stop talking about this. How was last night?”

Song Yi laughed and ignored the important points. “The French team won last night. Mbappe’s goal is so cool!”1Kylian Mbappé, a French professional footballer.

Cheng Song helplessly sipped at his tea. “I’m actually more curious about you and Gu Xingchuan.”

“Curious about us?” Song Yi felt somewhat guilty.

Cheng Song nodded his chin, looked at Song Yi with a smile.”I think he is interested in you.”

Song Yi was shocked. Cold sweat broke out even with the hot weather in Seaside City. “How is it possible? You’ve misunderstood!”

Let’s not mention the relationship between the two. Gu Xingchuan was a complete heterosexual2Heterosexual in the context of AO.. His heart for Shen Li was as clear as the sun and the moon, even the blind can see it. It was impossible for him to like Song Yi as an “alpha”.

“It’s just my feeling.” Cheng Song was steady and shook his head. “I hope it’s an illusion. Your schedule doesn’t have the drama “The Era of Love”. It was set directly from the board of directors, so I didn’t know the last time. To bypass me and have the board of directors give the order… I can only think of one person.”

Song Yi pursed his lips in embarrassment. It was indeed strange. Why did Gu Xingchuan ask him to take up “The Era of Passionate Love”? Such a thankless thing. He took a sip of water and explained, “A coincidence, maybe there is some misunderstanding. Gu Xingchuan and I are rivals in love.”

Song Yi explained the ins and outs of the three of them. How they chased Shen Li, and how he got to know Gu Xingchuan.

After Cheng Song listened to it, he looked at Song Yi deeply, and said with emotion, “Shen Li must be a very special Omegas for the both of you to chase him at the same time?”

“He is not very conspicuous and looks ordinary, but he has a special attraction.” Song Yi never hesitated to praise Shen Li. In his eyes, Shen Li was the incarnation of a muse.

Cheng Song lightly clasped his fingers on the table and carefully looked at him.

Song Yi pondered on every aspect that Shen Li had. Lost in his thoughts, the corners of his mouth curled involuntarily.

Cheng Song meaningfully nudged, “Attraction is in the eyes of a lover. I believe you also bring a special attractiveness in the eyes of others.”

Song Yi knew this when he entered junior high school. Since he was a teenager, people who chased him could line up from here to the capital.

Whether it was Omega or Alpha, they all fell head over heels on him.

But, the person who hated Song Yi the most in this world should be Gu Xingchuan.

“The Era of Passionate Love” was rushing to be released in the summer of the following year to grab the hype that a summer vacation could generate. During this time, the filming had been shooting day and night, leaving Song Yi exhausted. Finally, he managed to find time to rest in the afternoon, hiding under the umbrella and drinking cold water to dissipate heat.

He made a few phone calls and asked about Zhao Hongyan’s home situation. The loan sharks had been asking around for Song Jie’s whereabouts recently, and Zhao Hongyan was frightened. Song Yi instructed her to pay attention to her personal safety and not to go out for the time being.

At the same time, Song Yi sent a few messages to the lawyer, urging Song Jie to file the divorce lawsuit. After sending the message, someone in a group called [Little Junior Sister] pinged @Song Yi’s mobile.

Song Yi frowned. This was from Long-legged Handsome Brother’s L station fan group. In the past, when this brother went on live broadcast, the house management committee would notify him in the group. But since the time when this brother asked if he wanted a fuck, Song Yi had blocked this group.

He clicked in and swiped upwards. Thousands of messages were filled to the brim. The words of thanks filled the screen. The first one was sent by Long-legged Handsome Brother himself.

[Long-legged Handsome Brother]: Please vote for No. 17 enthusiastically. After you vote, send me a private message with screenshots, and you will be rewarded with a red envelope of 200. You can transfer to other groups. It will be valid for a long time. Thank you. [Link]

A local tyrant!

Rich showoff! Such a charitable man!

Although Song Yi was not short of money, he felt distressed about the gift money he gave to Long-legged Handsome Brother. He fed the dog in vain. What little he could get back, he better do so.

He clicked it on it leisurely, and voted on a marketing account’s Weibo. The title line was in bold. “Who is your favorite character in XX’s martial arts world?”

The top names were all the big names in the circle, the ones who were so popular they couldn’t be more popular. The roles they played were deeply loved by the audience, and the voter per capita were seven or eight thousand votes.

Song Yi scrolled down all the way to No. 17, ticking the options when he paused, stunned, as his finger clicked on the voting button.

Fortunately, he was not drinking water. Otherwise, he would definitely be spitting them out.

Displayed on the screen was [17: Qi Jingyun – Song Yi].

