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Chapter 79 – When things remained the same and people changed, the blades met

A Tale of Strategies For the Throne
78 Chapters

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Title1物是人非,刀刃相见 (I’m terrible with translating idioms to sound cooler. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!)

The roaring flames reflected the pitch-black night sky, and the side cheeks of the teenager holding the snow-white long sword turned crimson.

The golden fringe was scattered in the corners of his eyes. He raised his head and stared at the man on the black horse.

Like all Tasdarians, this man was tall and burly, and his body was extremely strong, which could be seen from the bulging triceps on his arm holding the black iron spear.

“Prince of Aaron Landis?”

The man sat on a horse, looking down at him, condescendingly.

The firelight brightly reflected the bronze armour on the man’s body.

He said, “You are still young and could have a long future…but how unfortunate. You shouldn’t be here.”

Garlan pursed his lips and didn’t answer.

The man’s face was reflected in his golden eyes, which was very similar to Opada behind him.

He had heard Opada’s cry.

Big Brother.

Garlan clenched the white sword in his hand.

This man was Opada’s eldest brother, and at the same time, a former friend of his Guardian Knight Kaijos.


While eating the desert-roasted rabbit meat that Anu brought back, he curiously asked what Kaijos meant after defeating Opada.

Although this was his friend, Kaijos had no intention of concealing it.

“The person I was talking about who could have ended up as an unpredictable fight with me was Opada’s elder brother.”

“Opada’s elder brother?”

Garlan was stunned for a moment, and he suddenly remembered that Opada had also told him that his eldest brother was very powerful, and he was also able to tame eagles.

When Opada said this, his expression was very proud, and he seemed to admire his brother.

“Kaijos, do you know his big brother?”

Kaijos bellowed.

“At that time, he was a guy whose reputation was not inferior to mine. I was more famous in the south, and he rose to fame in the north before me.”

“But how did you know one another?”

“I followed King Camos to the Northern battlefield. Sometimes we would join forces with the Tasdarians to fight the enemy Gaishu, and go to the battlefield to kill the enemy together, so we naturally knew each other.”

“Is he powerful?”

“Yes, he is a very strong man. Opada’s martial arts aren’t as good as him, and he is also a rare and quick thinking guy among the Tasdarians.”

Garlan blinked.

His Guardian Knight seemed to be lazy and uninhibited, but there were very few people who could be admired by him.

Just by saying that, he could vaguely feel how powerful that person was.

He thought about it, and couldn’t help but ask one more question.

“Is he stronger than you?”

“I don’t know. Aaron Landis and Tasdar are allies, and we are comrades-in-arms on the battlefield, so I haven’t gone all out and fought with him. Although sometimes we will learn from each other, this kind of battle that doesn’t gamble with one’s life, doesn’t show anything. Basically there are wins and losses.”

Kaijos pondered for a while and replied.

“To be honest, if we were to really fight to the death, I don’t think I will lose, but I have no certainty of winning. In addition, I haven’t seen him for so long, and I don’t know how good he is. However, he was indeed the leader of the Tasdar warriors back then, and he was also the successor designated by General Tasdar…”

“Huh? Then why did it change to Opada?”

Garlan was really curious.

If even Kaijos really thought that he was very good, and he was a rare and wise Tasdar, he must have been an excellent successor. Why was he replaced by Opada, who was inferior in both strength and brain?

“And if there is a warrior as famous as you, then he should be famous. But I’ve never heard of him.”

The blond-haired knight was silent for a moment, then he opened his mouth to take a bite of the oily roasted rabbit meat and chewed it a few times.

The light of the bonfire reflected in his green eyes, making his eyes show a complex expression at this moment.

“It was probably more than five years ago… At that time, when we and Tasdar fought against the Gaishu army together, the Tasdar army led by him delayed an fighting opportunity, which almost led to our defeat of the Northland battlefield.”

Kaijos let out a low sigh.

“King Tasdar was furious, and Tasdar’s General rushed to the battlefield immediately, deprived him of his commander status, and took over the command of the army. Although we finally won the victory, in order to give Aaron Landis an explanation, The General annulled his heir status.”

“…Since then, he has disappeared on the battlefield.”

Kaijos said his eyes were on the vast night sky.

At this moment, the figure that was about to be blurred in his memory once again appeared in his mind, and there was a look of nostalgia in his eyes.

That brave Tasdar warrior.

He fought alongside him on the battlefield many years ago.

At that time, the young Tasdar warrior was in high spirits and fought on the battlefield.


He was still galloping on the battlefield, but the Tasdar warrior who was supposed to have infinite glory in the future was stripped of all his halo because of that one mistake. He went to the bottom of the valley, and there was no more news.


【That is a rare Tasdar warrior who possesses both the bravery bestowed by the God of War and the wisdom bestowed by the God of the Sky. 】

Kaijos had said so to him before at the bonfire.

Garlan tensed up. He was so nervous.

He knew very well that he could fight against ordinary soldiers, but it was impossible to fight against warriors of the same level as Kaijos.

He rushed over to block the shot just now, and he had already tried his best.

Up to now, his hands holding the hilt of the sword were still a little numb.

