Chapter 93 – (Extra 1) The Birth of the Vaccine

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Since Saath’s death, the greatest threat to Earth no longer existed. With the joint efforts of the Alliance’s reinforcements and all mankind, the zombies were removed little by little, and the world order began to be re-established.

Xiao WuYi had all of Saath’s research material in hand. After some rigorous screening, the valuable and non-dangerous materials were finally sorted out.

Based on the information on the location left in the Saath’s remnant files, he, Nie Xiao, and the others directly shuttled through space, went to the secret research base Saath once set up on a small border planet, and stealthily placed the filtered information in the research room evacuated by Saath. At the same time, with the help of Nie Xiao, MoYan and AnYi, the site of the research room was forged, so that people would not find any traces of their visit.

After that, Saath’s research base was accidentally discovered under their deliberate arrangements, and then the data reached Dr. Wei and the researchers. With this data, the research on the zombie virus seemed to have opened up in accelerated mode, making rapid progress.

When Dr. Wei and the others looked over the research data, they also found that there seemed to be missing parts, but they couldn’t find any traces of someone else being in Saath’s laboratory. It was then presumed that Saath himself took away all the remaining data and destroyed it in the huge explosion along with his death.

From now on, the fundamental cause of this apocalyptic mutation—”γ evolution virus”, would always be a mystery. There could never be a second person in this world who could recreate it, and there never would be anyone who would know of the authenticity of Saath’s crazy and destructive creation research.

The repetition of the disaster might have been completely strangled in the cradle by Xiao WuYi, Nie Xiao, and the uncles.

Finally, with the joint efforts of Dr. Wei, Bai Yue and the researchers of the Alliance, a vaccine against the zombie virus was finally born after two years. The original antibody was extracted from the body of a special zombie king, Bai Mei, and cloned.

When news of the successful development of the vaccine came out, everyone in the world was excited and encouraged. That night, the disaster-stricken planets and people of the entire Alliance cheered and shouted because of it.

The successful development and mass production of the vaccine would save the ecological chain of several planets which were in a precarious situation. It would enable all the existing healthy creatures on the affected planets to no longer be infected and become new zombies.

After being vaccinated and possessing antibodies, the threat posed by the zombie virus would be completely relieved from the living.

It had to be known that in the two years after Saath’s death, although everyone had worked together to eliminate the zombies and the Interstellar Alliance had provided a great amount of technological materials and personnel for help and support, they had still failed to thoroughly annihilate the zombies from the several planets.

The biological species that had turned into zombies were too large, ranging from bees and ants to whales and elephants, with their numbers around tens of millions. Cleaning them up was too difficult. In addition, over the course of time, the zombie virus would diffuse pollution from inside the zombies’ bodies. In that kind of environment, even if not bitten or scratched by zombies, healthy organisms were at risk of being infected due to the surroundings.

Therefore, the birth of the vaccine was very precious. It would truly save the lives and health of hundreds of millions of beings. The people who have been vaccinated would never fear the threat of the zombie virus again.


Bai Mei felt very happy about this, but if he wanted to completely turn back into a genuine healthy person, he still needed Dr. Wei and the others to continue their research. At present, he couldn’t completely recover with simple vaccines and restorative medicines, but at least he didn’t have to worry about getting in close contact with people and accidentally spreading the virus in his body anymore.

Everyone would have antibodies after being vaccinated, so he would be able to have some close contact and interaction with his loved ones, family, and friends like ordinary people, and he would no longer have to cautiously restrain his behaviors and feelings.

Soon, the first batch of vaccines was produced on a large scale. With excitement and anticipation, everyone in WuYi Base would become the first group of people to be vaccinated.

Today, in the laboratory at the center of the base.

Nie Xiao and the others were all gathered together to be personally vaccinated by Dr. Wei and the other researchers. In this regard, everyone unanimously pushed Luo Yunhai to the forefront to let him be the first to be injected with the vaccine.

There were no outsiders in the laboratory at this moment. They were all comrades who have journeyed through trials and tribulations from the beginning of the apocalypse to the present, so there was no need to fight for the order of priority.

