Chapter 72 – WuYi goes to the Capital Base

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Nie Xiao couldn’t help but recall the image of WuYi accelerating the growth of the crops in his space as well as the Overlord Flower and Man-Eating Vine being beaten into a half-dead state, then having their vitality being instantly restored under WuYi’s touch. In addition, there was the reason why he, Duan Wenyu, and the others collectively got powerful abilities comprising all systems and why their advancement rate was faster than other people…

Nie Xiao had already noticed the strangeness of these phenomena a long time ago. He had long known that WuYi’s ability might not stop with space alone. It was just that after WuYi had regained his memory, he hadn’t had time to ask.

Faced with Nie Xiao’s question, Xiao WuYi naturally had no reservations. He looked at Nie Xiao with a pair of clear and pure eyes and happily gestured with three little fingers as he answered obediently with a sticky voice, “Daddy, in fact, space-time and vitality comprises three powers! They are time, space, and vitality.

“The reason why Daddy and everybody’s abilities advanced faster than other people was because Baby has the power of time! In my subconscious, I hoped that all of you would become stronger and more powerful quickly, and I also wished that the plants would grow up quickly. So, this time speed was reflected in your abilities’ and the plants’ growth.”

Xiao WuYi unreservedly described the power of “time” he could masterfully control, and then used his own hair to give Nie Xiao a demonstration; it quickly grew a few centimeters practically at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“Just like this!” Xiao WuYi stretched out his hand and grabbed the two small tuffs from the black fur1I seem to remember chapter 1 where WuYi was described as a strawberry daifuku, milky-white all over… I think I have altered memories @v@………WRONG, AFTER TRANSLATING FOR SOME TIME I REALIZED THAT WUYI WAS IN HIS HUMAN FORM grave eggssflkisjdfoiawheifldjsk can’t blame me why was it called fur?? on his head before adorably facing Nie Xiao and cutely spoke, “But it still can’t be grown too fast, or else Baby will be malnourished.”

But just this magical power was enough to shock people out of their wits. As long as it was used properly, it would definitely bring out a very frightening and terrifying power.

Nie Xiao looked solemnly at his cub and carefully advised, “Baby, this matter must be hidden in the stomach, understand? You can’t tell others!”

“Un.” Xiao WuYi nodded heavily, let go of the hair he was holding, and straddled Nie Xiao’s lap like a good doll. “Of course Baby won’t talk nonsense. Baby is so good he won’t use this power indiscriminately!!!”

Nie Xiao nodded and looked at the boy’s obedient appearance. He couldn’t help but kiss the youth several times on the cheek before speaking with confidence, “Daddy believes in you. The reason this power can be given to you guys is definitely because you are all kind and lovely enough.”

Xiao WuYi blushed a bit because of the compliment. Then, it wasn’t known what he had thought of, but he became a little sad and frustrated. His head drooped as he muttered with his little mouth pouting, “It’s a pity that Baby’s power can’t turn back time. It also can’t slow down time or stop it. At the same time, it has a small area of influence and is just enough for the people and things near me. It would be great if I could go back in time and possess a larger area of influence. That way, Baby can help everyone return directly back to before the apocalypse.

“My power is like a river that moves forward courageously. It can only continue to flow forward, but it can’t go back or even trace back by a little bit. Just like a baby’s hair; it can only be cut off when it’s long, and it can’t be changed back to its original appearance.”

Xiao WuYi dejectedly spoke with his head lowered and cheeks bulging, somewhat sad that he couldn’t help everyone solve the current predicament.

As Nie Xiao listened to these silly words, his heart couldn’t stop softening into a ball. Looking at the good-natured and sincere youth in front of him, he gently stretched out his hand and rubbed the other’s head. “Silly baby, history can’t be changed. The torrent of time is also destined to be unable to stop or flow backwards. This power of time within you is already very powerful. If you can really achieve the horror of turning back time and changing the world, then you are not Daddy’s little hamster, but a great god.

