Chapter 75 – WuYi’s return from a rewarding journey

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Old Chief Xia really hadn’t expected Nie Xiao and WuYi to come as soon as they had said they would. They had obviously only received the message from WuYi Base last night.

This speed was truly inconceivable.

Nie Xiao hadn’t seen Old Chief Xia for a long time since they’d parted last time. Seeing the person hurriedly approaching, he immediately greeted him respectfully, “Chief Xia!”

After a long time had passed, Old Chief Xia’s sideburns had become more grizzled, but his face was ruddy and his complexion was good; even his posture showed how fairly healthy he was. Seeing Nie Xiao, he couldn’t help but stretch out his hand to heavily pat the other’s back and say “good” several times with a smile on his lips.

“Good child, let’s go to the house quickly and talk. You came by plane again!? I thought I would have to wait a few days to see you!” Old Chief Xia was very happy and excited to see Nie Xiao.

Seeing Nie Xiao’s respectful attitude, Xiao WuYi imitated him and also obediently yelled, “Hello, Grandpa Chief!”

Old Chief Xia then noticed the fair and pure young man. He was taken aback, but he soon laughed and lovingly said, “This should be WuYi. Seeing is indeed believing. He’s a good boy as expected!”

He had seen all kinds of people at such an old age, but he had never seen such clear and limpid eyes like the youth’s before or after the apocalypse. It was said that the eyes were the windows of the soul, and the other party’s pure and sincere character could be seen at a glance.

Old Chief Xia examined Xiao WuYi and thought that the reason why WuYi Base had taken on their name hadn’t been without basis. Just by looking at this optimistic, pure, kind, and lovely boy, he felt relaxed and cheerful, as if he could see the light of hope for the future.

“Come come, say anything you have to say in the house!” Old Chief Xia didn’t have the air of someone who’d been in the top position for a long time. Rather, he was like a kind old grandpa who hadn’t seen his grandsons for a long time.

As a result, under the surrounding fervent gazes, Nie Xiao and Xiao WuYi gladly followed Old Chief Xia to the office of the base to take a break.

Chief Xia sat on a sofa, looking at Nie Xiao’s determined and stern face with deep emotion in his heart. When he had first seen Nie Xiao, Duan Wenyu, and their group, he knew that these people were destined to be well-known figures in this apocalypse. Such an outstanding group of people with extraordinary talents would definitely flourish and produce unexpected results in this chaotic world.

And if such people wanted to be independent, it wouldn’t be any problem at all.

He had originally proposed an invitation back then: he’d hoped Nie Xiao’s group could return to the Capital Base after finding their relatives and friends, as he’d been afraid that such capable people would choose to settle down in a corner. In the end, he absolutely hadn’t expected that Nie Xiao’s group would bring him such a big surprise. Their character was far higher than his assessment. They had directly established such a huge WuYi Base in the south without saying a word, giving countless survivors a refuge, a home.

They had a long-term vision and a broad mind. They didn’t waste the talents and abilities they possessed, and they had made many contributions with their capabilities. In the southern base, they had set all kinds of deeds that even theirs and other bases had begun to emulate their excellent operations.

Old Chief Xia looked at the young people in front of him, his eyes holding unconcealable pleasure and praise. For the apocalypse to have these responsible young people, the darkness would pass sooner or later, and hope would surely come.

Nie Xiao took the glass of water the subordinate next to him handed over, took a sip, and got right to the point. “Chief Xia, we’re here to take away the research equipment. Dr. Wei and the scientists have decided to stay at WuYi Base.”

Old Chief Xia knew about these things early on from the communications and didn’t think too much of it. He nodded and responded, “We have prepared the equipment beforehand. Some large research institutes in the capital have been rescued by us, but there are only the two of you right here. How are you going to bring them back? Do you want me to send people to escort you?”

Hearing this, Xiao WuYi suddenly smiled, patted his chest, and assured him, “Grandpa Xia, don’t worry; Baby can move them all by himself!”

