Chapter 81 – WuYi’s anger and hatred

A Filthy Rich Hamster in the Apocalypse
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Just like a twinkling of an eye, the nineteen-year period that could be described as long was also not that long. Except for Xiao WuYi, who had no real memory of that time because he had been too young, everyone present could be said to have personally experienced the bloodshed.

Because of the sudden madness and betrayal of the Qitu Race, the major figures of various races of the Alliance fell one after another. That year was the darkest—a time where the worst civil strife since the establishment of the Interstellar Alliance had happened.

A moment of silence fell upon the conference room. His Majesty Seidong looked at the silent Xiao WuYi beside him. Feeling affection and doting, he couldn’t help but stretch out his hand and rub the other party’s black hair.

It was this unsuspecting disaster that made Xiao WuYi, who’d been born not long ago at the time, to lose his parents forever. Although he hadn’t experienced it in person, the pain and regret it brought afterwards were quite heavy.

MoYan looked at his little nephew with distress. His eyes became so dark that it was about to drip water when he recalled the accident that year. He gritted his teeth and clenched his fists with hatred. “There’s still descendants of the Qitu Race left?”

After the victory that year, he had been personally responsible for the final clean-up operation and tracking. He hadn’t expected there’d still be fish that had slipped through the net.

The old prime minister of the Qijiang clan was no longer surprised by Earth’s situation. Frowning tightly, he fiercely spoke, “Sure enough! The virus in the reserve can only be made by those lunatics of the Qitu Race. Experimenting with hundreds of millions of living creatures is simply deranged!!!

“That’s just how they slaughtered our people back then, this group of ungrateful white-eyed wolves!!!”


At the beginning, the Qitu Race had merely been an intelligent race living in a small galaxy at the border. Because the star energy of their galaxy had been exhausted and their home star had been no longer suitable for living, they’d begun to gaze beyond the starry sky.

They had gathered the wisdom and strength of the entire planet to create a spaceship to leave their home planet, which had been no longer suitable for survival, and had drifted around in the vast interstellar ocean.

In the process of drifting, the Qitu Race had experienced generations of personnel replacements. The number of people dropped sharply, and they met the members of the Alliance when they were about to die out.

At that time, the Interstellar Alliance’s peace system had already been established for a hundred years. Faced with a pitiful race who had lost its homeland and had no combat power, the Alliance had selflessly opened its arms to them and provided them with a place to reside.

The surviving Qitu people had cherished this opportunity, and they soon won the favor of the Alliance members.

They were famous for the barb-like paint pattern in the middle of their foreheads. They had supreme intelligence and were high-end scientific-research talents from birth. With their amazing learning speed and ability, they perfectly integrated into the culture of all ethnic groups in the Alliance and even entered into diverse high-tech research institutes.

Each of their remarkable research results had made them more loved by all races, and because of the loss of their home planet, they had also left a trace of compassion in the hearts of all these races.

It stood to reason that in such a preferential environment, the Qitu family ought to grow up quickly.

But what was regrettable was that although they have outstanding brains, their physical quality was very weak. The long-term interstellar drifting had altered their genes, making it so difficult for them to reproduce offspring that it couldn’t even be solved by technology.

Compared with the races in the Alliance which possessed ample combat effectiveness and various kinds of innate skill and abilities, the Qitu Race was really weak and small, almost like glass people.

Confronted with such a situation, the Qitu Race had begun to harbor distorted thoughts. Because they’d been small in number and their cohesiveness had been very strong, they later quietly schemed a terrifying conspiracy under the noses of the races.

They coveted the other races’ powerful physique and extraordinary abilities.

At the beginning, they’d only captured ordinary residents to do experiments, so no one had ever noticed—but as their experimental research progressed, they’d started to be dissatisfied with the residents’ ordinary innate skills and had begun to set their sights on those more powerful big shots who had higher statuses.

They had acquired trust as a medical researcher and approached these big figures. Until finally, as if an appointment had been made, they carried out an extremely bloody sneak attack of massacre on that night 19 years ago.

Unprepared, countless renowned figures were brutally murdered.

Xiao WuYi’s parents were included in those who were massacred that night. In front of the weak Qitu people, everyone had lowered their guard.

The entire Alliance was incessantly and deeply pained because of this bloody accident.

The Qitu Race had planned it all carefully. After they had succeeded in the sneak attack, they’d invaded warship forces by stealing and started a big fight in an attempt to escape.

People of the entire Alliance were extremely hurt by the white-eyed wolf Qitu Race’s acts. They were also immensely furious.

Each and every race utilized the power of their whole race to conduct a siege, suppression, and a clean-up on the Qitu Race. In the end, the Qitu Race had still underestimated the strength of the wrathful major combat races, and they had been beaten so hard they’d lost the power to retaliate.

Since then, the Qitu Race had vanished without a trace from the Alliance, but the pain they had caused could never be erased.


Since he was sensible, Xiao WuYi was very curious about the story of his king father and queen mother. Even though everyone had been very reluctant to mention that year’s bloody accident in front of him, he still knew everything he should know.

Albeit MoYan and AnYi had given him lots and lots of love, the sadness and regret of his parents’ death would lie buried in his heart forever.

He had lost his biological parents because of the Qitu Race; and now, because of the Qitu Race again, his second hometown, the Earth home both he and Nie Xiao loved ardently, had become riddled with scars and devastated lives.

The Qitu Race had succeeded in arousing Xiao WuYi’s anger and hatred.

“I will kill him with my own hands.”

