Chapter 9 – WuYi opens the way to find his father

A Filthy Rich Hamster in the Apocalypse
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After Xiao WuYi had successfully packed all his belongings, he was ready to go down the mountain to find Nie Xiao in the north.

The Fengshan villa area was located on the outskirts of Yuncheng. The people living on the mountain were basically rich people, so the density of zombies here can be said to be quite low. Besides the earlier wave of massacres caused by the gunshot, there were almost no zombies currently left on the mountain.

Therefore, WuYi’s journey down the mountain was very smooth. It also helped that the zombies preferred to attack the large group of living people behind him rather than attacking him—a single living person.

As Xiao WuYi walked forward alone, he heard the fighting behind him and couldn’t help but glance back quietly. His small face carried a trace of distress and hesitation. He had not yet decided whether or not to accept this group of younger brothers.

Xie Jun and the others were not discouraged at all. When they turned around and saw WuYi, they immediately put on brilliant flower-like smiles. “Little Boss, you can continue walking ahead. Rest assured that we have your back!”

“I am not your boss!!!”

“Okay, Boss!”

Xiao WuYi’s small face suddenly turned into something looking like wrinkled buns.

The current zombies’ abilities were still very limited. They could only force their way by shoving or slamming so Xie Jun and others dealt with them smoothly. About half an hour later, the group successfully reached the foot of the mountain.

Looking at the road that was accessible on both sides, Xiao WuYi was caught in his first hamster problem. Looking left, looking right, his eyes were confused.

Which side leads north?

WuYi couldn’t help but turn around and look at the smiling-till-eyes-turned-to-slits Xie Jun and the others. Ultimately, with a stern face, he unwillingly relented, “I don’t know which direction to go.”

Xie Jun and the others were immediately overjoyed when they heard this disguised promise. A younger brother volunteered and quickly rushed over. He said cheerfully, “We all know the way! Little boss, where are you going?”

“I’m going to the north, a very cold and snowy place. My daddy is there.”

Xie Jun and the others: “……?”

“…Boss, can you be more specific?”

“Snowy, north, is this not specific enough?”

The little hamster’s face showed innocence and confusion.

Xie Jun and the others: “……” It’s over, this little elder brother looks like he’s not a very smart child.

After a lengthy explanation from Xie Jun, Xiao WuYi finally understood. With how wide the range of the snow in the north was, he was immediately saddened and downcast. “My daddy didn’t tell me the name of the place where he went on a mission, but I know that it’s a very cold place in the north and there is a lot of snow!”

Xie Jun heard the word “mission” that appeared out of the ordinary, and then remembered the previous gun. All kinds of various details were pieced together and his brain immediately labeled WuYi as a child of a military family. The family’s soldier was out on a mission, and it was justifiable for family members to not know the exact place.

Xie Jun immediately calmed down and said, “Since your father is on a mission, you not knowing of the specific place is normal. Let’s just look around the north bit by bit. Although the troops are still in chaos, I believe the country will be able to rectify it soon. When that time comes, they will definitely come out to rescue common people, and then we will be able to inquire news about your daddy along the way.”

Xie Jun recalled the condition of WuYi’s house and concluded that his father’s status was definitely not low. “Let’s go in the direction of the capital first. It is the political center of the country, and we can definitely settle down there first. Your daddy is in the north now, but as long as he’s still alive, he will definitely find a way to go to the capital first!”

Xiao WuYi listened to Xie Jun’s sincere analysis that can inspire people and immediately felt hopeful. “Then let’s set off towards the capital now!” He said happily.

“But we’re hungry.”

The bunch of younger brothers stared at Xie Jun and WuYi with eager eyes, and said in a slightly pitiful manner, “Can we find something to eat before leaving?”

Liu Dashan also shyly covered his rumbling stomach.

Xie Jun could not help but cast his sights on Xiao WuYi and stare at him hopefully, his meaning self-evident. He believed that there must still be food in the villa which the boy had placed in his space earlier.

Little hamster: “……” QAQ

Being stared at by everyone like this, Xiao WuYi could only proceed to painstakingly take out the food in the villa’s refrigerator as well as the pots and pans.