Nie Xiao also smiled and explained, “We didn’t fly by plane just now. WuYi’s a spatial ability user, so we shuttled through space. His storage space can also hold a lot of supplies.”

After Nie Xiao explained it, Chief Xia was wide-eyed and had his mouth agape. But once he thought about it carefully, there were all kinds of abilities in the apocalypse, so the ability to travel through space in the area didn’t seem to be particularly peculiar.

Having this ability was good news in any way. Old Chief Xia was relieved. He raised his head, looked at Nie Xiao and WuYi, feeling full of hope. He lamented, “It’s best if the research could be done quickly. Now, humanity has placed all hopes on you. We’re now able to contact some other countries and regions, and their situations are quite terrible. The current situation in China is already very good.”

Nie Xiao immediately straightened his face, nodded, and said to Chief Xia, “Rest assured, the apocalypse will pass very soon.”

It wasn’t convenient to disclose those secret information about the aliens, the man in black, and so on. At present, it was easier to manage if all the insiders were concentrated in WuYi Base. They didn’t need the assistance of other bases for the time being, so rashly spreading it would just increase the likelihood of a mishap.

Xiao WuYi nodded heavily in agreement and comforted the old chief, “It will get better. There’ll be nothing to be afraid of when the vaccine’s made! Bai Yue, Dr. Wei, and they will surely be able to research it soon!”

Old Chief Xia looked at the two people who had a firm confident appearance, his face slightly relaxed. “It’s great if that’s the case; I really look forward to that day. Let’s get those equipment quickly so you can hurry back. WuYi’s ability is very good. If you need something or lack anything in the future, just send us a message at once so we can find a solution together! Don’t be polite!

“All of us are now a community, and distance is no longer a problem for WuYi. With this exceptional advantage, it would be for the best if the research lab is there with you!!”

Without any hesitation, Chief Xia took Nie Xiao and Xiao WuYi to fetch the equipment, and they packed all the research-related stuff into WuYi’s space. Xiao WuYi’s bottomless-pit-like space shocked the Capital Base’s group.

Even the flat ground was moved greatly and an entire research building was directly carried away.

Ultimately, because Old Chief Xia saw that WuYi had a lot of space, he took the two of them to the arms depot. The Capital Military District had stored many firearms, ammunition, and explosives, many of which were powerful and astonishing heavy weapons.

“Bring these back to Ning Feng. He should know how to make the most of them,” Old Chief Xia told them with a smile. Soon after, he somewhat sighed with pity. “In fact, it’s very easy for humans to kill these zombies with ammunition and weapons. It’s just that the price is too high. The wisdom and wealth accumulated by humanity will be blown up together with them.”

Nie Xiao pursed his lips. After a moment of silence, he spoke, “After destruction is creation. We’ll definitely be able to create even more riches in the future.”

Listening to Nie Xiao’s words, Old Chief Xia immediately swept away the haze. He laughed loudly. “Yes, after destruction is indeed creation! Life will soon cease to exist, so who cares if those are there or not!”

Xiao WuYi, who wasn’t joining in the conversation of the two adults, put the good stuff into his space without any hesitation, then he couldn’t help but say, “Smelly Fengfeng would be so happy to see these ‘big baby eggs’! He actually wanted to come here to Grandpa Xia from the beginning.”

Hearing this, Chief Xia laughed again. He then looked at the half-empty warehouse, and the corners of his eyes suddenly twitched. Finally, after holding back for a while, he clutched his chest, a bit pained, and reminded, “Remember to tell Ning Feng to take it easy. Lead the zombies to an open place, then do concentrated blasting. Science and technology buildings, libraries, museums, research institutes… These places containing important knowledge resources should be far away. If the materials exploded in some way or another, then there really will be nothing left!!!”

Despite saying after destruction was creation, no one wanted to explode back to the pre-liberation period1Liberation period: victory of Communists over Nationalists in 1949! Nie Xiao and Xiao WuYi understood the old chief’s inner thoughts very well, so they very obediently replied, “We all know the severity of this. Don’t worry!”

