Chapter 76 – WuYi’s Princess Xiaoxiao

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Bai Mei shook his head in disbelief, only thinking that this idea was very much absurd and that it was impossible to find an antibody factor from him. However, seeing Bai Yue and Dr. Wei nod their heads in agreement, he couldn’t help but hesitate a bit and become nervous.

Bai Yue directly grabbed his brother’s hand, looked up at Bai Mei’s eyes, and earnestly said, “Brother, Elder Brother Nie’s guess is indeed very possible. It’s reasonable to say that a zombie king is also a zombie but it’s also a fact that my healing ability is only useful for you.”


Hearing this, everyone suddenly looked over in surprise. Bai Yue and the others had never told them there was such a thing before.

Bai Yue didn’t hide it at this time. He glanced at Dr. Wei Hanming next to him and directly confessed to everyone, “To be honest, when we were in Haicheng before, Dr. Wei and I had caught ordinary zombies and conducted experiments in secret. I have tested whether my healing powers have any effect on the zombies, unfortunately, my ability has neither the slightest influence nor created a change on them!”

“It was indeed like that.” Dr. Wei Hanming nodded. His face agreed without the slightest sign of jesting. He gazed up at everyone gravely, and then said to Bai Mei, “Bai Mei, your existence is very special. At that time, when we saw that Bai Yue’s ability was capable of solely affecting you, even if it was only a momentary change, we were inwardly very much surprised.

“But because we have not formally carried out the research, we weren’t sure what factors brought about this difference. Thus, we decided to temporarily not tell everyone this matter so as not to make everyone happy in vain. However, even though this result is still inconclusive, Mr. Nie’s speculation is by no means unfounded.

“Bai Yue said that the restorative medicine you gave us contains rich healing ability elements in it, and this healing ability only works on you, which proves that in your body exist factors that other zombies absolutely do not have,” Dr. Wei said with certainty.

Bai Mei’s whole being was dumbstruck by this information, and he dazedly stood in place, still in disbelief and unable to get back to his senses.

The others weren’t any better. They were all stupefied by the news, looking at Bai Mei’s eyes as if they were looking at a super precious treasure.

“…This is truly an incredible discovery!!”

Bai Yue gazed at his brother who hadn’t recovered yet, stretched out his hand to embrace him, and affectionately comforted him. He then spoke near his ear, “So, Brother, don’t undervalue yourself and don’t let your imagination run wild. Your body might possess something that can give us all the hope to live. Just now, Dr. Wei and I were going to ask you if you want to cooperate with our research but were forestalled by Elder Brother Nie.”

At this moment, Bai Mei didn’t know how to describe his feelings. His tear glands were like an out-of-control dam, causing his tears to flow violently. He was so excited that his words were choked with emotion and out of tune. “I…”

“Perhaps other zombies can’t be saved but you must be saved, Brother. There’ll definitely be methods to change you back to your original appearance.” Bai Yue’s eyes unknowingly turned red as he guaranteed this as if it were a pledge.

Bai Mei never thought that his body would have such a possibility. Although he was currently living peacefully and amicably with everyone, the difference between people and zombies was like an insurmountable wall between them, making him incompatible with the rest of them.

And now, even if it was only a slight possibility, it was enough for him to easily unload this heavy psychological burden.

“I-I… I will cooperate well.” Bai Mei wiped his tears away and said with a smile, “I don’t feel any pain right now. You are welcome to do the research.”

Bai Yue disgruntledly shook his head. “I will be very careful and will not act recklessly. You are my brother, not my guinea pig.”

While watching this scene full of warmth, everyone also digested the information they had just learned. This was probably the greatest news since the apocalypse. If there really were antibody factors in Bai Mei’s body, then all of humanity would be saved.

“We’ll all be alright. Baby will also help!!!”

At that moment, Xiao WuYi got in the middle of Bai Yue and Bai Mei, and held the two’s hands together, using this as a pretext to send a little bit of vitality into Bai Mei’s body. As expected, he felt the breath of life responding positively and energetically to him.

Meanwhile, the breath of Bai Yue’s body was more or less similar to his power of vitality. Xiao WuYi watched the two, and only thought that these brothers were practically the best salvation partners in the world!

If Bai Yue was there, it was alright if he didn’t make a move. If it was really necessary, he only needed to quietly fish in troubled waters while Bai Yue would cast his abilities.

Thinking like so, Xiao WuYi stopped worrying. He was overflowing with happiness that his eyes were bright and he directly turned back to a little hamster, twisting his chubby butt and cute short tail.

The two brothers Bai Mei and Bai Yue were completely unaware of Xiao WuYi’s small movements. They all laughed happily seeing the lovable youth in between them.

Nie Xiao, however, noticed WuYi’s small movements and beckoned the person back. He rubbed the white, soft, and tender face affectionately with both hands.

Ning Feng looked at the Bai brothers and couldn’t help but lament, “If this antibody factor really exists, then that would be great. You two brothers were simply specially arranged by the heavens to save us. The Father from above doesn’t want us, humans, to be game over so early!!!”

