Chapter 84 – WuYi has returned to Earth la

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Faced with Saath’s inquiring gaze, Bai Mei couldn’t help swallowing. He didn’t dare lie at all. There were too many people in the base who had seen Xiao WuYi, and it was impossible for him to hide it.

“I’ve seen him before.” Bai Mei looked down, frantically thinking of countermeasures in his heart. He hadn’t expected that this person’s target would suddenly fall on Xiao WuYi’s body.

From the bottom of his heart, he could only be extremely grateful that WuYi had already returned to his planet in advance.

After hearing Bai Mei’s affirmative answer, ecstasy instantly showed on Saath’s face. He impatiently said, “Then where is he now? Quick, take me to him!!!”

Of course, Bai Mei couldn’t tell the truth. He reacted resourcefully and said a half-truth: “I know him, but I’m not very familiar with him in the base, and I didn’t have much contact with him. I heard that he’s not in the base these days. It seems like he’s gone out to do a mission with others, and it’ll take some time before he comes back. I have to ask other people for his specific whereabouts tomorrow morning. Even if I bring you out tonight, we might not find his direction immediately.”

Hearing this, Saath thought about the Alliance fleet that might reach the Earth in two days and frowned very inconspicuously, “How can I be so unlucky!”

Seeing this ugly face, Bai Mei’s heart was completely hung and cold sweat emerged on his palms and back. He tried to steady his breath and gather up his courage to say, “My lord, if you are not in a hurry, wouldn’t it be better to wait for him to come back voluntarily after he finishes his mission? It’s easier than going out and looking for him. I am not familiar with him. If I suddenly went to someone to ask about his whereabouts and even purposefully ran outside the base to look for him, I’m afraid it would arouse some of the base residents’ suspicion and curiosity.”

“They can doubt all they want, they’re just some weak indigenous people anyway.” Sath sneered disdainfully. If it weren’t for him not having the time, he would have personally harvested the ability cores before.

Bai Mei lowered his eyes and didn’t dare speak, but was unbearably anxious.

Saath gazed at the quiet base city in the dark night. He didn’t want to be the devil’s advocate now. It wouldn’t be beautiful if events changed halfway. He looked down at Bai Mei’s pretty face and instructed, “You’ll go and ask about the little prince’s whereabouts early tomorrow morning. Then come out of the city and tell me what you’ve heard. I’ll be waiting for you outside this base.”

Although it was a good idea to wait for him to walk into the trap, time waits for no one. It’s still more suitable if Saath goes out personally to look for him. Distance and time wouldn’t be a problem as long as he knew the general direction in which to search. If he had to wait for the target to fall into the trap, who knew how long it would take?

After the command, Bai Mei didn’t dare refuse at all. He could only bite the bullet and agree, saying respectfully, “Bai Mei will definitely complete this task.”

Saath nodded in satisfaction and flipped his hands, taking three dark green restorative medicines out of thin air. He personally handed them to Bai Mei’s hand. Soon after, he seemed to think of something. He suddenly leaned close, ambiguously raised Bai Mei’s chin, and whispered, “Almost forgot to say, you can call me Your Majesty Saath from now on. You will have the privilege of being the first to witness the birth of my new world kingdom!”

Bai Mei was inwardly very resistant to Saath’s sudden approach and frivolity, but he didn’t dare show any dissatisfaction on his face, and instead stated “Your Majesty Saath” very obediently and respectfully, causing Saath to utter a low chuckle.

“Be loyal to me and I won’t treat you unfairly.”

Saath’s fingers lightly streaked across Bai Mei’s handsome cheeks before he flung his sleeves and planned to leave. Upon seeing this, Bai Mei hurriedly got up and took a step forward, boldly questioning, “Dare I ask why Your Majesty wanted to capture that little prince?”

“Nature is needed to create my new world.”

Saath’s voice disappeared along with his figure, leaving Bai Mei quietly standing in place while holding the three restorative agents in his hand, unable to recover for a long while.

If possible, Bai Mei really wanted to scold him with “you deserve a fate worse than death.” The information revealed by this mysterious secret messed up his mind. What was this so-called new world, and what does it have to do with Xiao WuYi?

What does he want to do!?

Bai Mei could sense that the other party’s pressure had not departed far, so he didn’t dare contact other people immediately. He walked back to his room, lay down on the bed, and closed his eyes. His heart was incomparably worried, and his mind was frantically pondering how to stall the next instance this happened. How could they cover up WuYi’s matter?

At that moment, in the other rooms.

Nie Xiao and the others were pretending to be asleep on their beds, their nerves tense as they didn’t dare relax in the slightest.

If they were still as ignorant of the inside story as before, tonight might still be like the previous nights where they slept unaware. But this time, they learned beforehand that the main culprit was just in the room near theirs. Suppressing the impulse to go over and fight was already very difficult and frustrating.

If it wasn’t for the safety of all the members of the base, if it wasn’t for their insufficient understanding of the enemy, and if it wasn’t for their strength that still requires development, they would have turned to the dark, rolled up their sleeves and gone straight to work long ago.

Currently, there has been no sign of news from Bai Mei for a long time. Nie Xiao and the others did not dare act rashly, but their hearts became more anxious.

Bai Mei, who’d been sensing Saath’s pressure, felt it leave the base city area. He finally relaxed his tight muscles, stretched out his hand from under the pillow and took out the mobile phone to send a message to the group.

He sent out all the known information at once.

—Bai Mei: He didn’t go far, just outside the base.