Xiao WuYi, who rarely gnashed his teeth in anger and spoke such ruthless words, did just that. The little hamster’s ire and vicious nature was completely evoked.

The others saw the youth’s red-eyed appearance and were all slightly startled, but at this time, no matter who it was, they could comprehend his feelings very well.

MoYan and AnYi stared at Xiao WuYi’s appearance, their hearts feeling a bout of melancholy. They’d thought that after the clean-up operation, he no longer needed to bear this enmity. However, who could’ve thought that the extinct Qitu Race, who had disappeared from the past, would once again make a comeback to perpetrate evil!!

His Majesty Seidong couldn’t help gently caressing the corner of Xiao WuYi’s eyes in distress. He soothingly said, “He is our common enemy. No matter what, we will execute him. These sorts of people are the scourge of interstellar.”

The identity of the black hand behind the scenes had been uncovered. Confronted with the remnants of the Qitu Race, the risk level of the countermeasures discussed at the meeting had been raised, and the next plan was quickly and decisively launched. All the races of the Alliance immediately dispatched rescue fleets and warships to the protected area.

They didn’t know if there were more Qitu people behind Saath, but this time, they would definitely not walk down the road of that murder case many years ago and lower their guard.

The meeting was about to end as all decisions had been issued. His Majesty Seidong was also preparing to close the communication with the Duke Seidon when AnYi suddenly brought up a topic that attracted everyone’s attention.

“Speaking of the accident that year, we still haven’t figured out what kind of experiments the Qitu people were doing to this day. They suddenly killed so many of our clansmen overnight. In the end, what results have they achieved through that reckless madness?” AnYi touched his chin, his gaze darkening as he pondered.

After hearing this, everyone immediately considered the issue, and did not leave the conference room immediately.

On the virtual screen, Lord Randt thought for a moment and said to AnYi, “One thing is undoubted and well-known by all; what they covet the most is our strong physique and innate ability. They’ve lost their mother star, and they’ve completely lost the opportunity to evolve their ability and advance their physiques during their long interstellar drifting!

“The mother star is the most fundamental and significant existence to a race. There is no alternative planet more suitable for our survival than the mother star that gave birth to us in the first place. We have spent hundreds of millions of years in the environment of our mother star, which is most suitable for us, and we’ve evolved into having diverse powerful talents and abilities of today. The Qitu Race essentially doesn’t have this opportunity anymore.”

“I am aware.” Hearing this, AnYi nodded and continued, “At the time, all their experiment’s data and materials had disappeared after the clean-up operation. We decided that they were extinct, so we didn’t continue to investigate. But now that the Qitu Race has reappeared, that original experiment must surely be in progress as well. Then, does that mean that the current zombie virus is the final result of their research?”

Duke Seidon couldn’t help connecting this with the battle earlier, and he felt very much in agreement. The Qitu remnant, a single individual, had used innumerable abilities which had completely exceeded the Qitu Race’s original weak image. What he had used earlier were the so-called ability cores, which were obviously remodeled from the virus.

MoYan nodded as well. Remembering the various strange abilities he had seen on Earth, he replied, “I think it’s possible. This zombie virus should be their final result.

“We have found a total of four states of the humans on Earth. The first is turning into a zombie, an unfeeling and brainless walking corpse; the second is changing into a zombie king, which is also a zombie but has consciousness and can use and control ability cores1I haven’t seen any trace of power nuclei in these past chapters. If you know, you know..

The third one is normal humans who have awakened abilities. Some of their abilities are very similar to ours. For example, Earth’s Xie Jun and Liu Dashan’s are very similar to the abilities of your Qijiang Race! Back then, the Qitu people murdered so many of our clansmen for experimentation. These similar abilities are certainly related to that. The last type is ordinary people who haven’t changed. They’re extremely prone to zombie infection and becoming new zombies.” MoYan gave such a long string of words that his mouth turned a little dry; he took a drink of water from a cup.

Xiao WuYi beside him also nodded. “No wonder I felt that the abilities on Earth were very familiar. Now that I think about it, out of almost all the kinds of abilities that appeared on Earth, we can find similar ones among us!!”

At this time, everyone began to carefully read the many information materials about Earth brought back by MoYan. His Majesty Seidong noticed the great simultaneous coma everyone on the Earth had experienced at the beginning of the apocalypse. “If it can mutate and differentiate people into four states, this virus may not be generally called zombie virus.”

“It doesn’t matter what its2It said ‘his’ but as WuYi is referring to the zombie virus, I put it as ‘it’. name is!” Xiao WuYi carefully recalled the scene at the beginning of the apocalypse before adding, “Speaking of which, I was also in a coma at the beginning, but the final result only made me recover my original ability. I didn’t remember anything after being stranded on Earth, but it restored my storage ability in advance.

“So, this virus might not enable us to catalyze mutations. At most, just like what happened to me, it can return my original abilities because this virus originally came from a research on us and is harmless to us,” Xiao WuYi boldly guessed.

MoYan suddenly remembered the situation of his Sislow-induced amnesia. His ability had suddenly been taken away after a coma, and before that, it was obviously because his memory was blocked3MoYan can still turn into mist back then, so this might be referring to his ability to transform into human from tiger.. Meanwhile, Sislow and Possier had not received the slightest influence from the crisis.

“Perhaps it really is.” MoYan nodded.





  • 1
    I haven’t seen any trace of power nuclei in these past chapters. If you know, you know.
  • 2
    It said ‘his’ but as WuYi is referring to the zombie virus, I put it as ‘it’.
  • 3
    MoYan can still turn into mist back then, so this might be referring to his ability to transform into human from tiger.


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