Xiao WuYi looked at the arms depot and couldn’t help turning to Nie Xiao. “Daddy, there should be a military arsenal like this in the south too, right? Let’s go and search for it someday!”

Nie Xiao nodded, thinking it was okay.

Chief Xia: …It’s over, I’m even more worried.

Finally, under the somewhat reluctant-to-part gazes of Old Chief Xia and the others, Nie Xiao and Xiao WuYi tore through space—carrying various research equipment, medical instruments, and various weapons and ammunition—and returned from a rewarding journey.

Before leaving, Xiao WuYi had secretly left a lot of food crops grown in his space in the warehouse of the Capital Base. When Chief Xia and the rest found out, their eyes all turned red.

“They’re all good kids!” Old Chief Xia looked at the bags of food, raised his hand, and wiped the corners of his eyes. In terms of food, other bases were, in fact, not so well-off.

“The apocalyptic hurdle will surely pass smoothly.”


Fengcheng, WuYi Base.

Xiao WuYi and Nie Xiao had left at dawn. When they came back, the stars were already twinkling. Duan Wenyu, MoYan, and the rest, who had waited for a whole day, were relieved to see the two return home safely from their rewarding journey.

Now that the equipment has been brought back, Dr. Wei and the other scientists didn’t want to delay for even a moment. They directly chose a vacant land in the villa district center of the base and asked Xiao WuYi to release the research building.

Various instruments and equipment were also placed in corresponding places under Dr. Wei and the scientists’ arrangement. After all this was done, everyone was already too tired, either sitting or lying down and not wanting to move.

However, seeing the brand new research building, everyone was very excited. They were in high spirits.

Afterwards, Ning Feng received the gifts from Old Chief Xia. For a while, he was so happy that he couldn’t wait to sleep with those “big baby eggs,” causing Duan Wenyu’s eye corner to uncontrollably twitch.

“If you dare bring these back to the room, I will turn them all into unexploded soaked eggs!!!” Duan Wenyu cruelly said, as if he were a vicious stepmother.

Ning Feng instantly tearfully cried out in fright, “How can you be so cold, heartless, and ruthless? These ‘eggies’ are obviously so cute!!!”

“Hmph.” Duan Wenyu was indifferent.

The others who were watching this scene found it quite funny. Xiao WuYi looked at Ning Feng then at Duan Wenyu. Thinking about using his authority, he stretched out his hand to take the “big baby eggs” in Ning Feng’s hand back into his space.

The little hamster cleverly expressed goodwill to Duan Wenyu. “Brother Yuyu2The yu in Duan Wenyu (段温瑜) means excellence or a luster of gems, while the yu WuYi used in Brother Yuyu (鱼鱼哥哥) means fish wahahha. welp DWY is indeed a water ability user., Baby will help Fengfeng put them in the warehouse later!”

Duan Wenyu suddenly smiled softly. “En. Sure enough, it’s still WuYi who’s the most obedient!”

Ning Feng: QAQ!!!

Everyone immediately burst out laughing.

Nie Xiao also covered his lips and smiled, then coughed lightly to calm everyone down. Correcting his expression, he made a slight modification on Xiao WuYi’s guess that Bai Mei had antibody factors inside his body and voiced it out.

He didn’t mention that it had been a response of WuYi’s power of vitality, only that it had suddenly occurred to them from the difference between Bai Mei and other zombies.

After Bai Mei heard this, he was rooted in place. He shook his head incredulously. “You think I have antibody factors in my body? How can that be! I’m a genuine zombie!!!”

However, Nie Xiao’s words were unexpectedly approved and affirmed by Bai Yue and Dr. Wei.


  • 1
    Liberation period: victory of Communists over Nationalists in 1949
  • 2
    The yu in Duan Wenyu (段温瑜) means excellence or a luster of gems, while the yu WuYi used in Brother Yuyu (鱼鱼哥哥) means fish wahahha. welp DWY is indeed a water ability user.


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