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Chapter 73 – Heimos watched helplessly as the little rabbit he finally fished out of the tiger’s mouth jumped in again.

A Tale of Strategies For the Throne
74 Chapters

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Garlan laid on the bed and his head still groggy. He squinted and laid on his stomach softly. His body was limp, like lying in cotton, it was very comfortable and relaxing, which made him feel like not wanting to get up.

He opened his eyes slightly and seemed to see his maid standing by the bed. His consciousness was still a little dazed but he vaguely remembered that he drank a lot of fruit wine as juice yesterday, and then he lost consciousness.

He seemed to have had a dream, but that dream was incomplete, and he couldn’t remember it clearly. It just felt like fragments of memories from his previous lives.

Garlan lazed around for a while, then raised his hand, rubbed his eyes, and momentarily was a little alert.

He raised his eyes and looked around, and found that this was Heimos’ residence. He should have been so drunk last night that he fell asleep directly here.

Ahhh, Taputi must be pissed.

Thinking so, he sat up and stretched his waist. The maid next to him had already stepped forward and gently wiped him with the hot water she just prepared.

The touch of the warm snow-white towel on his face made Garlan completely wake up. He sat on the bed and glanced around while letting the maid wipe his face.

“Where’s Heimos?”

“A lord from Tasdar just came to look for Prince Heimos, so he went out to receive him.”

The maid answered.

She put down the towel in her hand and began to comb the prince’s long blond hair with a malachite comb. For a moment, she squinted happily, the prince’s blond hair was as silky as velvet, and it felt really good to the touch.

While combing, she suddenly remembered the scene where the soft blonde hair was wrapped around the brown arm with slightly bulging muscles, her heart beat abruptly and her hands paused.

When she reacted, she quickly restrained her thoughts.

Garlan didn’t notice the strangeness of the maid. His attention was drawn to the voice of conversation vaguely coming from outside the door.

He came so early in the morning, and couldn’t even wait for a day. That Tasdar man really loved Heimos.

The young teenager couldn’t help but sigh.

He came with full of hope, but what he got was the rejection of the person he admired and the gem that was returned.

Ahhh, what a pity. I hope that Tasdar man isn’t too sad.

While thinking to himself, Garlan stood up, motioned the maid not to speak, then walked to the door lightly, pricked up his ears through the door panel, and listened carefully to the conversation outside.

Tsk, even if you are a melon eater, you have to have a beginning and an end. After watching the beginning, naturally you have to watch the ending.

After such self-hypnosis, he had a peace of mind.

“…your rash behaviour… only be offensive.…”

Heimos’s voice came in intermittently. Even if he couldn’t see his expression, he could hear the disgust from his cold voice and words.

“…not to arouse people’s disgust. It is best not to do such a thing…”

Really merciless.

Garlan commented in his heart.

Saying so harshly, the glass heart of the suitor must have been miserably shattered to the ground.

He sighed with emotion when Heimo’s slightly raised voice came again.

“Lord Opada.”

Garlan, who was eavesdropping with interest, was startled.


Where did he seem to have heard the name?

His mind was blank for a moment, and when the name suddenly appeared, all the fragments of memory that seemed to be in a dream came with the name.

Yes, he had heard of his name before.

In previous lives, he had never seen a Tasdar. Because at that time, Aaron Landis had already cut off any relations with them.

It was only when he was studying past battles with Ziemuer that he heard about it. But just like listening to a story, he forgot about it. Therefore, when the Tasdar came to the Royal City this time, he didn’t think of it at all.

However, in the fragmented dream last night, he seemed to have dreamed of a conversation between Ziemuer and him.


It was this name that Ziemuer said at that time.

Because he was too surprised, Garlan forgot that he was eavesdropping behind the door, and scurried out the door.

As soon as he looked up, he saw the brown-haired Tasdar man standing in front of Heimos, who stared at him in amazement.

In a hurry to find out if the person in front of him was the person he thought, Garlan rushed in front of the Tasdar man in just a few steps.

“Are you Opada?”

He asked.

Because the man was very tall, a little taller than Heimos, he had to raise his head to meet the man’s gaze.

Opada was confronting Heimos with a displeased face, and was about to argue back, but before he had time to speak, he suddenly saw the boy he was in love with running out of the room like a gust of wind and stood in front of him.