Xiao WuYi just sighed deeply while sitting on a big rock; rubbing his fat cheeks as he watched the younger brothers prepare to cook out in the open.

He originally only had his daddy to support but now he suddenly had so many younger brothers to look after. The little hamster only felt that he was one tough hamster.

Ai, it’s hard to be a hamster.

Xiao Wu “Alexander the Great” Yi sat aside and sighed. When the little brothers brought over the cooked noodles, the little hamster took a tentative sip of a little bit of the noodle soup, and he was shocked to the heavens!

Human food is so, so delicious oh!!!

The little hamster quickly covered the surprise on his small face and could not help but quietly glance at Xie Jun and the others who were eating noodles beside him. He has found the benefits of raising these younger brothers.

The younger brothers beside him also thought quietly—This petite and delicate looking little young master is unexpectedly down to earth when it comes to eating, even a simple bowl of noodles can be this delicious for him.

Also, isn’t the way he eats is just too cute!!!

After filling their stomachs, the group embarked on a journey to find Daddy in the north. The highway to the north passes through the city center, so Xie Jun and the others who had just fled from the city center had to bite the bullet and return back through it.

But even still, Xie Jun and others were not afraid. Their thoughts remained very simple. Although the amounts of zombies were a lot less in the suburbs, after a long time of sitting and eating, the mountain would be empty. It would be better to follow the young boy who has the space ability to go around and take advantage of his collection of resources in order to avoid starving and dying in this apocalypse.

The group walked toward the city center. When passing by some houses, the little hamster and Xie Jun need not discuss it and would immediately exert their instinctive response built in this apocalypse—collecting supplies and food frantically.

In terms of hoarding, the little hamster actually felt that he had lost to these younger brothers.

“Little boss, please take this pillow. This spoon too!”

“Little boss, do you still have some space left? I don’t think I can let go of this box of nails1I thought it was nail clippers or fake nails but it was actually carpentry nails T~T!”

“And this too! And this!!!”

#Locusts crosses the borders, no grass left to grow;

When the younger brothers enter a village, the hamster is afraid.#

At this time, Xiao WuYi had also basically understood the original identity of Xie Jun and the others. Xie Jun and Liu Dashan were, respectively, a swordsmith and a master carpenter. The two were friends while the other younger brothers were their fellow brothers.

“By the way, Little Boss, we still don’t know your name.”

“My name is WuYi! My daddy gave me this name!” Xiao WuYi said proudly with his head held high.

“May 1 Labor day?”

“No! WuYi is not Labor Day, WuYi is a little hamster!”


Hearing these nonsensical words, Xie Jun and the others’ heads were covered with black question marks, but looking at the young boy with a serious and irrefutable look of anger on his face, everyone immediately decided to let it go and not discuss it any further.

As early as the beginning, they realized that their little boss seemed a bit naive (not very smart). In that case, why speak about it more?

It’s very cute anyway. [Buddha lighting.jpg]2

When observing the expression of Xie Jun and the others, the little hamster always felt that they were underestimating him in some places, but he had no evidence.

He was somehow very angry woo.

Night came.

The group decided to stop for the night in a small house. Nightfall would make the zombies’ movements faster and more active so everyone had to stay vigilant and take turns keeping watch.

Xiao WuYi, who left home for the first time by himself, couldn’t sleep well. So he looked up at the moon outside the window instead, missing Nie Xiao.

Xie Jun was in charge of keeping watch that night. When he saw the young boy like this, he couldn’t help but ask, “Little boss, if you like Daddy this much, then your daddy must be one really good daddy!”

Xiao WuYi nodded vigorously and proudly said, “Un! My father indeed treats me well! He picked me up!”

Everyone was shocked to hear this. They always thought that WuYi and his daddy had a biological father-son relationship so this remark seemed to have poked at the sad spot of the people present.

The air was silent for a moment.

“…I miss my old man too.” 

Xie Jun said with red eyes. The dark environment during nighttime made peoples’ faces hard to see but the choked voices could still be heard clearly. The younger brothers also let out a sad whimper, even Liu Dashan, who had always been restrained, was no exception.

