Chapter 1 –  Went to wrong room. Slept on wrong bed.

After Being Marked by a Powerful Love Rival
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Chapter 1 -  Went to wrong room. Slept on wrong bed. Chapter 2 - Rivals meeting Chapter 3 - Separated yet eyes blazing with anger Chapter 4 - Riding the wind Chapter 5 - C-fan hosting Chapter 6 - I’ll look after you Chapter 7 - Evening Chapter 8 - Late Night Chapter 9 - Wee hours Chapter 10 - A lecher sees only lewdness Chapter 11 - We can be friends Chapter 12 - Premature death to a date Chapter 13 - Ambiguity Chapter 14 - You can scold me, but you can't scold my fan. Chapter 15 - Let’s play a little Chapter 16 - Offering an idea Chapter 17 - Me or an inhibitor. You choose. Chapter 18 - You're such a little liar. Chapter 19 - Don't tempt me. Chapter 20 - Only temporary Chapter 21 - Able to do even while watching the animation? Chapter 22 - Summer Wind Chapter 23 - The return of the white moonlight Chapter 24 - Dinner with the three of them Chapter 25 - Shen Li kissed your face, so I'll kiss your mouth. Chapter 26 - Red velvet cake Chapter 27.1 - "It's my honor." Chapter 27.2 - "It's my honor." Chapter 28 - The feeling of family Chapter 29 - You are not worthy Chapter 30 - Don't be hasty! Chapter 31 - Like it? Chapter 32 - He knows all these Chapter 33 - An animal world Chapter 34 - Don't follow me Chapter 35 -  You don’t like me? Chapter 36 - Who is the silly one? Chapter 37 - You’re pregnant!  Chapter 38 - You look like me in my youth Chapter 39 - Coke and Blood Type Chapter 40 - Because of you Chapter 41 - Love Hotel Chapter 42 - He’s so obedient now Chapter 43 - Improper male-male relationship Chapter 44 - Torn apart Chapter 45 - Not allowed to refuse Chapter 46 - Became boyfriends

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Inside the mall where the counter displayed Cartier’s proposal ring, business was cold at three in the afternoon. The counter sister looked to the front of her with great enthusiasm, her one and only customer.

The man lowered his head slightly, a pair of fine-rimmed gold glasses braced on the tall bridge of his nose, looking at the diamond ring intently.

He wore a black turtleneck sweater, with vague protruding pectoral muscles on his chest. The clean lines on his neck were defined under the lights, having a sense of seductive ascetic beauty.

Under the golden light, the man’s skin was pale and translucent and thorough, portraying more of his gentle temperament, as if he was surrounded by a dazzling charm, especially shaking one’s heart.

“Please show me this item.”

His manner of speaking was articulate, his voice clear and polite.

The counter sister’s face burned as she hurriedly took out the ring from within the counter.

A 18K rose gold band, inlaid with a circle of shiny diamonds. With a neutral style, it was fashionable and novel, truly the treasure of the store.

“Mr. Song, this is from our latest season.” The counter sister looked at him eagerly. Even her voice was softly whispered, as if she was afraid of disturbing something.

Song Yi took a closer look. This was Shen Li’s favorite style. Although the diamonds were not big enough to be an engagement ring, time was tight. He would wait until the first anniversary of their wedding to gift a big diamond ring to Shen Li.

“Help me wrap it up.”

The counter sister swiftly packaged the ring, a little envious of this fiancee whom she has never met before. She had never seen a man be so pious as to choose and buy a ring. Most of the customers were men who only paid for the money while the wife did the selection of buying a ring. It was really rare to see a man who would take such small things to heart.

When Song Yi swiped the card, the counter sister gave a sincere blessing. “Mr. Song, I wish you and your wife a hundred happy years; to be in each other’s thoughts forever.”

Song Yi’s eyes lit up, his well-curved lips curled slightly, smiling like a spring breeze. “Thank you.”

This criminal smile had bedazzled the counter sister’s eyes. Her heart thumped, her gaze almost floating away.

Today was a good day. Song Yi’s first love, Shen Li, has returned from abroad.

