Chapter 11 – We can be friends

After Being Marked by a Powerful Love Rival
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Song Yi knew a friend who worked in the editing phase of dramaland. He was a very smart and diligent guy. For some reason, he went on a trip to Macau with someone. When he came back, he had already picked up some bad habits. He took loans with high-interest and gambled the money everywhere else. The loan shark brought his people to see that guy and beat him until he was half dead.

Although the relationship between Song Yi and Gu Xingchuan was so tense now, they were both high school classmates after all. Song Yi couldn’t bear to watch Gu Xingchuan fall into the vortex of loan sharks.

After taking a shower, Gu Xingchuan put on a loose nightgown, casually tied a belt around his waist. With a wide neckline, it revealed a stunning waist packed with muscles as he sat, crossing his legs on the sofa opposite Song Yi.

Song Yi almost went blind. He turned his face and looked away, coughing to ease his embarrassment. “I want to talk to you about our relationship.”

“Huh?” Gu Xingchuan tilted his head, his half-dried hair messy. “What is our relationship?”

Song Yi smiled calmly and seriously answered, “We are classmates and colleagues. Brushing aside Shen Li, I think we can also be friends.”

Gu Xingchuan stared at him for a few seconds, then pointed to his chest. “You want to be friends with me?”

Song Yi immediately wore an earnest expression, appearing rather sincere and saying with heartfelt belief, “Xingchuan, being classmates, we understand each other’s personality. Although there is a misunderstanding between us, it is not impossible to resolve this misunderstanding. We only need open communication.”

Gu Xingchuan smiled and eyed Song Yi. “Fine. Since you want to have an open communication with me, kneel down and apologize to me first.”

Song Yi cursed to himself, Little bastard. I will not only kneel down for you, I can also give you incense. Beautify you till death, let the smoke suffocate your face. “Xingchuan, I hope you can be more serious, we have to eliminate the anger and biases we have towards each other.”

“Song Yi, are you playing with me here?” They were both self aware. How could Gu Xingchuan not know what kind of person Song Yi was.

Song Yi blinked a few times, bearing an innocent look on his face. “Calm down, I’m serious. I really want to be your friend.”

Gu Xingchuan leaned forward. He gazed at Song Yi and smiled wickedly. With a clear voice, he said, “My friends are not like you. Aren’t you tired of bending to my will like this every day?”

Song Yi pretended not to understand. He smiled happily, “Xingchuan, thank you for your concern. You see, we are very suitable to be friends, you have begun to care about me, this is the first step in our friendship.”

Gu Xingchuan gave an angry puff of laughter. He half-squinted his eyes in warning. “You have gotten better at playing word games with me here.”

When Gu Xingchuan was angry, Song Yi felt very happy. But this time, the purpose was not to anger Gu Xingchuan. He pinched the bridge of his nose and said smoothly, “There are many friends, many roads; many enemies, many walls. Such a principle, you must be well-aware with your smarts. Why should we continue being like this?”

Gu Xingchuan looked at him without saying a word. Song Yi seized the opportunity to fan the flames. “Our biggest conflict is Shen Li, but affection can only be a fair competition. Arguing and fighting will not provide any help, it will only affect the progress of our work. This is not worth the loss.”

“You came to me because of this?” Gu Xingchuan’s face sank, and his dark pupils were icy.

Song Yi couldn’t figure out which sentence made Gu Xingchuan become crazy again. He immediately changed the topic, putting on a big brother appearance, and went, “Let’s just chat casually. Are you short of money recently? Just tell me, I will definitely help you.”

Gu Xingchuan sneered and mocked him, “Do I look like I’m short of money?”

Song Yi thought, You looked like an immoral person. Then he returned an earnest look to Gu Xingchuan. “It doesn’t matter. If you are in trouble, you need to find friends, and friends are there to help each other.”

Gu Xingchuan glared at him. “I’m not short of money, I’m only short of finding ways to spend money.”

Song Yi was relieved. Gu Xingchuan was a very delicate person. Everything was written on his face. If he really borrowed from a loan shark, he would not be so calm.

As long as he didn’t pick up those bad habits. Aside from those bad habits, Song Yi could not be bothered to care. 

“It’s getting late, we have to film tomorrow. Xingchuan, have a good rest.” Song Yi stood up and smiled politely.

Gu Xingchuan scowled at him with a face screaming, “Continue to pretend bah.” With a hook on his lips, he uttered, “En. Take the garbage at the door when you go out.”

Song Yi smiled indifferently, very well behaved, pretending not to have heard anything. “Have a good dream.1Like replying to that order, Yeah right. In your dreams ?. See you tomorrow.”

As soon as he went out, Song Yi rubbed his aching forehead and took a deep breath. Gu Xingchuan was really difficult to handle.​​

In the end, what should be done so that Gu Xingchuan would not make trouble for him?

Song Yi felt troubled. Every normal person would have a weakness. Either it was money or fame, either it was wine or sex. Once satisfying one of these points, he could always win over the person.​​

But Gu Xingchuan was different. Gu Xingchuan did not lack anything; he wanted nothing. He simply wanted to oppose Song Yi.

