Chapter 79 – WuYi is a little mischievous

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Following Xiao WuYi regaining consciousness was a flurry in the great hall. MoYan temporarily set aside the call with AnYi and the others and hurried over.

Xiao WuYi took in the familiar and amiable environment around him, still a bit unsettled and dazed. He sat on the bed with his black hair curled and sticking up, looking cute and lovely. The hearts of the surrounding attendants almost melted.

Their cutest little highness was finally back!

MoYan strode over, sat on the edge of the bed, and touched Xiao WuYi’s forehead. “Awake? Do you feel any discomfort?”

“No no!” Xiao WuYi shook his head. He looked at MoYan, then at his surroundings. His senses instantly sprung into circulation, and he suddenly rolled off the bed somewhat impatiently.

“Uncle, I’m fine; how long did I sleep!? We still have to inform everyone! By the way, how come I don’t see Aunt AnYi? He must be notified about this!”

Xiao WuYi looked around worriedly. His cute, anxious appearance wasn’t at all like the stately and staid appearance of a royalty, but everyone had long been accustomed to this.

Even Duke Seidon and company at the other end of the screen were calm and composed. After all, this was the normal style of the Nemo Royal Clan’s orthodox royal family.

MoYan laughed and reassured, “Don’t worry, you just slept for one night. Your aunt is here, too!”

Having said that, he handed the communicator to his family’s Little Highness. His Excellency AnYi, who was across the screen, looked at Xiao WuYi with flushed eyes.

Xiao WuYi’s eyes lit up, and he leaped to the screen with joy and longing. “Aunt!!!”

“Don’t call me Aunt. It’s Little Uncle!!!” AnYi emphasized while wiping his red eyes. It was stated in a fierce tone, but with incomparable intimacy.

Across the screen, AnYi carefully checked Xiao WuYi’s state. His heart softened into a ball once he saw this lively and vigorous appearance.

The little hamster especially missed AnYi at this time.

After a brief reunion full of intimacy, Xiao WuYi also knew that MoYan had already disclosed everything happening over there on Earth to AnYi while he’d been asleep. Since Duke Seidon and them were present, they were also informed.

In this regard, Xiao WuYi immediately felt relieved and a bit impatiently asked, “Since you’ve all known about it, can we rescue them next?”

Xiao WuYi held the communicator in one hand and MoYan in the other. As he walked to the conference table in the front hall, the two sides were discussing the following plan through the screen.

AnYi, who was on the reconnaissance ship, nodded. He put away his longing mood and said seriously, “Rescue is inevitable. I, Duke Seidon, and the others here are now preparing to proceed towards Earth. We’ve already given some gathered relevant information to the Alliance Headquarters.”

Duke Seidon, Lord Randt, and the rest on the side nodded and added, “The central administration in the motherstars of our races are now aware. Our races will participate in the Alliance’s conference that will be focusing on the specific arrangements and planning regarding this matter. The <Interstellar Act>’s protected area system had been jointly formulated by the entire Alliance, so it’s only compulsory for other planets to be notified.”

“Uh-huh! I understand.” Xiao WuYi’s thought process was very clear. Looking at AnYi’s group, he worriedly advised, “Then you must be careful when dispatching a fleet from our side. Bai Mei said that the man in black is powerful and dangerous!”

Duke Seidon couldn’t help raising his eyebrows and remark with a smile, “I’m afraid His Little Highness WuYi may be looking down on us. Although we came out with only four small reconnaissance warships, our combat power should be alright.”

Xiao WuYi swept a glance over AnYi’s, Duke Seidon’s, Lord Randt’s, and Patriarch Feng’s calm faces. He wrinkled his nose in embarrassment and muttered while blushing, “Baby’s not concerned about you!!!”

Having lived on Earth for four years, he had almost forgotten which races were at the top-ten combat races in the Alliance. Possier and Sislow, those fighting dregs must’ve misled him!!!

Possier and Sislow, who were far away on Earth, sneezed one after another. They simultaneously sensed the dislike coming from outer space.

AnYi was the distinguished grand secretariat1首辅 (shoufu): is the official title of the chief academician of the Ming Dynasty and the chief military minister of the Qing Dynasty. of the Nemo Royal Clan. Although his combat strength wasn’t as good as that of General MoYan, it was still quite excellent, not to mention that their reconnaissance warships were still carrying elite guards.

“Then I shall thank Your Highness for the concern.” AnYi tenderly gazed at Xiao WuYi, then smiled. “Your Highness, as I am outside at the moment, the subsequent royal-clan meetings and the Alliance Conference will cost you extra attention.”


When Xiao WuYi heard this, his little face immediately became bitter. “It’s really troublesome being a little prince oh. It’s still better to be Daddy’s Baby on Earth!”

MoYan’s and AnYi’s mouth and eye corners twitched. Duke Seidon and company next to them were unable to restrain their laughter, covering their lips as they let out low chuckles.

AnYi reacted afterwards. He narrowed his eyes, and he had a dangerous expression. “Your Highness, Daddy on Earth?”

His Highness little hamster suddenly quivered. He couldn’t help but guiltily appeal for help from Uncle MoYan beside him, yet he only got a ‘my hands are tied’ look.

“You said it yourself.” The unperturbed General MoYan held up his cup and took a sip of tea. HmHmph, Nie Xiao hadn’t even passed his level yet. He couldn’t care less.

