Chapter 77 – WuYi returns to the Nemo Royal Clan

A Filthy Rich Hamster in the Apocalypse
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A few days have passed by in the blink of an eye. WuYi Base’s daily affairs were proceeding in an orderly manner. Everyone was busy and energetic. The light of hope was perpetually etched in people’s hearts and the apocalypse didn’t seem to have so much suffering and darkness.

Bai Yue, Dr. Wei Hanming, and the other researchers’ research experiments were also being carried out urgently. Bai Mei provided the restorative medicine, giving Dr. Wei and the others a lot of research lead. Bai Mei himself took the initiative to participate, which also contributed to the research progress by leaps and bounds.

Dr. Wei and the others had been conducting analysis tests by drawing blood samples from Bai Mei and they’d finally confirmed that there was indeed some kind of factor inside Bai Mei’s body that could respond to the healing ability by itself, and could thereby also play a certain role in resisting the zombie virus. As soon as this news came out, everyone’s spirits and hearts were greatly inspired! Bai Mei also cried for joy.

However, in consideration of the man in black behind the scenes, this good news hasn’t been announced for the outside world to know. For the time being, only the core members of WuYi Base like Nie Xiao’s group know.

With such a big secret and enormous good news in their hearts, Ning Feng and the others were immediately full of energy and enthusiasm from head to foot. They took teams of ability users out to do missions every day, using quality nuclear weapons and equipment to massacre zombies on a large scale and collect supplies. The other survivors on the base saw the leaders being so motivated and also subsequently became positively productive and optimistic.

Their group was luxuriantly flourishing and brimming with vigor as if to drive away this apocalyptic darkness.

In the following days, Dr. Wei and the crew continued to separate and purify, extracting the trace elements of the resistant factor from Bai Mei’s blood and further analyzing its effect on the zombie virus. At the same time, they were also thinking of methods to analyze the specific components of the restorative medicine for this dark green restorative medicine would become an extremely crucial clue to vaccine development.

If a vaccine could be successfully developed in the end, they would still have to continue to find ways to clone it and produce it in batches.

In short, the task may be arduous and long, but everyone wasn’t discouraged.


While everyone was working hard because of the apocalypse, a certain little hamster prince was also not idle.

In the past few days, Xiao WuYi had perfectly memorized the complicated starfield map. There was a distance of hundreds of millions of light-years between the Earth and the Sengalo Galaxy. During this period, the azimuth of the field map was extremely complicated, but all of them had been firmly embedded in Xiao WuYi’s mind.

Xiao WuYi stretched his hands forward, lay softly on the table, and finally took a big sigh. His little brain has been running at high speed these past few days, and it was already near overloading and discharging smoke.

“Finally learned by heart, Baby is tired to death!”

The quantum brain virtual screen was projecting a huge, splendid, and complex dense sea of stars on the room’s white wall. The Milky Way Galaxy and the Sengalo Galaxy were really very, very far apart.

“You’ve worked hard Baby!”

Nie Xiao rubbed Xiao WuYi’s head. He had been always accompanying him the past few days. Looking at this bright and complicated starfield map, he also felt that it has been very difficult for his family’s cub. He reached out from the side and handed him a glass of fragrant and delicious walnut milk. He personally helped the other drink it to help him replenish his overworked little brain.

The little hamster held the glass in both hands, raised his head and drank it all with a gulp gulp, and then took a long breath of comfort and enjoyment.

Nie Xiao smiled, stood up, and prepared to leave. “Daddy will help you call Uncle over now!”

“Alright.” Xiao WuYi, who had a circle of milky beard above his lips, nodded heavily. He placed his eyes back on the starfield map and didn’t dare to move away, his legs under the chair shaking somewhat anxiously.

“Hurry up, hurry up, or else I’ll forget everything!!”

“Okay, right away!”

Nie Xiao went out and quickly looked for MoYan. Others also learned that Xiao WuYi had already memorized the star map and were getting ready to shuttle back, so they immediately put aside their affairs and rushed over to see them off.

As soon as Possier, Sislow, and the others entered the room, they saw the complex and dense virtually projected starfield, and they were shocked, their scalp feeling numb. They looked at a certain cute young boy and admiration uncontrollably arose from the bottom of their hearts.

What awesome memorization skills… from now on they would never call this royal family stupidly cute anymore!!!

Ning Feng’s was initially planning to take the team out to kill zombies, but when they heard the news about WuYi midway, they immediately canceled today’s plan and hurried back.

Although it couldn’t be said that they wouldn’t see each other anymore in the future, everyone really doesn’t want to miss such an important moment.

“Baby will be back soon!”

Xiao WuYi closed the starfield map on the quantum brain and jumped down from the chair. He glanced over everyone one by one with a little reluctance, and when his gaze fell on Nie Xiao, it was especially wistful.

“Daddy can rest assured that Baby will come back soon and will bring people to aid everyone! The man in black will also be wanted and will be caught soon!” Xiao WuYi stepped forward full of reluctance and hugged Nie Xiao’s waist with both hands.

Nie Xiao looked down at the youth’s reluctant face, stretched his hand out to wipe off the milk beard that was still hanging on his lips, and smiled tenderly before saying, “En, we’ll all be waiting for you to come back.”

For the last time, Xiao WuYi buried his face on Nie Xiao’s chest, rubbed against it, and took a deep, yearning breath of the other’s warm and calming scent.

At this time, MoYan, who was seldom not nitpicky, simply chose to look up to the ceiling when faced with the lovey-dovey pair, eyes not seeing, heart not troubled.

