Chapter 94 – (Extra 2) A bright future

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After the vaccine was developed, many changes took place in life on earth. With the vaccine’s effects, zombies were constantly disappearing from the environment, the ecological chain of the earth began to slowly recover, and human life continually headed towards a better direction.

In the tenth year after the vaccine was born, zombies completely disappeared from the earth’s environment.

With the efforts of the scientists, zombie kings like Bai Mei who possessed special attributes had their physiques completely reversed, the zombie virus thoroughly eliminated from their bodies. Although their bodies retained their crystal nucleus and they still have the ability to use other people’s ability cores, they were essentially no different from a healthy person. These preserved zombie characteristics could be regarded as an alternate and powerful special ability. In short, Bai Mei’s wish to regain health had been satisfactorily fulfilled.

During this decade, Earth also established its sole political center which led the administration of all the residents with a household registration and handled the affairs of the entire planet.

The Earth officially joined the Interstellar Alliance’s organizational system as a whole, entering a brand new era of interstellar civilization.

Under the new system, mankind has one common legal identity and was collectively referred to as “Earth’s citizens.” The country system and ethnic differences prior to the apocalypse, as well as the historical disputes, seemed to be of less importance after having experienced the catastrophe. Everyone was now one big family living harmoniously together on Earth.

At the same time, thanks to the assistance received during the period of disaster, the relationship between the earthlings and people of all races in the Alliance had also been maintained very well. The frequent close exchanges and interactions enabled the Earth to gradually form a unique cultural system that was diverse, open-minded, and inclusive.

The curtain had long been raised for a new tomorrow.

The original WuYi Base had slowly become Earth’s political and economic center during the past ten years of transformation and construction. It was equivalent to the status of a national capital before the apocalypse. It was the most central, prosperous, and liveliest super metropolis in the whole world.

A space harbor was also established there and aliens from foreign lands could be seen everywhere on the street. But although it has become WuYi Base’s metropolis, it still inherited the special meaning of the name “WuYi”.

Meanwhile, during these ten years, WuYi, Nie Xiao, and the others have been living together happily.


The fifteenth year of the new calendar, Earth.

Nie Xiao and WuYi, who had just arrived from Planet Nemo, came out of the spaceport in a low-key manner and sat in the royal family’s special suspension vehicle while looking at the lively street outside through the vehicle’s window.

After so many years, the two had officially become legal husbands. Three years ago, the two formally held a wedding during which almost everyone in the Alliance watched their grand ceremony through live broadcast.

After the wedding, Xiao WuYi formally took over the affairs of the Nemo royal family. Even if he was extremely unwilling, he was still promoted from His Highness to His Majesty. His dream of being an idle little prince was thoroughly shattered.

After that, MoYan and AnYi handed off their work directly and efficiently, then went on to travel the universe in a lovey-dovey manner, making Xiao WuYi cry and complain for a long time. If it weren’t for Nie Xiao’s help in reviewing some government affairs, the little hamster would’ve broken down.

“It seems that we haven’t been out for a long time. If it weren’t for the fact that the collective ability awakening event was related to our Nemo royal family and we managed to find an excuse to fool the elders, we would’ve been ravaged by government affairs in the office. My uncles who’ve been in charge of the planet for so many years before are really amazing.”

Xiao WuYi’s scrunched little face was sighing in admiration. The cute expression made Nie Xiao amused. He couldn’t help holding the other’s face and questioning his soul, “Baby, is it you who’ll be ravaged, or me?”

A certain little majesty suddenly became a bit guilty, his eyes floating to other places. “Both husbands are of one body, why should the separation be made clear?”

Nie Xiao chuckled hoarsely and helplessly shook his head.

Even after more than a decade later, the years didn’t seem to have left any traces on Xiao WuYi’s body. His personality was still as adorable as before. Nie Xiao’s appearance had hardly changed, still handsome and intimidating as before yet without a trace of any fine lines on the corners of his eyes.