He never imagined that the one who planned the massacre of the Tasdar group was—

The man didn’t speak anymore, and stabbed his spear straight in.

Garlan instinctively raised his hand to clench onto the tip of the stabbed spear.

The huge force shook his hands numb, and he was extremely reluctant to release the impact of the black spear to one side.

However, as soon as the spear tip was pulled away, the spear tip was retracted, and then another shot was stabbed.

Garlan, who had just released his strength and was not even able to stand still, had to take on his shot again, and immediately took a step back.

The man didn’t stop, and didn’t use all his strength.

He could see that Garlan was not his opponent at all. It was like a cat and mouse game, playing with Garlan and stabbing one by one at him.

“Prince of Aaron Landis, you are only at this level?”

He sneered unceremoniously, looking at Garlan with extreme contempt.

He was a cavalryman. His weapon was a long spear, and he suppressed the young teenager’s actions.

Garlan could vaguely hear the man’s tone was filled with resentment towards Aaron Landis, but he didn’t have time to think about it now, and he did his best to resist the successive attacks.

Another shot came and stabbed hard.

A strong vibration was transmitted from the blade.

The hands that were already stained red from the bleeding wound could no longer hold the hilt of the sword, and it flew out from the impact of the black spear. Garlan stumbled backward and fell to the ground.

The man on the horse looked down at Garlan, disdainfully.

The teenager sat on the ground, looked up at the man, panting heavily.

“Aaron Landis stands in the way of Tarsdar.”

As the man said so, the spear in his hand stabbed heavily towards Garlan——


The jet-black iron spear was once again intercepted halfway through.

The man who was blocked by this blow looked at the young man blocking him, raised his eyebrows slightly, and seemed slightly surprised.

“Opada, I taught you all your martial arts skills, but now, you dare to point your blade at me?”

The brown-haired young man stood in front of Garlan. The muscles on his face were still stiff and his shoulders tensed to the extreme.

He was panting, his chest heaving violently.

The sword that fell from his hand just now was once again clenched in his hand and aimed at the man in front of him.

“I swore to Ashur, the God of War…”

Opada’s throat was shaking, and he stared at the man he once admired, clenching his teeth.

The knuckles of his hand gripping the hilt were almost white.

“I swore that as long as I live, I would never let anyone hurt him!”

He gritted his teeth, his voice almost forced out from the depths of his throat.

“Even if it’s to big brother, you—”

The words hadn’t fallen yet, Opada was like a tiger, roaring and rushing up.

The long sword slashed at the horse under the man, but was blocked by a jet-black iron spear.

The crisp sound of iron strikes resounded in the night sky, once and then again.

Dull and yet cruel.

“Because I took your heir position? Because of this, you want to kill me.”

Opada’s eyes were red, and he seemed to be crazy. Regardless of his own safety, he frantically attacked the man.

“Because of this, because of me alone, you didn’t hesitate to attack your compatriots—you actually colluded with outsiders to kill your compatriots—”

He growled.

“Why do such a thing? Is this position that important to you?!”

Blocking the sword that Opada had slashed, the man pushed the horse’s head away, raised his hand to strike, and cut a long slit in Opada’s arm.

The horse below him neighed loudly.

“This position?”

The man said faintly.

“Opada, even now, you still don’t understand what I want.”

“How could I possibly understand the thoughts of a fellow who betrayed his own countrymen!”

The bone-deep wound on the arm was bleeding profusely, and Opada was still clenching his teeth, blocking the man firmly.

“Betraying Tasdar? No, Opada, the one who betrayed Tasdar was not me, but the guys who convicted me and imprisoned me five years ago, including our Father.”

The man said, “Those guys ruined me, and they ruined Tasdar.”

The battle between the two continued.

The conversation between the two also continued with the sound of the collision of the swords.

Opada wasn’t as strong as that man, but at the moment, he was crazy and fighting with a momentum, and he was actually worthy of confrontation with the man.

“Father didn’t do anything wrong, that is your responsibility! If it weren’t for your mistakes and delays in the fighting opportunity, our ally Aaron Landis would not have made such a big sacrifice—”


The man chuckled lightly.

“No, Opada, you don’t understand, it wasn’t a mistake.”

“If it was just a strategic mistake, King Tasdar, and Father, wouldn’t be so angry.”

“They charged me with a felony because I disobeyed their orders.”

“When they urged me to go to the battlefield as soon as possible, I told them that we should wait for the moment when Aaron Landis and Gaishu both lost. Then, the Tasdar army could crush these two countries together in one fell swoop and become the last winner.”

The truth that the man suddenly told five years ago caused Opada to lose his mind for a moment, and the man seized the moment of his absence and stabbed him in the shoulder with a move.

“I said it before Opada. Your martial arts were taught by me. You can never be my opponent.”

Opada, who was shot through his shoulder, staggered back and he looked like he was about to fall.

A hand stretched out from behind and pressed his body against him, making him barely able to stand on the ground.

Garlan supported him, frowned, and deeply observed the man.

Unexpectedly, I found out the truth by accident.

The reason why this man planned this matter was not to compete for the position of heir.

