Chapter 87.2 – WuYi’s hidden merit and fame

A Filthy Rich Hamster in the Apocalypse
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Everyone hated Saath and wanted to devour his heart completely. With their abilities in hand, they attacked Saath’s defensive shield with all their might.

Nie Xiao’s eyes were red with loathing. The pouring rain drenched his clothes as he yelled Xie Jun’s name. A black sledgehammer was instantly drawn to his palm. Enormous gale and lightning bolts as heavy as ten thousand catties shot out from the sky and accurately pierced Saath’s defensive shield.

“Fucking die for me!!!—”

Saath was forcefully beaten back. Blood spurted out of his mouth, but he didn’t counterattack and instead smiled strangely and nefariously. He quietly raised his hand and threw a large number of ability cores at the surrounding low-level zombies, instantly causing them to enter a frenzied state. A zombie king introducing ability cores into their bodies made them gain abilities—manipulation of zombie tides and instigation of inferior zombies’ strength advancement were exclusive powers of a zombie king.

Duan Wenyu, Ning Feng, and the others watched this scene with their eyes wide open. They tried their best to intercept the sprinkled ability cores but some slippery fish still escaped the net and entered the inferior zombies. “Saath, you motherfvcking bastard!!!!”

At this moment, zombies all over the world were rampaging, and all the human bases were surrounded by an unprecedented wave of zombies. Apart from Bai Mei, other human zombie kings under Saath’s control also appeared. They promoted entire zombie armies’ combat effectiveness.

Schools of zombie fish also began to riot in the sea. In the ocean, the hegemon zombies swept up huge tsunamis, attacking the coastline around continental plates and various islands amid the sea. Giant deep-sea zombie octopuses climbed onto the coastal beaches, rendering the places their tentacles passed by a mess.

The whole world was dark and chaotic.

“What pleasant cries!” 

Saath put his hand to his ear as if he could hear the tragic wails of despair coming from the world. He wanted to dance happily, and his face showed a deranged expression. Since his plan was revealed and declared a failure, plus the little prince disappeared and his whereabouts were unknown, he had completely gone crazy. “All of you sabotaged my new world ambition and ruined my hope of reviving the Qitu race, so I will destroy your world! Let’s go to hell together hahaha!!!”

Nie Xiao saw the lunatic’s eyes become dark. While attacking him, he calmly said to Wu Wenqi and the others, “Wenqi, Ning Feng, Major General Wu, Luo Yunhai, and Sislow, you guys go back and aid the base. Xiao Yu, Liu Dashan and the others definitely need help right now!!”

“No!” Luo Yunhai immediately shook his head, tears mixed with rain in his eyes. “I won’t go back, I’m going to guard Xiao Bai here!!”

“You need to calm down. It’s not at all suitable to stay here!” Xiao Yan went up and slapped Luo Yunhai’s face. Then with red eyes, she appeased him by saying, “Don’t worry, we will return you an intact Bai Mei, so go back to the base and protect Xiao Bai’s brother, you hear me?!!!”

Luo Yunhai was slapped sober. His eyes were red as he raised his hand to wipe the rain and tears on his face. He transformed himself into sand, leaned close to Bai Mei, and lightly kissed his cheek. Bai Mei, who was confined in the sandy soil, made supreme efforts to regain a moment of consciousness and stammeringly said “love you” towards Luo Yunhai. Everyone at the scene who heard it blushed.

Luo Yunhai finally took one teary deep gaze at Bai Mei before turning his head toward Xiao Yan, Jiang Qiu, and the crew. With red eyes and a hoarse voice, he said, “Then please take care of Xiao Bai.”

Wu Wenqi, Ning Feng, and the others also bid farewell to Xiao Yan and Duan Wenyu, then turned into their respective abilities and quickly left from there. “Then we’ll go now, take care, all of you, and get rid of him.”

“Naturally,” Nie Xiao, Jiang Qiu and the group replied in unison.

