Chapter 92 – WuYi is blessed and happy

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After the little hamster gave an account of the whole truth, it was almost time to go rest. If Nie Xiao, WuYi, and the others didn’t have a good rest soon, they would really die a sudden death from overwork. From Saath’s arrival to Earth until now, their group hadn’t had a good rest.

AnYi and MoYan felt distressed for their little highness. While Nie Xiao watched the little hamster sleepily yawn in his palm, AnYi caringly said, “It’s late, Your Highness can send us out of the space so you can have a good rest tonight. The information can be set aside first and screened slowly.”

“Un un, I’m not in a hurry.” The little hamster obediently nodded, lifted his head and softly and stickily chichi-ed. “Then Uncles, I’ll send you back now to your room oh. You should have a good rest tonight oh. Daddy and I will sleep in the storage tonight. “

MoYan and AnYi: “!!!”

The uncles exclaimed. “The two of you won’t go out?”

“Un! Baby is going to live in a two-person world with Daddy!!! Uncles, good night oh!!” The little hamster happily chichi-ed as he raised his paw and gave a cute flying kiss to AnYi and MoYan.

Afterwards, without giving them any chance to utter objections, the dove and tiger directly disappeared from the meadow. Nie Xiao stood still, his consciousness having not yet returned.

He swore that it wasn’t his fault.

Nie Xiao looked down at the little hamster in his hands, unable to control himself from asking, “Baby, why did you suddenly think of wanting to stay in the space tonight?”

The little hamster looked up at Nie Xiao with a troubled and slightly melancholic expression as he chichi-ed with a sigh. “Isn’t it because my Uncle and Aunt are too strict? If we go out together, Aunt AnYi will definitely grab me to his side to sleep. If it’s like that, I won’t be able to sleep with Daddy.

“And, I feel that Daddy is a bit uncomfortable when faced with my guardians, so it’s best we stay inside the space. This way, we also won’t be afraid of surprise inspections on inappropriate acts.” The little hamster nodded, acting very earnest.

Nie Xiao: “…………”

Cub, where did you learn these messy words?


In a bedroom outside the space, the two uncles, who were chief ministers of the Anti-Inappropriate Acts Investigations and Inspections Office, stood still in a trance.

They couldn’t help but gnash their teeth when they thought of Nie Xiao. This was certainly instigated by that bad wild man! Otherwise, how could their cute and lovable Little Highness forget his uncles after having a lover!!

Therefore, Nie Xiao unknowingly and also very unjustly carried a big pot. At this time, he was already lying comfortably in the space villa’s big bed with WuYi.

The little hamster, who had changed back to his human form, comfortably snuggled in Nie Xiao arms, sleeping soundly. Nie Xiao, who had also been a bit exhausted, embraced Xiao WuYi and soon fell asleep.

It was a rare night of peace and quiet.


The next morning, Xiao WuYi woke up first, and what entered his eyes was Nie Xiao’s handsome sleeping face. The happiest thing in the world was probably opening your eyes every morning and seeing your favorite person lying beside you.

Xiao WuYi cupped his face in both hands and watched Nie Xiao’s sleeping face in a daze. As if watching the world’s most powerful and handsome hero, his big eyes were twinkling with small stars and the crystal clear water in them reflected overflowing love and joy.

He really really liked Daddy ya.

Xiao WuYi couldn’t help but reach out and stealthily touch Nie Xiao’s stubble. The soft skin pricking his palm felt somewhat itchy, making his fingers shrink back. Then he touched Nie Xiao’s lips and eyebrows… He liked everything very much.

Nie Xiao was touched here and there so much, he woke up. He opened his eyes to see Xiao WuYi with eyes wide open in surprise because of his sudden rousing. This adorable expression instantly brightened the surroundings and induced an extremely delighted smile in him.

“Good morning, Baby.”

The man’s gentle and handsome smile accompanied by the brilliant morning sunshine made the little hamster gape.

“Wuwuwu, Daddy, how can you be so handsome! Baby really likes you very very much oh! Little hamster is gonna faint because of your handsomeness!”

Xiao WuYi couldn’t help but gleefully throw himself into Nie Xiao’s arms and kiss the other person on the cheek with a ‘chupchup’ several times. He threw sweet confessions of love at him free of charge, making Nie Xiao feel as if he had eaten honey deep in his heart, sweetening it.

