Chapter 12 – Premature death to a date

After Being Marked by a Powerful Love Rival
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Song Yi’s eyes lighted up, happily anticipating spending the day with Cheng Song. 

Although Song Yi had many friends in this circle, when they gathered, he always had to accommodate them, acting as their emotional consultant or as their life coach.

His friends liked him very much. They liked Song Yi’s attentiveness and thoughtfulness; they liked Song Yi’s moral conduct.

But no matter the attentiveness or thoughtfulness, or conducting himself well, it would always use up his mind and energy.

Very few people would actually turn back to ask about Song Yi’s own opinion and wisdom.

Only Cheng Song ever did. Only around him did  Song Yi not have to think twice about how to get along with him. Whatever he would think of, Cheng Song would also think of as well – sometimes being even more in depth than his own thoughts .

Like what the ancient times mentioned – “Friendship between gentlemen”.  Although it was nothing special, this process always made Song Yi feel very comfortable when being with him.

The next day Song Yi called out to the Big brother who was with the crew previously, requesting him to find a few “security guards”, preferably those especially vicious ones. During this time, they would follow Song Jie and Zhao Hongyan. If  a third party really came to the door, well, these two powerless Omegas would have a countermeasure.

When it came to dealing with hooligans, the means of civilized people were useless. One could only compare who would engage in even more immoral behaviour.

On the day that Cheng Song was arriving, Song Yi greeted Director Yang in the afternoon and ended his work early. He was not very familiar with Seaside City, and hence asked the crew assistants what fun attractions there were. Those few people dumped plenty of information about the places of interest to him.

In the end, Song Yi chose a bar that was not far from the filming set. From the outside, it looked like a nice place with elegant floral decorations.

After Cheng Song ended his meeting, the two found a place to eat Seaside City’s special barbecue and went to the bar together to relax.

When Song Yi pushed the door open, the server welcomed them in. He showed a veiled smile and winked, “Dear gentlemen, tonight’s event is ‘Sleepless Passion’, I hope you both like it.”

Song Yi didn’t think much about it, saying thank you as he smiled. As a tourist city, almost every bar in Seaside City had activities at night. But the moment he turned around the corridor, the scene in front of him stunned Song Yi. His intestines were all to revolt. 

Under the dark ceiling, the lights were ambiguous and blurry, the dance floor was full of white flesh. Omegas in bunny swimsuits stood in a row with their butts twisted, sexy and charming, while the screams from the audience echoed one after another. The air smelt of tobacco, alcohol and various diffused perfumes.

It was not that Song Yi had never seen the reality of the world. If he came alone, he would watch it with great interest, but with Cheng Song here, no matter how one looked at it, it seemed like he was bribing his boss with sex.

Cheng Song looked at the dance floor with interest. Song Yi coughed awkwardly, looked at Cheng Song and asked, “Should we change to another?”

“No, it’s not bad here.” Cheng Song sat on the booth near the dance floor, resting his elbows on the armrests of the sofa, contently enjoying the view.

Song Yi took advantage of the situation to sit on the opposite sofa and smiled softly, “I didn’t expect you to like this kind of place.”

Cheng Song, who was a decent gentleman at ordinary times, really showed no sign of vulgarity at all.

Cheng Song turned his head and said solemnly, “I didn’t expect you to like this kind of place.”

“It’s my first time here.” Song Yi explained helplessly. If he knew that there were Omegas in this bar, he wouldn’t be bringing Cheng Song here.

Cheng Song slowly blinked his eyes and asked with a slight smile, “Don’t you like it?”

Immersed in Cheng Song’s inquiring eyes, Song Yi was lost for words. Food and sex were a way of life. To say that he didn’t like it would be calling himself a hypocrite, but if he said he liked it, it wasn’t exactly better than the first option.

Song Yi thought for a while, then replied, “I don’t like it being too revealing.”

Cheng Song laughed out loud, his eyes glittering. “Your thinking is quite conservative, I thought you would like things being more unrestrained.”

Song Yi didn’t want to mention the emotional aspect. “Everything depends on fate.” He picked up the wine list on the table and was about to order wine when a group of waiters wearing tiny vests on white shirts came, each with a wine tray in their hands.

“Bang bang bang”. The glasses were neatly placed on the coffee table. The coffee table that was neither small nor big was completely filled.

“Sir, your wine is ready.” The waiter respectfully stated.

Song Yi touched the wine list in his hand. “I haven’t ordered yet?”

“A gentleman’s treating you.” The waiter beamed.

Song Yi was baffled. He had no friends in Seaside City.

“Song Yi, bringing your friend to a place like this. You seem to be good at playing?”

The slightly hoarse voice sounded carelessly, exciting oneself in this noisy environment.

Song Yi felt a headache coming on. He twisted his neck, and in his heart, scolded Gu Xingchuan for being a hounding ghost.1Like a sticky ghost that sticks to his back.

The fragmented lights flickered on Gu Xingchuan’s face. He was wearing the white jersey of an NBA team, and the black hairband pulled up his forehead, revealing a sweaty forehead.

The air was rife with the youthful scent of attractive hormones.

The sofa beside Song Yi sunk. Gu Xingchuan sat and he stretched out his long legs, turning his head sideways and joked, “Just the two of you drinking is too lonely. Why didn’t you bring me along?”

Song Yi ‘s face was steady. “You’ve been filming today, so you might be too tired. I thought you should have a good rest tonight.”

