Chapter 8 – WuYi’s hardcore housekeeping

A Filthy Rich Hamster in the Apocalypse
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Chapter 1 - WuYi is a little hamster Chapter 2 - WuYi can't eat fish Chapter 3 - WuYi is a left-alone hamster Chapter 4 - WuYi's last call Chapter 5 - WuYi fell into a deep sleep Chapter 6 - WuYi became a biped Chapter 7 - Angry WuYi is very scary Chapter 8 - WuYi’s hardcore housekeeping Chapter 9 - WuYi opens the way to find his father Chapter 10 - WuYi picks up crystal nuclei everywhere Chapter 11 - WuYi arrives at the center of the city Chapter 12 - WuYi goes to Yuncheng University Chapter 13 - WuYi saves Xiao Yu-meimei Chapter 14 - WuYi takes a comfortable bath Chapter 15 - WuYi covers his tiny sockpuppet Chapter 16 - WuYi's first stop, Shancheng Chapter 17 - WuYi exerts energy and strength Chapter 18 - WuYi looks at the roadside flowers Chapter 19 - WuYi was held hostage Chapter 20 - WuYi overtakes space ability Chapter 21 - WuYi continues moving forward Chapter 22.1 - WuYi’s about to reach Fengcheng Chapter 22.2 - WuYi's about to reach Fengcheng Chapter 23 - WuYi enters the fog Chapter 24 - WuYi enters Fengcheng Chapter 25 - WuYi arrives riding on auspicious clouds Chapter 26 - WuYi is Daddy’s child Chapter 27 - WuYi’s safety depends on everyone Chapter 28 - WuYi loves Daddy the most Chapter 29 - WuYi is three years old this year Chapter 30 - WuYi will help build a base Chapter 31 - WuYi has a big baobei Chapter 32 - WuYi is an all-rounder little expert Chapter 33 - WuYi carries out search and rescue Chapter 34 - WuYi asks Daddy to charge Chapter 35 - WuYi belong exclusively to Daddy Chapter 36 - WuYi and Daddy takes a bath Chapter 37 - WuYi wants to fall in love Chapter 38 - WuYi sets off to Haicheng Chapter 39 - WuYi’s portable big villa Chapter 40 - WuYi will be good to Daddy Chapter 41 - WuYi is the Little Prince Chapter 42 - WuYi fishes a black box Chapter 43 - WuYi meets a mermaid Chapter 44 - WuYi learns a new kissing method Chapter 45 - WuYi hates zombie bugs Chapter 46 - WuYi is a native fairy Chapter 47 - WuYi’s family and friends Chapter 48 - WuYi arrives at the strait Chapter 49 - WuYi and the Little Vampire Chapter 50 - Mediating WuYi is online Chapter 51 - WuYi’s crossing the sea Chapter 52 - WuYi and the Zombie King Whale Chapter 53 - WuYi’s Daddy disappeared Chapter 54 - WuYi’s butt spanked

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The apocalypse had arrived. Everyone was now in danger and was being practical and careful with protecting their lives without exception. Therefore, it was the first time Xie Jun and the others had seen such a reckless person.

Xiao WuYi boldly opened the floor-to-ceiling windows directly and aimed towards the zombies’ heads for a critical hit! Cracking open their skulls like opening coconut, without dragging mud from the water1You know when you wash something from the river and you drag mud with you… It means doing things sloppily..

Alas, my little young master is so strong!!!

The group of younger brothers watching were even more ashamed and felt inferior in their hearts. They all experienced three days of the apocalypse, but their work was not as clean and as neat as the boy’s who had just woken up and was experiencing his first day.

[strong man shedding tears. jpg]

The rest of the zombies flooded like a tide through the gap. Xie Jun and the others dared not stay in a daze and quickly followed, sweeping away the zombies surrounding the villa.

After it was over, Xie Jun and the others sat on the ground, panting. They looked at the little boy who was still standing and they couldn’t help but sigh, it’s nice to be young.

Xiao WuYi stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, frowning deeply as he looked upon the pile of zombies. His small face was clearly unhappy as he muttered to himself, quite annoyed.

“The house is so dirty, Daddy won’t like it.”

Xie Jun and the others: “???”

Why do you still care about whether it’s clean or not? At this point, you aren’t even going to let these dead zombies save face!

For the average person, it may take a lot of courage to kill zombies for the first time. They might not even be able to raise a hand when they remember that these zombies were once living people. However, for WuYi this problem didn’t exist at all.

He was not similar to other human beings. He would probably hesitate to kill living people, but once he realized that these zombies no longer belonged to the category of human beings, there was not the least bit of hesitation within him.

In addition, although hamsters are very cute, mother hamsters eat their babies when they are hungry [smile.jpg].