In the past two years, Bai Mei and Luo Yunhai have been looking forward to this day for too long. Furthermore, the antibody was first discovered from Bai Mei. Apart from Bai Yue and Dr. Wei, Luo Yunhai was the most qualified to be the first person.

“Hurry up and get an injection!” Wu Qingfeng smiled and pushed Luo Yunhai’s back.

Luo Yunhai staggered briefly, then he raised his eyes and looked deeply at Bai Mei’s slightly reddened eyes. Under everyone’s urging, he didn’t pretentiously decline and instead rolled up his sleeve and asked Dr. Wei to give him the vaccine.

Afterwards, the first thing he did was to hold Bai Mei and kiss his lips fiercely and tenderly. The emotions that had been suppressed for two years finally found a vent and exploded in that instant. The eyes of the two people flushed.

This warm and sincere affection moved the surrounding people. Watching the couple who had an incomparably rough road in love, everyone sincerely blessed them and sent the warmest cheers and applause.

The vaccine had been born, and Bai Mei’s complete recovery was certainly not far ahead.

It was a lively scene; only the brother-in-law, Bai Yue, had a bitter face. He participated in the vaccine’s research and development, but the research results conveniently allowed his brother to be swindled by a wild man. His feelings couldn’t be distinguished, whether it was complicated, tangled, or resentful.

Thus, everyone turned their heads and saw their genius young student Bai Yue sitting very depressed on a chair on one side, sighing repeatedly. His “brother cannot stay”1The original saying is “女大不中留” which means, “when a girl is of age, she must be married off”. This is on a positive note implying the parents of the adult girl must not keep their daughter around for too long out of fear, selfishness, or other reasons. She deserves to be independent and build her own family. Bai Yue used “哥大不中留” which replaced 女 (girl, woman, daughter, female) with 哥 (elder brother). sad appearance was quite interesting, and it made everyone release a burst of good-willed laughter.

Bai Mei also looked at his younger brother and smiled.

However, Bai Yue’s depression was merely short-lived as he was more than happy for his brother. Under the influence of Bai Mei’s happy smile, a silly grin emerged on his face coming from the bottom of his heart.

Dr. Wei Hanming bowed and saw Bai Yue’s cheerful expression. With a gentle smile on his face, he raised a hand and rubbed the other’s head. “Xiao Yue, you’re celebrating your birthday on the fifth of next month, right??”

Suddenly questioned, Bai Yue couldn’t help but raise his head to look at Wei Hanming before saying with some surprise, “Doctor, you actually remember my birthday?”

“Naturally.” Dr. Wei nodded and showed a smile that didn’t reveal his feelings or intentions. “I remember that you’ll be 18 years old on your birthday next month.”

“Exactly!” The handsome young man immediately beamed with joy, his white lab coat accentuating his liveliness. “On my birthday, I will be a real adult.”

Wei Hanming’s handsome face showed affirmation. He then said with a soft smile, “It’s pretty nice, everything is legal after adulthood.”

Upon hearing this, Bai Yue’s eyes flickered. He uncontrollably floated to his male god before hurriedly moving away. With a bit of a blush on his face, he coughed and said, “You can no longer continue treating me like a kid from then on.”

“Of course not,” Dr. Wei said with a smile contained in his eyes. He was looking forward to it.

The two people chatted quietly in the corner. No one noticed the ambiguous feelings circulating around them as almost all of the attention was placed on Bai Mei and Luo Yunhai.

Two years had passed in the blink of an eye, even Bai Yue was about to enter adulthood, but it was the first time Bai Mei and Luo Yunhai had kissed the person they love most. Everyone had witnessed their restraint and difficulty during those years.

Ning Feng clapped his palms red with all his strength while loudly wishing them well, “Congratulations to the two of you for finally successfully graduating from the Plato School of Spiritual Love!!!”

Xiao WuYi skipped forward, and surrounded Bai Mei and Luo Yunhai to express his cordial well-wishes and greetings. “Interview time. Mr. Luo, Mr. Bai, was the feeling of a kiss especially beautiful!!!?”