With Cheng Song here, Song Yi was afraid Gu Xingchuan would come to nitpick on him , leaving Cheng Song embarrassed and unable to leave.

“You really do think about me.” Gu Xingchuan had not commented on that. Instead, he lifted his chin, and studied Cheng Song. “Won’t you introduce me to your friend?”

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Coincidentally, there was an office building opposite the bar, and a basketball court on the second floor. Gu Xingchuan had been playing here every day for the past few days. During the halftime break, he leaned against the glass window and from a distance, saw Song Yi with a man entering the bar. They seemed to have a good relationship.

Gu Xingchuan had heard of that bar from the people who he played with. It was a “meat bar”. There were only seductive spirits2 i.e. hussies within. Because they had hosted some feasts before3Ahem, orgies, they had a reputation in this area.

Gu Xingchuan was no longer in the mood to play. The moment he thought of Song Yi holding an Omega in his arms, he felt a thorn had pierced his heart.

Since Song Yi had said the two of them were friends, because they were friends, it was normal to show care for each other.

Song Yi frowned, not wanting to introduce Cheng Song to Gu Xingchuan.

Unexpectedly, Cheng Song stood up first, with a smile on his face, and extended his hand. “Hello, this is the first time we’ve met. I’m Cheng Song, Song Yi’s good friend.”

Gu Xingchuan glanced at the hand in front of him, not having any intention of shaking hands. He stared at Cheng Song. “I know you, you’re the CEO of Star Entertainment.”

Making someone feel embarrassed. This was Gu Xingchuan’s best trait.

Father Gu was currently buying the shares from Star Entertainment’s shareholders. It was normal for Gu Xingchuan to know Cheng Song, the CEO.

Song Yi tapped Gu Xingchuan’s arm with his elbow, reminding him not to go too far.

Gu Xingchuan glanced at him, got up and shook hands with Cheng Song perfunctorily. “Hello, I’m Gu Xingchuan.”

Cheng Song smiled. “Seeing is better than hearing a hundred things.”

Gu Xingchuan squinted his eyes, and his gaze swept up and down Cheng Song imprudently.

Song Yi didn’t want to have any more troubles sprouting out. Normal people would never be able to defeat a mentally ill person. His smile beamed with happiness. “What are you doing? Didn’t you come here to drink?”

Gu Xingchuan turned his head to the side. His eyes swept across Song Yi’s face, and pointed to the newly staged pole dance on the stage. “Everyone who comes here is looking for action.”

Cheng Song smiled. “It turns out that this big star came to look for action.”

With that said, Song Yi felt very strange. Seaside City was so big, filled with bars throughout. How could he be so unlucky to meet Gu Xingchuan?

Gu Xingchuan sneered. “I’m here to find Song Yi.” He leaned on Song Yi’s shoulder, either intentionally or not, he glanced towards Song Yi’s side cheeks and ambiguously ordered, “You came to my room in the middle of the night and wanted to be friends with me. Yet you don’t call me when you go drinking with another. Your actions don’t align with your words.”

As soon as Song Yi heard his nonsense, he wanted to shut his mouth with a pillow. Fortunately, Cheng Song’s expression was calm and unaffected. Song Yi calmed down a little. “Though we are friends, we also need to have our own personal space.”

Gu Xingchuan blinked a few times and said mockingly, “This place is quite private. Most people can’t find it.”

Song Yi smelled the light smell of sweat on Gu Xingchuan’s body, and felt uncomfortable all over his body, as if a caterpillar was crawling over. He refrained from fidgeting. He could not understand what Gu Xingchuan was doing.

If Song Yi said any more, he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from slapping Gu Xingchuan. He gritted his teeth and asked, “Are you drinking then?”

In his heart, he felt guilty. He called Cheng Song to have a drink together, yet didn’t expect he would make Cheng Song so embarrassed. Gu Xingchuan was really a fucking bastard.

Gu Xingchuan glanced at Song Yi, and followed Song Yi’s golden rimmed glasses across the straight bridge of his nose until his upper lip was slightly raised. Under the dim and psychedelic light, Song Yi’s face seemed to have the realism of an oil painting. 

Gu Xingchuan’s heart itched when he saw it. He turned around and called the waiter. “Is there any milk here?”

“Ah? … No.”

“Go out and buy two cans of milk, and get it in the kitchen to warm it up.” Gu Xingchuan instructed, looking at Song Yi and sneered, “With your appearance like a bear, you better obediently drink some milk instead..”

Song Yi gave him a cold look. Pleasant yet ridiculous.

The more he thought about it, the more he couldn’t understand. Gu Xingchuan made him feel embarrassed yet clearly cared about him. He really was a mental case.



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Song Yi: If I don’t fight or rob, it doesn’t mean I’m afraid of you. I can give you enough face or I can slap you in the mouth.

Gu Xingchuan: With my natural-born arrogance, I can easily do whatever I want. With arrogance in my bones, how could I go against my nature? 4Those who have better translation, please let me know~: 一身傲气我本轻狂傲视立沧桑,一身傲骨怎能丢本性而我乃人红命硬.

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  • 1
    Like a sticky ghost that sticks to his back.
  • 2
    i.e. hussies
  • 3
    Ahem, orgies
  • 4
    Those who have better translation, please let me know~: 一身傲气我本轻狂傲视立沧桑,一身傲骨怎能丢本性而我乃人红命硬.

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