Chapter 82 – WuYi thinks he’s unworthy

A Filthy Rich Hamster in the Apocalypse
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The ‘he’ in the title refers to Saath, btw.


Listening to Xiao WuYi and MoYan, Lord Randt at the other end of the screen became even more disgusted with the Qitu Race. He could not help saying, “If all these speculations and conjectures are true, then it isn’t surprising that those Qitu remnants only choose to spread this virus in the reserve!

“As this virus was developed by using our people and is harmless to us, only the inhabitants of the protected area can provide them with a steady stream of ability cores and crystal nuclei1I swear, am I jinxing myself or is this novel out to pit me? Maybe I should just shut up and not touch the footnotes… yes, that’s a great idea…!!” Lord Randt stated as he frowned tightly, thinking that what he had said might be the truth.

MoYan nodded in agreement, his eyes sharp and full of loathing. “That must be right! We drove them to extinction back then, so they ought to hate us the most. If this virus could harm us, they would’ve definitely turned us into zombies and ability users first thing to let us form ability cores and crystal nuclei for them to dig up and use.”

They were currently speculating about the Qitu Race with no less than the worst malice. They were certain that the reason why the virus hadn’t been used on them was definitely for this reason.

Instantly, everyone present became even more disgusted with the Qitu Race.

His Majesty Seidong, who was looking through the information he was holding, calmly said, “However, this also ensures our rescue team’s safety. If this virus cannot infect us and make us mutate, then it’s all the more convenient for our counterattack!”

“Yes.” Everyone nodded. This could indeed save them a lot of trouble. As long as they were careful not to be bitten or injured by the zombies, they didn’t have to worry too much about this virus infecting their people.

At that moment, MoYan remembered Bai Mei’s appearance, which relied on medicine to maintain, and he couldn’t help but say, “Speaking of, it’s strange. This virus can cause people to differentiate into four different states, so why didn’t the Qitu Race directly differentiate themselves into ability users? Wouldn’t that be better?”

AnYi, who’d learned about Bai Mei’s current situation through the information, immediately sneered. “Perhaps in the Qitu Race’s eyes, the zombie king is the ultimate and optimum state of mutation and differentiation since it can use both the crystal nuclei and the ability cores? It’s also immortal; they merely have to discard their appearance. How is it not perfect?”

The crowd uncontrollably nodded their heads when they heard this, saying that it really fit that race’s way of thinking.

Contrarily, Xiao WuYi spoke, “Maybe they can only change into zombie kings? Dad… XiaoXiao said that the majority of the people who became ability users have outstanding physical or mental capabilities before the apocalypse.

“Before the Qitu Race mutated, their body was extremely poor. It didn’t have the conditions required to mutate into an ability user and was completely unworthy of awakening abilities!” Xiao WuYi frowned and pursed his lips before saying in disgust, “If it were not for their superior minds and stronger mental power, they might’ve been reduced to mere zombies!”

Everyone smiled seeing Xiao WuYi’s cute disgusted appearance. But when they thought about it carefully, it would indeed be a fairly revolting matter if the Qitu Race was capable of successfully awakening abilities similar to them.

His Majesty Seidong nodded in affirmation. “Yes! They are not worthy of awakening abilities that resemble ours, so they started by stealing and plotting against our people to develop this virus and eventually mutated into a zombie king. Still, they can only gain abilities by stealing other people’s ability cores. Once a thief will always be a thief!!!”



While Xiao WuYi was focusing on various arrangements and discussions regarding the dregs of the Qitu Race, Saath had already rushed to Earth’s periphery without a hitch.

Seeing that the screens he’d arranged showed no signs of being touched yet, Saath’s heart was completely relieved. He then entered Earth without any hesitation to check its situation.

He carried a hint of wretchedness as feelings of anxiety and urgency permeated his heart.

The failed battle with the four races’ reconnaissance warships earlier was just like a basin of cold water poured down on him, completely dispelling his original inflated and arrogant mentality, and allowing him to recognize the cruel reality of “it’s hard to beat more with less.”

Possessing a body modified by the “Evolution γ Virus” and with countless power cores, he was indeed extremely powerful in terms of individual strength, but in the face of the entire Alliance, he was negligible and ridiculous.