Little hamster: QAQ!

Uncle, why are you only watching me die instead of saving me!

Looking up to see AnYi’s expression, he was so afraid to tell the truth as it was. Aunt AnYi wouldn’t be able to accept it all at once, and his uncle would become a poor old widower!!!

“Uncle, what will Baby do if Aunt is angered?” Xiao WuYi’s big eyes were watery. He looked extremely sincere and pitiful.

MoYan & AnYi: “…………”

The atmosphere sunk into a weird silence all of a sudden. Xiao WuYi’s eyes wandered in hesitation and his fingers fiddled around. For a while, he didn’t know how to confess his relationship with Nie Xiao to AnYi.

“…Say it! I won’t be that mad.” AnYi tried his best to do some psychological building for himself, but these words were still spoken without confidence.

Moyan, who was reminded by Xiao WuYi, suddenly didn’t dare see his family’s wife’s next reaction. He turned to look at his family’s little highness nephew and suggested, “…Should we just not talk about it?”

“Un!” The little hamster nodded in much delight.

Then, the uncle and nephew happily hung up the communicator.

AnYi: “…………?”


Soon after ending the call with AnYi and the others, Xiao WuYi and MoYan received an invitation letter for the Alliance Conference. The agenda was the virus incident in the protected area, and the leaders of all races were invited to participate.

Xiao WuYi and MoYan changed into formal outfits and directly headed to the Mermaid Royal Clan in secret. This Alliance’s event chairman was the Mermaid Royal Clan, so naturally, the meeting place was on the Mermaid Royal Clan’s motherstar. The chairman of the Alliance usually changed every five years, and they could not be re-elected.

The matter about the virus in the protected area was currently in a highly confidential stage. Thus, the conference was held in secret and in emergency, and in order to avoid creating a disturbance, the masses outside had yet to hear the news.

Xiao WuYi and MoYan’s return was only known to each race’s senior officials in the Alliance. The planets affected by the virus were currently under isolation and blockade, yet Xiao WuYi and MoYan had both returned from there. If this news was rashly spread, it would inevitably alert the enemy, so as soon as MoYan had come back, he had ordered the great hall to block the news out of absolute consideration.

It was just that they couldn’t have imagined that Saath, who was the mastermind behind the scenes, had noticed long ago.

When AnYi and the others had first discovered the signal blocker screen, although they had tried their best to erase their traces and restore it to its former state, they’d still inevitably left clues. These tiny hints were very obvious, especially in front of Saath, an abnormal scientist who was so observant to the smallest detail..


Xiao WuYi and MoYan went to the conference. Meanwhile, AnYi was left quite speechless by the tacit operation of the uncle and nephew when hanging up the communication. He was both amused and upset in his heart and grew even more curious about Xiao WuYi’s experience on Earth over the past few years.

As he looked through the current information about Earth transmitted by MoYan, AnYi’s line of sight uncontrollably landed on the name “Nie Xiao.” Reportedly, this person had taken care of their Highness during his disappearance in the past few years.

AnYi’s eyes couldn’t help but narrow.

…Wild “Daddy”? Hehe.

On Earth, Nie Xiao, who was cleaning up zombies, suddenly shuddered, having sensed the dense resentment coming from his mother-in-law in outer space.

Lord Randt, who was very envious of the simple and adorable relationship between the Nemo’s royal family, couldn’t help but laugh and remark, “Your Excellency AnYi’s family relationship is really harmonious. His Highness WuYi seems to be very close to you.”

On the side, Duke Seidon and Patriarch Feng thought of their bad-hearted children and nodded their heads. Compared with their family’s bear children, His Highness WuYi was indeed adorable.

AnYi suddenly smiled and replied, “You just don’t know how he and his uncle are when they’re annoying! When he was young, he was cute and well-behaved, but the more he grew up, the more naughty he became. He’s just as mischievous as his uncle.”

“MoYan and I raised His Little Highness hand in hand. The late emperor passed away in the prime of his life because of that accident, leaving the barely one-month-old Highness WuYi, whose transformation was still unstable. His original form was so small!”

AnYi gave a short description of the past to everyone. When he recalled that time from long ago, his eyes were somewhat distant and sentimental. Feeling nostalgic, he continued, “At that time, the only remaining bloodline of the entire royal family was the small baby, His Little Highness. MoYan and I, including the entire Nemo Royal Clan, were afraid that he would have some accident. Him missing the past few years almost drove us crazy searching. Fortunately, he’s now back safe and sound.”

Listening to AnYi speak of Xiao WuYi’s parents and childhood, the hearts of those present suddenly felt a little sad and regretful. They were all insiders who‘d been involved in the accident that year. The battle 19 years ago had left some shadows and scars on the hearts of all races.

At that time, the King and Queen of the Nemo Royal Clan hadn’t been the only ones who had passed away, but the other tribes had also sacrificed many outstanding figures. The entire Alliance had mourned for them.

Patriarch Feng’s father, the previous Patriarch of the Feng Family, had also died in that accident.

Almost twenty years have passed, yet the terrible scene of bloodshed of that time remained unforgettable.


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    首辅 (shoufu): is the official title of the chief academician of the Ming Dynasty and the chief military minister of the Qing Dynasty.


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