Chapter 9 – Raging Priest Ziemuer

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Tilting his head and looking at Heimos, Garlan’s remaining ‘you’ got stuck in his throat, choking for a while before forcefully continuing.


He said the last word very reluctantly.

Garlan showed that he didn’t want to say thank you to this mortal enemy who had killed him four times. However, after all, he had really helped him not to make Garlan embarrassed in front of everyone, so he couldn’t do anything without saying thank you.

But after stating ‘thank you’, he felt very upset.

Naturally, his unhappy expression showed on his face.

Heimos watched the child he was holding, who had his lips pursed and not answering his questions. He had his head and eyes lowered. The long eyelashes trembled like butterfly wings, and the shadows that fell on his cheeks also moved.

Heimos rubbed the head of the child who seemed a little sad. Then, he looked up and stared.

Standing on the steps was the little chubby boy who deliberately knocked Garlan down, who had on an ugly face. After being stared at by Heimos, he turned his head, ran up the steps, and into the hall.

Heimos withdrew his gaze.

As he came to the palace by boat, his speed was a bit slow, so he was the latest group of people who arrived here the morning before yesterday.

He was not very clear about the situation here before, but now it seemed that the child in his arms was squeezed out and bullied by other royal family members because of his skin colour.

It’s no wonder the kid looks gloomy now.

No, you’re the only one who could make me depressed to this point.

If Garlan knew what Heimos was thinking at this moment, he would definitely want to say this sentence.

But he didn’t know, so when he felt himself being touched again, he raised his eyes and looked at Heimos.

Stroking my head again and again…

Why does it seem that everyone likes to touch my head?

Was it because he was the shortest here?

Garlan, who didn’t feel Heimos comforting him at all, was even more upset and stared at the other with his lips pressed.

It was just that, as a child, his eyes were already big and round. Now he was looking at Heimos, with his palm-sized white and tender face, and the fluffy pale blonde hair on the cheeks. He thought he was staring at people with fierce eyes, but from the view of others, he looked adorable with his eyes wide open.

Heimos, who felt the same way, couldn’t help but smile, stroked his head again. He didn’t know why, when he saw this child, he continously felt like he was seeing a chubby chick that had just been born and had fallen from its nest. Watching this young bird flutter on the ground, he couldn’t rest assured and couldn’t help but want to hold this bird up and take good care of it.

After he smiled, he just carried Garlan and walked up the steps.

As he walked, he was still thinking in his heart that as a boy, this child was too light.

Garlan was very unwilling to be carried by Heimos. He felt ashamed and did not want to be too close to the other. But seeing that Heimos had already started to walk up the stairs, if he were to be noisy and argue to be put onto the ground, he was afraid that Heimos would lose his balance, and both of them would roll down the steps.

Thinking about it this way, he could only obediently let his mortal enemy carry him.

In order to prevent Heimos from deliberately throwing him down, he hugged his shoulders tightly. If Heimos were to do that, he could prevent it by grabbing onto Heimos’s neck, right?

Daily #There is always a heckler…No, it is Heimos who always wants to harm me# series.

On Heimos’s side, he felt the little arms of the child in his arms curled tightly around his neck. It was as if Garlan was extremely attached to and trusted in himself, which made his heart grow softer. Thus, he held the young boy tighter.

As he was an only child and used to being alone, he had never experienced this kind of attachment.

Heimos thought that he didn’t hate this feeling.

Daily #Their thinking is not always on the same line# series.

The two of them, each having their own thoughts, had completely forgotten the culprit who ran into the hall.

The chubby little boy stood at the entrance of the hall, looking at the two people approaching him with anger.

Yesterday, Garlan used the branch on him with extreme joy. He felt that he had lost face, and tossed about most of the night, thinking that he must take revenge today. Otherwise, once the day was over, Garlan would return, and he wouldn’t have the chance to retaliate again.

So, he took advantage of Garlan’s carelessness and deliberately ran into him, wanting to make him look foolish in front of everyone. He thought, how could Garlan’s thin, soft, delicate, and weak appearance be compared to him?