The number of votes had already reached 10,000, and the number was still rising.​​

Song Yi switched from drama to film and television. The first role he played was Qi Jingyun. In the past few years, the popularity of martial arts dramas had been on the decline. In this drama genre, male and female leads left no mark, let alone Song Yi, this second villain male lead.​

He almost forgot he played this role.

Song Yi was dumbfounded, his mood complicated and mixed. He didn’t know whether he was happy or sad.

Happy because he actually had such a sincere fan, spending tons of money to vote for himself. To not be moved was a lie.

Sad because this person was actually Long-legged Handsome Brother.

O, evil fate!

He, who always liked listening to Long-legged Handsome Brother sing, was his own fan. Yet he still wanted to have a fucking date with him, saying with the intention that he wanted to fuck. If they truly met, who the fan was would be undetermined.

Song Yi looked at the phone and his eyes lit up. He couldn’t help but grin.

It had been a few years since he switched from drama to film and television. Many of the dramas he acted in were still in the review stage, and only a few of them had been broadcast. His Weibo sadly only had tens of thousands of fans, half of which were zombie fans under Weibo, and the other half were anti-fans.

He had never met a person who liked his role so enthusiastically before.

Song Yi had a sort of meeting-a-bosom-friend-amongst-the-mountains feeling. His lowered impression of Long-legged Handsome Brother increased a tiny bit.

He was elated and then felt that it was unnecessary for Long-legged Handsome Brother to spend so much money on voting. Using false names and spending money, it was not truthful.

Song Yi thought a little, then sent a sentence to the group. [Mike is not white]: “Voting must be fair and square. If Song Yi finds out, he will be very thankful, but at the same time will want you to stop such unfair actions.”

Long-legged Handsome Brother was online. A glacial line of words was thrown out.

[I’m willing to spend money. None of your business.]

Fans in the group echoed one after another whatever Long-legged Handsome Brother said. Not to mention now that they had taken his money, all of them were high-spirited, like a paid army, they scolded [Mike is not white].

Song Yi gritted his teeth and typed a long speech. Before it was sent, there was a big red exclamation mark in the group.

Song Yi was kicked out of the group chat by Long-legged Handsome Brother!

Too much.

He was just telling the truth. Did Long-legged Handsome Brother have to do this?

Song Yi was taken aback, aggrieved. He used to think that Long-legged Handsome Brother had a gentle and simple personality; he did not expect him to have such a strong temper, like dynamite, where a single move triggered an explosion.

Song Yi took a calming breath. He took his mobile phone and did the math. This voting had already cost him a lot of money, it could not continue. Song Yi had to find a way to stop Long-legged Handsome Brother, otherwise he would feel bad about it. Other people’s money did not come out of nowhere.

He pondered for a few minutes, quickly opened Changcao’s Weibo account, and forwarded the voting poll of the Weibo account with a sentence [ [Smiley] Thank you for your support, and thank you for your affirmation. I am very moved, but this behavior destroys the purpose of voting. please stop voting for me. ]

Song Yi hadn’t posted on Weibo for a long time and the black fans had nowhere to vent. Now that there was a fresh catch to make, they rushed forward one after another.

[Is the new drama going to start? Starting to fry it again, be careful or you will get burnt.

[Sorry. I forgot, you are already scorched. ]

[Spend money to buy votes for yourself, pretending to be bought by fans. What a marketing genius.]

[Protect our side’s Silent Spring Moquan. Who would dare to @ZhouMoquan? Your idol and Song Yi are going to be blocked.]

[Spring Water’s fighting power is not strong. Yet he still dares to post on Weibo.]

[Someone is thick-skinned. If it was me doing such a shameful thing, I would have long since apologized.]

Song Yi squinted and watched for a while, sneered, and lazily spat out two words. “Too boring”.

In the past, he blocked them one by one. But after so long, the dust had turned to dust and it settled to the ground. What else could it befall onto him?

In any case, Song Yi was still filming and happily living. The online comments could no longer affect his mood.

Song Yi was about to close Weibo and go offline when a new comment popped up.

[Long-legged Handsome Brother: No thanks needed. Just feel happy.]

Song Yi was moved. He lightly tapped the screen with his fingertips. He had no idea how to reply to Long-legged Handsome Brother.

But Long-legged Handsome Brother had already slid off the stage. In the comments section a, he was single-handedly fighting against the crowd, bearing the momentum of a sole fighter against thousands.

To Song Yi, he could not bear watching Long-legged Handsome Brother, his fan of his, being scolded by others. What if his sole fan was scolded away?

He quickly closed the comment area and reported all the swear words on Weibo.

You can scold me, but you can’t scold my fan.


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  • 1
    Kylian Mbappé, a French professional footballer.
  • 2
    Heterosexual in the context of AO.

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