Chapter 10 – A lecher sees only lewdness

After Being Marked by a Powerful Love Rival
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Director Yang kicked off the opening ceremony. Firecrackers crackled out, bearing million taels of gold.

During the lunch break, Song Yi saw the lead actress for the first time – Wen Suya, wearing a red backless dress. She was even more curvy and beautiful than on TV.

Wen Suya held a freshly baked pudding and distributed it to the cast, but everyone was afraid of Wen Suya’s reputation as the “Queen of Hype” and avoided as much as they could, afraid to become Wen Suya’s plaster.

Song Yi saw Wen Suya’s lost look. A sad little girl. Hyping her up was because of the agency’s manipulation. Artists themselves had nothing to do with it.

When she handed it to Song Yi, Wen Suya blinked a few times, smiling charmingly, “In the future, I will have to trouble you.”

“You’re welcome.” Song Yi took the hot pudding and asked with a smile out of politeness, “Did you make it yourself?”

Wen Suya leaned forward and pointed to the fresh strawberries dotted on the pudding. “Yeah, I usually like to make these little things.”

“Looks like I’ll be blessed with a mouthful these few months, to be able to eat desserts made by a beautiful lady.” Song Yi’s tone was sincere.

Wen Suya’s heart blossomed, her eyebrows lifted and her lips curved. “It’s good that you like to eat. Quick, try it!”

Under Wen Suya’s expectant gaze, Song Yi picked up the pudding and elegantly bit a small piece. “Delicious, your handiwork is really good.”

“Really?” If someone else said that, Wen Suya could have felt that the other party was flattering, but Song Yi was different. Song Yi was upright and decent, gentle yet gentlemanly; he was especially convincing.

Song Yi smiled lightly. “Of course it’s true.”

Wen Suya’s low mood was cured. Her smile was sweet. “Thank you, Xiao Yi gege.”

The words just fell when Wen Suya heard a very light laugh spilling out of one’s throat, full of disdain.

The sun was blazing in the seaside city, Gu Xingchuan leaning on the lounger behind Song Yi, half of his face hidden in the sunshade, the golden glow shone onto the jaw that held a careless hooked edge, sharp-edged lips slightly curved, spitting clear words, “Think it’s delicious, when he ate only a bite?”

Wen Suya uneasily bit her lips, feeling helpless. She was really afraid of Gu Xingchuan.

She had seen plenty of male actors. Though Gu Xingchuan was good-looking, in private one knew he was not one to mess with. With that murderous bandit-like atmosphere, Wen Suya did not dare to touch this bad luck.

Song Yi cursed Gu Xingchuan in his heart, but still he pasted on a charming smile. “Very delicious, but my appetite has not been good these days.”

This was true. These days, it might have been because he had not been acclimatized to the food, but when Song Yi saw those various delicacies, he felt like vomiting.

Gu Xingchuan lightly proclaimed, “A sham.”

Song Yi narrowed his eyes, calm and pretended not to hear anything. “Suya, thank you for the pudding. I hope I can eat it again next time when I have the chance.”

Wen Suya gently nodded, cautiously glancing at Gu Xingchuan. As if Gu Xingchuan had an internal sense, his hand lifted up the sun hat, casually surveying Wen Suya, fixing onto Wen Suya exposed neckline, his gaze slowly moving down.

“You seem to have quite a something.” Gu Xingchuan smiled wickedly.

Wen Suya was immediately uncomfortable. She wanted to reach out and pull her collar, but she held her breath, fearful. Quietly, she said her goodbye to Song Yi, and fled away.

Such a beautiful little girl being scared off like this. Song Yi could not stand it any longer. With last night’s emotions that went up in smoke, it ignited once more. “Can you be a little polite to ladies? Look how you have scared her?”

Gu Xingchuan snickered. “I’m happy to. Her chest is so big. You don’t like?”

Song Yi did not know whether Wen Suya’s chest was big or not. He was a decent gentleman. When talking to female Omegas, he definitely would not look at places he shouldn’t. “You think anyone is as lewd as you?”

“If you’re not being lewd, then why are you talking to her?” Gu Xingchuan raised his eyebrows.

Song Yi glared at him. “Because I’m glad to. But your foresight is too wide. Our relationship has not even reached this step yet, ba?”

Gu Xingchuan lazily crossed his arm, half narrowing his eyes. “Who wants to care about you? You guys were busy flirting, disturbing my sleep.”

Song Yi had to give it to him. “A lecher sees only lewdness. This sentence is seriously too true. You are like a stinking rogue.”

It was obviously a simple courtesy, yet how did it become fliration to Gu Xingchuan’s ears?

Gu Xingchuan gave an innocent smile, looking up and down Song Yi, ridiculing him, “Did I ravish you, or fuck you?”

This knife stabbed into Song Yi’s heart, blood dripping out. Song Yi’s angered lips trembled. 

That night of shame was like a shadow; it was his life’s most wretched memory yet Gu Xingchuan had to remind him of it again and again.

Song Yi gritted his teeth and stood up, grabbing Gu Xingchuan’s collar. “Gu Xingchuan, I’m not finished with you!”

Gu Xingchuan was stunned. He did not expect him to be so angry. This Song Yi person’s upbringing was good; in the past, no matter how they quarreled, Song Yi would never use his hands.

“You’re doing this for the sake of a woman?” Gu Xingchuan’s dark eyes flooded with cold light, unblinkingly.

The surrounding staff peeked out and looked at each other in dismay. They had not even dared to grab Gu Xingchuan’s collar, this was no less than plucking hair from a tiger’s mouth.