Xiao WuYi was a little worried as he looked at the messy house. He didn’t even know whether or not his idea could be done. He sighed and drove the confused Xie Jun and the others to the courtyard outside.

Soon after, everyone saw the young boy squat in front of his door as his pair of fair and delicate hands covered the ground.

He closed his eyes as if in repose.

Xie Jun and the others looked at WuYi with black question marks floating above their heads, figuring out if there was gold on the ground. Then, suddenly, a miraculous scene appeared. The shock made their legs collapse from, forcing them into a kneel and sending out a soulful cry in their hearts.

——Fuck! ! ! !

The entire villa and part of the surrounding land were directly removed from thin air! It disappeared without a trace! The bare ground exposed the soil, leaving only a pool of bloody mucus and a pile of zombies.

Xie Jun and the others looked at the little boy in front of them, their minds completely filled with only a few large characters.


In order to get rid of the blood-stained corpses and restore the cleanliness of his home, WuYi seemed to have overdrawn his ability as his body wobbled when he stood up.

Fortunately, the results were still very gratifying. Xiao WuYi looked inside of his space and saw the whole villa had settled safely on the plain inside the valley space. Everything in the house was still there and also restored to their original clean state. Although some facilities remained broken, the most memorable parts were well-preserved.

He took the whole house. After finding his daddy, his daddy would be very happy.

Xiao WuYi couldn’t help but clap his little hands in satisfaction, two shallow dimples appearing  on both sides of his cheek.

However, as soon as he looked back, Xiao WuYi was frightened by the eager eyes of Xie Jun and the others causing him to take two steps back. He felt that they were looking at him as if he was a rich fat sheep full of wealth.

He’s obviously just a little hamster!

“Elder brother, are you still lacking a younger brother?” Xie Jun brightened his eyes and rubbed his hands, his face was full of eagerness. “The kind of younger brother who can cook, wash clothes, hit iron, mold swords, and cut wood to make furniture!!!”

As soon as Xie Jun spoke, everyone around him nodded and was looking at him expectantly.

Little WuYi was a little intimidated by this scene, and he didn’t know how to deal with it for a while. He said dryly, “But I still have to go find my daddy.”

“We’ll also go find Daddy!”

“My daddy!”

“En, your daddy!!”

In any case, Xie Jun and the others decided to rely on this golden thigh. Spatial ability user—that’s the treatment that only the protagonist of most apocalyptic novels can have!

In short, just follow.



After three days and three nights of coma, Nie Xiao finally woke up. When he opened his eyes, Wu Wenqi’s enlarged face greeted him. Although he was also very sturdy and handsome, it was not his own cute Choubao after all.

“Boss, you finally woke up!!!”

Nie Xiao sat up, expressionless as he looked around. He looked at Wu Wenqi, who was safe and sound, and lastly, his gaze landed on Xiao Yan at the side.

Xiao Yan shrugged and smiled.

“Fate is not absolute.”

In an instant, Nie Xiao felt that his heart can finally rest assured.

Wu Wenqi, a big man but secretly had red eyes from early on, “Boss, we thought you wouldn’t be able to hold on anymore! You’ve been sleeping for three days, and there are now a lot of zombies outside.”

Hearing that he was asleep for so long shocked Nie Xiao. He looked at the door that was being slammed into and forced to loudly make clang clang noises, and then quickly calmed down, letting his teammates tell him about what happened during this time.

Xiao Yan was the first to have physical abnormalities but was also the first to wake up. She recovered the next morning after the meteor shower, so she knew clearly everything that had happened during the three days.

A mysterious and inexplicable meteor shower came without warning and turned more than half of the world’s people into zombies. The civilized order that humans have spent thousands of years to establish was completely destroyed in less than three days.

“When I first woke up, the communication network had not been completely disconnected. I immediately contacted Ning Feng and also Wenqi’s sister, but…”

There was no response. Then with the following shutdown of the communication network, contact was completely lost.

Xiao Yan was talking but sadness kept her from continuing.

Aside, Wu Wenqi thought of his sister and teammates whose life and death were uncertain, and finally couldn’t help but cover his eyes and raise his head. He would never let the tears in his eyes fall before completely confirming their bodies.

The sudden heavy atmosphere made Nie Xiao stay silent for a moment. His face was gradually getting dignified, but he still couldn’t help saying words of comfort.

“It will be fine.”

Hearing this, Xiao Yan cheered up a little and immediately patted Wu Wenqi on the shoulder to comfort him. “Hear that? It will be fine. The boss brings light when he opens his mouth. He also said it to me before and I really didn’t turn into a zombie, so everyone must be fine!”

