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Chapter 78 – The Beauty Saves the Hero!

A Tale of Strategies For the Throne
78 Chapters

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Once there was suspicion, the suspicion would grow, and that was the case with Opada. Before this, he didn’t think about it at all, so he assumed what he saw was normal. However, now that he was wary, whatever he saw was wrong.

He began to boldly look at Kaijos, always paying attention to his every move, and he felt that something was more and more wrong.

For example, as long as Garlan was within his sight, Kaijos’ eyes would fall on Garlan. Even if he was talking to someone else, he would pay some attention to Garlan.

Therefore, if Garlan were to make any movements, he would be the first to notice. Often, when Garlan looked at him, Kaijos would have gone straight to him without calling him.

When he was on the road, Kaijos always followed Garlan’s side, never behind a step.

What made Opada unbearable in particular was the way Kaijos looked at Garlan.

The Sun knight looked rather dissolute and uninhibited. No matter who he looked at, his eyes were always half-smiling. Although he had a smile on his face and it looked like their relationship was so close, when he got close, he would discover that it was just an appearance.

Compared with people who behave indifferently, it was more difficult to get close to a guy like Kaijos who seemed to be close but had a cold heart.

Opada knew because the big brother he once admired was also such a person.

However, such a hard-to-approach guy only looked at Garlan with eyes that were unusually soft and with an indescribable warmth.

The single malachite-like green eye, when looking at Garlan, would slightly light up, as if seeing the only light in the world.

This was also the same for Garlan. It was clear that Kaijos was his guardian knight and his subordinate. It stood to reason that princes and knights should be regarded differently. But Garlan didn’t seem to regard Kaijos as a subordinate at all, and his behaviour towards him was also very close. As long as he looked at Kaijos, he would show a very bright smile.

Just like now, Opada saw that Garlan who was not far away raised his hand to help Kaijos stroke the blond hair that fell in front of him, while the one-eyed knight smiled, and took the initiative to bend down and let Garlan’s hand touch his own face.

Garlan smiled happily while touching Kaijos’ face.

Such an intimate gesture… and the glances that exchanged and conveyed something from time to time…

To say that there is nothing between the two, Opada would never believe it!

It seemed that he was correct.

Garlan and his guardian knight were lovers.

This was what he saw with his own eyes.

The reason why the relationship was not made public was probably that Aaron Landis wasn’t used to acknowledging and being friendly toward gay people. There were also concerns such as identity issues.

…That’s right, it must be so.

The Tasdar man clutched his chest and felt as if he had been pierced by a sharp arrow in his heart, causing waves of colic pain.

Living for more than 20 years, he fell into a relationship once, but in less than ten days, he completely fell out of love.

Looking at the close interaction between the two not far away, he felt that his heart hurt so badly that he could hardly breathe.


And on Garlan’s side, the so-called intimate interaction…

“Kaijos, your eyepatch seems to be crooked, and there is something on it.”

Garlan stared at the conspicuous white mark on the black eyepatch, pointed his finger there and said.

“Really? It is probably because I wiped my sweat off my hands after eating something, and it got stuck.”

Kaihos raised his hand and wiped the eyepatch with his fingertips.

“No, it’s not there.” Watching Kaijos wipe the wrong place, Garlan simply said, “You lower your head.”

The blond-haired knight obediently obeyed his prince’s orders, stooping and bowing his head.

Then, the little prince leaned over, wiped off the white marks on the eye patch and straightened it.

To fiddle with the eye patch, his hand naturally had to touch the knight’s face.

So, in the eyes of Opada from over a distance…

“Hahaha, it’s a rice grain, Kaijos, you actually got a rice grain on your eyepatch.”

Looking at the white rice grains on his fingers, Garlan bellowed.

If this were to let others know that the famous Sun Knight had a grain of rice on his face… Hahahaha, no, I will die of joy just thinking about it.

“If you were to let others see this, let’s see what you will do.”

Looking at the rice grains on Garlan’s fingers, Kaijos couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Yeah, thanks to His Highness for helping me keep my handsome image.”

As he said with a smile, he glanced at Opada not far from the corner of his eye without any restraints

Looking at Opada staring straight at this side, he couldn’t help but wonder.

What is going on with that Tasdar man recently? He has been staring at me every day.

At first, Kaijos thought that the man had noticed something wrong and was monitoring himself. Later, he realised that this was not the case. The Tasdar man looked at him with an indescribable grief… But it wasn’t like the sad eyes of those noble ladies who couldn’t ground him. It was more like the children of nobles who had lost the hearts of noble ladies and glared at him…


It couldn’t be, right?