The teenager shouted his name and looked up at him.

Because of his height, he lowered his head subconsciously and looked at him.

As soon as he lowered his head, from his perspective, the scene he saw suddenly made his mind go blank.

The teenager’s clothes were very big and loose. It was as if it could slip off his shoulders at any moment.

A few strands of blond hair crossed the slender collarbone and fell into the loose placket, lining the fair skin on the chest.

In the bright sunlight, he looked down from above, and through the loose shirt, he glimpsed a faint trace of pink skin under the golden hair…

A burst of blood rushed forward.

Pa da.

The young man, who had been single for more than 20 years, was at an age where he was full of vigorous energy, felt some kind of hot liquid running down his nostrils.

It was bright red.

It dripped in front of his feet.

Seeing the teenager in front of him looking at him in astonishment, Opada raised his hand to cover his red nose in embarrassment.

At this moment, he was embarrassed and frustrated.

He had been thinking about how to show his strength and bravery in front of the person he liked for a long time last night, but now he had actually nosebleed in front of him.

At this moment, the young man couldn’t wait to dig a hole and bury himself in it——

No, there wasn’t a need for him to bury himself.

Suddenly a fist came from the side and slammed into his side cheek.

He was in a state of embarrassment and defenselessness, was hit straight, and was suddenly staggered back by the punch.

To make matters worse, the mucous membranes in his nostrils were at their most vulnerable at this moment. After being beaten like this, another stream of blood dripped down and seeped out from the gaps between his fingers covering his nose.

Heimos, who punched him, stopped in front of Garlan. His face was frosty, and his golden-red eyes stared at him like a sharp sword.

The almost substantive suffocating energy seeped out from his body, and under the bright morning sun, the temperature around him seemed to drop ten degrees in an instant.

Heimos stared at Opada. A dangerous glimmer of light flashed across his eyes, which made his heart palpitate to the extreme.

He stood beside him just now, and he was about the same height as him. Looking down following Opada’s gaze, he immediately realised what that damn guy saw.

He didn’t have the time to think about what kind of Tasdar guest this guy was now.

It should be said that he didn’t directly dig out this bastard’s eyeball just now because of the diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Garlan, who was stopped by Heimos, was a little stunned. He didn’t understand why this Tasdar man suddenly began to have a nosebleed. He turned his head to look at Heimos, and he immediately understood.

Heimos just had an outer coat on, and most of the tight brown skin on his chest was directly exposed, reflecting the sunlight with a honey-like lustre, looking extremely seductive.

This Tasdar man probably got a nosebleed when he saw Heimos.

Garlan thought hilariously.

So Heimos punched him.

As he was thinking about it, and when he looked up, he saw that Heimos was looking at him with a gloomy face.

“Go back. Change your clothes and come out again.”

Heimos said, but when Garlan met eyes with him, he suddenly looked away as quickly as if he was scalded by fire.


He hadn’t confirmed whether this person was Opada.

“Go back!”

Heimo’s voice was full of anxiety and became severely stern.

Damn it.

As long as he looked down, whether he wanted to or not, his eyes would unconsciously see the looming pink skin through the spacious placket…

He turned his eyes away and raised the volume again.

“It’s rude of you to meet foreign guests in such a dishevelled manner!”

Aren’t you also outside with just an outer coat on? With your chest exposed, it made others stare until they nosebleed. What qualifications do you have to say about me?

Garlan thought with much anger.

But thinking about it again, Heimos should feel embarrassed by encountering this embarrassing situation, so he wanted to let him leave in a hurry.


It was really not good to treat other people’s indecent things as a joke.

Thinking like this, Garlan didn’t refute any more. He obediently went back to his room and asked the maid to help him change his clothes.


It only took about twenty minutes to change clothes and tidy up his appearance. When he went out again, the courtyard had returned to silence.

Looking at the traces in the courtyard, Garlan sighed in his heart. Sure enough, the two fought and there was even evidence on the ground.

However, the fight should have been finished before he came out. At this moment, the man named Opada stood beside the fountain with his head lowered, probably from washing the nosebleed.

Immediately afterwards, Garlan saw Heimos, who had already changed into a fighter robe, come out of the other room.

“Catch it.”

Heimos said coldly and just tossed it.

A blue arc flashed across the air.