Although they went and kissed in front of everyone just now, Bai Mei and Luo Yunhai’s complexions still immediately went red when asked this.

“Hahahaha!!” The others immediately turned into a ball of laughter, unkindly watching the two naughty eggs, Xiao WuYi and Ning Feng, circle around Bai Mei and Luo Yunhai, causing the two innocent parties who have just graduated from the “Plato School” to resemble freshly cooked lobsters.

In the end, the two family members, Nie Xiao and Duan Wenyu, came forward and brought back the two teenagers who had unknowingly became more bold and less shy, rescuing the thin-skinned Bai Mei and Luo Yunhai from nearly burning.

Jiang Qiu couldn’t help sighing while watching this scene. He then spoke with his tone seemingly sentimental from memories. “Two years have passed by in the blink of an eye. These years are really a pig-killing knife. Back in the days, these two youths were purer and cuter, it’s a pity that now they’re all yellowed by some bad guys.”

Some bad guys: “…”

All of a sudden, Nie Xiao and Duan Wenyu, the two “bad guys,” were left speechless with guilt.

Possier, who stood next to Jiang Qiu, also heard his words. He couldn’t help but raise his eyes to look at the man. He opened his naturally seductive and bewitching pair of eyes, and feigned innocence and grievance as he asked, “Darling, are you saying that I’m a bad guy too?

“But frankly, you were indeed quite pure and innocent back then. When we first met, your face and neck blush just after kissing. It was so cute.” Possier smacked his mouth and raised his head as if reminiscing about the inexperience prior to the last two years. “It’s a pity your current tricks and lower limits are already almost too much for me to bear. As a fish, I can’t beat you…”

Jiang Qiu hurriedly covered Possier’s mouth that wanted to continue speaking. However, everyone had already heard everything that should‘ve been heard.

Jiang Qiu: “…”

Nie Xiao and Duan Wenyu’s expressions when they looked at Jiang Qiu suddenly changed to: →_→

Hah, men.

Speaking of the degree of “nightly cuddling”, it was a fact that these two people were exceptionally supreme existences from beginning to end.

Thinking back, the little hamster had learned about French kissing through these two people. However, now, Xiao WuYi started to get curious about what kind of “tricks” Possier was talking about.

Seeing Possier, whose mouth was covered and couldn’t speak, he rushed to rescue him. “Jiang Qiuqiu, let go of Possier! You’re about to suffocate him!!”

Jiang Qiu had no choice but to let go. Fortunately, the fish he’d raised didn’t continue to speak, letting him preserve his integrity and face, that were in imminent danger, in front of everyone. He couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief.

However, Possier had only taken a slow deep breath. His next sentence made Jiang Qiu turn into Feng Qiu2姜仇 (Jiang Qiu) turned into 疯球 (Feng Qiu) or crazy ball, it was a play on words to say that he turned insane/mad., causing his knees to soften and making him almost kneel on the ground.

He saw Possier directly take out his quantum brain and say to Xiao WuYi, “I almost forgot that there are some minors and singles here. If you want to know, Your Highness WuYi, we can continue to chat online. Let’s communicate with each other, maybe we can develop new tricks by combining opinions.”

“Okay.” Xiao WuYi responded fluently, not blushing at all on the topic. “I want to try other tricks with Daddy, too.”

Nie Xiao: “…”

Nie Xiao suddenly felt unwell. He promptly caught Xiao WuYi, feeling very much ashamed, and directly confiscated the quantum brain in his hand.

The usual cold and handsome man’s face turned red at this time. “Cub, we don’t need it! Really…”

Jiang Qiu formed a rare unity with Nie Xiao at the battlefront. He stretched out his hand to pull Possier, nodded, and said, “That’s right, it’s not necessary! Communicating and spreading anything that involves the neck and below is forbidden!!!”

Duan Wenyu, Wu Wenqi, and the others looked at the unusually bold little hamster and mermaid, and could only express their deep sympathy towards Nie Xiao and Jiang Qiu. At the same time, they began to feel extremely grateful that their lover was an implicit and reserved earthling.