He alone couldn’t shake such a towering Alliance legion.

When he thought of these things, more hatred arose in Saath’s heart. If he hadn’t been the only remaining Qitu Race now, he wouldn’t have cut such a sorry figure today.

He must find the little prince quickly! So he could hurry up and create a new world that belonged to him!! So he could quickly restore and create the mother star that gave birth to them from the beginning!!

Ever since he’d been transformed to possess a strong physique and ability, a new mother star world had become some sort of existence that was Saath’s obsession.

In addition to his being-god-like ambitions of dominating everything, Saath wanted to recreate his people on that mother star—the new world he would create.

The people in the Alliance had healthy mother stars; they would never understand the pain of those less fortunate. They had never thought about the pain of drifting around and living under strangers, away from home. They provided them a place to stay in the name of kind-heartedness, but they were actually giving alms to them!

If their mother star’s galaxy hadn’t headed for exhaustion at the start, according to the Alliance’s major races’ normal evolution on their mother stars, they themselves would’ve evolved into having even more formidable abilities and physique sooner or later.

If they had a sustainable and healthy mother star from the beginning, they wouldn’t have needed to drift at all, they simply wouldn’t have needed to be interstellar refugees, and they absolutely wouldn’t have needed to spend time and effort on scheming to solve their degraded fertility and viability caused by drifting!!!

Ultimately, they had fallen to the point where they were about to go extinct because they didn’t have a healthy mother star!

Saath overlooked the azure planet in front of him from a high altitude. He was so jealous that he was about to go crazy. Why did everyone have a healthy and beautiful mother star, while he and his people did not!!!

Fortunately… his new world was about to be made. He would reconstruct and create a new mother star galaxy. Under his plans, that mother star would stay healthy forever.

He would also become an immortal god revered by all living things!!!

Saath’s eyes burst into endless fiery madness as he plunged into Earth and began searching for his lovely little prince.


At that very moment.

Bai Mei, who was in the laboratory, suddenly stood up. Palpitating all of a sudden, he raised his head to look at the blue sky outside, and frowning tightly, he said, “He’s here.”

Bai Yue and Dr. Wei Hanming’s hearts jolted.

Saath’s nature was also a zombie king, and the response between zombie kings was very strong. The stronger zombie king could also manipulate zombie kings weaker than him and ordinary zombies.

With the upgrade of Bai Mei’s aptitude, he could now fully accommodate five ability cores in his body. His acuity for the power of coercion had also improved, and he could feel the extremely strong coercion emanating from Saath’s body from afar.

When Nie Xiao, Wu Wenqi, and the others heard the news, they all hurried over from outside. It was still daytime. According to the usual circumstances that Bai Mei had told them before, they still had time to discuss because that person usually showed up late at night.

Nie Xiao looked at Bai Mei and solemnly asked, “Can you feel where he is right now?”

Bai Mei replied with certainty, “Not in our area for the time being. He should’ve gone to the other hemisphere first. He’ll definitely come looking on this side when night falls.”

Luo Yunhai worriedly looked at Bai Mei. “Then can you cope when he comes tonight?”

“He won’t kill me. I’ve prepared enough ability cores this time, and he’s praised my good aptitude before. He’ll definitely keep me on the job,” answered Bai Mei as he looked at Luo Yunhai with a soft smile.

“This time I’ll see if I can get more information out of his mouth! I’ve successfully deceived you guys before, so you all have to believe in my acting skills!” Bai Mei said half-jokingly, making everyone relax a little.

Nie Xiao, who also found these words amusing, had the corners of his lips uncontrollably raised. Then he looked at Bai Mei and said very seriously, “But you still can’t take tonight lightly. Before, Jiang Qiu and I weren’t perfectly deceived by you, while that person is a scientist who can develop viruses and should have strong insights. Once you find something amiss, you must immediately sound the siren. All of us staying sleeplessly in this room tonight will accompany you.”

It was rare for Nie Xiao to say so many words. Bai Mei nodded seriously, looked at everyone left and right, and said with a smile, “It’s really great to have you all as comrades.”

Hearing this, everyone present smiled.

