Chapter 90.1 – WuYi is a little conman

A Filthy Rich Hamster in the Apocalypse
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This is only a two parts chapter, don’t worry~ But dang, these paragraphs will be the death of me


The news of Xiao WuYi’s safe return spread, making everyone in bases around the world cheer for joy. At the same time, the arrival of the Alliance’s support fleet also lifted the spirits of the survivors.

In a villa inside the base.

Everyone gathered in the living room. Xiao WuYi skipped over his living-things-containing little storage and narrated a half-truth, half-false story about what happened after he and Nie Xiao left. Fortunately, when he returned, Nie Xiao didn’t tell everyone what happened after they disappeared.

“Saath is dead now. In fact, when me, Daddy, and Saath suddenly disappeared that day, I used my shuttle ability. Its potential was endless in that moment of life and death. Then, I took the two of them to another planet together!”

Xiao WuYi proudly and exaggeratedly gestured with a scissor hand before cutely smacking his lips and saying, “Fortunately, I still hadn’t forgotten the star map I memorized before. I remembered that there were a few primitive planets where intelligent life had not yet appeared, so we just went to one of them.

“The big idiot Saath thought it was the new world he successfully created, he didn’t even notice that Daddy and I went there too. But unfortunately, we were still discovered by him in the end. He operated his ability core midway and realized that I hadn’t been sucked into that ability core by him at all. He felt that he had been tricked and was very angry, so he directly found us out and we started fighting again.”

“Exactly.” Nie Xiao nodded very cooperatively and saw that Xiao WuYi seemed unable to fabricate more so he helped him continue, “If Saath left Earth, there would be no threat to us and I can continue to fight with him to stall for time while letting WuYi hide in my pocket to recover his ability in preparation for our shuttle back to Earth later. Then, we’d let Saath be left alone on that planet and work with you all to deal with him afterwards. But he had gone entirely mad at that time. Before Baby’s ability could be completely restored, he actually chose to die with us and immediately detonated his ability core.

“Just before the explosion, Baby threw me back alone using what little recovered ability he had.” Nie Xiao made up a half-truth, but his eyes still couldn’t help but redden. He rubbed Xiao WuYi’s cheek and said affectionately, “Baby can’t do this next time, even if it’s dangerous, I still want to face it together with you.”

Xiao WuYi looked at Nie Xiao and couldn’t help kissing him on the cheeks and lips several times. His eyes were watery and filled with sincerity as he replied, “I’m sorry for worrying you, but Baby loves you the most, so I can’t bear you dying.”

Everyone: “…” Thrilling and exciting, choking on hamster food.

AnYi and MoYan, who knew the secrets of the royal family, deeply felt that this matter wasn’t as simple and their eyes couldn’t help but twitch: “…” If you two want to falsify, just falsify, why do you need to kiss, how scandalous!!!

After a brief episode of lovey-doveyness, Xiao WuYi could only follow up with his own fabrications after where Nie Xiao left off. His brain cogs turned quickly, then he opened his mouth and said, “The next second after I sent Daddy away, it exploded. But the power of the explosion wasn’t as powerful as Saath said.”

Xiao WuYi’s face was full of disgust whilst spoke in a sweet, soft voice. “The explosion wasn’t enough to destroy a planet. I was only affected by the explosion to the point of passing out without serious injuries, but he himself was killed by the explosion. I came back immediately after waking up, but I didn’t expect that two days had passed, which made you guys worry.”

“Saath’s remarks about the creation of a world should be a failure. It sounds like some impossible-to-achieve fairytale, so the explosion was similarly not as exaggerated as he said.” Xiao WuYi widened his eyes as he spoke a lot of nonsense.

Nie Xiao & MoYan & AnYi: “…”

Your explosion follow-up is too perfunctory and half-hearted, that Saath is considered a genius scientist, really not a failure ah!!!

However, when Ning Feng and the others saw the real and unpretentious disgust on the young boy’s face, they all believed it as the truth. Thanks to them being glad that everything was fine and being deeply furious at the same time, they were deceived by this Saath terrorist threat theory.

“So that was the case, that Saath is actually a crazy lunatic liar! We were really scared to death when he threatened us. We really thought that the earth was gonna be done for! We almost cried to death after you disappeared,” Ning Feng said with indignation and distress to which Duan Wenyu and the others nodded.

 Nie Xiao & MoYan & AnYi: “…”

They really believed it.

Xiao WuYi conned them without a change in expression, and then took out Saath’s crystal nucleus. “This is the crystal nucleus Saath left behind after he died. I found it. His crystal nucleus is here so he can’t be resurrected.”

