Chapter 80 – WuYi’s enemy who murdered his parents

A Filthy Rich Hamster in the Apocalypse
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“The accident that year really caused too many regrets!” Patriarch Feng lamented as he thought of his deceased old father. Deep sorrow was revealed between his eyebrows.

Everyone was immersed in their memories, and the atmosphere there was a little silent for a while.

AnYi hadn’t intended to make the topic so heavy. He had only mentioned Xiao WuYi, but then he couldn’t help himself from adding a few more words.

On the basis of ‘whoever opens the chatterbox is the one responsible’, AnYi smiled to enliven the atmosphere. He consoled, “This matter happened so long ago in the past. Everyone can only continue to look forward. Fortunately, His Highness WuYi grew up healthy and happy. Mo Yan and I can now report back confidently to my elder brother and his wife.”

“You’re right.” Duke Seidon nodded. He put away the sentimentality in his heart, looked up at His Excellency AnYi with slight admiration, and smiled before he continued, “If His Majesty Mingyuan and Queen Xi were still alive, they’d certainly be very grateful to you and General MoYan! Us onlookers have seen what you and General MoYan have done over the years. You must have a lot to do with His Highness WuYi becoming that lively and cheerful. His Highness himself must be very blessed. At the same time, he must be grateful to have both of you as family and elders who treasure him like this.”

AnYi thought of Xiao WuYi’s cute, spoiled appearance, and his expression softened immediately. Naturally, they knew the most just how cute their family’s child was.

The heavy topic was diverted, and the mood returned to normal. In the starry space, several reconnaissance warships continued to advance speedily towards Earth.

AnYi, Lord Randt, and the rest were sitting in the central conference hall of the Mermaid Race’s warship, chattering endlessly as they patiently waited for the results of the Alliance meeting held on the Mermaids’ planet as well as the next specific action plan.

However, what they didn’t know was that a small spaceship was following their pace not far behind them.

Saath utilized the ability cores with isolation and invisibility effect to conceal his and his spaceship’s existence as he followed the several reconnaissance warships in front of him without arousing the slightest trace of detection.

Staring at the patterns on the ensign of the four small reconnaissance warships, Saath’s eyes were filled with spiteful crimson wisps of blood. Royal Nemo Clan, Mermaid Race, Vampire Race, Qijiang Race… all of them were among the top existences on his hated list.

Nineteen years ago, it was because of these people in the Alliance that their Qitu Race was destroyed, leaving him alone. And now, this nasty Alliance once again wanted to ruin their great plan!!!

Saath’s hands gripped the spaceship’s console tightly. His fingertips were close to blanching, and it was as if blood would ooze out from his clenched teeth amid the strong rancor overflowing from his chest.

The little prince must be on the last planet, the blue Earth.

He absolutely mustn’t let these people do anything worse!

After discovering the vestiges on the screening device, Saath hadn’t dared dawdling around. Using the energy of the ability cores, he had unrelentingly examined the situation of the several “test field” planets, but in the end, there was no trace of the little prince.

The conditions of those “experimental fields” were all the same. The natives were completely vulnerable in front of the zombies, and there was no dazzling existence that could be suspected as the “light of hope.”

The last remaining was the Earth.

Saath, who’d hardly concluded that the little prince was on the natural star Earth, saw the warships in front were also moving in the direction of Earth. No matter what, Saath swore to keep these people here!

The little prince disappeared and was stranded on Earth, shielded from news of the outside world. Once these people went to the Earth to find or alarm the little prince, causing him to perceive the danger and make him tear space to escape, everything he had done would go down the drain.

Saath glowered at the four warships in front, his face revealing tinges of severe ruthlessness.

His virus-modified body put him in between human and zombie. After so many years of continuous research and upgrading, he could already simultaneously contain ten ability cores in his body, and these ability cores could even be replaced.

Currently, not only was he immortal, but he also possessed extremely powerful abilities. He was no longer the Qitu person of that time with a developing brain and fragile limbs.

The corner of Saath’s mouth displayed a self-confident and crazy, strange smile. He raised his hand before launching an ability attack on the four warships in front of him.

The loud ‘boom’ made the hulls of the four reconnaissance warships burst with red flames.

AnYi and the people in the warship were shaken by the violent turbulence. They stabilized their bodies very quickly, then immediately activated the enemy-attack emergency response mode. At the same time, they opened a communication link and contacted their mother stars.

Encountering such a sneak attack in this reserve, AnYi, Duke Seidon, and the others practically guessed the other’s intention without even thinking about it. Who else could it be besides the culprit of the virus incident?

“A small spaceship dared to attack our several warships? Are they really treating our races as pinchable clay?” Patriarch Feng scolded. He flung his hand as he left to pilot a fighter spacecraft himself and fly out to meet the enemy head-on.

Duke Seidon looked at the small spaceship at their rear through the screen while displaying an awful face. He immediately issued an order: “All mermaid warriors on alert, capture this person!”

Lord Randt and AnYi similarly gave the same instructions.

The several people here were all big figures in their races, and their fighting power was quite amazing. They took a rare interstellar voyage, so it would never be taken unprepared. A reconnaissance warship could be called a “warship” because its combat readiness wasn’t comparable to that of an ordinary small spacecraft. Nearly all personnel on board were elite fighters!

Faced with such a sneak attack by one enemy on four, they all wanted to say “daring” and “courageous”!

Everyone kept calm in the face of a battle. AnYi didn’t go out to fight in person, but instead, he watched the battle transmitted back to the screen, his face becoming more unsightly.

“There should be only one person in this spaceship. How can he use so many abilities?!!!”