As Wu Wenqi and Luo Yunhai’s group left, the sand shackling Bai Mei loosened. Xiao Yan, who was holding Little Mo Ye’s short dagger transformation, immediately stepped forward to seal Bai Mei’s body with ice while Jiang Qiu lifted his hand to create an airtight metal box.

Saath noticed Wu Wenqi and the others leaving, which made him furious. He raised his hand and attacked their side. “Did I allow you to leave?”

Nie Xiao and Duan Wenyu, Jiang Qiu and Xiao Yan, Possier and the Feng brothers instantly confronted him. They encircled Saath and blocked all his attacks. They said coldly, “Your enemy is here!”

The obstructed Saath’s eyes displayed a mad crimson color. He really hated it; hated this group that broke his plan for mankind.

“Die, all of you AHHH!!!—”

The two sides fought fiercely. The little hamster obediently staying inside the pocket heard that Wu Wenqi’s team had gone back to the base to assist. At this time, he also wanted to give everyone strength and didn’t want to remain in the pocket doing nothing.

Remembering their promise of “not leaving without saying goodbye” on the sea before, the little hamster stretched out his small paws to write on the cloth on Nie Xiao’s chest.

Nie Xiao suddenly felt abnormal movements in his pocket in the midst of battle, and his brows couldn’t help but twitch. Then, as he continued taking Saath’s attacks, he uttered a muffled hum, as if he had agreed to the little guy’s decision.

The little hamster and Nie Xiao had mutual minds which perfectly understood the meaning of this muffled hum. Thus, WuYi happily drew a black space hole in the pocket and made his way to WuYi base a hundred miles away.

Nie Xiao who realized that his pockets were empty: “…”

This little cub…

Fortunately, the little prince slipped away from under everyone’s eyelids. Saath was completely unaware of it. Even Jiang Qiu and the others seemed to think that the little hamster was still in his pocket.

Nie Xiao couldn’t help but sigh in secret. He then continued to fight against Saath with confidence.

As violent collisions of heaven-shaking abilities came from the empty Sancheng, survivors from all over the world were resisting the zombie frenzy with all their might.



WuYi base.

Wu Wenyu was doing her utmost to maintain the defensive cover overhead. Large beads of cold sweat descended along the beautiful and sharp arc of her chin. Outside, countless humanoid zombies and zombie insects and birds were ramming against her defensive shield. The huge impact rapidly drained her stamina, and she was consuming crystal nuclei extremely quickly.

Various colorful abilities bloomed around the defensive shield. All the ability users of the base were currently fighting bravely on the front lines, giving their all to slaughter all kinds of zombies outside. Meanwhile, the rest of the ordinary people were devoting themselves to strengthening the walls of the base, each performing their own duties in an orderly manner and contributing their own meager strength.

At this moment, all human beings were twisted into one rope, incomparably united in their efforts toward defending their last home.

This precious unity and order were thanks to the initial preparation and precautions. As early as when Nie Xiao, Bai Mei, and the team departed from the base, Headmaster Yuan and the others had immediately launched a defensive action. They secretly and urgently notified bases in the capital, Lancheng, Harbin, Haicheng… and in other locations around the world, sending them a message to tell all teams of ability users outside to return to the base and to no longer allow people to go out. As for the people who could not return to the base, they should also be reminded to hide in a relatively safe area as much as possible in case of emergency.

At first, everyone felt strange and puzzled having been faced with such overly cautious war preparations. It was not until they saw the zombies begin to riot with their own eyes that they deeply realized the foresight of the leaders of the base.

Because they were mentally prepared early on, there was much less panic. The appearance of the zombie tide meant that Nie Xiao’s group’s plans had been completely exposed to Saath and there was no need to hide all the secrets.

Headmaster Yuan and the high-level officials of the major bases immediately released all internal information so that every survivor worldwide would know about the conspiracy and secrets behind this apocalypse, and know that Nie Xiao’s group was staking their lives to resist the tyranny of the ultimate zombie emperor of catastrophes.

