Chapter 86 – WuYi’s battle with Saath

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Having felt Saath’s departure, Nie Xiao inwardly breathed a sigh of relief, and his muscles relaxed. Unless absolutely necessary, none of them wanted to start a war in the base.

There were many ordinary people in the base, so there were bound to be countless deaths and injuries if a fight truly happened. Currently, humanity could no longer withstand more casualties.

Saath walked away from the villa, heading to the research institute of the base to explore.

When Bai Mei sensed his whereabouts, he broke into a cold sweat. He was extremely grateful that Bai Yue and the others’ research materials had been hidden during the day. Otherwise, his personal participation in the research would definitely be revealed to Saath’s eyes.

—Bai Mei: He’s far.

Bai Mei notified everyone and they started to message in the group chat again.

When Saath entered their room earlier, not only did Nie Xiao feel it, others also felt it somewhat. Fortunately, everyone pretended to be asleep quite well and didn’t let Saath notice the slightest clue. Even Possier, Sislow, and company disguised themselves as ordinary earthlings.

—Ning Feng: Appearing so suddenly and unpredictably! Almost like a ghost! Damn, scared this grandpa to death!

But after this round of coming then going, it should be unlikely for Saath to return once again and catch them off guard. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief and continued to discuss tomorrow’s action plan.

The little hamster that had come out of his space continued to lie on Nie Xiao’s forehead, watching the messages everyone sent. He couldn’t help but ‘chi’ to Nie Xiao, “Daddy, when Baby hid in the storage earlier, Saath seemed like he couldn’t sense me at all oh!”

“Although this may be the case, we still have to be extremely careful!” Nie Xiao turned to his side, and the little dumpling followed and slipped from his forehead onto the pillow.

In the dimly lit room, Nie Xiao seriously looked at the fluffy little dumpling in front of him, raised his hand to touch its round, soft, plump little body, and said, “Daddy doesn’t want any possibility of danger coming to you. What if you weren’t able to hide in time just now? Although you still have the space shuttle ability, what if he already has a method to deal with you?

“He came to Earth to find you, so he must have already investigated you thoroughly. Baby, why don’t you go back to your planet first?” After contemplating, Nie Xiao suggested this very seriously.

The little hamster resolutely shook his head, and simply changed back to the appearance of a teenager. He got into Nie Xiao’s quilt and said, “No, I will stay with all of you! He’s here right now because of me. I can’t let you guys face him alone.”

Seeing the youth’s stubborn attitude, Nie Xiao sighed and finally compromised. “Then tomorrow, when we act, you’ll maintain your little hamster form and obediently stay in Daddy’s pocket. Immediately hide in your little storage if there’s danger, understand?”

“I know, Daddy don’t worry!”


As everyone in the group discussed good countermeasures, night quickly passed.

The sun gradually rose, and the base began to bustle with activity again. However, apart from Nie Xiao’s group, no one was aware that a terrible crisis was brewing under this tranquil surface.

Nie Xiao and the others woke up early and gathered in the living room downstairs of the villa for their meal as usual. Everyone looked solemn as if cherishing this last moment of peace.

Bai Mei determined Saath’s position outside the base and finished his last meal. Then he stood up, looking reluctant as he swept his gaze among everyone present, and said, “Then I will set off first.”

“You must protect yourself, we’ll catch up later.” Nie Xiao and the others all got up to send Bai Mei off, giving him a heavy hug one by one.

Bai Mei smiled as he nodded. “Alright.”

Bai Yue and Luo Yunhai on the side looked at Bai Mei with unwillingness, feeling incomparably worried. Bai Mei would be going first to take the lead. If their hoodwinking plan was exposed, he would be the first to bear the brunt of Saath’s anger.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” Bai Mei placatingly rubbed his brother’s head, then stuffed all three restorative medicines he got last night into the other’s hand. Finally, he stared deeply at Luo Yunhai before leaving without looking back.

Seeing Bai Mei’s back get further away, Nie Xiao’s group also started to act according to the plan. These two days were the most crucial two days, they needed to drag it out no matter what until rescue from the Alliance arrived.


Bai Mei smiled and said a few words to the staff at the city gate, then walked out of the base alone. For very powerful ability users like Bai Mei, occasionally going out alone for a while wouldn’t arouse anybody’s doubts.

After leaving the base, Bai Mei saw Saath under a big tree not far away, with a black robe draped over him. Under the daylight, Bai Mei was able to see his facial features clearly for the first time.

Handsome, but with unhealthy paleness.

Bai Mei lowered his head and dared not look any more. He stepped forward respectfully and smilingly said, “Your Majesty Saath, I have just asked about the whereabouts of the little prince. He went to Sancheng for this time’s mission. It’s the city next to us, I can take you there now.”

Saath looked at Bai Mei’s pretty face which carried an obedient smile. He rubbed his fingers in silence and raised his line of sight towards the base not far away. His tone was void of fluctuations of delight or anger as he said, “Earlier, I accidentally heard that this base of yours is called WuYi Base? The little prince seems to be quite popular in your base.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Bai Mei nodded honestly, and added with truthful eyes, “The base is named after WuYi. Everyone in the base basically knows him, but if you didn’t show me the photo, none of us would know that he’s the little alien prince you’re looking for. His usual behavior is not like that of the prince you mentioned.”