“Be good, Baby, don’t be frustrated. It’s already so great that you can think for everyone in this way.” Nie Xiao kissed the youth’s cheek, comforting him.


Coaxed by Nie Xiao’s speech, Xiao WuYi cheered up, sniffed, and continued talking about his second power. “About the second, which is the spatial ability, Daddy already knows about it more or less. It’s my two little storages and my ability to tear space and shuttle through it. There’s probably no place in the world that can trap me!”

“En, that’s really amazing.” Nie Xiao nodded, then raised his hand to gather the youth’s long black hair behind his ear and continued to ask, “Then what about the last one, ‘vitality’?”

“Well this, it can make living things healthier!”

Xiao WuYi caught Nie Xiao’s big hand and played with it, then raised his head a bit proudly as he said, “The creatures staying around Baby, whether it’s physical, mental, or so on, will be imperceptibly influenced and change for the better! In a nutshell, it’s about improving vitality and revitalizing!

“But one thing’s for sure, this type of ‘vitality’ Baby has is definitely not something that can bring the dead back to life. If it’s really dead, Baby can’t save it. However, things that have life in them will become more vigorous and healthier under my influence!”

Having said that, Xiao WuYi turned his head and looked at the small potted plants planted on the balcony of the room. This villa was Wu Wenqi and Wu Wenyu’s original home, but these plants had already wilted because they didn’t have time to take care of them.

Xiao WuYi climbed off the bed, ran over barefooted with a ‘badabada,’ and took a pot of small potted plant with both hands. In front of Nie Xiao, the wrinkled and wilted plants became green and vibrant once again.

Tall and sturdy branches, plump green leaves… a kind of flourishing and healthy aura immediately assaulted one’s senses. The branches and leaves were obviously still the same as before, but the aura they exuded was completely different from its former self.

This directly observed manifestation of how “vitality” worked really rooted Nie Xiao on the spot.

“Daddy, it’s roughly like this!” After Xiao WuYi completed the demonstration, he looked at Nie Xiao with innocent eyes. “You guys usually stay by my side, so although the changes weren’t as obvious as this plant, you’re all quietly getting better!”

Nie Xiao: “…” Niubi.

Listening to WuYi’s description and seeing that incredible change, Nie Xiao suddenly felt that the reason why he, Duan Wenyu, and the others had been able to collectively awaken such a powerful and complete set of abilities hadn’t been a coincidence.

Before the apocalypse, the number of times they were in contact with Xiao WuYi was quite a lot. They’d been subtly affected by the little hamster’s influence from the body and mind to all aspects, and their various qualities and conditions had become more outstanding and healthier. This was probably also the reason why they had awakened a complete set of abilities as a whole, composed of wind, lightning, water, fire, and many more.

This “vitality” was undoubtedly a very incredible power. After all, who didn’t want to make themselves healthier, stronger, or more vigorous and energetic!

Even Bai Yue’s healing powers perhaps weren’t as powerful as WuYi’s power of vitality. Bai Yue’s healing ability was only to restore the original health of living things, but WuYi’s “vitality” could enhance on the basis of the original health and radiate more vitality.2Author kept saying Bai Mei here, so hopefully, I did the right thing by putting Bai Yue instead.

What an unfathomable thing it was.

Putting aside everything else, including his royal-family identity, Xiao WuYi, who possessed the three powers—time, space, and vitality—was a huge fortune and treasure in itself.

Perhaps the entire universe wasn’t as rich as him.

Nie Xiao couldn’t help but think of Xiao WuYi’s second space which contained mountains and waters, capable of containing living things, and brimming with vitality. It might be the manifestation of his three powers after fusion.

It was almost… no less than creating an independent, brand new world.

This realization instantly gave Nie Xiao a shock.

Looking at the innocent little cutie who wasn’t aware that he was currently carrying a huge treasure, Nie Xiao suddenly felt both delighted and weary.

“Baby, Daddy feels he can’t raise you anymore. You are too rich.” Nie Xiao couldn’t help but rub the little guy’s cheek.