Unmoved by force or persuasion. How stubborn.

Song Yi was like one who held a lock without a key. The only thing he could do now was to be patient and wait for the day when the key came to his hands. 

Back in the room, Song Yi took a shower, plugged in the headphones on the laptop, and listened to the recordings of several scenes filmed today. This habit had been there for several years. Some of the lines today did not have that sense of necessary emotions. He held a red pen and marked the script, waiting for the later rounds of dubbing to add more emotions.

Upon finishing everything, it was already eleven o’clock. Song Yi had just waded into the bed when the phone rang at an untimely time. He glanced at it, frowned, and pressed to answer.

“Mom, it’s so late. Why haven’t you slept yet?” Song Yi’s voice was gentle and steady.

On the other end of the phone, Zhao Hongyan made a restrained En, and after a few seconds of silence, she stated in a calm voice, “Your brother-in-law has had an accident. Don’t tell Xiao Jie yet.”

Song Yi was stunned. His eyebrows dipped, he asked nervously, “What happened to him?”

“To pay off his gambling debts, he borrowed from the loan sharks. When he ran away, the debt collectors blocked the entrance to Xiao Jie’s house. Xiao Jie’s neighbor called me.” Zhao Hongyan’s tone did not fluctuate.

Song Yi’s heart froze. The worst situation happened. Song Yi didn’t expect that he would really dare to borrow high-interest loans. His courage was greater than the heavens.

In front of his mother, Song Yi quickly calmed down and instructed calmly, “You move to Aunt’s house for a few days these days. Don’t go home, I’ll find a solution for the rest.”

Zhao Hongyan was reluctant to agree. “Must it be like this? We didn’t borrow any money. If I suddenly moved out, what would my neighbors think of me?”

Song Yi patiently explained, “Mom, those people are gangsters. I’m afraid under pressure, they will hurt you.”

“This is a society ruled by law. I’m not afraid of them. I’ll call the police when they come. Can the police do nothing about them?” Zhao Hongyan dismissed it.

Song Yi smiled helplessly, and replied softly, “Mom, you’re right, but I don’t want them to meet you. Even if they don’t want money, if you get caught up with them, I’ll be very distressed.”

Zhao Hongyan was very impressionable. Hearing what she wanted to hear, her heart was satisfied. “Then I’ll listen to you. I will stay at your aunt’s house for a few days tomorrow.”

“Okay, don’t take it to heart. These are all trivial matters. There’s me who can settle them.” Song Yi’s tone was calm, as if nothing much had happened.

Zhao Hongyan felt very comfortable, a little proud and emotional. She showed a rare smile. “Don’t work too hard, pay attention to your own body.”

“En, you too. Pay attention to your body.” Song Yi’s head was tired; his body even more so. After filming for a day, and fighting wits with Gu Xingchuan, he just wanted to sleep.

Zhao Hongyan paused for a while, then said hesitantly, “Your cousin graduated from university and invited me yesterday to have a meal at their home.”

Song Yi’s mind was clear. He smiled indifferently, not continuing the conversation. “That’s good.”

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Zhao Hongyan couldn’t understand Song Yi’s emotions, and continued on, “He studied electronic programming. Our family earns 5,000 to 6,000 yuan a month. Your aunt wants him to come to the Capital to develop. You can also take care of him.”

“Okay.” Song Yi agreed readily, took off his glasses and put them on the bedside table. He recounted calmly, “The apartment I bought a few years ago has been renovated and is vacant. Since we are all relatives, I’ll charge less 1000 yuan for the monthly rent.”

Zhao Hongyan was dumbfounded, resentment brewed in her chest. “It’s getting late, you should have a good rest.”

Song Yi smiled slightly and said half-jokingly, “Mom, you must never tell others how much I earn a year. Our circle is deep. You see that XX on the news, he has paid so much tax. If I declare it, then our family’s apartment will be gone.”

When Zhao Hongyan heard that it would be so serious, she was very frightened. She regretted revealing Song Yi’s annual income to her relatives and friends, so she quickly called and rejected Song Yi’s cousin’s request of going to the Capital, for fear of losing their family’s apartment.

Song Yi laid on the hotel bed and stared at the ceiling for several minutes. After a long while, he sighed, giving a silent smile.

Even though he never needed any protection and care, there would still be a moment when he felt physically and mentally exhausted. He just wanted to stop and get a good rest.

In this depressed state, Song Yi thought of Shen Li, whom he had not seen for a long time, and his heart swelled. If only Shen Li was by his side right now, at least someone would be able to listen to his troubles and he would not have to bear it alone.

Song Yi took out the phone from under the pillow and was about to try to call Shen Li when a message popped into his eyes on the information interface.

Cheng Song: “I’m going on a business trip to Seaside City the day after tomorrow. If you’re free, want to bring me around Seaside City?”



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Song Yi: Let’s be friends!

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Song Yi: QAQ

Gu Xingchuan: Be my boyfriend if you want to.

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    Like replying to that order, Yeah right. In your dreams ?.

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