Song Yi loosened his grip. He took a deep breath, calmed his intense emotions. “I have nothing to do with you. Don’t you speak nonsense!”

Saying finished, Song Yi never looked back as he walked forward.

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Once this was settled however, Song Yi regretted his actions. The production crew were as close as relatives, everyone ran in the same friend circle. No secrets could be kept forever.

As a matter of fact, at the end of the night, Director Yang approached Song Yi and pulled him to the corner before whispering, “Xiao Song, tell me the truth. Are you close to Gu Xingchuan?”

There was something strange happening at the dinner table last night. Director Yang didn’t think much about it initially, but after hearing some rumors in the morning, he had to find Song Yi to ask.

Song Yi was embarrassed. He coughed lightly. “We were high school classmates, just having some misunderstanding between us.”

Director Yang’s face was not very good, “You should have told me earlier.”

As a director, once out of the crew, Director Yang did not care if Song Yi and Gu Xingchuan had any problems. But within the crew, everyone was colleagues. The crew’s relationship harmony determined the progress of work progress.

Especially for the main actors. Once they don’t get along, it would cause countless troubles.  

Song Yi was rather apologetic, giving others trouble because of his own affairs. “Director Yang, don’t worry. I will definitely not bring my personal emotions into the shooting.”

Ai!” Director Yang shook his head. He did not worry about Song Yi, but of Gu Xingchuan instead. “You young people. High school classmates for three years. What misunderstandings can still not be solved?”

Song Yi’s face was filled with guilt. Director Yang patted his shoulder. “Later, you two come to my room. I will help you both untie this knot.”

“There’s no need to bother Director Yang. I’ll talk to Gu Xingchuan.” Song Yi and Gu Xingchuan’s conflict was a long-standing grievance, not something that could be cleared up overnight.

Director Yang had a serious face. “Xiao Song, can you really solve this problem?”

Seeing Director Yang being so serious, Song Yi remembered when he was in school. He studied well, grew up and knew how to behave, and was liked by his teachers, yet when he was called to the office several times to talk, it was all because he had an argument with Gu Xingchuan.

The two stood side-by-side against the wall. The class teacher was filled with bitterness, just like this scene of the three-room trial.

After so many years, he never thought he would still fall into this pit.

“Director Yang, you can rest assured. I will give you a satisfactory answer.” Song Yi’s attitude was sincere.

Director Yang could not say anything else, simply instructing a few words before he left. 

Song Yi finished his dinner and properly brainstormed the next steps.

He was a very reasonable person. Whenever he encountered problems, he would solve them. Throughout these years, no matter the violent wind or waves, he managed to ride through them.

But when it came to Gu Xingchuan, Song Yi just couldn’t swallow this anger. There was no way that night’s events could be brushed aside. Even if he was calm on the surface, as long as Gu Xingchuan smashed a stone, Song Yi’s heart would be affected by the turbulent waves.

Song Yi hated this feeling of losing his rationality. He had to quickly untie this knot.

He seriously thought about it. Wasn’t it just sleeping together? He got a release, even passing a safe estrus period. He did not lose out either way. The only unusual thing of the person he slept with was Gu Xingchuan.

Song Yi had always been competing with Gu Xingchuan, wanting to win against Gu Xingchuan.

Being pressed under his rival as he was ravished – this was the knot the Song Yi had trouble untying in his heart.

Song Yi pinched the bridge of his nose. Ultimately, it was because he was too proud, unable to bear this shame.

After thinking about it, Song Yi wanted to try to deal with Gu Xingchuan’s relationship objectively. This would be to his advantage.

Song Yi went to look for Gu Xingchuan. He was currently taking a bath, had a bath towel wrapped around his waist when he pulled open the door from the inside and looked at Song Yi. His attitude was chilly. “Do you want something?” 

Song Yi did not look away. “I want to have a proper talk with you.”

Gu Xingchuan stared at him for a few seconds, then let go of the door handle. “Wait for me to finish showering.”

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Song Yi walked in. The silk curtains were pulled halfway, the crystal lamps bright and bright. Gu Xingchuan’s room was the largest one in the crew, the decoration was luxurious and elegant. 

The house was orderly kept. A brand new basketball was left on the floor. Song Yi swept around and sat on the fabric sofa, as the thin Apple laptop screen on the coffee table glowed.

Song Yi did not mean to look, but his eyesight was a bit too good. With a single glance, he saw the search bar  – “What happens if payment is not done to loan sharks?”

Gu Xingchuan needed to borrow money from loan sharks? Song Yi was surprised. With Gu Xingchuan’s family’s situation, what did he do that he had to borrow money from loan sharks?

Was it possible that this kid had caught some bad habits?

Other than this, Song Yi couldn’t think of a second reason why Gu Xingchuan needed to borrow from loan sharks.

The author has something to say.

Small theater.

Song Yi: (silently chanting) Other people can be angry but I won’t be. Anger only brings harmness. If I am angry that’ll satisfy another, even harming myself in return. Flaring up because of a small matter, upon thinking back, there’s no need.1Chinese rhymes nicer: 别人生气我不气,气出病来无人替,我若生气谁如意,况且伤神又费力,为了小事发脾气,回头想想又何必.

Gu Xingchuan: Tch, your waist is still quite thin.

Song Yi: Where is my knife?

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    Chinese rhymes nicer: 别人生气我不气,气出病来无人替,我若生气谁如意,况且伤神又费力,为了小事发脾气,回头想想又何必.

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