The purpose of this man was to break the relationship between Aaron Landis and Tasdar.

Garlan thought.

In previous lifetimes, this individual must have certainly played an extremely important role in the reason why General Tasdar recklessly attacked Aaron Landis in grief and anger.


Opada raised his head and looked at the brother he once admired the most.

He always thought that the incident five years ago was just a mistake. He also pleaded with his father, and felt that his father and King Tasdar had punished his elder brother too severely.

At this moment, he looked at the familiar and strange man as if he had lost his soul.

“Why do you do such a thing?”

He murmured.

“Aaron Landis is our ally. On the battlefield, they are our comrades-in-arms. How can Tasdar treat their comrades like this?”

He said, “Tasdarian never betray their comrades.”

The man sneered.

“Listen, Opada, only Tasdars are the best in this world.”

“Powerful, heroic, invincible—”

“Tasdarians are the masters of this world. We are born to stand at the top of the world. No one from other countries is worthy of being Tasdar’s comrades-in-arms. They just need to be our slaves.”

“This is not the reason why you betray your comrades!”

Opada stared at Stoke with red eyes.

“Believe in your comrades and never betray your comrades—this is the proud belief of the Tasdarians!”

“Father trusts you and admires you. He is proud of you. I respect you and admire you, but you have betrayed all of this—”

The man shook his head.

“That’s why I said, Opada, you, Father, and King Tasdar are all too naive. You are too obsessed with the so-called Tasdar beliefs. While Tasdar is in your hands, it will never be on the glorious path.”

He said coldly.

“Tasdar is Tasdar, Aaron Landis is Aaron Landis. We are not comrades-in-arms, only parties looking for benefits.”

“In that war, as long as it was delayed for a few days and both Aaron Landis and Gaishu sustained injuries, we Tasdarians could take the opportunity to seize a large tract of land and expand our territory.”

“While they are recuperating, Tasdar could seize the time to expand and strengthen their own power. At that time, as long as there is enough time, Tasdar could become a country no less than Gaishu and Aaron Landis, and there was no need to rely on Aaron Landis again!”

The man went on and on, his eyes bright as if there were stars shining in them, with an indescribable fervour, and a certain conviction.

He knew that he was following a path that no one would understand, not even his father, his younger brother.

But he firmly believed that only the path he took was the right one.

He would lead Tasdar to become the most powerful country on the continent.


In the next second, his face suddenly contorted.

“Stupid King Tasdar, and my cowardly Father—they, these two shortsighted fellows, ruined it all. Without them, I would have succeeded in defeating those two countries with an army five years ago!”

He gritted his teeth, hatred surging in his eyes.

“They ruined the glory future of Tasdar with their own hands!”

After pouring out five years of hatred, the man let out a long sigh.

He looked down at Opada.

“The opportunity was missed at the beginning, and now, there is another one.”

He said but his voice was the exact opposite of the bloody spear in his hand.

“Opada, everything I do is for the future of Tasdar.”

The bloody black spear was raised high.

Stab hard.

“Dedicate your life to the prosperity of Tasdar—”

The wind was howling.

The flames burn in the dark night.

One person and one horse suddenly rushed from the flames.

The silver-white iron spear was like lightning, hitting hard on the tip of the spear pierced by the man, knocking the jet-black iron spear to one side.

The golden hair reflected the crimson fire, and the jet-black eye patch covered half of the face of the knight who was charging towards them.

The one-eyed knight stood on the ground on horseback, holding a silver spear with a dignified expression.

“I haven’t seen you for five years. Have you been reduced to bullying children now?”

The blond-haired knight stared his friend on the battlefield.

The green eye seemed to be dyed red by the flames, and at this moment, a monstrous anger was surging.

He called out the man’s name word by word.


The knight’s voice seemed to be burning with anger.

Kaijos remembered.

Five years ago, in that war, because the Tasdar army failed to arrive on the battlefield in time, there was careless oversight on the battlefield.

The army of Gaishu seized this loophole and attacked the Aaron Landis army.

In order to ensure that the Allied Tasdar army was not attacked from the side, the Aaron Landis army desperately resisted the Gaishu army, and suffered heavy losses.


Kaijos remembered it clearly.

At that time, countless soldiers of Aaron Landis shed blood on the battlefield.

… If it was just a mistake, that was it… The battlefield was changing rapidly, and no one could guarantee that he wouldn’t make a single mistake. In particular, General Tasdar was desperate to attack all night, leading the army to fight desperately, and rescued the troubled Aaron Landis North Army.

So, although it was sad, neither he nor King Camos criticise Tasdar too much.

However, he now knew that the sacrifice of the countless Aaron Landis soldiers wasn’t a mistake, but a trap deliberately set by the man he once regarded as a confidant and friend in front of him!

“Answer me, Stoke.”

Kaijos said, word for word.

At this moment, his eyes were as deep and cold as never before.

The hand that held the silver spear tightly, and the back of the hand was already full of blue veins.

“In that battlefield five years ago, did you deliberately turn your back on Aaron Landis as an ally?”

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    物是人非,刀刃相见 (I’m terrible with translating idioms to sound cooler. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!)


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