Through the changes brought by the apocalypse, the lifespan of ability users seems to have reached the average level of the Alliance. Later, after scientific testing, it was reported that they should be able to live up to 500 years. So, Nie Xiao was still very, very young at only over 30 years old, and he could totally accompany Xiao WuYi through this long period of his lifetime.

Soon, the suspension vehicle drove unimpeded all the way into the Houshan Capital District of WuYi Central City, where the current political leaders of Earth lived.

The car stopped directly outside a large single-family villa. Nie Xiao and Xiao WuYi alighted from the vehicle, and under the guidance of the surrounding people, walked straight towards the reception hall of the villa.

When there were outsiders, Xiao WuYi retained a bit of a majesty’s posture, with a reserved smile on his beautiful and refined face. Meanwhile, Nie Xiao resembled a flower guardian knight, following behind with his back ramrod straight, looking extraordinarily cold and stern.

The two stood together, incomparably suiting each other. The eyes of the surrounding servants couldn’t help shining a little. The Alliance’s famous CP was really super sweet no matter how one looked at it.

After entering the reception hall, the servants who led the way automatically closed the door and retreated outside. Before Xiao WuYi and Nie Xiao had time to say hello to their old friends in the house, they were directly pounced on by two small artillery shells.

“Aaahhhh Mom, Dad, His Majesty WuYi and Empress Xiaoxiao are here!”

“Wah! I want a hug from His Majesty WuYi!”

“I want a hug too!”

Two lively children aged five and three clamored at Xiao Yan and the others in the room while stretching their hands out for a hug. They looked up at Nie Xiao and WuYi with eyes full of little stars of fondness, looking very cute.

WuYi and Nie Xiao looked at the two children and couldn’t help but laugh. They then virtuously hugged them, one person holding one each.

After so many years — Xiao WuYi has even become a majesty — Xiao Yan and Wu Wenyu’s children could naturally run around now.

“Wow, long time no see, both babies have grown so tall la.”

“Mm, we grew taller la!”

“We’ll be taller than all of you in the future!”

Ning Feng watched the two children who were just playing with him leave, liking the new and getting tired of the old in the blink of an eye. He immediately covered his chest and acted exaggeratedly, “Wah, you two little villains, Uncle loved you for nothing! I won’t show you little flames from now on.”


The two children immediately got down from Nie Xiao and WuYi’s arms and hurriedly went to comfort the sad Ning Feng. “No, Uncle, we still want to see the little flames!”

Ning Feng instantly smiled and proudly released a small flame in his palm for the two children to see, which caused the little guys to exclaim again and again.

Duan Wenyu saw Ning Feng holding a cluster of flames in his hand, and immediately became helpless. He poured drops of water to extinguish it. “Don’t teach the kids to play with fire!”

“Haha Uncle Ning Feng has been put out again! Uncle Duan is really the best!”

Ning Feng: “…” It’s too difficult for me.

Combined with the children’s innocent and childish language was a burst of laughter among the people present.

Seeing how Ning Feng likes children so much and Jiang Qiu feeling that the liveliness was not big enough, he said, “You two should just give birth to one of your own. Two men can give birth through the Alliance’s black technology anyway.”

Duan Wenyu shook his head, gazed at Ning Feng under his glasses with endless gentleness, and smilingly said, “It’s better to wait. There’s no hurry, plus I’m too busy right now, there’s no time for more children.”

Hearing this, Nie Xiao nodded in understanding. “Indeed, it’s already hard to deal with just the one beside me.”

The mentioned Xiao WuYi and Ning Feng, who were sitting with two children of a few years old, looked up with innocent eyes, “Are you talking about us again?”

The others instantly laughed.


As the world became more and more stable, everyone got busier and busier with their own undertaking, and a scene like this where everyone was gathered together and laughing merrily was becoming rarer.

Duan Wenyu and Wu Wenqi were now the top leaders of Earth’s capital city. Their daily tasks were very heavy, and they were no less leisurely than WuYi and Nie Xiao. Ning Feng, Xiao Yan, and their group also held quite a few important positions in Earth’s capital; with their strong strength and reputation, it couldn’t be shirked at all.