However, they never would have imagined that the scene finally controlled by Nie Xiao and Jiang Qiu would once again move towards the brink of collapse and spiral out of control because of their own “reserved” lover’s intervention.

Suddenly, Ning Feng who was standing in a line with Xiao WuYi, scratched his cheek with a finger, and said uneasily, “Um… about these things, if the relationship is particularly good, I think it’s okay to privately exchange information. It’s simply talking about experience, wouldn’t it be good if it can help create a harmonious life?”

Duan Wenyu: “…”

He seemed to have realized why the specially synthesized-via-water-ability “aqueous solvents” he put in his home were consumed so quickly!!

It turned out they were used for experience sharing!!!

Thinking of those aqueous solvents with certain interesting special effects, Duan Wenyu only felt like he had been publicly executed!!!

Duan Wenyu, who had always been calm and collected, began to gradually redden, his cheeks becoming extremely hot. He took off his glasses and directly buried his face in the crook of Ning Feng’s neck.

Aaaahhhh he has no more face to meet people!!

Xiao Yan and Wu Wenyu watched the scene and were somewhat embarrassed. They couldn’t help but turn their heads to look at their lovers and sheepishly say, “So you never knew that we’ve been occasionally exchanging male and female topics in private? We thought you guys would occasionally have discussions between you.”

Wu Wenqi and Xie Jun: “…”

We don’t have this kind of friendship!!!

On the other hand, Xiao WuYi and Possier looked at Nie Xiao and Jiang Qiu, displaying very cute surprised faces. “So you don’t have a group chat?!!”

Of course not!!!!

Just what have you all secretly done together in the past two years!!!?

A flock of old gongs and husbands who have been kept in the dark were thoroughly disheveled in the wind. They simply wanted to kneel to their lovers because, in contrast, they all lost unaware.

At this time, Duan Wenyu abruptly lifted his head up and put back his glasses. He looked at Nie Xiao, Jiang Qiu, Wu Wenqi, and the others beside him, and seemed to find a trace of comfort in his heart.

It was not enough for his image to be destroyed alone. He could guarantee that those aqueous agents he made were definitely not the ones with the highest degree of shamefulness, and there would surely be more transcendental ones.

The several old gongs and husbands seemed to have also thought of this, and they all cheered up. Integrity, face, and whatnot, have all gone with the wind.


The onlookers were in a trance. They could no longer remember how the scene in the laboratory had changed from vaccine injections to what it was now. In any case, they could only be thankful that all the people in this room at this moment were all old acquaintances who know each other to their roots.

Otherwise, if the masses outside knew that the idols in their hearts were this bold and unrestrained in private, they would probably be disillusioned.

Standing at the side were Bai Mei and Luo Yunhai, who had just graduated from the “Plato School of Spiritual Love,” Bai Yue, who was about to reach adulthood, as well as Dr. Wei and Liu Dashan, who were still single. At this time, the hot topic and huge amount of information made their faces blush with shock.

It turns out that there could be so much happiness between lovers!!

What is the group ID of the group chat?

Was it too late to find a partner and join now?


Fortunately, on this day, MoYan, AnYi and others were taking the vaccine to several other affected planets, and also bringing Mo Ye, Sislow, and the children along the way to visit and play there. Otherwise, the careless young people here would definitely be beaten collectively.

This topic was simply not suitable for children.


In short, after the vaccine was born, everyone lived a happier and better life.





  • 1
    The original saying is “女大不中留” which means, “when a girl is of age, she must be married off”. This is on a positive note implying the parents of the adult girl must not keep their daughter around for too long out of fear, selfishness, or other reasons. She deserves to be independent and build her own family. Bai Yue used “哥大不中留” which replaced 女 (girl, woman, daughter, female) with 哥 (elder brother).
  • 2
    姜仇 (Jiang Qiu) turned into 疯球 (Feng Qiu) or crazy ball, it was a play on words to say that he turned insane/mad.


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