The knight who rarely reacted was a little stunned.

That guy wouldn’t have thought there was anything between him and His Highness Garlan, right?

Kaijos took another look at the Tasdar who was staring at him. The corner of his mouth twitched, and then he took another look at the prince in front of him.

Forget it.

He thought resignedly.

If he was being misunderstood, so be it. As long as he could protect the prince well, he didn’t need to uphold his image.

With that in mind, Kaijos turned and walked towards Opada.

“I heard that you are the successor of General Tasdar?”

He asked with a smile.

“How about we have a go at it?”

Opada’s sudden provocation from his ‘love rival’ was naturally unreasonable, especially when his sweetheart was still watching. Opada immediately screamed in his heart wanting to teach this guy a lesson.

Moreover, when the famous ‘Knight of the Burning Sun’ arrived on the first day, Opada, who naturally liked to challenge the strong, had already begun to be eager to try, but only because he was Garlan’s Guardian Knight, he had strongly controlled the urge.

When Kaijos made a provocation like this, Opada naturally couldn’t wait to jump on it.

When the other Tasdarians heard that their son and the famous knight were going to practise against each other, they rushed over immediately.

Therefore, under the encouragement of the onlookers and the large number of Tasdarians around, the two randomly found an open space, warmed up, and started.


Ten minutes later, the brown-haired Tasdar fell heavily to the ground.

The round shield had already flown out far away, and the spear in his hand was also broken in half.

Opada’s face, who fell to the ground, was bluish and purple. He obviously suffered a lot, and the blows seemed to be focusing on his face.

The one-eyed knight stood in front of Opada, the sword in his hand resting on his forehead.

Opada was embarrassed, but Kaijos didn’t look relaxed either. He was panting violently. His sweat-soaked blonde hair was sticking to his cheeks, and sweat dripped down his cheeks from the tips of his hair. The clothes on his body were also damaged in several places that were slashed out by the spear.

“I lost. You are strong.”

Opada said frustratedly.

Although losing made him very depressed, Tasdar people were used to being straightforward. Losing was losing, winning was winning. They would never be argumentative or evade it.

But what annoyed him the most was, why did Kaijos always stare at him and keep punching him in the face?

Although it took a lot of effort, Kaijos, who managed to clean up the bear boy and let out a sigh of relief, was also in a good mood.

He retracted his sword and said, “You’re not bad either. You deserve to be the successor chosen by the General.”

Looking up at Opada’s face that was somewhat similar to the man in his memory, the knight paused and said again, “…If my opponent were to be ‘him’, the outcome would probably unpredictable.”

After speaking, he retracted his sword, turned and left.

On the way back to the camp, Garlan asked curiously.

“Who is the ‘him’ you spoke of?”

Kaijos smiled.

He replied, “A good old friend.”

He looked up at the endless sky, and there was a little nostalgia in his eyes.

“But it may be hard to see him in the future.”

Garlan still wanted to speak, but the black eagle suddenly flew towards him and interrupted him.

Anu grabbed a khaki-coloured thing, circled above his head and slowly descended down, threw the thing at his feet, then landed on his shoulder, and gave a short chirp.

He looked down and saw a fat yellow-fur rabbit being thrown at his feet.

“Desert Rabbit?”

Kaijos smiled and said, “This little guy is very swift and can dig holes. It is difficult to catch, but it tastes very good. We can barbecue it for dinner.”

Anu on his shoulder flapped his wings again and made a chirping sound, as if asking for credit.

Garlan smiled and touched its feathers, and it continuously chirped contentedly.


After Kaijos left, the open space didn’t quiet down.

After watching that fight, the fiery Tasdarians went on their own without hesitation, shouted at their opponents, and started this game again so they wouldn’t get bored.

Opada stood at a side with a depressed look while his friend applied medicine for him… Most of the ointment was smeared on his face.

Because of this noisy camp, the originally quiet and desolate Gobi desert rarely showed a bit of liveliness.

The Tasdarians sweated to their heart’s content, showed their sturdy bodies under the lit fire, and showed their valour to their companions and lovers.

No one knew that on the Gobi Mountains a few miles away from this lively camp, someone was looking down at the campfire, which was lit by a bonfire and was very conspicuous in the night.