This new group of leaders of Earth’s capital had high prestige and were respectable existences all over the world during the apocalypse. Them sitting in these positions were apparently yearned for by the public, and was according to the expectation of the people. The masses didn’t question their knowledge and capability at all.

If it weren’t for Nie Xiao being with WuYi and being “married off” into the royal family of Nemo, he would certainly not be someone as simple as an honorary general right now.

The present gathering, besides being a reunion, was about an important thing: the sudden occurrence of a collective awakening of abilities not long ago.

Now that it has been fifteen years since the apocalypse, children who have reached the age of fifteen have begun to awaken their abilities.

At first, everyone had thought that the abilities would stop at their generation because even the children of two ability users manifested mediocrity after birth.

But who knew that after fifteen years had passed, not only were the offspring of ability users able to awaken supernatural powers, but even the children of two ordinary people as well.

It turned out that when the apocalypse broke out, those ordinary people without abilities had existed like a reservoir. Although they didn’t awaken abilities themselves, all their children could awaken their primordial abilities. Perhaps, even Saath’s research hadn’t known of it.

The genetic and hereditary setup of human beings had been completely altered by the “γ evolution virus”, and there arose a very obvious and inseparable homology between the types of abilities and the various races of the Alliance.

Awakening an ability at the age of fifteen was a perfect inheritance of the characteristics of the Nemo royal family.

“Therefore, the Earth in the future will really be called relatives of the people of the races in the Alliance.”

Duan Wenyu took off his glasses, pinched the bridge of his nose, and said with a sigh, “Humans seem destined to not go back to being ordinary. Now we should all be able to redefine ourselves as new humans after evolution.”

“Indeed, but this is not a bad thing,” Nie Xiao nodded and said.

Xiao WuYi was also very optimistic about this point. He said happily, “If you can all have supernatural powers, your relationship with the various races of the Alliance will be closer in the future. We originally like the Earth, so this will only make us feel that you are more familiar to us.”

Nie Xiao agreed. “Earth originally entered the interstellar civilization by accident. If its inhabitants can continue to inherit abilities, it can be considered as not being left too far in the dust. One can learn scientific and technological knowledge, but physique really can’t be changed in a short time.”

The insane hostility of the Qitu race towards the Alliance’s races originated from their own physical weakness. Because they had no abilities, they coveted the abilities of other races. Now that humans could directly inherit abilities, disputes over covetousness between the Alliance and humanity due to the large disparity in strength could be avoided.

It was indeed a good thing.

Everyone acknowledged this point of view, and then continued to talk about how to manage Earth in the future. If every single human being were able to possess abilities, then the system would inevitably change in the future.

In this regard, Xiao WuYi, Possier and their kind didn’t hesitate to tell everyone about their planetary management experience.

They discussed together for a whole day, until soon, it was night time.

The stars at night shone brightly.

Inside a room, Xiao WuYi and Nie Xiao were ready to go to sleep after washing up. Right at that moment, they received a communication request from the uncles sent from an unknown planet.

There was a clear sky overhead and Moyan and AnYi were enjoying sunbathing on the beach while drinking local specialty juices with sunglasses on, full of elation. The little hamster who saw this felt sour in his heart.

“Uncle, are you having fun? Wuwu, I want to travel too!” Xiao WuYi felt that he was about to become a big lemon.

MoYan laughed out loud then said ruthlessly, “Go directly to the small world in your space, isn’t that the same as traveling?”

“How can it be the same!” Xiao WuYi’s cheeks puffed up. Nie Xiao couldn’t help but stretch his hand out to stroke the boy’s hair and calm him down with a few words.

AnYi, who was watching the two, remembered their business. He sat up straight and said, “When are you going to have a baby? The royal family can’t be without offspring. Just now we saw the news, and it seems that humans on Earth can inherit abilities?

“This is a good thing. In the future, there will be no fear of the inheritance not being passed on when marriage between humans and the races of the Alliance happen. It’s truly a good thing.” AnYi sighed, as if he was relieved.

Nie Xiao and Xiao WuYi didn’t understand but felt it was something awesome. Inheritance not being passed on? There was such a statement? Does it matter?