“En, I love you too.” Nie Xiao became so happy with the compliments that he kissed Xiao WuYi’s lips as he said this. The smile on his face became even more splendid.

This little hamster was thoroughly stunned with this handsome image.

Nie Xiao looked at the youth with the appearance of being head over heels in love  and was completely pleased. His hormones with nowhere to be released in the morning, he spread freely, teasing the youth into blushing from face to ears.

However, Nie Xiao also had propriety. In order to avoid stoking the fire by himself early in the morning, he had a good grasp of the limits. Seeing that the hour was not too early, it was good timing to stop before going too far.

“Okay, okay, I’ll stop teasing you. Let’s go wash and come out of the space. Your uncles must already be waiting for the two of us outside.” Nie Xiao got up from the bed with a smile. He first took a loose shirt and helped the teenager put it on. Because he had transformed from his little hamster appearance last night, the teenager was still naked under the quilt.

“Wear this first. After you wash your face, let’s go back and change clothes again in the bedroom outside.” After Nie Xiao quickly put a shirt on Xiao WuYi, he then pulled his hand to the bathroom.

Xiao WuYi, who was led along by the hand, blindly followed. He raised his head to look at the back of the man’s head before looking at the shirt on his body. He dropped his eyes and uttered a frustrated sigh. What he thought about was unknown.

In front of the sink, Nie Xiao lowered his head and squeezed toothpaste on Xiao WuYi’s toothbrush. Whilst doing so, he inadvertently lifted his eyes. From the mirror, he saw a lonely face with every feature drooping. “What’s wrong, Baby? Why are you suddenly unhappy? Didn’t you feel very cheerful just now? Are you uncomfortable?”

Faced with Nie Xiao’s worried expression, Xiao WuYi looked down at his fine, straight legs bared under the shirt, as well as his fair and tender skin. His eyes turned a bit red.

He, who had long since recovered his memories, had already shed his ignorance of matters between adults.

He tugged at the shirt’s hem, lowered his head with red eyes, and asked with a bit of frustration and sadness, “Daddy, am I not good-looking enough? Every time you change my clothes, you don’t look at me more often, you’re not tempted by me at all! You and everyone outside are tall and fit. Even the seemingly weakest Brother Bai Mei has beautiful abdominal muscles. Sure enough, it’s only my figure that’s lacking.”

Hearing this, Nie Xiao nearly choked to death on his saliva. “So, Baby, you were deliberately waiting for me to dress you every time?”

“Yeah, that’s right, but you’re not enticed.”

Nie Xiao: “……”

God knows how much torment he has to go through every time!!!

At this time, Nie Xiao belatedly discovered that the youth in front of him was dressed in the legendary “boyfriend shirt” style. Combined with that downcast and aggrieved pitiful appearance, he simply exudes pure temptation, a scent that makes people want to commit an offense.

Nie Xiao quickly moved his gaze away, not daring to dwell too much on the other party’s body. He covered his lips and coughed before saying, “…Baby, why do you think like that? You look very good. Haven’t I said it once before? You have a different style than everyone else, and you have a good figure. “

“Since it looks good, why haven’t you been seduced? Is it because you don’t want to do happy things with me?” Xiao WuYi raised his head and looked at Nie Xiao with a pair of big, limpid eyes, glistening filled with pitifulness and grievance.

He seemed to have thought of something again, causing Xiao WuYi to suddenly take a step back in horror. He said in an alarmed tone, “Don’t tell me… could it be we really have to wait until we get married before we can do happy things? Earth is currently so busy, until when will we have to wait to conduct a wedding!”

The little hamster covered his small chest as if it was unacceptable, feeling very sorrowful and pained. Thinking of the wedding which seemed so far away it would never come, his eyes were instantly laden with grief. He hung his head down and sighed deeply.

“Ah, it’s too difficult for Baby.”

Nie Xiao: “………………”

At this time, as if the language center was directly removed from his brain, Nie Xiao was stumped and shocked speechless. He didn’t expect that the one who would take the initiative to send love signals would be his simple and lovely cub.

And… it seems he looked more eager than him.

Thinking carefully, from the kiss in the beginning to later determining the relationship, and this current situation, it seems like… like everything was something his “pure and innocent” little cub first proposed.