Opada, who was washing his face with his head down, turned around, raised his hand, and grabbed the sapphire that was thrown over.

The water-soaked brown hair was still sticking to his cheeks. As soon as he got the sapphire, Opada subconsciously looked at Garlan, but then, the words Heimos said not long ago immediately appeared in his mind.

‘Aaron Landis is not the same as Tasdar, and your rash behaviour will only be offensive.’

Would his behaviour scare the teenager?

Opada hesitated a little while holding the gem in his hand.

Moreover, he had already left a very bad impression on the other party… No matter who it was, I wouldn’t accept a lover who suddenly had a nosebleed in front of him.

Otherwise, he would just take it slowly.

At the very least, he had to show his strengths first to make the other person’s impression of him a little better.

On the other side, Heimos stared at Opada who put the gem in the bag around his waist. The dangerous aura in his eyes was only slightly restrained.

But in the next second, he was in a bad mood again.

Because Garlan went straight to Opada again, as if he was very interested in him, and smiled brightly at him.

“You haven’t answered me yet. Are you Opada?”

“Yes… Yes, I am.”

Opada, whose ship capsized in the gutter, was still depressed, but when he suddenly saw his sweetheart come up to him, his heart beat like a drum, and he stuttered when he spoke. In particular, the other party even knew his name, which made him even more excited.

“You know my name?”


Garlan stuttered.

He couldn’t say that because he heard in his previous life that his death caused the two countries to fight against each other, so he had remembered his name, right?

His eyes turned determined, and he quickly replied, “I heard from others.”

He smiled cheekily and said, “That person told me that you are the strongest and bravest warrior in the younger generation of Tasdar, the successor of the Tasdar warriors, destined to become the warrior of the next Tasdar General. You have a great reputation and have spread to many places.”

“It’s like this huh.”

The tall and stocky Tasdar grinned.

The compliments he heard from his sweetheart made him elated and extremely happy for a while.

The smiling teenager bent his eyes and nodded inwardly.

The strongest warrior among the young Tasdar, the successor of The Tasdar General…

This man named Opada didn’t deny the words he said. That was to say, this man was indeed the unlucky person who would die soon in his memory.

It was fine if he didn’t know. Now that he knew it, it was impossible to watch him die, triggering the war between Aaron Landis and Tasdar once again.

Well…He’ll have to figure something out.

The itinerary of the Tasdars had already been scheduled, and it was impossible to return in advance. Although it could be delayed for a day or two, there was no guarantee that they wouldn’t be attacked after a few days of delay.

So the best way was to let Brother Camos send the army to escort them back.

However, no one knew that something would happen. So sending a large army to follow the Tasdars would arouse their alarm. They would definitely be rejected.

Garlan thought.

A way to get the Aaron Landis cavalry to follow them with dignity…

Got it!

He could say he wanted to go to Tasdar for a visit.

As long as he went with the Tasdar group, Brother Camos would definitely send cavalry or even the royal guards to protect him, so it made sense.

However, suddenly wanting to go to Tasdar to play was also very abrupt.

So, he had to find an excuse to spark this intentions.

The blond-haired prince’s eyes turned again and again, and finally stared at the big, grinning Tasdarian in front of him.

Wasn’t that the best excuse?

Make friends with Opada—often joke and chat together with him—then hear some traditions and customs of Tasdar from Opada—arouse interest to see it—go to Tasdar with the group—as a friend, to be inseparable from Opada— save his life in the end.


Garlan gave himself a compliment at the bottom of his heart.

Well, first of all, he had to get close to this Opada.

Thinking so, he smiled at Opada again.

“I have always admired the legendary warriors of the Tasdar,” he said, looking at him expectantly and said, “Opada, can I invite you to my palace?”

“Okay ah, okay ah. I’ll go. Of course I’ll go.”

Overjoyed by the sudden invitation, Opada nodded hurriedly, for fear that he would lose this opportunity if he nodded too late.

I don’t know who mentioned him to Garlan, but if I knew, I would definitely reward that person well.

He thought happily.

Heimos, “…”

Chest tightness, shortness of breath, irritated, unhappy.

He wanted to beat someone up.

He also wanted to pinch the cheek of the little thing that he finally snatched out of the tiger’s mouth but jumped into another himself. It was best to pinch the little guy to the point where he cried and stared at himself with tears in his eyes.


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