The deep purple crystal nucleus was very beautiful, completely different from the crystal nucleus of the king-level aquatic zombie beast they hunted in the sea before.

“Is this really a crystal nucleus?” Duan Wenyu said with some surprise. They haven’t seen any crystal nuclei apart from the transparent ones.

Xiao WuYi nodded and honestly answered, “It fell out of him. You’ll know if you can absorb it.” Having said so, he placed the crystal nucleus on the table. But Ning Feng and the others were embarrassed to reach out for it, after all, this was the spoils Xiao WuYi obtained by putting his life at stake. In the end, Nie Xiao took the lead and tried it.

Nie Xiao took the dark purple crystal nucleus into his hands and a surge of pure energy immediately poured into his body. The nature of this energy and ordinary crystal nuclei was the same, the only difference was that it was purer in quality.

“It doesn’t feel much different from other crystal nuclei, but I don’t know why it is purple. Bai Mei, try it and see if you feel anything different,” said Nie Xiao as he directly stuffed the crystal nucleus into Bai Mei’s hand.

As soon as Bai Mei caught the crystal nucleus, his eyes uncontrollably brightened. “There’s the power of coercion inside, and I can absorb it and transform it into my own!!!” No one knew if it was an illusion, but after Bai Mei took it away, the deep purple color of the crystal nucleus seemed to have faded slightly.

“Really?” Everyone couldn’t help but be overjoyed.

Upon seeing this, Xiao WuYi wasn’t stingy and believed that good things should give full play to their value. He immediately decided to give this crystal nucleus to Bai Mei. “Then I’m giving this to Brother Bai Mei! Everyone can just have other crystal nuclei.”

Bai Mei wasn’t shy as well and straightforwardly accepted it with a smile. “I’ll definitely make good use of it. When my coercion further upgrades, I can better control the zombies outside and this apocalypse can soon end.”

Speaking of this, everyone’s eyes were filled with a light of yearning for the future, and they were both excited and hopeful. Saath, the biggest threat, was dead, and the world would only get better and better.

Xiao WuYi couldn’t help but nod and say with confidence, “Judging from Saath’s performance and the information revealed, there should be no remnants of the Qitu race anymore, meaning he’s the only one directing all of this since the beginning. But we still can’t relax our vigilance, we have to find his previous research base and prevent that data from circulating. If it’s exploited by desirous people, I’m afraid the disaster that came upon earth will repeat itself.”

“That is a must.” MoYan nodded with a sullen face. It was because of oversight and failure in completely wiping out the Qitu race that led to a disaster like the present. This time, the same mistakes certainly couldn’t be repeated. “Let us take care of this matter. Even if the Alliance must be turned upside down, that data must be found and destroyed.”

Thinking of the materials still left outside by Saath, everyone couldn’t help but worry and turn serious. Ning Feng directly cursed angrily. “That bastard Saath, shit, he’s dead and all but still won’t let people feel at ease!!”

Seeing everyone’s righteous indignation, Xiao WuYi also resentfully nodded in agreement and participated in the Saath’s condemnation. If it weren’t for his erratic little gaze that concealed his guilty conscience which couldn’t escape Nie Xiao and AnYi’s eyes, everyone in the room would’ve been fooled by his acting skills.

Nie Xiao, who was thoughtfully watching Xiao WuYi, could practically conclude that Saath’s data was already in his hands, he just didn’t know why the other had kept it from everyone. However, it wasn’t convenient for them to ask directly at this time. Even though they were aware of it, both he and AnYi tacitly decided to wait for a chance to be alone before asking what truly happened in between.

Unfortunately, this opportunity to be alone couldn’t be found for a while. Saath had been resolved, and the top priority now was to tidy up and govern the outside world. Even if Nie Xiao’s group hadn’t had a good rest for several days after the battle, they gathered their energy and continued to deal with the subsequent heavy management work. The so-called ability was as great as the responsibility. Everyone in the room had a high reputation among the human survivors. They were all important people tantamount to spiritual leaders. They couldn’t be absent anywhere, and they basically had no free time.

After Xiao WuYi explained everything that he could explain about the situation, everyone present proceeded to discuss the work of governing the earth. At the same time, they also connected with the Capital base, the Lancheng base… and other major bases so that everyone could discourse together. At this time, the screening device outside the Earth had been dismantled by AnYi and the crew. With the help of various black technologies on the Alliance ships, communication around the world could flow unimpeded.

Soon, everyone agreed on a preliminary action regulation. Now, the tasks that were of priority were cleaning up the zombies outside, settling and uniting all the existing survivors, and at the same time restoring a part of the resource production. AnYi would provide support and assistance regarding personnel, technology and medical supplies.



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