Wu Wenqi’s emotions also eased. He turned his head to look at Xiao Yan with red eyes, and seriously spit out, “You can continue being sarcastic in the future. Jokes are not for you.”

Xiao Yan: “……”

The heavy atmosphere was broken, and Nie Xiao couldn’t help but lift the corner of his lips, repeating, “It will be fine, everyone will be fine!”

Wu Wenqi and Xiao Yan immediately laughed.

Afterwards, he seemed to remember something. Wu Wenqi looked at Nie Xiao with shining eyes, “Boss, do you feel something strange?”

Nie Xiao looked at Wu Wenqi and Xiao Yan who both have serious expressions, and then closed his eyes and felt his state carefully. He was about to say that it was okay when all of a sudden, the electrical appliances in the whole room resumed operation briefly. At the same time, a breeze with unknown origins came and touched the trio’s cheeks.

The light bulb flashed briefly, illuminating the surprised faces of Wu Wenqi and Xiao Yan.

“It’s wind and lightning! Dual abilities!”

Nie Xiao didn’t respond and turned to look at his hand again. His thoughts moved a little and a light blue current slipped across his arm, at the same time a small and gentle tornado gathered on his palm.

Nie Xiao couldn’t help but lift his head. He saw Wu Wenqi and Xiao Yan showcasing their own abilities.

Xiao Yan closed her eyes and concentrated, and then her fingertips and hair tips frosted. Wu Wenqi touched the ground with both hands and a small bulge appeared on the originally flat ground.

Frosting and ground, the most typical ice and earth abilities.

“Boss, we all seem to be ability users.”


Nie Xiao looked solemnly at his hand.

Wu Wenqi and Xiao Yan: “……”

This bland response had no power at all, making them miss Ning Xiao Feng2a.k.a Ning “little” Feng.


Harbin Airport Infirmary.

As soon as Duan Wenyu opened his eyes, he saw Ning Feng holding a black bauble and quickly throwing it out of the window of the infirmary. The loud ‘bang’ followed after made his brain buzz a little.

“Blow up and play with this, you gang of ghosts!!!”

Ning Feng scolded in a low voice and then watched as the zombies walked away after the explosion sounded. Only then was he quietly relieved. He was about to go back and make a few more burning bottles but as a result of lifting his eyes, he saw Duan Wenyu who had just woken up, and he was stunned.

Stream of tears came rushing down.

“Huwawa you didn’t turn into a zombie!”

Duan Wenyu: “……”I didn’t turn into a zombie just now, did I?

Looking at the ashen-faced Ning Feng with heavy dark circles, Duan Wenyu suddenly felt his heart soften. He walked over and patted the teenager’s head, appeasing him. “You worked hard.”

“I almost worked hard to death! I haven’t closed my eyes for almost three days!” Ning Feng said angrily, wiping his tears and raising three fingers, “There were so many zombies at the airport. If you didn’t wake up, all of the materials and burning bottles would have been used up. “

Duan Wenyu inevitably turned his gaze to the bottles and jars on the table. It was estimated that everything that could be dug out from the infirmary was out here.

“I drank glucose solution for three days, and my stomach has been rebelling.” As Ning Feng’s mouth complained like a machine gun, he also told Duan Wenyu about his situation and what happened in the past few days.

Duan Wenyu listened patiently, and couldn’t help but rub Ning Feng’s head again. It was obvious that although Ning Feng was complaining, it couldn’t be denied that at the bottom of his heart he was very happy that he could see Duan Wenyu awake.

“Also, don’t you know, there’s no lighter in this infirmary! I didn’t even find a match, but guess how I burned the bottle in the end?” Ning Feng couldn’t help but look at Duan Wenyu with a hint of pride in his eyes.

Duan Wenyu raised an eyebrow. “Fire roll?”

Ning Feng gave Duan Wenyu a disdainful look. Then under Duan Wenyu’s gaze, he proudly extended a middle finger and a pinch of flames appeared out of thin air.

Duan Wenyu couldn’t help but jump.

“Gave you a fright huh! I’m a fire ability user now hahaha!” Ning Feng showed off with a laugh, but this didn’t even last two seconds as it became a joke on the spot.

Duan Wenyu’s voice was as gentle as water as he raised a hand with water droplets dripping quietly on the fingertips. “Oh, what a coincidence. It seems I have the water ability.”

Water droplets dripped on Ning Feng’s fingers, extinguishing the proud little flame.

Ning Feng: QAQ

This person really is my archnemesis.


Yes, hamsters do eat their babies for a variety of reasons. It’s the animal kingdom, law of the jungle. But still, first time knowing this, I’m shooketh.

Also, Nie Xiao’s mercenary group is like an assorted box of chocolates. 


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