He could easily beat Garlan. People who knew were not as good as what heaven knew.1The metaphor is that God’s will is fixed, and man cannot make arrangements for himself. He just happened to come across Heimos. What was even more unexpected was that this young man who was accustomed to being alone and didn’t get very close to others, actually caught hold of Garlan. He even carried him. At the sight of not succeeding and even being ignored, the larger boy gritted his teeth with anger.

However, the chubby little boy became furious, and after watching the two enter, he followed with his breath sucked in.

Although he liked to bully people and often liked to cause disputes he always had a good eye and knew who could and couldn’t be provoked. Although Heimos, who was two years older than him, had only been here for two days, he rarely came into contact with others and was not prominent. He did not show any special skill but was classified as someone absolutely not to be messed with.

He couldn’t speak of any specific reason, and it could only be said as intuition.

His instincts told him that if he provoked this person, it would definitely end badly.

Yesterday, after being printed by the branch, his butt was still faintly aching. The little stout boy ground his teeth, followed behind, and stared at Garlan fiercely… but Garlan did not notice his intense stares at all, never even looking back at him once.

The blond child was obediently held by the black-haired boy. His pale blond hair fluttering and soft, reflecting the sun as if it were gleaming, and the little hands and feet were fair like white clouds in the sky.

Following behind and watching, the little chubby boy became even more aggrieved. He rubbed his painful little butt, and suddenly felt a little wronged.

QAQ You play with that person but not with me.

I didn’t mean to bully you…Who told you to ignore me?

From the beginning, I just wanted to get along with you, but you kept ignoring me. So I just wanted to teach you a little lesson so that you’d play with me…

Okay… I accidentally overdid it… But did you have to hit me?

Heyyyyy, even my father never beat me before.

The little chubby boy who just wanted to play with Garlan felt really wronged at the moment.


Being held by his own mortal enemy and feeling that the places he touched seemed to be burnt by fire, as soon as Gallan entered the hall, he couldn’t wait to pull on Heimos’ clothes, wanting the other party to put him down.

Heimos naturally felt his movements and looked down at him. Gallan raised his head to look at him, and then continued to tug on Heimos’ clothes as he struggled hard. The meaning was obvious, I won’t let you hug me anymore, let me down quickly.

Although it seemed a bit like crossing the river and tearing down the bridge2It means when one achieves his goal, he kicks away the people who have helped him., Garlan couldn’t wait to get as far away from this person as possible, and naturally refused to continue to follow Heimos. Anyway, after today, they’d go their own ways. There was no need to be together again. He could only ask this person to forget him until tomorrow. From then on, they wouldn’t know each other. It would be best if they never met again!

Facing Garlan’s behaviour of crossing the river and tearing down the bridge, Heimos glanced at him, and his handsome face instantly seemed unpleasant, so he let him go.

As soon as the boy let go, the blond kid jumped down immediately, then turned around without saying anything and ran away.

Without looking back, he seemed like an ungrateful brat.

The young man stood still on the spot, looking at the little figure who was running away quickly. After a while, he looked away and walked towards the row of rectangular stone tables in the middle of the hall.


After casting Heimos away, Garlan avoided crowded places, found a deserted remote corner and sat down. Only then did he begin to observe other people.

The hall was open, with huge columns propped up the arched roof, and cool topaz-like slabs paved the flat ground. The whole hall was very spacious, and with sixteen or seventeen children, it did not seem to be crowded at all. There were two long rows of bluestone tables in the main hall. At this moment, the people sitting there were waiting for something.

Instead of sitting at the bluestone table in the centre of the hall together with the others, Garlan sat on the fence beside the hall. The edge of the hall was surrounded by the same yellow jade fence. The bottom of the hall was more than one meter off the ground, which seemed very high. He sat there with his hands on both sides, his lower legs dangling in the air in boredom.

He raised his head and looked over. From a distance, he could vaguely see the outline of the magnificent palace main hall.

The roof of the palace was plated with pure gold, shining golden in the sun. It was extremely brilliant, gorgeous, and magnificent.

Upon seeing it, Garlan suddenly felt a little emotional.

He thought that in this life, he would probably never step into the dazzling golden palace that he was so familiar with.

The place where he was killed four times by that man.