There wasn’t much time left for everyone to affectionately bid goodbye. Xiao WuYi was also afraid that his memory would be blurred and confused, so he finally took one heavy ‘chup’ on Nie Xiao’s lips, quickly took his uncle’s hand, and drew a circle in the void.

Drawing this space hole was taking longer than any of the previous times. Everyone nearby was holding their breath, not daring to be a disturbance.

Xiao WuYi had his eyes closed, eyelashes trembling slightly. All the resplendent stars between the Earth and planet Nemo revolved quickly through his mind without any omission akin to a lantern with a carousel of paper horses1Kinda like the spinning night light in the Greatest Showman, gif below:.

After the space hole was drawn, Xiao WuYi’s face was ghastly white. Seeing this, Nie Xiao’s heart subsequently tightened, and he couldn’t help but step forward.


Xiao WuYi opened his eyes and showed a sweet and bright smile to Nie Xiao and everyone. Then he pulled MoYan and prepared to leave. He stepped back a little and waved goodbye to everyone.

“Baby will come back! Goodbye Daddy, goodbye everybody!

“Daddy, Baby loves you!!!”

As soon as the voice fell, the two disappeared on the spot. The space hole also closed thereafter, and everyone felt a little empty seeing the empty and shadowless place. Their parting was too fast and unbelievable, everyone somewhat couldn’t react, as if those two people were still around.

“…They returned just like that?” Ning Feng said a little dumbfoundedly.

Duan Wenyu rubbed Ning Feng’s head and said warmly, “Don’t worry, they will definitely get there safely! They’ll surely be back soon.”

“I’m still a tad bit unprepared, people left just like that.” Ning Feng mumbled.

Nie Xiao stared at the spot that was already barren, his heart empty and he was even more unwilling than before. He couldn’t help but purse his lips, suddenly regretting giving MoYan the opportunity to follow and leave…

Jiang Qiu looked sideways and glanced at Nie Xiao’s expression. Then he reached out and sympathetically patted his buddy on the shoulder. To separate was indeed a bit difficult for the lovey-dovey “father and son pair”.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.”

Nie Xiao unexpectedly put himself together quite quickly, instantly restraining the feeling of unwillingness, and calmly lifted Jiang Chou’s hand away. After leaving a sentence behind, he walked imposingly out the door, making everyone shudder with his frosty black eyes.

“I’ll go out of the base today and kill zombies.” 

Jiang Qiu and company: “…” The zombies are so pitiful.

Everyone looked at each other, mourning for the zombies in their hearts.

En… blame this apocalypse and the zombies, they separated the loving father-and-son lovers.


At that very moment.

Sengalo galaxy, Planet Nemo.

Xiao WuYi and MoYan smoothly shuttled through time and space and returned to their home planet. After four years, Xiao WuYi’s feet finally landed on the familiar soil of his homeland. The oxygen-rich fresh air was refreshing.

However, there was not enough time to appreciate and reminisce about everything. After Xiao WuYi released MoYan from his little storage, his body was a little unable to support itself. Crossing a distance of hundreds of millions of light-years almost emptied his abilities. His small face was pale, and he was about to pass out any second.

MoYan swiftly caught His Little Highness and hugged him in his arms. Then he scanned the familiar environment and his heart fell to a safe place.

The surrounding prolific green plants, the flowers in full bloom, and the incomparably clean and fresh air pouring into his nasal cavity. Even the palace in front of him whose roof was covered with a layer of verdant plants and from where leaves and vines hung down, viridescent and lush.

All the flowers, plants, and trees were flourishing and extraordinarily beautiful. Green occupying more than 80% or higher of the coverage area is the most significant and distinctive feature of Planet Nemo.

Xiao WuYi was very familiar with Planet Nemo and had directly and accurately brought MoYan to the Great Forest Hall. This classic place full of nature’s atmosphere was the palace where Xiao WuYi grew up.

The moment the two set foot here, the alarm had sounded, causing all kinds of small animals and handsome men and beautiful women dressed uniquely to rush over into the palace.

Seeing General MoYan and the youth in his arms, everyone couldn’t help exclaiming and weeping with joy.

“Quiet, the His Highness is tired and needs a rest.”

MoYan hushed them then took Xiao WuYi into the great hall amidst the dense crowd, and gently put their highness the prince on the bed in the hall.

Restrained excited whispers rang nearby.

“Ahhh it’s really His Little Highness! General MoYan retrieved His Highness at last wuwuwuwu! That’s really great!”

“I haven’t seen him in four years, His Highness has grown a lot taller. We’ve all missed it!!”

“It’s great that he was able to come back safely!!!”


MoYan looked at Xiao WuYi with eyes full of tenderness as he personally covered him with a thin quilt.

The old grand elder next to him also had eyes full of affection. He glanced at the quietly sleeping majesty, then looked at MoYan, asking in concern, “General MoYan, what’s wrong with the Young Majesty right now? Where did you find the Young Majesty?”

“He’s alright, just fell asleep due to exhaustion, let’s go out first then talk.”

MoYan interrupted the grand elder’s doubts. A few guards remained while he took everyone to the front hall. He turned to the grand elder and said, “Don’t spread the news of the Young Majesty’s return. It concerns a matter of great importance and thus cannot be presumptuously discussed.”

All who heard it felt cold with apprehension.

The old grand elder immediately ordered news from the great hall to be blocked, strictly prohibiting circulation in private.

MoYan nodded in satisfaction, and then looked around for a while but didn’t see the figure of his lover. Suddenly, he was puzzled and could only ask the grand elder next to him.

“Grand Elder, why don’t I see His Excellency AnYi?”

“Is AnYi out? Why is it that only the elders are here to preside over the affairs of the palace?”



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    Kinda like the spinning night light in the Greatest Showman, gif below:


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