As if he saw the doubts of two silly children, MoYan hated iron for not becoming steel. He stared particularly at his little nephew and said, “I knew it, you didn’t study properly before so you have no idea about the pattern of genealogy of the Alliance!

“The laws governing our genetic evolution are ultimately the same. Although the various races of the Alliance have their own characteristics and have originated from different planets, there has never been separation when it comes to reproduction. This is because the genes bestowed by our abilities play a decisive role.”

Hearing this, Nie Xiao couldn’t help but recall a phenomenon he had seen while in Nemo. It was a vampire-mermaid couple. The two gave birth to twins, but the two children were not a mixture of a mermaid and a vampire, instead each retained the characteristics of a mermaid and a vampire respectively.

The elder brother perfectly inherited all the characteristics of the mermaid race. He was a pure merman. However, in terms of appearance, he looked very similar to his vampire father. On the other hand, the younger brother was a genuine purebred vampire but had his mermaid mother’s excellent looks.

He originally thought it was due to the genetic engineering black technology of the Alliance that caused the crossbreeding to give birth to two such perfectly split children. But it turns out, it was actually the result of a natural combination?

“It was that magical?!”

Nie Xiao was stupefied because of this genetic method, and he turned his head to look at Xiao WuYi. “So your father is a hamster, and your mother is a tiger, but you were still born as a little hamster. Was it because of this magical law of inheritance?”

Xiao WuYi reacted after having a realization, his eyes wide open. “It seems that it really was!”

AnYi and MoYan watched the two silly children, quite helpless and stifled. They had been worrying about whether the future Nemo royal genealogy would end this way! In the end, the two idiots had never thought about it at all!

Fortunately, there was no problem now. If Nie Xiao’s body really failed to inherit the genes of the ability, then the impact on the descendants would be relatively enormous!

“In short, the two of you should hurry to the fertility center and cultivate a child!” AnYi and MoYan didn’t want to talk to the two pea-brained children anymore, so they hung up the communication after dictating their final order.

Nie Xiao and Xiao WuYi looked at the communicator in their hands, still not recovered. They sat on the bed in a daze, looking at each other.

The two of them never expected that the factors involved had been so serious. They originally thought that they could simply conceive a child by relying on the black technology.

“I almost became the criminal who would’ve cut off your hamster family,” Nie Xiao said with a somewhat distressed heart.

“Baby almost became the incapable monarch who cut off his lineage. Fortunately, it’s not like that.”

Having said that, Xiao WuYi raised his head and kissed Nie Xiao’s lips. He said full of seriousness, “But, even if it was like that, I won’t have a child with someone else just for the inheritance. Even if giving birth through science is not viable, I will only want to have a baby with you.”

Hearing this, Nie Xiao softened and felt touched. He couldn’t help but lean in to gently kiss WuYi’s forehead, “Baby, I love you.”

“Let’s give birth to one now!”

The little hamster flushed immediately.


Afterwards, Nie Xiao and Xiao WuYi went to a fertility center to apply for their own children and successfully nurtured two lovely babies.

After the two little babies left the incubator, they immediately showed obvious traits.

The elder brother inherited the blood of the Nemo royal family, but he looked a lot like Nie Xiao. He would definitely be a cool little lady-killer in the future. However, after departing the incubator, his unstable physique instantly made him become a little hamster. It seemed like he wouldn’t be able to maintain his form until he was approximately three years old.

The younger brother was a genuine earthling, but it was like he and Xiao WuYi were carved out of the same mold. His pink gums would show whenever he smiles, which was extremely cute.

In the nursery, the two new fathers, Nie Xiao and Xiao WuYi, would come to see these two cute little babies every day and talk to them affectionately, cultivating their father and son relationship from a young age.

Xiao WuYi leaned on the edge of the cradle and said, “You two have to grow up quickly ya! That way, when you reach 20 years old, we’ll directly hand over the heavy responsibilities of the royal family to you both, so that I and your big Daddy can travel outside unrestrained for hundreds of years.”

Nie Xiao nodded earnestly. “En, not bad.”

Babies: “…”


--Extras end--











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