So, this time, in order to survive, he must keep his distance from Heimos!

That was right, it was better not to take another step in this city from now on!

Just as Garlan was following his thoughts firmly, there was a commotion in the middle of the hall. He looked over and saw a group of people coming in from the doors of the hall.

The leader was a tall man with tan curly long hair draped over his broad shoulders, and dark brown skin that symbolized the status of a superior nobleman. His clothes were different from those behind him. A long dress hung down from the top to the ankles, but his waist was wrapped with a gold belt and he had soft cloth shoes on. What he wore on his head was not gold, silver or gemstone ornaments, but a crown of leaves made of emerald green olive branches.

In his right hand, he held a silver sceptre about the same length as his arm. The top of the sceptre was carved with a pattern of olive branches and leaves like his crown, embedded with leaf-shaped alexandrite.

Garlan looked at the tall man with no expression on his face.

He bit his lower lip hard, his hand on the stone bench was clenched a little bit, and his fingers clasped the stone slab strongly.

Ziemuer.3(Actual words:歇牧尔)

His teacher.

His mentor.

The person he had trusted the most.

To him, he was a man who was like a strict father and master.

Ziemuer was a priest, serving the sun-god Shamash.4

Many gods were enshrined in this country, and there were also many priests who served the gods. Only high-ranking nobles and noble bloodlines from the royal family had the qualifications to become priests who served the gods. In the kingdom, these priests were equivalent to scholars with extremely high religious status.

The sun-god Shamash was also known as the god of justice, so his priests were in charge of the laws of this country. The laws of this country were determined by the king, and Shamash’s priests controlled and executed them. For this reason, most of the priests of this god were serious, upright, abstinent, and unkind. They advocated order, respected the law, and hated chaos.

Garlan stared at Ziemuer, who was already standing still in the hall, without blinking.

The man stood among the crowd. He was a priest and a knowledgeable scholar. His body was not thin and he was extremely tall, and the brown arm holding the sceptre was faintly visible with tight muscle outlines.

Garlan still remembered clearly to this day.

In the first life of the rebirth, he was very impatient with this teacher who was strict with him and complained about him from time to time. This person felt like the dean of his school, so he often confronted this person.

Later on there was one time when he was annoyed by the crowd, and he stood alone in the garden. After standing for a while, he saw Ziemuer suddenly rushing towards him.

The speed of that person dashing was so fast that he couldn’t react.

He stood still on the spot and watched Ziemuer run over, pulling up the sceptre in his right hand that never left his body, and facing his head…No, it was brushing it with the wind whistling, fiercely smacking something behind him.


It sounded like a dull sound of a watermelon being smashed to pieces.

Garlan, who subconsciously followed the sceptre head that brushed against his cheek, turned his head and had his face covered with blood.

…I seemed to have pictured a terrible scene…  

After seeing the bloody and tragic image, Garlan activated his self-protection system by losing consciousness. After a moment, when he finally regained his awareness, he saw the assassin. He had fallen at his feet, still twitching slightly, as well as an area of red and white, where the assassin’s head looked like a smashed watermelon…

Yes, his master, Ziemuer, who was a priest and scholar, swiped his sceptre and waved it once again, and the assassin’s brain was smashed.

A headshot with a stick.

As for the sceptre that Ziemuer had always held with one hand and never let it leave his hands, weighed more than forty catties.5Approximately 24kg.

Garlan at that time, “…”

From then on, he was left with only one expression in front of his violent teacher Ziemuer, who could headshot someone with just a sceptre.

Obediently cute.JPG


However, this was the person who was his mentor, and the person he had trusted the most.

When he was reborn for the third time, he betrayed him and fell under Heimos’s command.

Jeanie wanna say:


And so, we have a new character here! 歇牧尔 aka Ziemuer. We used this to standardise our names together with Garlan & Heimos. I’m not sure about future characters, but we’ll see how it goes! let me know what you guys think 🙂

The whole chapter was really cute with how Heimos was treating Garlan, constantly wanting to touch him. muehehe.

But it ended kinda sad, knowing his teacher betrayed him T.T

Hope you guys enjoy this chapter!!


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