These sturdy men rode horses, and everyone looked quite sturdy, but that sturdiness wasn’t the majesty and strength of the army, but the ferocity and evil spirit, giving people a vicious feeling.

Their identities were revealed by the lizard tattoos on their arms, a symbol of the members of the Sivari bandit.

These gangsters, who had rushed for dozens of miles, looked down at the camp under the Gobi Mountains with grim eyes.

“Brothers, once we are done with the deed, it will be enough for us to be happy for a long time.”

The leading horse thief leader urged the horses under him and shouted to his companions behind him.

“When the time comes, whatever you want gems, gold, women, and wine—”

He shouted loudly, pointing at the camp below the mountain with the sword in his hand.

“As long as you eliminate the group that only has more than 100 people! You can have whatever you want!”

The horse thief leader’s agitation made his companions cheer loudly, and their eyes were like jackals, greedy and vicious, staring at the prey in the distance.

Money stirred their blood, made them boil, and made them eager to lick the blood of their prey with the edge of their blades.

The chief of the Sivari bandit stared at the camp and licked his thick lower lip.

He looked at the people in the camp like he was staring at piles of walking gold.

Generally speaking, although such things as attacking a group was not only insignificant, it would also angered the two countries. They may even send troops to conquer them. It was really not worth it, and bandits wouldn’t usually do it.

Therefore, so far, there had never been a group of bandits attacking the group on the mainland.

However, this time, someone gave them enough money to attack the Tarsdar group and also told him not to leave a single living person.

The amount of wealth that made him stunned was enough to make them take the risk.

Not to mention, who would know that it was the Siwari bandit who did it? They would sneak over, and after finishing this, they could completely blame the gang that was entrenched in the vicinity.

He was looking forward to the arrival of the night, and a blood feast was about to be unveiled.


It was the dead of night, and the stars in the clear night sky were shining like the Milky Way flowing in the night.

The cresemt moon cast a layer of silver light on the row of tents on the sand, and the cool night wind whistled past, rolling up the sand on the ground.

It was quiet at night. In the tent, listening to the snoring of friends around him, Opada turned over again.

He didn’t know how many times he tossed and turned for half the time. He couldn’t sleep and his face was still throbbing in pain, but his chest was even more stuffy.

The teenager he fell in love with at first sight already had a lover, and that lover was stronger than him, braver than him, more handsome than him, and more famous than him. No matter what aspect he looked at, he couldn’t be compared to the other.


Opada sighed. He really couldn’t lie down anymore, and simply turned over and got out of the tent.

Let’s go for a dip in the small lake behind the hill.

Thinking so, he greeted the Tasdar soldiers who were on duty, then left the camp alone and soaked in a small lake not far away.

As soon as he soaked his body in the cold lake, a cooling sensation engulfed his whole body, and Opada groaned comfortably.

He was originally a simple and straight-minded person. His temperament came and went quickly. Once he was comfortable, drowsiness began to rise. As he soaked in water, he fell asleep in such a daze.


It was the breath of fire and blood blown by the night wind that woke the young Tasdarian from his deep sleep.

He suddenly opened his eyes as the crimson fire came from behind, illuminating the calm lake.

As soon as he turned his head, he saw the blazing flames in the camp not far away, reflecting half of the sky red and dyeing his pupils red.

Opada swiftly jumped out of the lake.

He picked up a dagger under the stone— Fortunately, it was his habit to keep a weapon on his body at all times— A habit developed under the guidance of that person since childhood.

When he hurried back to the camp, what he saw made him instantly red-eyed.

Countless horse thieves raged in the camp, galloping back and forth, slashing their sharp sabres mercilessly at the resisting Tasdar soldiers.

The brave Tasdarians stubbornly resisted in the firelight. In order to cover their comrades who fought together, they fearlessly used their own bodies to block the slashing blades.

They grabbed the sabres that had slashed into their bodies and dragged the enemy off their horses with force.

Some were still burning in fire, but he seemed to be unaffected, letting the flames burn himself, and still fiercely stabbed the long spear at the enemy.

The soldier who had broken his arm and could no longer fight, slammed into the running horse without hesitation, blocking the horse’s collision with his flesh and blood.

He wasn’t afraid to die.

This was the warrior of Tarsdar.

It was precisely because of their bravery that they forcibly resisted the attacks of horse thieves ten times their own with a number of more than a hundred.

However, no matter how brave the Tasdars were, they were still outnumbered in the face of endless enemies, especially the cavalry who had the advantage.