Xiao WuYi was a little confused with this sentence that carried no head or tail3Inexplicable; implication not clear, but he was still very happy while looking at Nie Xiao. He smiled, revealing two cute little dimples, and in turn, rubbed Nie Xiao’s handsome face. “It’s okay. Baby doesn’t need to be raised by Daddy when he grows up, because Baby can come and raise Daddy! I am Nemo’s prince, super rich, while you’re my princess, so of course I’ll take care of you.”

When he heard these words, Nie Xiao loved the boy in front of him even more. He was obviously carrying an unimaginable fortune, but he was still able to maintain such a sincere and pure appearance.

“Then Daddy will really rely on you for your provision!” Nie Xiao’s expression was full of indulgence and smiles.

Hearing these words, the youth was naturally extremely happy. Wasn’t his original dream to raise his Daddy? Now, he finally got an affirmation from Nie Xiao himself.

Xiao WuYi cutely clenched his fists and looked at Nie Xiao’s eyes full of shining little stars. “Daddy, Baby will work hard!”

“Okay, okay. It’s late. Baby should quickly go to bed. Tomorrow we’ll go to the Capital Base,” Nie Xiao said with a smile before gathering his beloved little highness into his arms.


“But Baby hasn’t memorized the whole chicken map yet. We’ll get lost!!!” Xiao WuYi struggled out of the bed.

“It’s okay. Just look at it again tomorrow.” Nie Xiao smiled and pressed the youth down. Then he bowed his head and gave him a goodnight kiss full of love and tenderness.

“Staying up late will obstruct growth!”

“…Okay, then.”

The little hamster obediently went to sleep with assurance.


The next day, the morning light was faint. The base had been busy since, and the whole base was brimming with energy and vigor. In order to survive, everyone was working hard to contribute their own strength.

Because he’d slept too late last night, a certain glutinous hamster youth didn’t want to get up at all. He was lying on the bed with his butt sticking out, his entire head buried in the pillow.

Having returned to the safe environment of the base, one no longer needed to get up early, run around, or be vigilant throughout the night. It was indeed easy for people to get trapped in it and be unable to extricate themselves. Including Duan Wenyu and the others, they were all lying in bed today without exception, not wanting to get up early.

Nie Xiao got up a bit later than usual too. He went to the bathroom alone to wash up before returning to the room. Seeing the boy’s “suffocating sleeping posture” with his face buried in the pillow, he immediately pulled up the youth in alarm.

Xiao WuYi opened his eyes in a daze. Seeing Nie Xiao’s handsome face magnified in front of him, he laughed softly and sweetly, and he said with a sticky voice, “Good morning, Daddy. Today, the little hamster warrior wasn’t careful enough and was overpowered by the evil bed demon king! Fortunately, Daddy rescued Baby!

“Baby even seemed to be unable to breathe just now!”

Nie Xiao: “…”

Seeing the youth’s silly, cute appearance, Nie Xiao thought that it was quite funny and adorable. He rubbed the other party’s soft cheeks and leaned in to kiss him hard. “Okay, since the sun is shining on your buttocks4The ancients paid attention to sleeping and sitting north or south. The sun can’t get your buttocks in the east at sunrise. Only at noon, under the timetable environment of the Central Plains, can the sun get to your buttocks., Ning Feng and the others are definitely up too. We still have to go to the capital today.”

“But Baby is so sleepy! Today, the evil bed demon king’s magic is so powerful!” Xiao WuYi said slowly. Seeing that he was about to fall into the quilt again, Nie Xiao quickly held him.

In the end, Nie Xiao could only hug the youth on his lap and undertake the task of changing the other’s clothes and putting on his socks, then send him to the bathroom to help him brush his teeth and wipe his face with a warm towel, finally causing the little guy to wake up completely.

Standing in front of the sink’s mirror, the youth, who had finally woken up, stared at his neatly dressed appearance with amazement.