“Listen up, everyone! At the front, Nie Xiao’s team is fighting against the strongest boss for us, so we will guard the rear in this base!! Live, persevere, and don’t let down their efforts and expectations!!!”

“Yes! Kill them!!!”

Liu Dashan brought the ability users to the edge of the defensive shield and massacred zombies with bloodshot eyes. The densely packed zombies outside were like waves, surging continuously from all directions. Those killed would be made up for, there was simply no end and no boundary that could be seen.

At that moment, a huge pit suddenly appeared on the ground, numerous zombies filled it and were killed instantly. Earth’s vicious sand, red flames, and flying flowers… several extremely powerful abilities suddenly appeared, and a large number of zombies were eliminated wherever they passed. The Vampire race’s sound wave suddenly played, dispelling the swarms of insects and birds above the defensive cover.

“Waahhh it’s Boss Wenqi, Ning Feng and them!!! They came back to help us!”

“Then what happened to Boss Nie Xiao and the rest?!!!”

The sudden appearance of Wu Wenqi and several others inspired the people in the base. Everyone shouted and cheered. A pale smile uncontrollably rose on Wu Wenyu’s lips when she saw her older brother.

“They’re still fighting so we have to hold on,” Wu Wenqi covered the sides of his face and shouted at everyone. He then told Liu Dashan to change into a tomahawk. With a wave of his hand, he cut a huge rift around the base, causing innumerable zombies to cram inside it. The scene was spectacular.

It seemed that Ning Feng’s fire ability alone wasn’t enough so he had people go to the weapon warehouse to bring in his “big baby eggs” and project them out. The huge earth-shaking explosion encouraged people’s hearts. Wu Qingfeng’s “flying flower” ability had reached cooperation with the base’s stationed Overlord Flower and Man-eating Vine. Luo Yunhai’s “sandification” created a sandpit swamp with amazing lethality in the base’s rift valley.

Sislow was brought to a Tongxu Pagoda1 by Dr. Wei and Bai Yue. Although a special sound wave instrument that imitated that of Sislow had not yet been developed, a sound wave device capable of propagation and diffusion had been urgently manufactured. For a time, Sislow’s sound waves were played in bases around the world, dispersing countless zombie insect tides.

With the Wu Wenqi crew’s intensive involvement, Wu Wenyu felt the pressure of attacks on the defensive shield lighten, and she could not help shouting with excitement:

“We’ll definitely win!!—”

Wu Wenqi unexpectedly completed a breakthrough in his ability at this moment. His ability core suddenly shattered as if in response to this victory cry.

At the same time, everyone on the base also sensed a warm force suddenly welling up in their bodies.

The little hamster had stealthily used the power of vitality and time on everyone in the base to expedite the upgrade of their abilities before finally leaving with his merit and fame deeply hidden. Except for Nie Xiao, no one knew that he’d been here.



Capital base.

Chief Xia, who possessed the sonic ability, couldn’t help but be shocked when he heard special sound waves coming out of the communication tower. Suddenly, the zombie insects and birds scattered, which surprised all the survivors in the base.

“This is the WuYi Base bringing help! Everyone keep fighting, we’re going to survive!!!”

Chief Xia’s voice sounded in everyone’s minds, motivating and raising everyone’s spirits. Loud voices responded one after another, and everyone’s faces showed unswerving determination.

Haicheng base.

Professor Meng was leading the Haicheng ability users in a fight under the rain. The zombie fish falling from the sky together with the downpour were their primary target of attack…

Together with them, the Harbin base, the Lancheng base, and all the other survivor bases of every country were fighting tenaciously.

This battle would inevitably be remembered forever in the course of human history, but it was also a must for its result to be engraved in history books as a victory.

The little hamster quietly completed an Earth tour before finally returning to Nie Xiao’s side in secret.





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