“Is that so? It seems that he hasn’t recovered yet.” Saath’s lips uncontrollably curled up in happiness. He then turned around and firmly stared at Bai Mei’s face, unwilling to let the slightest change in his expression slip by.

“But is he really in Sancheng right now?”

“Absolutely,” Bai Mei said and nodded staunchly.

Saath silently observed Bai Mei’s respectful look and the truthful light in his eyes. He was quiet for two seconds until he finally turned his head, completely believing Bai Mei’s words. He wandered around the base last night, and indeed did not find anything suspicious. He presumed that Bai Mei also wouldn’t dare to deceive him.

Saath put down the last trace of doubt in his heart. A wind emerged under his feet, and he took Bai Mei into the air and flew. “Then show me the way, my faithful servant.”

Bai Mei staggered in mid-air to stabilize his figure, then immediately raised his hand to point out Sancheng’s direction for Saath.

With the gust of wind as impetus, the two quickly left the boundary of the base. Saath’s actions were very fast. It took mere minutes to rush from one city to another with the assistance of various ability cores.

Bai Mei stealthily glanced sideways at Saath’s profile, and inwardly pinched the sweat at the bottom of his heart. This could be regarded as diverting the person from the base. Fortunately, there were rumors in the base that Xiao WuYi had gone out to do a mission, otherwise, the interrogation just now would’ve definitely brought the cat out of the bag.

Not concealing the truth about Xiao WuYi by pretending that he didn’t know Xiao WuYi from the start was indeed a wise choice. There were so many people in the base, and one could know about Xiao WuYi’s existence by just paying a bit of attention. Considering this, once a mistake had been made, the current base would’ve already been in a bottomless abyss.

At this time, Nie Xiao and the others were following Saath and Bai Mei’s pace under the pretense of going to Sancheng for a mission. With the aid of Nie Xiao’s wind ability, everyone’s speed didn’t lag behind much.

Arriving at Sancheng, Bai Mei took Saath to wander in a circle throughout the city. With Nie Xiao’s group’s coordinated roaming, they smoothly delayed Saath’s time.

However, Saath soon discovered a clue.

For him, it wasn’t too complicated to find out where living people in a city were as the surrounding low-level zombies could give him effective information. He was able to quickly explore the survival conditions of living beings on several planets before by relying on this method.

It was just that this time he was looking for a specific person. It wasn’t enough to simply use the information fed back by low-level zombies on the distribution of living people. It would be a relatively large workload to find a particular target among the vast survivors, otherwise he wouldn’t let Bai Mei be the guide.

Only, at the moment, he had an inclination that he was being deceived and treated like an idiot…

“Your Majesty, let’s look for them over there! There seemed to be the breath of living people at that place.” Bai Mei stood on the run-down and deserted street, pointing to a direction in front while looking back at Saath, with a gentle and respectful smile on his face.

Saath stared at Bai Mei’s pretty face, but his legs stood motionless in place. The expression on his face was completely cold. He narrowed his eyes dangerously at Bai Mei, and questioned in a frosty voice, “Bai Mei, is the little prince really in this city or not?”

Bai Mei continued to smile kindly and calmly as he answered, “Naturally he is. The news I got from the base is not wrong. They must be just collecting supplies in some corner. Can’t you also feel it from the inferior zombies’ feedback? This city is so big and the breath of living people has been constantly changing!

“You have to be a bit patient, or you will scare the little prince away. There seemed to be a small group of people passing by just now!” Bai Mei looked in the direction next to him, wholeheartedly playing a loyal and admonishing subordinate.

Saath saw Bai Mei’s unyielding appearance and almost laughed. The fury from being fooled and betrayed surged in his heart as if to ignite him.

He raised a foot and dashed toward Bai Mei in a flash. Lifting his pale and bony hand, he ruthlessly grasped Bai Mei’s slender neck.

His ice-cold voice was like something that crawled up from hell:

“Bai Mei, you have failed my trust. You know the fate of betraying me.” Saath kept tightening his hands in resentment, causing Bai Mei to flush with suffocation.

Bai Mei was strangled by the throat and couldn’t make a sound, but there was still a faint smile hanging on his mouth, only the emotions in his eyes had cooled down. His thin lips slightly opened, and he silently mouthed a contemptuous taunt to the man in front of him.


“How dare you!!!—”

A simple and blatant swear word, no longer masking false feelings. Everything was completely admitted and brought to light through this playful action of bare mockery.

Saath was so angry that his eyes were red. He crazily roared, both his hands tightened as if to directly cut off Bai Mei’s neck. “I’m going to kill you!”

Blood flowed down the corners of Bai Mei’s mouth as Saath’s eyes bulged with anger. He raised a hand, intending to insert it into Bai Mei’s head to dig out his crystal nucleus.

Just then, in a gap of one electric spark, a strong and sharp wind blade smashed straight towards Saath and bounced off the hand that wanted to hurt Bai Mei.

As a result, Bai Mei escaped smoothly. Whilst clutching his purple neck, he fled toward Luo Yunhai who held his arm.

Nie Xiao and the others rushed over from all sides of the city, surrounding Saath in the middle.

Seeing this circle of earthlings who played him, Saath was so angry that his blood boiled from head to toe.

His cold gaze landed on each and every one of them. Saath was so furious it brought him to laughter.

“Good, very good, I actually underestimated all of you!”






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