“Daddy, this is amazing! Baby can actually wash and dress while sleepwalking!!!”


“You little Chouchou.”5Seems like I was wrong again (if you rmb my past footnotes). No wonder, this novel has pitted me countless times T^T Amused, Nie Xiao displeasedly bit at Xiao WuYi’s glutinous-rice-ball-like cheek lightly.

Xiao WuYi was caught off guard by the bite. He covered his face in pain, feeling innocent and wronged. He complained, seething, “Then Daddy who bit Chouchou is a stinky daddy!”

Seeing the little guy like this, Nie Xiao burst into laughter. In the end, he brought the young boy out of the room, half-coaxing and half-dragging, to meet Ning Feng and Duan Wenyu in the next room.

Seeing the puffed-up hamster youth with a shallow tooth mark on his cheek, Ning Feng laughed unkindly. “What’s the matter? Bullied by the boss again?”

“Hmph!” Xiao WuYi furiously walked to the living room downstairs with arms crossed, ignoring such unsympathetic human beings. Ning Feng watched him, laughing even louder.

MoYan, who had been in the living room since earlier, saw the tooth marks on the cheek of his family’s little higness. His eyes suddenly bulged with anger, and his eyes threw daggers, ‘biubiubiu,’ at Nie Xiao. If it weren’t for the smell on WuYi not deeply contaminated by Nie Xiao’s smell, MoYan would’ve definitely gone berserk on the spot.

When Nie Xiao saw Uncle MoYan, he touched his nose with embarrassment and a guilty conscience.

“His Highness and his Uncle will share a room from now on!” MoYan looked at his family’s little highness’ angry appearance and felt it was time to kick the wild man away.

However, when Xiao WuYi heard this, his little temper immediately disappeared. Facing Mo Yan’s eager gaze, he lowered his head and didn’t dare to meet it. His little finger poked his palm. “Baby still wants to be with Dad… Xiao Xiao when going to sleep.”

MoYan, who was feeling stifled with chest pain, cast a vicious glance at Nie Xiao. Damn motherfvkr, what kind of magic potion had this wild man given to His Highness!!!

Nie Xiao, who was pulling excessive hatred: …My cub really loves me.

The people around watched this scene with interest, just wanting to watch the play with melon seeds.


After breakfast, Nie Xiao and Xiao WuYi were ready to take a journey through space and time. Xiao WuYi could now roughly figure out the direction of the capital to ensure that they wouldn’t get lost.

As for whether or not they could bring someone, Nie Xiao and Xiao WuYi had already colluded together to make a cover-up story. They’d agreed to say that they had tried it last night, but at most, they could only bring one person.

As one of the only three members of the current royal family which includes AnYi, MoYan naturally knows the secrets of the royal family. At the same time, he also knew that his family’s highness was now covering up his ability by saying so; thus, he could only endure his discomfort of seeing the wild man Nie Xiao being inseparable from the little highness. If it weren’t for the fact he hadn’t been to the Capital Base before, he would’ve kicked Nie Xiao away long ago.

Xiao WuYi took Nie Xiao’s hand under his uncle’s fiery gaze and guiltily drew a circle in the air. The moment he stepped into the space hole, he immediately took Nie Xiao into his own little storage to be safe.

The space hole was restored to its former condition, and everyone watched as Nie Xiao and WuYi disappeared in place.



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    I seem to remember chapter 1 where WuYi was described as a strawberry daifuku, milky-white all over… I think I have altered memories @v@………WRONG, AFTER TRANSLATING FOR SOME TIME I REALIZED THAT WUYI WAS IN HIS HUMAN FORM grave eggssflkisjdfoiawheifldjsk can’t blame me why was it called fur??
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    The ancients paid attention to sleeping and sitting north or south. The sun can’t get your buttocks in the east at sunrise. Only at noon, under the timetable environment of the Central Plains, can the sun get to your buttocks.
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    Seems like I was wrong again (if you rmb my past footnotes). No wonder, this novel has pitted me countless times T^T


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