Chapter 89.2 – WuYi gets rid of Saath

A Filthy Rich Hamster in the Apocalypse
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Faced with Saath’s extremely frightened appearance, Xiao WuYi couldn’t help but have a trace of confusion and innocence as he grabbed the corner of Nie Xiao’s clothes and asked, “Daddy, am I so scary?”

“Baby’s not scary.” Nie Xiao bowed his head to look at his cub, stroked his head, and said with a gentle smile, “Baby is the cutest little hamster in the world! You don’t need to care about the feelings of trash like him, let alone understand his thoughts.”

Hearing Nie Xiao’s praise, Xiao WuYi immediately nodded happily and obediently. “Un, Baby is the cutest!”

Saath couldn’t help screaming until he was exhausted. His eyes were bloodshot, his state of mind had collapsed, and his voice was shrill. “You deliberately played evil! With your sinister intentions! Playing tricks on me on purpose!! Since I can be brought here long ago to be eliminated, why did you bother going around in circles with me? Was it interesting to watch my dream come true be shattered!!?”

Hearing this, Nie Xiao almost laughed in anger. He turned his head and looked at Saath with very cold eyes. How could the wicked have the right to accuse them of being inhumane?

This world, for Xiao WuYi, was just a small warehouse for food, a secret base-amusement park for fun. From beginning to the end, he’d never thought about using this space to harm others or to show his authoritative power. Those filthy desires and ambitions had nothing to do with Xiao WuYi at all.

If it hadn’t been for Saath taking the entire Earth hostage which had forced them, Xiao WuYi might’ve not even realized that he could solve the crisis by controlling the elements of this space.

“Don’t apply your filthy mind to other people!” Nie Xiao sneered and scolded, “You want us to deceive you, but you’re not worthy. Pulling you into this world will tarnish it!

“The crimes you’ve committed are simply unforgivable. Countless planets and hundreds of millions of creatures were ruined under your hands, and all that for creating a new world? You’re not fucking creating any world at all, you’re exterminating worlds. So what if you’re played with twice? That’s cheaper than directly putting you to death!!”

“Aaah!!!!” Saath screeched like crazy while holding a knife in his hand as he pounced straight at him. “Screw you, screw you, I’m going to kill you! Damn all of you!”

Xiao WuYi was taken aback by this sudden action and practically subconsciously controlled Saath’s movement, giving no time for Nie Xiao to make his move.

In his mind, he thought of wanting to protect Nie Xiao and himself. As a result, a transparent sphere of light automatically formed in the space, which directly imprisoned Saath in it, hindering him from coming out. Saath tried all he could but couldn’t shake it even a little bit.

It was true, god-like power.

Fulfilling desire and movement merely through thoughts.

Saath was completely vexed. He sat down in the sphere of light dejectedly, his face pale and his eyes hollow and numb; he could no longer struggle. This severe blow and stimulation made him feel like an old man with one foot in the grave, full of the aura of death.

Seeing his state that seemed like he was trampled on, Xiao WuYi couldn’t help but make eye contact with Nie Xiao and secretly exhale a sigh of relief. Although they were very angry and resentful in their hearts, they couldn’t directly kill Saath at such a cheap price. They still hadn’t questioned him on useful information about the zombie viruses on those several planets.

“Saath, where’s the laboratory base that you did this research in? After escaping from the Alliance’s clean-up operation, where have you been hiding all these years?” Nie Xiao interrogated coldly.

Hearing these questions, Saath slowly shifted his eyes, stared at Nie Xiao and Xiao WuYi, and lifted the corner of his mouth in a strange sneer, but said nothing.

Xiao WuYi and Nie Xiao had no choice but to search for things on Saath’s body. However, all the important clues had been hidden by Saath into the spatial ability core inside his body.

“Sure enough, killing is still the most efficient.” Nie Xiao looked at the obstinate Saath, gathered a storm in his hand, and stepped forward, preparing to take out the crystal nuclei and ability cores in Saath’s body in one fell swoop.