So many fighters from their races were besieging him, yet they had yet to defeat this one person. Duke Seidon soon thought of the information sent by MoYan and his eyes turned profound. “It should be the use of those so-called ability cores.”

As he said so, Duke Seidon adjusted the screen and locked onto the figure in the spaceship. A pale face appeared in the middle of the screen.

What attracted their attention most was the paint pattern1漆色图文: The character for Qitu is 漆图 in the shape of a barb in the middle of the other’s forehead.

“It turned out to be the Qitu Race!!!”

AnYi was briefly shocked, then his eyes went red with hatred. With the lives of His Majesty Mingyuan and Queen Xi lying in the middle, the Nemo Royal Clan and the Qitu Race could be described as a sea of blood and deep animosity, absolutely irreconcilable.

They were still reminiscing about the bloody accident 19 years ago moments ago and hadn’t expected to see the evil remnants of that year!!!

At this time, there was another boom. The four warships oscillated again, then the engine burst into flames and the flight of the hull was severely hindered.

Patriarch Feng was clashing with the enemy in front of him. When he heard AnYi’s and the others’ words, he felt resentful. “Damn, it’s actually these Qitu people who’re doing evil again!!!

“So they weren’t exterminated during that time?!!”

The enemy who killed his father was right in front of him, causing Patriarch Feng to be unrelenting, leading his subordinates to drive their fighter spacecraft and operate their unique abilities. Various sharp and immense weapons left huge dents on Saath’s spaceship. Even if Saath used the ability core and enabled his defensive shield, it was completely useless.

The reason why the Qijiang Race was called Qijiang2奇匠: Strange/unusual craftsmen was because of their innate skill that gave birth to various god-like soldiers and heavenly craftsmen that could even be referred to as the sharpest weapons on the battlefield!

At the same time, the Nemo Royal Clan, the Mermaid Race, and the Vampire Race also showed their extraordinary innate skills and abilities. Among them, the Nemo Royal Clan has the most outstanding and diverse abilities!

AnYi, Lord Randt, and Duke Seidon were all full of indignance and enmity at this time. Although they did not go out to fight in person, they still used their powerful racial skills to practically carry3Written in English. Probs the carry in games. everyone present.

AnYi’s racial skill was the wind ability. In the interstellar’s vacuum environment, a gale of wind swept through, and a powerful wind blade cut through Saath’s spaceship, causing his defensive shield to make an ear-piercing noise.

In this situation with so many enemies and a less favorable situation, Saath himself had overestimated his lone fighting power. He looked at the warships in front of him with bloodshot eyes of hatred. However, despite his immense hatred, he could only retreat little by little in defeat.

While retreating, Saath could only use the fire system ability core to thoroughly detonate the four warships’ engines before using the space ability to escape quickly.

He must stall these people no matter what.

AnYi was jolted by the fierce shaking of the ship. He watched the instant disappearance, and his eyes immediately turned red. He gritted his teeth and ordered them to chase after him. However, in this vast sea of stars, Saath, who concealed himself, was simply impossible to be found.


Xiao WuYi and MoYan, who were far away at the Mermaid Planet for the Alliance meeting, almost simultaneously received the news of AnYi’s ambush. They became endlessly nervous.

The faces of the Mermaid Race, Qijiang Race, and Vampire Race’s leaders too became quite ugly after receiving this piece of news at nearly the same time.

The four races’ movements had aroused the curiosity of other big races. Xiao WuYi did not hide it, and rather eagerly spoke, “AnYi and the others have been attacked. Let’s quickly dispatch a fleet to the protected area. We must act fast!!!”

Concerning AnYi’s safety, both Xiao WuYi and MoYan were a little anxious, and this anxiety, on their faces, was completely undisguised.

The Mermaid Emperor, Seidong, expressed his understanding and also felt a little anxious. After all, Duke Seidon was his own younger brother. But as the president of the Alliance, he still needed to remain calm. “Try to contact them first!! Furthermore, we have no way to rush over immediately!”

Xiao WuYi and His Majesty Seidong, as well as the Qijiang Race and the Vampire Race, all initiated communications towards their own people’s ships. After several failed connections, His Majesty Seidong’s communicator was finally connected first.

Seeing the four people who were safe and sound in the pop-up screen, Xiao WuYi and MoYan were relieved.

“AnYi, you’re fine! Baby and Uncle were scared to death!” Xiao WuYi didn’t care about all the etiquette. He leaned toward His Majesty Seidong’s side, squeezed into the camera, and looked at AnYi with glistening tears.

AnYi’s expression softened. “Thank you for your concern, Your Highness. I am fine. I’m staying on Duke Seidon’s warship at the moment. All of our warships’ engines have been completely detonated. I can’t continue toward Earth for the time being. I have to ask for all of your support.”

His Majesty Seidong didn’t care about Xiao WuY’s lacking manners; on the contrary, he gently rubbed the youth’s black hair and asked him to bring over a chair and sit next to him.

“We will send a rescue fleet at once. What happened to the attack?” His Majesty Seidong looked up at the four people on the screen and asked.

AnYi, Patriarch Feng, and the other’s faces went cold.

“It’s the Qitu Race.”

As soon as this answer came out, the audience was stunned. Their expressions turned ugly.

Xiao WuYi’s face suddenly turned pale, his pursed lips tightened, and he quietly squeezed his fists.

Although everybody around him was afraid of him being sad since he was a child and had rarely mentioned the events of that year with him, the two words “Qitu Race” had always been deeply imprinted in his mind.


  • 1
    漆色图文: The character for Qitu is 漆图
  • 2
    奇匠: Strange/unusual craftsmen
  • 3
    Written in English. Probs the carry in games.


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