Speaking of this first love, it was miserable enough to shed a tear. Shen Li was Song Yi’s high school classmate. On the first day of school, Song Yi fell in love with Shen Li at first sight.

Shen Li’s appearance was exactly as what Song Yi dreamed of his lover. His reddish lips, pearly teeth, huge eyes, long legs and slender waist. Every part of his body perfectly fit Song Yi’s aesthetic taste.

From the beginning of high school to the summer vacation after the college entrance examination, Song Yi chased Shen Li for three full years.

On the day of high school graduation, when Song Yi plucked up the courage to confess, Shen Li blinked his eyes and said helplessly, “Wait until I come back from studying abroad. If you are still single, we will get together.”

This refusal was very tactful. Emotions couldn’t be forced. Song Yi admitted defeat.

But six years have passed, and Shen Li has returned to China. Today, he sent a WeChat message to Song Yi. It was a hotel address and room number with a pink heart. They were all grown-ups. Such meaning, it went without saying.

To be honest, Shen Li hasn’t said anything in recent years. Song Yi’s youthful thoughts cooled down a long time ago, but when he saw this WeChat, he became enthusiastic again.

What one couldn’t get, was always going to be the best. Song Yi fell back into Shen Li.

He didn’t only want to fall in love with Shen Li. He really wanted to marry him and spend their lives together.

Shen Li’s chosen hotel was a suite. Song Yi took the room key from the front desk and pushed the door. The inside was dark and the curtains were tightly drawn. Only the bathroom exuded a halo of warm light.

With this light, Song Yi saw a circle of unlit heart-shaped candles on the floor of the living room. The big bed was covered with red rose petals, and the sweet rose scent was flowing in the air. The atmosphere was romantic and moving.

It seemed that Shen Li had made a lot of considerations. Song Yi was moved. Shen Li was truly serious this time.

The continuous pattering of the water in the bathroom could be heard, and behind the frosted glass, hinted the beautiful lines of a body. He could vaguely see the narrow hips, wide shoulders and long legs.

Song Yi squinted his eyes and admired for a few seconds. Shen Li grew a lot taller. And also sturdier. Although he was still pleasing to the eye, it was not the same type of thinness as before.

But it was fine. A muscular one would feel better to the touch.

Song Yi took out the ring and laid it on the coffee table. He leisurely poured a glass of wine. Just when he took a sip, the sight in front of him went black. The bathroom light was turned off.

With a sound of ‘deng’, the bathroom door opened. Steady footsteps could be heard, step by step.

Shen Li, this Omega, was already so aggressive. As an alpha, Song Yi couldn’t just sit back and enjoy it without any effort. He should also give Shen Li a little surprise.

Song Yi grabbed the person’s waist, turned around and pressed him against the wall. Shen Li’s expression could not be seen in the darkness. Song Yi dropped a delicate and gentle kiss on his lips. His palm touched a warm area.

Song Yi was a little surprised at this touch. When he was admiring the flower through the misty glass, he thought he only had some muscle. Now when he touched it, this figure was a little too tall and strong for an Omega. Many alphas don’t even have such peculiar muscular contours. How did Shen Li even train till this point?

The person in his arms was stunned, as if he did not expect Song Yi’s arrival. But soon, a slight laughter came from the man’s throat. His strong arms hooked Song Yi’s neck in a hard, brutal impulse. A savage kiss smashed on his lips.

It was hot and damp. Soft lips pressed against Song Yi tightly, with a faint smell of smoke, mixed with the dry fragrance after bathing.

Shen Li’s kissing skills were also very good. Song Yi did not wish to be outdone. He did the same, but Shen Li showed his skills. Shen Li’s breathing got heavier and heavier in the quiet air. The arms resting on Song Yi’s neck gradually tightened. Song Yi was a little out of breath. He pushed his hand on Shen Li’s shoulder, and forcibly increased the distance between the two people. “Baby, you are so passionate.”

“I have always been very enthusiastic towards you.”

The man’s voice was deep and penetrating, sounding somewhat familiar, like a finely tuned musical instrument.