“Daddy, let me.” Xiao WuYi grabbed the corner of Nie Xiao’s clothes, intending to use the power of his space with his mind to take out the ability core in Saath’s body. This was more convenient and quicker, they could just show it to Bai Mei for inspection afterwards.

“Alright.” Nie Xiao didn’t object. Both of them walked into the sphere of light, ready to take action against Saath.

Saath only felt an invisible force pulling the ability cores in his body. At that moment, he was finally no longer unconcerned. Seeing Nie Xiao and Xiao WuYi almost within reach, a trace of spite for the success of his scheme flashed in his eyes.

While the ability cores hadn’t left his body yet, a black whirlpool rapidly congregated in his hand, and a tiny piece of hair was quickly sucked in. He raised his hand and tenaciously dragged Nie Xiao and Xiao WuYi’s arms while laughing frantically. “Let’s explode together hahaha!!”

“You fucking bastard!!” Nie Xiao cursed, swiftly chopping off Saath’s arm that was grabbing them firmly, then he pulled Xiao WuYi with him, throwing them down on the grass outside.

They saw the muscles on Saath’s entire body horribly expanding. His face became ugly and bloated, and a tremendous amount of energy gushed out of the black ability core in his body, seemingly on the verge of exploding. A painful groan escaped from his mouth, but he still smiled unrepentantly.

“No one will get my data hahaha!!! I wonder if you can bear my energy detonation, Little Prince, hahaha! If you really won’t be able to bear it, then my death would be worth it hahaha!”

Gazing at the unrecognizable Saath inside the sphere of light, Nie Xiao felt incomparable loathing. He quickly lowered his head, and he looked at Xiao WuYi with extremely worried eyes. “Baby, are you okay?”

The pale Xiao WuYi shook his head, unable to speak at the moment. His mind was unceasingly thinking of thoughts that would strengthen and control the transparent light sphere around Saath to prevent the enormous and raging energy from spilling out.

Nie Xiao saw the unsightly, pale face of his youth and suddenly felt his heart thump. This space and Xiao WuYi were inseparable, an integral whole. If the space suffered from the impact, it would definitely hurt Xiao WuYi.

“Baby!!” Nie Xiao’s eyes flushed red with worry.

At this moment, Xiao WuYi suddenly grabbed his hand and gazed at him affectionately with a pair of clear, glistening eyes. Before he could react, he was sent straight out of the space.

“Daddy, go out first, don’t worry, Baby will be fine!”

“Ahhhh Baby!!!—”

Nie Xiao’s eyes widened to the extreme. Soon after, he was only aware of the white in front of him, while that anxious shout of his reverberated throughout the space.

A huge explosion instantly swept through the entire space.



Bleak sorrow filled the sky overhead the entire WuYi Base. Although it was in exchange for the entire Earth’s peace and safety, the disappearance and sacrifice of Nie Xiao and Xiao WuYi didn’t make everyone the slightest bit happy.

Ning Feng sat on the top of the walls of the base, silently wiping his tears. He was choked with emotions as he faced Duan Wenyu beside him and said, “Ge, Boss- they should be fine, right?”

Duan Wenyu’s eyes immediately reddened.

At this time, Bai Mei had returned to the base. Saath was gone, so the zombies were all under his control; they wouldn’t be able to wreak havoc again. However, at this moment, no one had the intention to clean up these zombies as Xiao WuYi and Nie Xiao’s disappearance had become an unacceptable ache in their hearts.

Ning Feng couldn’t help it anymore, and he cried loudly in Duan Wenyu’s arms. Bai Mei’s eyes were also really red. He was blaming himself a lot. It would’ve been better if he had been a little stronger; that way, he could’ve directly controlled Saath.

The sound of sobbing and weeping drifted throughout the quiet base.

At that moment, a black spot in the sky, accompanied by a heart-wrenching shout, came into the sight of everyone at the base, making them excited.


“Nie Xiao!!!”



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