Chapter 78 – His Highness WuYi is awake

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Hearing MoYan inquiring about AnYi’s whereabouts, Grand Elder suddenly regained his senses and quickly told the truth about His Excellency AnYi’s location.

Grand Elder clapped his forehead and said to MoYan both vexed and happy, “Look at my memory. His Excellency AnYi needs to be told the good news of you being back with His Little Highness as soon as possible!! You don’t know this, but after receiving your communicator which returned automatically, His Excellency AnYi had been very anxious and worried. Afterward, he personally took a reconnaissance ship to the protected area to find where you were. And all the affairs of the royal family were temporarily handed over to us, elders, to manage.”

“If he knew you’re back safely, His Excellency AnYi will definitely be elated!” Grand Elder felt delighted from the bottom of his heart.

As MoYan listened to this whole sequence of events, a warm current was surging in his chest. He immediately fetched a new communicator and sent a message to AnYi, who was far away in the protected starfield area.

He wanted to personally report his safety to his lover.


At that very moment, His Excellency AnYi, Duke Seidon, and the rest who were in the protected starfield region were all wearing quite the ugly expression.

Not long ago, they found MoYan’s undamaged aircraft along the asteroid belt on the edge of the reserve. That combined with the communicator MoYan sent back in a state of emergency, as well as the anomaly of Possier and the other’s collective loss of communication, they unanimously speculated that something might have gone wrong inside the protected area.

For insurance purposes, the four of them from different races went into the reserve together to investigate the situation.

What they never imagined was that the problem would be so severe and vile. They were currently passing by three or four recorded natural planets that possessed intelligent life. All have suffered invasion from unknown viruses without exemption.

At the same time, they discovered signal screens from their higher civilization on the surrounding satellites and planets of these planets.

These screens not only completely isolated various signals sent by these celestial bodies but also forged an illusion of peace and tranquility for the detectors at their Alliance’s headquarters. So that they, who were outside, would not perceive how heart-wrenching and inhumane these planets were suffering from the invasion.

At this time, on board several reconnaissance ships and warships.

“Unacceptable! Truly unacceptable! Just who the hell is using these planets as test grounds!!!” Patriarch Feng of the Qijiang Race glared at the tragic picture sent back by the detector. His eyes were red with rage and he couldn’t help cursing loudly. “It’s practically an extinction of humanity!!!”

The interstellar civilizations they have at present were all developed from such ignorant, childlike, natural planets step by step. As long as someone has a bit of empathy, they wouldn’t act on such newly enlightened worlds.

How was this any different from an armed adult bullying a defenseless infant?

Moreover, considering that all the life forms on these celestial bodies have collectively erupted into zombie mutations, it was obviously not an accident or a coincidence. This was simply someone deliberately spreading the virus, using hundreds of millions of creatures on these planets to do inhumane experiments on living bodies.

Lord Randt’s expression was also hideous and so gloomy it was about to drip water. He solemnly said, “We must report this matter to the Alliance Headquarters. This is no longer solely these planets’ business. We must intervene as the native inhabitants of these planets alone are not enough to defeat such an overbearing virus. Their technological level is now severely damaged, and the casualties of their scientific and technological personnel are also disastrous. What’s more, they don’t even know that there’s a mastermind from a higher civilization behind the scenes.”

“Yes, we must ferret out the culprit responsible for all this, or else there will be endless troubles. If such an inhuman existence is left alone, it will harm the people of our planet sooner or later!” Duke Seidon nodded heavily, his gaze was profound as he spoke.

They have yet traveled to the Milky Way Galaxy which was located in the innermost part of the reserve, but they could now fully imagine the terrible condition Earth was in. The reason for the loss of contact between General MoYan and their children was bound to be inseparable from this living body experiment.

“I just hope that our children and General MoYan are still safe right now.”

Thinking of MoYan, Sislow, and the children who have lost connection, the mood of the several influential figures in the interstellar seated here at this moment was extremely complex and deeply anguished.

His Excellency AnYi pursed his lips, looked at the brilliant starry sky outside the starship, and subconsciously placed his right hand on his heart. “They’ll definitely be alright.”

Several reconnaissance warships continued to fly towards the Milky Way galaxy at extreme speed. Lord Randt was about to report the latest information they collected to their home stars and the Alliance Headquarters when a ‘didi’ tone was heard from AnYi’s communicator.

Instantly, everyone’s attention was drawn to him.

AnYi looked down at the signal from the Mother Star Forest Hall displayed on his communicator. Thinking it was because the elders had something hesitant about and wanted to consult his decision, he immediately connected the call without thinking about it.

However, the moment it was connected, AnYi’s eyes turned red, and tears instantly blurred his vision.

The sudden appearance of MoYan on the screen shocked Lord Randt, Duke Seidon, and the others, prompting them to come over and surround it.

MoYan’s gentle gaze stayed only on AnYi’s handsome face for the time being. Seeing his lover cry, he was a tad distressed. “Darling, I worried you.”

AnYi wiped his tears away, took a deep breath, and rained curses with flushed eyes. “You old bastard, so you know you worried me!!! Quickly explain what’s going on. Shouldn’t you be trapped on Earth? Your spaceship is here with me; how did you return?”

“…It’s a long story.”