Song Yi was startled. Why did Shen Li’s voice change so much?

It was too late to think about this problem when Shen Li gently sucked his lips and said in an ambiguous voice, “I really miss you.”

When did Song Yi not miss him? It was just that Shen Li’s aggressive method of attack made him a little uncomfortable. His arms seemed to be unable to exert strength, only softly coaxing. “Baby, don’t rush.”

Although Song Yi wanted to cleanly eat this white moonlight that was in his mind for a long time, it was too much like renting a prostitute, heading to bed as soon as he entered the room.

At least by reminiscing the past, they could act like they were in harmony.

Shen Li was indifferent. He went straight to the subject, taking off Song Yi’s clothes with a familiar ease.

Song Yi jumped. Just as he was about to stop, Shen Li wrapped his arms around Song Yi’s waist and fell together onto the soft sofa. “I can’t stand it anymore.”

Shen Li had never been so open before. Thinking of that image, Song Yi gave a low laugh.”Really spicy.”1Imagine, a fiery firecracker.

Shen Li lightly bit his ear. “You don’t like me like this?”

Song Yi shrank his neck slightly. The smell on Shen Li’s body made him feel unfamiliar, as if he was having a high fever. He sincerely replied, “I like it.”

Being an alpha for twenty-six years, Song Yi had never felt this way before, hence he didn’t quite understand it.

Shen Li’s hands were cold. Due to excitement, his voice was hoarse. “You’re so hot.”

A layer of damp sweat coated Song Yi’s body. The heat in his body surged. His whole body’s strength flowed away like running water, leaving him weakened and numb.

This situation was not right.

“You wait a moment.” Song Yi’s voice trembled, grabbing the surviving tail of reason. “I feel a little uncomfortable.”

A man sniffed the air. Pheromones belonging to an Omega that was preparing for heat, filled the space. It was different from the mediocre sweetness of most Omegas. This fragrance was very fresh, with a bit of mild milk fragrance, pure and untainted. It had a wonderful yet vulnerable feeling.

The man had not smelled any other Omega pheromone that was as attractive as this.

“En? Where’s it uncomfortable?” The cold touch of the man’s fingertips caused Song Yi to feel a little inexplicable fear.

Song Yi couldn’t smell himself, but Shen Li’s action was so suggestive that any fool knew what it meant.

This fucking Shen Li has a misunderstanding, right?

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Song Yi’s scalp went numb at this misunderstanding. Although there were alphas in the society who went as the bottom, Song Yi did not have this hobby.

Song Yi’s lips trembled slightly. When he was about to speak, a very shallow and light kiss fell on his neck, and at the same time, the alpha pheromone broke through the obstacles, occupying the entire room like a beast out of its cage.

The strong tobacco flavor was strongly aggressive, like an insurmountable mountain, confining Song Yi to the sofa within a square inch.

The man’s hoarse voice whispered in admiration, “Shen Li, your waist is so thin. I can hold it with one hand.”

Song Yi’s head exploded, like fireworks flying in the sky. It took a few seconds to recover.

Who the fuck is this? ? ?

Song Yi rallied all his strength to get up and tried to push the man away, but an Omega in heat couldn’t compete with a strong alpha. His resistance was more like an urge to refuse.

The man grabbed his arm and pressed it to one side, touching the gland on Song Yi’s neck with affection, “I like you so much, Shen Li.”

The sensitive glands were repeatedly tortured, like an electric shock. His eyes widened humiliatingly in the silent night. All of this was too strange.

Song Yi seemed to have his throat choked. He could only breathe slightly when he opened his mouth.

Giving up a bride and losing an army along the way.2I.e. Suffer a double loss after failing to trick an enemy. There was no worse time than this.

What an alpha will do to an Omega in heat was a natural process.

The pain pulled back Song Yi’s consciousness. Song Yi bit the opponent’s shoulder fiercely, with only one thought in his head.

I must kill this alpha.


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  • 1
    Imagine, a fiery firecracker.
  • 2
    I.e. Suffer a double loss after failing to trick an enemy.

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