The crimson flames rolled in the night sky, burning the sky red, reflecting the tragic situation of the battle.

Opada rushed in.

His eyes were red with the anger that ignited the blood in his entire body.

He waved the sword in his hand, and it pierced through the chest of a horse thief.

Then, he grabbed the long knife in the hands of the dead horse thief, and charged towards a few horse thieves not far away again.

One of the horse thieves turned the horse’s head and rushed towards him.

Seeing that he was about to hit Opada, he ducked sideways.

The heavy long knife was swung in the air and chopped down heavily, cutting off the entire horse’s head in one fell swoop.

Blood spurted out, dyeing half of Opada’s body red as he chopped off the head of the horse with a knife.

The dozen or so horse thieves who were looking at this side were taken aback and rushed over together, trying to kill the Tasdar who suddenly appeared and killed the horse.

But they underestimated the bravery of this Tasdar. When they rushed over, they could only stab a few wounds on Opada’s body, but they were one by one killed by Opada.

Killing more than a dozen enemies in one go, Opada stood beside the pile of corpses, panting violently.

He was red with the blood of the enemy, and the wounds on his arms and body were bleeding. But he didn’t care to deal with the wound, turned around and wanted to rush towards his companions.

And the appearance of Opada did surprise the Tasdarians. There was a surge of momentum, and they desperately resisted the attack of the horse thief, slashing a bloody path and rushing in the direction of Opada.

The presence of the future leader whom they recognised gave the Tasdarians great morale.

Just when Opada turned to run towards his companion, a chill suddenly hit from behind, and the sense of crisis surging from inside his body made the hairs on his body stand up.

He didn’t even have time to think, his body instinctively bowed his head under the impetus of this sense of crisis, and rolled forward in a pathetic manner.

A pitch-black iron spear pierced out of the night, and the sharp spear tip aimed to penetrate from behind Opada’s head.

If he were to be half a second later, he would be shot in the head.

Rolling around in an awkward manner to avoid the shot, Opada saw the dark horse’s hoof from the corner of his eye. He didn’t stand up at all, but rolled to the spot directly next to the horse’s hoof.

As soon as he raised his hand, the sword in his hand slashed fiercely towards the horse’s leg—


The jet-black iron spear came down from top to bottom, blocking the long sword intended to slash toward the horse’s leg.

The sharp blade swiped on the hard black iron spear, making a sharp and harsh sound.

Then, the black iron spear stabbed towards Opada.

Opada quickly jumped back to avoid the attack range of the black iron spear.

This is a formidable enemy.

His intuition, the feeling of his body, and the strong sense of oppression from the other side were all telling Opada this.

He took a deep breath and calmed himself down.

Don’t rush.

He warned himself in his heart.

The more powerful the enemy was, the more calm he must be. Only by calming down could he then seize the opportunity to win.

Clenching the long knife in his hand, Opada raised his head and looked at the powerful enemy on the horse.

Upon looking at him, his pupils suddenly dilated.

The long knife that was originally held tightly in his hand snapped and fell to the ground.

“…Elder Brother?”

The pupils dilated to the limit reflected the figure of the man on the horse.

Opada was disoriented and made a confused sound. His whole body was stunned in place.

The man riding on the horse holding the jet-black iron gun also had short brown hair and a face very similar to Opada, but the outline of the face was sharp and cold.

He looked down at Opada. His grey eyes were cold and condescending.

“Opada, my younger brother.”

His low and deep voice sounded under the night sky reddened by flames.

“After so many years, you still haven’t made any progress.”

He said, “So, use your death to pave the way for Tasdars—”

As soon as the man finished speaking, a spear in his hand stabbed Opada again like a gust of wind.

Opada stood there, motionless.

In his empty pupils, the jet-black iron spear stabbed at him by his brother, whom he once admired and respected most, was reflected.

At this moment, he couldn’t think of anything and couldn’t feel anything.

His mind was just blank.

He stood still, motionless.

Seeing that the sharp point of the spear was about to penetrate between his eyebrows——


There was a sound of metal clashing from the impact of sharp blades.

A silver-white blade protruding from the slanting ground forcibly blocked the blunt point of the spear.

In the dark night, small sparks ignited a little light.

Like a beam of sunlight piercing the darkness, bright blond hair emerged from the darkness and flew up in front of Opada’s eyes.

A familiar figure appeared in his sight.

A raging flame burns in the dark night.

The blond-haired prince held a long sword.

And kept Opada behind him.


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