Xiao WuYi knew then that like him, Xie Jun and the others also don’t know who their biological parents were; they were all adopted. The old master who adopted them and taught them about carpentry and sword craftsmanship was killed by zombies at the beginning of the apocalypse.

Looking into the quiet night, the little hamster suddenly hated the zombies even more.


On the other side, Mohe.

Nie Xiao, along with his two companions, had already come out of the hotel, killing plenty of zombies along the way. They also collected supplies and saved many ordinary residents. The people they rescued seemed to have realized that Nie Xiao had extraordinary skills and had all decided to just follow him. 

Nie Xiao’s group of three didn’t care about being followed nor did they empathize with the people following them. It was enough to help them once. Excessive sympathy will only make people form a habit of dependence. If they wanted to eat, drink, and live, they needed to learn how to kill zombies themselves.

They can help for a while, but not for a lifetime.

Xiao Yan stared coldly at the large men opposite her who were still hungry. She ignored their annoying expressions and ate the last cookie. She then leaned on top of her backpack and closed her eyes to relax. Nie Xiao and Wu Wenqi sat on either side, taking turns keeping watch of the surroundings.

Nie Xiao’s plan was clear from the beginning. First, they would go to Harbin to find Ning Feng and Duan Wenyu, then go to Fengcheng – which was not far from Yuncheng – to find Wu Wenqi’s sister.

Then finally, to Yuncheng to pick up the little dumpling pet of their team.

On this quiet night, Nie Xiao couldn’t help but think of the little hamster at home. He was guessing that the other party might be sleeping right now, with its little belly spread out, looking cute through and through.

The food and water in the room were enough for a little hamster to survive for several months. He could only hope that the doors and windows of the room were in good condition before his return, leaving the little guy unaware of everything and letting him continue to live carefreely.

The excessively quiet night plunged everyone deep into thought. However, a burst of low sobbing suddenly rang out from across the street. An adult man had scolded and snatched the food that a little boy had secretly hidden.

Nie Xiao and the two immediately looked over to see what was happening. Xiao Yan, who had been holding her temper back for a long time, wanted to go up to the man and confront him but Wu Wenqi and Nie Xiao reached out at the same time to stop her.

All were surprised the next moment when, out of nowhere, the little boy took out a dagger and stabbed the man’s body. With quick responses, the boy covered the man’s mouth with his hands as the man cried so as not to attract the zombies.

The little boy wiped the tears on his cheeks without regard for everyone’s horror and avoidance. He grabbed the cookies and walked towards Nie Xiao.

Xiao Yan didn’t expect this to happen, so she sat back down. Wu Wenqi tapped his chin in admiration and said in full interest, “This kid is really interesting. Don’t you be like that older man if you want to live.”

Nie Xiao looked calmly at all the adults on the opposite side, then tossed a packet of cookies to the little boy not too far away.

Xiao Yan looked at Nie Xiao’s movements and Wu Wenqi’s smile and suddenly understood everything. She only felt cold indifference from these two men beside her.

But that was fine.

It was the apocalypse. It was survival of the fittest.

Xiao Yan couldn’t help but look at the injured man who arrogantly scolded, then at the grown, adult men next to him who only relied on his promises and suddenly felt that she had been previously blind. Facts have proven that small children’s ability to adapt to the environment was sometimes much higher than that of some adults.

Seeming to be aware of Xiao Yan’s disgusted stare, the injured man from across the opposite side covered his bleeding wound. While breathing in the cold air in pain, he found himself unable to hold back and muttered in Xiao Yan’s direction.

“Smelly bitch, aren’t you just a rotten thing beside a man. What’s so great about you?”

It was a quiet night. No matter how low the voice, everyone heard it clearly.

Nie Xiao and Wu Wenqi’s eyes turned cold.

This time it was Xiao Yan’s turn to hold back the two men. She didn’t care about such insulting words at all. “Let’s talk about it again later if he can still live until tomorrow morning.” She said coldly.

The three stared at the injured man with eyes that saw him as good as dead and this frightened him into silence, no longer daring to say anything.

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    I thought it was nail clippers or fake nails but it was actually carpentry nails T~T
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