“But it’s better not to have a conflict tonight. We still don’t know enough about him. He’s really strong, far better than me and Nie Xiao. Once we fight, the base will be in danger,” Bai Mei said earnestly and gazed at everyone.

Regarding this point, everyone in the room was also aware that the main purpose for tonight was to worm out facts and obtain restorative medicines. However, everyone was still a little aggrieved. They knew that the culprit was right in front of them, yet they couldn’t act rashly; it really was very unpleasant.

“I wonder when our little prince will come back with the rescuers!” Ning Feng gazed at the sky outside the window, heart filled with longing.

With that said, Nie Xiao couldn’t help but purse his lips. At the side, Possier and Sislow were missing their family very much in their hearts as well.

Feng Dao also gazed at the blue sky outside the window before saying, “His Highness WuYi and General MoYan must’ve joined the Alliance meeting already. If everything goes well, a rescue fleet will be dispatched any time now. Large-scale interstellar ships are capable of warp jumps. Compared with ordinary spaceships, the time it’ll reach the Earth will be greatly shortened. At most, it will be two or three days.”

Everyone: “…………”

“Two or three days!!!” Ning Feng exclaimed.

The earthlings present couldn’t help but recall the star field map they saw before which obviously indicated such a long distance…

Suddenly, they were astonished by the technology in the interstellar.

The topic abruptly diverged, and Bai Yue couldn’t help but begin to think about the future. “When the apocalypse is over, I have to go to your place to look around!!!”

Dr. Wei Hanming nodded. Hadn’t it been for the research on vaccines at hand, they would’ve already pondered upon and studied the quantum brain that Possier and the others brought.

That was all interstellar black technology!

Nie Xiao’s focus wasn’t on such remote things. Thinking of his family’s cute little hamster, he was quite proud as he spoke, “My cub’s space shuttle surpasses all black technology.”

Your Little Highness, why don’t you come back quickly and collect your Daddy!!!







big brain stop
Xena: Saath’s reasoning… who could destroy your mother star except the one living in there? Tsk. If your race was so intelligent- nevermind, there’s no point going big brain for this. There are a few more chapters to go, let me wash my brain.

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really, once someone is blinded with envy it makes even the smartest of smartest turn so retarded


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  2. …To play the devil’s advocate here, I should point out that it wasn’t a case of them destroying their mother star – it said that their mother star was weak and at the end of its life, and burnt out. And well, it’s true that all stars eventually do die. So their mother star was just too old to continue sustaining life. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. The problem isn’t that they refused to assume responsibility for destroying their own mother star, because there was no responsibility to assume. It’s that they felt that because they had the misfortune of being born on a planet with a dying star that the universe owed them compensation. And rather than being grateful for the help and acceptance they were given, they simply took it as their due and resented their rescuers for being in the position to aid them in the first place. They decided that everyone who hadn’t experienced the same things they did deserved to suffer for it, and they were justified in anything they chose to do because of it.

    So while they can’t be blamed for the death of their original mother star, they can absolutely be blamed for their attitudes and actions afterwards.

    It’s like the cycle of abuse – most people who experience something unfair and traumatizing learn and grow, and struggle to find healing. They overcome. But some people are just prone to becoming sick and twisted, and it because their excuse, their reason, their justification and validation to become monsters in their own right. Once you cross that line, you’re not a victim anymore. You’re just another victimizer who needs to be stopped, and doesn’t deserve anyone’s sympathy.
    (Survivors of abuse like me tend to be very, very resentful of people acting like the cycle of abuse is about anything but a little extra push towards making someone who already has psycho tendencies go nuts. Acting or talking like it in any way gives those people some kind of excuse or mitigating factor for their own actions is like a slap in the face to every single person who suffered and *didn’t* choose to become a monster because of it. It’s also extremely disrespectful in that it implies that we’re like a bunch of unexploded bombs and recovery is about making sure we don’t go off. Yeah, there are some aspects of that to it – PTSD and flashbacks suck, so do learned behaviours. But unless you’re reacting on instinct too fast to stop yourself, or you didn’t know someone was there and able to get hurt by your lashing out, hurting someone else is *always* a choice.)

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