Chapter 88.2 – WuYi disappears

A Filthy Rich Hamster in the Apocalypse
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Chapter 88 – WuYi disappears

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Saath, who cut a sorry figure, looked at Nie Xiao and the crowd, who had forced him into desperate straits. His eyes flashed with extreme viciousness and madness, as if dipped in poison. He rummaged with his hand and took out a pure black ability core suffused with weird light. “This is for all of you forcing me; you have to die. If I can’t get the little prince, then we’ll be buried together!!”

Seeing this ominous ability core exuding a strong inauspicious aura, Nie Xiao’s and the others’ intuitions, which were as keen as wild animals, caused their scalps to tingle. They took two steps back vigilantly. With extremely cold expressions, they questioned, “What the hell do you want to do!!?”

“Hahaha!! …Cough cough…” Saath looked at Nie Xiao’s group in a deranged manner. He grinned and coughed a few times. His eyes were scarlet and bloodshot as he held the black ability core tightly in his hand for everyone to watch, threatening perversely, “This is my carefully crafted castle for the little prince! It was originally for the prince, but you just don’t want to hand him over, so I can only bury you all inside with me!!

“All the power necessary for an embryonic world’s birth is gathered here, meticulously modulated into a perfectly balanced point by me. Initially, as long as the little prince merged inside, a brand new world could be born in it… But you stubbornly didn’t give him!! You just wanted to hide him! Now unfortunately, my plan to create a new world is going to be destroyed!!!”

As he talked, Saath roared and screamed excitedly, his eyes full of resentment. “Since this is the case, then you can come in instead of the little prince!!! It’s difficult to maintain the balance between various powers, but it’s quite easy to break it. Except for the little prince, any extra hair thrown in will cause the powers to riot.

“When that time comes, with a ‘bang’, the whole earth will be finished together with me hahaha!!” Saath leaned forward and laughed wildly, crazily exaggerating to simulate the ‘bang’ sound of the explosion. His eyes flicked over Nie Xiao and the others one by one, looking very pleased to see those ugly and grave faces. His anger suddenly dispersed, and he felt immense glee in his chest.

“Originally, as long as you sacrificed the little prince, you and I could live together in harmony. I go to my world, and you stay on your Earth. I would come and go quietly… But now, all of this is because you forced me!!”

As he said this, Saath abruptly shot the black ability core into his body. Nie Xiao and the others, who wanted to fight over it, regretfully slowed down.

“You fucking lunatic!!” Everyone rained curses as they stared helplessly as the power core melted into Saath’s body.

“If you’re going to blame someone, blame your Little Prince WuYi for being a tortoise!!!” Saath’s gaze was incomparably sinister. Afterwards, a black whirlpool converged in his hand. He casually pulled a piece of hair from his head and held it on top of the whirlpool while approaching Nie Xiao and the others step by step.

Nie Xiao’s group didn’t dare move rashly. Whether it was true or not, they did not dare gamble on the whole Earth. Ultimately, they watched Saath bypass them and fly to a high altitude. They followed closely, but also didn’t dare get too close, lest Saath be angered.

In an instant, the status of the two parties were reversed.

Saath condescendingly overlooked the entire WuYi Base and the surrounding chaotic mountains, rivers, and land, then shouted from midair towards all directions. His words spread extremely far, seemingly able to reach everyone in the world.

All people instantly looked towards the sky in his direction.

“My Little Prince WuYi, I know you’re on Earth! If you don’t show yourself, I will let the entire Earth die with me!!! I’ll count to three!

“Three, two…”

Every time Saath said a number, he brought the strand of hair closer to the black whirlpool in his hand. Every syllable pounded on people’s eardrums like a life-hunting drumstick, making everyone’s hearts rise to their throats.

Nie Xiao clutched his chest tightly at the flailing little pocket, but the little dumpling still managed to struggle and get out. He stretched out his hand but was unable to catch it, allowing it to jump directly along his arm into everyone’s field of vision.

The little hamster stood on the back of Nie Xiao’s hand regardless and issued a cute cry.

“Chi!” I’m here!

The small voice was especially prominent in this exceedingly quiet open space. Nie Xiao quickly reached out and grabbed the little hamster back into his palm, protecting him on his chest. However, it still attracted Saath’s attention.

Saath promptly searched for the voice to find the target. He looked down and saw the lovable, cutie little hamster. His eyes lit up. Although the little beast was looking at him with fierce hostility in its eyes, it still made him ecstatic. As he stepped closer, his voice was pleasantly surprised and gentle. “So you are here, my lovely Little Prince. You’re really naughty, making me go through a lot of trouble to find you!!”

Nie Xiao immediately took a step back in the face of the great enemy while tightly guarding the little hamster in his palm. Wu Wenqi, Jiang Qiu, and the others also surrounded the two, obstructing Saath’s path.

Saath stared at these irksome humans, his teeth gritted in hate, and his hair fluttering in anger. “Get out of the way!”

“Don’t even think about it!!!”

The two sides were in a stalemate. The fact that something was so close at hand yet he couldn’t get it made Saath furious. However, he didn’t want to fight any more at this time, as side issues would keep arising that way, so he stood still and said to the little hamster from a distance, “My Little Prince, as long as you come here obediently, I will let off your cherished Earth; otherwise, everyone will perish together.”