In contrast, he simply lost unaware.

However, once he accepted this somewhat emotional setting, Nie Xiao felt that his little lover was even more attractive, and the love in his chest seemed as if it was overflowing.

Nie Xiao lowered his head and saw Xiao WuYi’s seemingly unsatiated cute expression, and immediately loved the contradicting innocence and temptation, indulgence and inexperience.

To like is to like, to want is to want. There was really nothing to be embarrassed about the person who he was most intimate with and loves dearly clearly telling him all his desires.

When asked about this, Nie Xiao would never avoid or refuse. He bowed his head close to Xiao WuYi’s ear and said with a deep voice while wearing a sexy smile, “If Baby really wants it, it’s not impossible.”

Xiao WuYi’s eyes lit up after hearing this. He gazed at Nie Xiao’s handsome and dashing face, his fair cheeks flushed with a hint of expectation. “Really?”

“Really. But right now won’t do, we have to come out of the space to help everyone. There are many things to do outside. This kind of thing can only be done when it gets dark.”

Nie Xiao pinched Xiao WuYi’s cheek, pleased by the expectation in the other party’s eyes. His thick-skinned face grew slightly red as he coughed and said, “Having provoked me this much, you can’t regret anything when night comes.”

“I won’t regret it! I’ve actually thought it through long ago.” Regarding the other’s slightly delayed reply, Xiao WuYi didn’t feel dissatisfied. He jumped happily and took a few ‘chups’ on Nie Xiao’s face, his voice excited and in high spirits.

Nie Xiao was kissed head on. His breathing turned hurried and he suddenly wished to take this messy little devil as his own right now. His eyes could not help but carry a trace of danger, darkening and deepening, as if he was going to bite and swallow deep into his belly.

When Xiao WuYi raised his head, he was shocked by the dangerous and erotic gaze, making him dumbstruck for a while. The aggressive charm of this mature man was simply irresistible.

His fair cheeks immediately burned. He took two steps back, covering his hot face as he scolded the other, “Daddy, don’t seduce me anymore. If it weren’t for you saying to wait until night, I would’ve really pressed you down. “

In the end, who seduced who!

Finally, in order to prevent the two sides from provoking each other and causing a scene to be pushed forward because of going out of control, Nie Xiao and Xiao WuYi stopped looking at each other. With both cheeks tainted with unnatural redness, they quickly and seriously brushed their teeth and then left the space.

Outside the space, the others have gone through a whole night’s rest. Their spirits and appearances have been renewed, the world began to settle down, and eyebrows unknotted and relaxed. After breakfast, everyone began a busy day of work.

MoYan and AnYi did not intentionally trouble Nie Xiao because of last night’s incident. Although it was still a tad unpleasant that their little cabbage was dug away by someone, the young couple have mutually consented and it wouldn’t be worthwhile to obstruct it. Moreover, both were adults, even if something really happened, it was normal.

However, despite the two uncles being open-minded, there was no shortage of eye daggers heading for Nie Xiao.

Nie Xiao, under the icy and whizzing glares of the uncles, guiltily swept up zombies outside. Thinking of what was going to happen at night, his heart inevitably birthed some fire.

Xiao WuYi was also very happy and looking forward to it. The whole day, his entire body gave off a joyful atmosphere, and he smiled especially brightly and sweetly for everyone. The surrounding air seemed to be filled with lovely little flowers.

Everyone was infected with this smile, but no one knew why he was so happy.

Amidst the two’s secretly repressed excitement and anticipation, the busy day soon ended, and the curtain of night accompanied by stars enveloped the earth. After dinner, the two returned to their bedroom as usual and quietly entered the space.

The restraint and piled-up anticipation during the day found a catharsis at night, which made the love more passionate. The two people were both willing, and where water flows, a canal is formed. In the villa inside the space no one can pry into, a harmonious cycle was completed to their heart’s content.

This night, in addition to WuYi and Nie Xiao doing some shameful things, the other couples in the villa seemed to be quietly having some merry affairs as well.

The world had stabilized and the nights were no longer as scary as before. So naturally, people have more energy to do happy things with their favorite person. From now on, the world would only be happier and more blessed.

A bright future awaited everyone.

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    Two more extras left~


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