—Bai Mei: His name is Saath. He didn’t ask me for ability cores this time. Instead, his aim is Xiao WuYi. He kept saying that he wanted to use the little prince to create some inexplicable new world.

—Bai Mei: I lied to him that WuYi went on a mission, but tomorrow he ordered me…

Bai Mei sensed the power of coercion’s movement outside the city while swiftly editing the text with both hands, as if leaving after effects. He explained the whole sequence of events carefully.

For fear of overlooking something, he even repeated his and Saath’s conversation without changing a single word.

A small scale signal network was built inside the villa, limited to communication between the rooms upstairs and downstairs. Everyone didn’t dare to interrupt at this time, reading the information from Bai Mei with bated breath and rapt attention.

Saath had suddenly changed his goal to Xiao WuYi, and the unfathomable remarks about a new world made everyone puzzled.

He had turned the Earth into an apocalyptic zombie paradise, and now he was talking about creating a new world, and even involved Xiao WuYi in it. He was practically a psychopathic evil cultist!

Everyone was unable to make sense of it, all except Nie Xiao whose face was extremely ugly and grave. His eyes were dark and dangerous as they stared at the words “new world” that he didn’t understand.

When he saw these two words, he almost immediately associated it with the secret space-time and vitality ability that Xiao WuYi had personally told him about, as well as the living space containing mountains and waters.

His family’s little hamster’s tremendous treasure really aroused the covetousness and greed of thieves.

Nie Xiao took a deep breath and suppressed the intense fury in his heart. At this time, his thoughts were almost exactly the same as Bai Mei’s. He was very thankful that Xiao WuYi was not on Earth and not in the base at the moment, otherwise they would definitely be in a head-to-head confrontation right now.

Through Bai Mei’s description, the opponent’s words revealed confidence everywhere. It was obvious that he had a trump card up his sleeve in capturing Xiao WuYi. He must have come prepared and had found a way to deal with Xiao WuYi’s space shuttle ability.

In this case, Nie Xiao didn’t want to let his cub stay on Earth by any means. He didn’t want to endanger even a single hair of his.

WuYi’s safety when staying on planet Nemo was obviously much higher than here on Earth. Moreover, it seems that this Saath obviously did not know that WuYi had left Earth.

At present, the enemy was in the dark and they were in the know, so everything was more favorable to their side. Thinking like this, Nie Xiao exhaled, then moved his hands and quickly sent a message.

—Nie Xiao: No matter how he will deal with Xiao WuYi, we must hold him up first. Feng Dao said that there should be a rescue in two days, so we will try to stall him for these few days. In accordance with what Bai Mei said, lead him out of the base walls first, and if a fight starts, then just fight.

—Duan Wenyu: Yes, this battle is unavoidable anyway, deceiving him into going out will at least not harm ordinary people in the base. Fortunately, WuYi is not here tonight, else we can only imagine how this person would deal with WuYi.

—Ning Feng: I think this psychopathic creationist will probably use our little hamster as a sacrifice. Damn, fuck him to death when he leaves the base tomorrow. In any case, now that things have reached this point, there’s nothing we can do about it.

—Bai Mei: You may not necessarily be able to deal with him together, but… if that time comes and I lose my reason under his control, I just hope for everyone to not be lenient.

Nie Xiao and the rest read Bai Mei’s words and suddenly stopped replying, feeling a burst of unpleasantness. Naturally, it would’ve been the best outcome if they managed to delay for time. Not only could they have learned more information about the enemy, Bai Mei also would’ve had enough time to improve his strength.

But who could’ve expected that Saath wouldn’t follow this route when he came this time, and rather aimed at Xiao WuYi. How could this method fool him now?

Tomorrow outside the base, they could at most deceive him for one whole day. With the opponent’s strength, he would inevitably discover Bai Mei’s deception, and then a battle would be inevitable…

They could only go and see at the exact moment it happens if they would be able to withstand the opponent’s super zombie king attack, and whether they could survive until the arrival of Xiao WuYi’s reinforcements, else the base would suffer. After all, the opponent was not only strong, but was also capable of controlling and upgrading the ordinary zombies to initiate a zombie tide.

Everybody took a deep breath, tossing and turning around in bed, struggling to sleep as they felt the heaviness of the dark storm that was coming tomorrow and the day after pressing on them.

Nie Xiao gazed at the dark night sky outside the window, moved his fingers slightly, and sent another message to the group.

—Nie Xiao: Fortunately, Xiao WuYi is not here right now. Since Saath’s goal is him, we are considered to have undermined his plan, and it will definitely affect him. He didn’t anticipate that we had already contacted the outside world.

Bai Mei, Duan Wenyu, and the others who saw this couldn’t help but agree with him. Their unanimous thoughts at this time were on the fortune of Xiao WuYi’s absence at present.

However, the little prince, who everyone was chanting about in their hearts, had already finished his dinner on the Mermaids’ planet and was saying goodbye to MoYan and the others, preparing to cross time and space to come to Earth.

Xiao WuYi directly changed back to the form of a small hamster. His small claws drew a round mini space hole, and he bore into it with a swoosh.

Shuttling this way saves energy and effort!

Thereupon, with a ‘thump’, the soft little dumpling plastered onto Nie Xiao’s face.

Nie Xiao: “…”

The others only saw Nie Xiao suddenly sending a bunch of garbled codes like “@#@%#……” as if his fingers were cramping.

Everyone tilted their heads: “?”

Is this account hacked?

Little hamster: “Chi!”

Daddy! Baby is finally back la!!!



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