As the tenderness disappeared under AnYi’s questioning, MoYan embarrassedly rubbed his nose, and then dropped a staggering bomb on AnYi without any notice. “I found our little highness. It was His Highness who brought me back.”

AnYi: “!!!!”

Lord Randt and the rest were also stunned.

Hearing Xiao WuYi’s whereabouts, AnYi’s thoughts and worries for MoYan were instantly kicked flying into outer space. He almost impatiently said, “His Highness is really back!!? Is it real or fake! Then why are you still not quickly getting out of the screen? Let me see His Highness’ cute little face!!!!”

MoYan: “…………” I feel wronged.

At the side, Duke Seidon and company were unable to restrain their smiles seeing the interaction between the couple. They never expected that the famous General MoYan would be a henpecked husband.

“His Little Highness isn’t awake yet.”

MoYan was already accustomed to this kind of differential treatment. After feeling a little wronged for two seconds, he walked to the bedchamber and gave AnYi a live broadcast of Xiao WuYi’s lovable sleeping state, completely reassuring AnYi.

AnYi watched the little highness, whom he had brought up with his own hands. His eye rims reddened again, and he only calmed down after being coaxed by MoYan’s warm voice.

“So, what the hell is going on?” AnYi wiped the corners of his eyes and looked seriously at MoYan.

At this time, MoYan finally noticed the several familiar bigshots serving as a backdrop. He recalled his interaction with AnYi moments ago in front of so many people, and he couldn’t help feeling embarrassed for two seconds before his strong psyche made him quickly regain his composure.

MoYan coughed slightly, straightened his expression, and swept his gaze across Lord Randt, Duke Seidon, and the others’ faces, arriving at the conclusion that these few figures gathered together by coincidence.

“His Highness and I have just returned from Earth. Currently, the Earth has been invaded by a zombie virus. Possier, Sislow, and your two sons, Patriarch Feng, are still on the Earth, but everyone is safe. Please rest assured, everyone.

“Now, I will tell you carefully what I know about the situation.”


AnYi and the bigshot family heads from other races listened intently to the information MoYan gave about Earth’s circumstances and the man in black, their faces becoming exceedingly unsightly.

MoYan also learned from AnYi that Earth wasn’t the only planet that had encountered this vicious attack, and the rage in his chest could no longer be suppressed.

For a time, everyone only wanted to hack that mysterious man in black into mincemeat.


At that very moment, Saath, who was being mentally flogged by AnYi and the others, was taking his meticulously constructed cage to harvest the “fruits” in his lovely “experimental fields” one by one.

While in the process, he was also looking out for the most promising and vibrant, the most dazzling place.

The little prince of the Nemo Royal Clan would undoubtedly be there. After all, the power of vitality and space-time was no joke!

However, before he could set foot on the first “experiment field,” Saath’s face darkened. Tiny hints of the screen being moved by someone suddenly made him feel a sense of urgency and anxiety in his heart.

“Damn Alliance!! If you break my plans, I will definitely make it so that everyone in your entire Alliance will want to survive but isn’t able to; will want to die but cannot!!!” Sath threatened through gritted teeth and then accelerated his actions.

Temporarily, Saath didn’t have enough time to collect ability cores for the reason of putting the surveying and contrasting of the situation of the living things on several planets as the main priority.

Finding the little prince was the most important thing, and the rest were just secondary prerequisites.


Bai Mei sat in the research room, coordinating with Bai Yue, Dr. Wei, and the other scientists’ examinations while looking at the date and time on his mobile phone. There was a sudden sense of uneasiness in his heart out of nowhere.

Bai Yue noticed his elder brother’s restlessness and asked with concern in his tone, “Brother, what’s the matter?”

Bai Mei shook his head with knitted brows, then looked at the one-third remaining of the dark green restorative medicine. Clutching his chest, he said, “Little Yue, I’m feeling somewhat agitated. I faintly feel that that person may be coming soon.”

“Really?” Bai Yue suddenly stood up nervously. Even Dr. Wei and the others shifted their heads sideways.

Bai Mei was not so sure. He pursed his lips and explained, “Calculating the time I take three restorative medicines, the effect will be more or less up around this time.”

“Then what are you hesitating about? You quickly drink the rest!” Bai Yue, regardless of the progress of the experiment, directly handed the rest of the restorative medicine.

Dr. Wei and they all nodded. “The person will surely give you restorative medicines again. First drink so you can have insurance. If he suddenly finds out, it will be a big problem!”

“Very well, I have a hunch that it will be in the following days.”

Bai Mei’s gaze was calm and collected as he nodded. Along with becoming stronger, his feelings for the same kind became increasingly stronger as well. He didn’t shy away and directly drank the remaining half tube of the restorative medicine.

“Regardless of whether your hunch is wrong or not, we all have to be vigilant. We have to talk to Big Brother Nie and the others as soon as possible!” Bai Yue said with a bit of urgency.

“En.” Bai Mei nodded.


Xiao WuYi had slept on a big soft bed all night as he slowly recovered his abilities. His curled-up eyelashes trembled slightly, and his eyes opened in a flash.

He abruptly sat up on the bed, causing the attendant next to him to cry out:

“Ahhhh, Lord General! His Highness, he woke up!!!”


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