“At present, zombies basically stand on the opposite side of humans. Zombies kill humans, and humans kill zombies. If you two weren’t brothers, who could’ve known that there might be antibody factors existing in the body of a Zombie King?” Ning Feng felt fortunate when he thought about it.

“It would already be considered pretty good if it wasn’t a you die and I live kind of situation.”

When Ning Feng mentioned this, everyone suddenly felt a lingering trepidation. If it weren’t for this opportune blood bond and if it wasn’t for the pure-heartedness of Bai Yue and Bai Mei, human beings might’ve become extinct without learning that there might’ve been an antibody factor in a zombie king’s body.

“It really is fortunate,” Duan Wenyu also couldn’t help but sigh in lament.

Bai Mei and Bai Yue looked at each other, then couldn’t help but laugh. Being each other’s brothers, they couldn’t be any luckier.


Late that night, everyone slept with the wonderful news revealed by Bai Mei. In their dreams, the zombie virus vaccine was developed, and this apocalyptic catastrophe became a thing of the past.

In a bedroom, the lighting was dimmed.

Xiao WuYi took out Feng Dao’s starfield map and studied it for a while. When he saw Nie Xiao come out after washing his face, only then did he put it away to prepare for sleep.

Nie Xiao saw this scene and couldn’t help but curl his lips into a tender smile. He rolled the boy into the quilt and pinched his little nose. “Baby is working so hard tonight?”

“Baby wants to go back soon.” Xiao WuYi turned and twisted in Nie Xiao’s arms to find a comfortable position. “With Bai Yue-didi’s1Younger brother ability, the vaccine will definitely be researched, but the villain hasn’t been caught yet, so I have to quickly go back and inform them!”

“It’s all because the starfield map is so big that Baby always remembers it poorly! If I don’t remember all the intermediate locations, I will definitely get lost!” The little hamster sighed, feeling the heavy responsibility on his shoulders.

Nie Xiao saw the youth’s anxious frowning face, and his eyes were immediately full of gentleness. He stretched out his fingers and rubbed the frowning little brows. “Baby, don’t be anxious, there’s still time. That villain hasn’t appeared yet!”

Xiao WuYi nodded, then raised his head, looking at Nie Xiao with big eyes as he said, “Then when I remember the map, I will take Daddy back with me!!!”

Nie Xiao couldn’t help being surprised, “Then you won’t bring Uncle MoYan? Daddy can wait for you to come back to Earth, it would be better if you and uncle went back together.”

“But… but Baby can’t bear to part with Daddy!” Xiao WuYi hesitated a little.

Nie Xiao laughed when he heard this and gazed at the youth with gentle eyes. “It’s not that you will be gone forever. If you don’t bring your uncle, he will make me wear tight shoes again. Be good, take your uncle back when the time comes as he knows matters more. Daddy will wait for you to come back.”

With that being said, Nie Xiao kissed the youth’s lips.

“You must come back quickly, don’t abandon me,” he said with reluctance. In fact, Nie Xiao was more worried than anyone else that Xiao WuYi wouldn’t return to him.

Xiao WuYi looked at Nie Xiao, and then, ‘chu,’ kissed him back. He obediently nodded and comforted him, saying, “Don’t worry, Daddy. Baby will definitely come back. You’re this Majesty’s only princess oh! We will hold a super grand cosmic wedding in the future, in which everyone will come to attend!!!”

“Hehehe, you’re Baby’s Princess Xiaoxiao!!!”

Nie Xiao instantly laughed. Then he looked at the youth, seriously and affectionately. 

“Baby is also the only little prince in my heart.”


At that very moment, in a resplendent boundless starry sky akin to an ocean, in some unknown secret laboratory, was the man in black Nie Xiao, WuYi and the others constantly mentioned. He was wearing a white robe, strikingly opposite to black. He was bustling about in front of an experimental bench.

Soon, a hum sounded.

His fusion experiment was successful.

Saath stared fanatically at the freshly-baked pure black ability core which was exuding a gloomy aura. The corner of his mouth evoked a delighted and evil arc. He stretched out his hands and slowly grasped the ability core, then looked into the distant starry sky, laughing wildly as if he were singing and exclaiming.

“My dear little prince, where are you? I’ll be here to build a castle for you so come…

“Stay in my castle and become my slave.

“This is your supreme honor!”

Saath was laughing wantonly, his eyes full of crimson wisps of blood. After a long time, he finally succeeded in fusing countless ability cores and creating the pure black space cage in his hand.

He was very confident at this time, even extremely boastful. In front of his powerful work, even if it was the little prince of the Nemo Royal Clan who was imprisoned in it, it would be impossible for him to escape.

Everything that would enter this beautifully described “castle,” which was actually a “cage” ability core, would be refined and fused into it an instant, becoming inseparable from this spatial ability core.

Staring at the black ability core, Saath couldn’t help but start to relish his bright future. As long as he captured that cute little prince, he would have the new world he yearned for in his dreams—a prototype of a new world that contains vitality, time, and space.

Just thinking about it, Saath couldn’t help but feel short of breath with excitement, his complexion flushed.

In that brand new world that completely belonged to him which gave him all the authority to decorate, he would become the one and only god of all living beings and would never grow old.



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