As he said that, Saath once again raised the black whirlpool in his hand, and hovered his hair over the whirlpool with his other hand.

Such a blunt threat made Wu Wenqi, Ning Feng, and company uncontrollably curse. Back in the base, everyone eavesdropped on the situation by relying on ability users with abilities related to hearing. Having learned what happened above, they couldn’t help but yell “despicable, shameless”!

“We won’t hand over His Highness WuYi; go to hell Saath!!!!”

“You won’t pass, absolutely not!!!”

“If we’ll die together, then so be it. Who’s afraid of whom!!!”


Everyone in the base was also provoked, and they clamored and cursed. Their voices were directly transmitted to the sky, making Saath infuriated.

Contrarily, hearing those voices below warmed the little hamster’s heart. He lifted his little head, looked in Saath’s direction, and responded to the other’s threat with a ‘chi.’

Saath was immediately overjoyed.

“Baby!” Nie Xiao couldn’t help lowering his head. He gazed at the little animal in his palm with anxious and disapproving eyes, “You can’t agree with him!!!”

Wu Wenqi and the others heard Nie Xiao’s words and looked at Saath’s expression. They immediately knew that Xiao WuYi had agreed. Their faces instantly changed, and they were anxious to urge him to stay in disfavor.

The little hamster was caught in the palm of Nie Xiao’s hand, so he could only lift his head to gaze at Nie Xiao. His little paw gently patted his Daddy’s finger, and his glistening black eyes revealed reassurance.

—Daddy, Baby will be fine.

Nie Xiao could fully guess the little hamster’s plan, but he still didn’t want to take the risk. He sunk into an endless struggle for a while before shaking his head in bitterness as he said, “No, impossible!!”

Saath saw this lovey-dovey picture and couldn’t help but urge irritably, “Are you done? The little prince himself agreed, but you’re still not letting him come over!!”

“Chi!” Daddy, just let me go ba!

The little hamster struggled in Nie Xiao’s hands until he ultimately managed to break free. Climbing on Nie Xiao’s shoulders, he hugged his neck and finally kissed his earlobe. “Chi!” Daddy, Baby doesn’t want you guys to have trouble!

Nie Xiao had an internal battle. Then, he took the little dumpling from his shoulders, saw his resolute gaze, and finally agreed. He lowered his head and kissed him lightly, his eyes determined. “Then I will send you over, together.”

The little hamster stared at Nie Xiao, and he nodded nonetheless.

Saath, who was listening to the conversation between the two, didn’t understand what charades they were playing. So when he saw Nie Xiao approaching with the little hamster cupped in his palms, his whole body immediately became vigilant.

Ning Feng and the others didn’t know what the two had talked about, but seeing Nie Xiao about to hand over WuYi, they suddenly exclaimed and tried to stop him. However, Nie Xiao agilely avoided them. They were inferior in strength and couldn’t chase after him. A lightning-and-thunder prison appeared in the sky, and electric snakes stopped and obstructed those outside. The pain and sadness peaked, and they shouted anxiously.

“No, Boss!!”

“You can’t agree with him!!”

“Nie Xiao, you son of a bitch! You can’t hand him over!”


Nie Xiao stood in front of Saath and spread his palms. The little hamster stood quietly in the middle. However, seeing the little prince so close at hand, Saath didn’t dare move for a while, and he looked at Nie Xiao suspiciously.

He couldn’t believe that he’d agreed so briskly.

“Do you still want him or not?” Nie Xiao’s expression was in utmost pain and unwillingness. He looked at Saath with crimson eyes, resembling a man who had decided to abandon his lover for the sake of justice.

At this moment, apart from the sound of thunder and lightning, all he could hear were Ning Feng’s side and the people at the base’s choking sobs and curses voicing their opposition. The noise somewhat made Saath unable to calm down.

“Nie Xiao, you bastard! We’re not going to live like this! Give Xiao WuYi back to us!!!”

“That’s your cub! Why are you so cruel!”

“We don’t want to live using this method! Let’s just die together!!!”


Everyone’s feelings were so real and strong. The world was so endlessly mournful that Saath couldn’t find any suspicious hints.

Success was imminent, and Saath was a little short of breath. He observed Nie Xiao’s face for two seconds, then looked down at the little dumpling lying in Nie Xiao’s palm. It revealed the same reluctance: tears were streaming down because of excessive sorrow. It had directly transformed into a puddle of soft hamster cake, unable to take shape. Seeing this scene, Saath finally couldn’t hold back his excitement.

“Don’t play any tricks!” Saath warned at last and stretched out his hand, intending to grab the little hamster into his palm. At that moment, the screams and crying around him became more intense.

Listening to their voices, Saath completely relaxed his vigilance. A black whirlpool converged in his palm, ready to absorb the little hamster to refine and fuse with him.

As soon as his fingertips touched the back of the hamster’s neck, Saath felt the world before him turn white, the sky and land instantly changing.



The thunder and lightning that had filled the sky and stopped Ning Feng and company from recapturing the little hamster suddenly disappeared. In the place where Nie Xiao and Saath had been standing earlier, only emptiness remained.

Everyone was in a daze and couldn’t get back to their senses.

Both men had disappeared.





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