Chapter 71 – WuYi’s complete abilities

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Everyone who had heard of Lin Mengfei’s gossip simply let it pass. Now that someone in the base had already gone to expel this resentment for them, they didn’t have to take such an insignificant person to heart.

Nie Xiao’s group had been urged by Wu Wenyu to rest for a while in the afternoon, so at this time, their exhaustion and weariness brought by the journey had been swept away. After dinner, the night was silent. Wu Wenqi and the others were idle and went over as well. Nie Xiao gathered everyone and told them all the things that had happened along the way.

All kinds of complicated relationships were involved, which stunned Wu Wenqi and Wu Wenyu for a while after hearing it.

Nie Xiao spoke until his mouth went dry and he finally recounted everything clearly. Xiao WuYi sympathetically handed over a glass of water, and Nie Xiao slowly drank it. Then he looked up at Wu Wenqi and the others before saying, “All in all, this is how things are.”

“This is incredible!!!” Wu Wenyu seemed as if she had heard a very long fairytale. If it weren’t for all this coming from Nie Xiao’s mouth, she would think it was being read to her.

“Aliens, zombie kings, man in black…” Wu Wenyu slowly digested. Her eyes swept across Bai Mei, Possier, and some others without blinking and finally fell on Xiao WuYi again. She couldn’t help but swallow her saliva. “Even WuYi is actually the little prince of an alien planet!?”

Xiao WuYi was sucking a lollipop in his cheeks. He raised his head when he heard his name, smiled sweetly at Wu Wenyu, and adorably smacked his lips before saying, “Baby is indeed a little prince! Replacement guaranteed if not genuine oh1What sellers say when you ask, ‘does this have a warranty?’ minus the oh.!”

“Awesome.” Wu Wenyu was shocked by this confirmation. “That journey has really been hard for you guys!!!”

Wu Wenqi digested this large amount of information with difficulty. He looked at Bai Yue, Dr. Wei, and the other scientists on the side, then said with a bit of headache, “Dr. Wei, you are indeed coming here for the correct considerations, but the research environment here at WuYi Base is very crude. You guys may need more sophisticated equipment to study the restorative medicine. I don’t know if we can make up for that here in Fengcheng….”

Regarding this matter, it was really not an easy thing to do. The matters to be studied were major affairs related to all of humanity, and every day of delay was a loss.

Xiao WuYi looked at everyone’s anxious appearances, pulled the lollipop out of his mouth with confusion, and pointed to himself as he said, “Did everyone forget about me? Baby can go to the capital to help you move the equipment back!!! It isn’t very far.”

“With that distance, we’ll still be delayed for some time….” Wu Wenqi shook his head in rejection at once. Then he found that the surroundings were quiet, and everyone else had their eager gazes focused on Xiao WuYi.

Ning Feng couldn’t help but slap his head and say in surprise, “So stupid, stupid. I actually forgot the cheat little hamster! Then it’s all up to you, plug-in Little Highness!”

Xiao WuYi proudly patted his chest. “Don’t worry. Leave it to Baby!”

Dr. Wei and the others immediately revealed happy expressions.

Nie Xiao looked at Wu Wenqi and the others who were puzzled, coughed lightly, and summarized WuYi’s restoration of his memories and him consequently regaining his space-time-shuttling ability. Afterwards, Wu Wenqi and the others held back for a long time, but they could only say “NB”!

But it was already late at night. Even if they were going to the capital, they had to wait until dawn the next day before setting off. At the same time, Xiao WuYi had to familiarize himself with China’s “chicken map” first.

Afterwards, everyone discussed some trivial matters and arranged everything in an orderly manner. Duan Wenyu’s return finally cut off a share of Wu Wenqi and Headmaster Yuan’s pressure.

Regarding the lack of food in the base, Wu Wenqi and Headmaster Yuan had actually taken corresponding measures a long time ago, and they had already opened up a planting area in the base. It was just that even with the help of plant-ability users, it took time for crops to grow. After all, not all plant-ability users could perform as powerfully as Meng Zhongde.

Xiao WuYi and Bai Mei released the supplies that they’d stored in their space along the way, filling up many spare warehouses at once. The advantages of the spatial ability instantly manifested. Such a trip was worth more than ten or twenty mission trips from a team of ability users. Xiao WuYi also mixed in the food crops he’d planted in his space with these supplies, which would greatly alleviate the food shortage in the base.

Headmaster Yuan conveyed the news of Nie Xiao and their return to Chief Xia of the Capital Base as well as the news of Wei Hanming and the scientists suddenly changing their plan to come to them. As for the specific reasons for changing the plan, for the sake of safety, Nie Xiao didn’t let Headmaster Yuan send the information. At present, the fewer people who knew about Bai Mei, WuYi, and the others, the better.

Fortunately, the capital didn’t delve into this matter too much. It was already the greatest news for them that everyone was safe. Afterwards, Headmaster Yuan communicated the news that WuYi and the others were going to fetch research equipment over there, and Chief Xia and the rest naturally gladly agreed.

After all of this was done, it was already late at night, and the moon had been hanging high for some unknown amount of time. Everyone yawned and went back to their rooms to rest.

In a bedroom of a villa, the night lights were soft.

Xiao WuYi sat cross-legged on the bed, with two complicated prints of the Star Field Map and the Huaxia2another word for China Map placed between his knees. The charming face of the youth suddenly wrinkled. This was really too difficult for a little hamster.

“Ai~ It’s too difficult for Baby!” Xiao WuYi sighed softly. Promising to things was easy, but familiarizing himself with the road was really a headache for the hamster.

After washing up, Nie Xiao sat down on the bed and saw the youth’s suffering appearance. He couldn’t help but grin, stretch out his hand and rub the boy’s head.

“Don’t be afraid. Daddy will go with you when the time comes,” Nie Xiao gently reassured.

Hearing this, Xiao WuYi became a little uneasy. He looked up at Nie Xiao and said, “But I haven’t taken anyone to shuttle before. If I accidentally lose Daddy, Baby will be sad to death!!!”

The dim light made the youth’s cheeks look extraordinarily attractive. Nie Xiao lifted his lap to bed and pulled the youth onto his lap to sit. He rubbed the youth’s soft, plump cheeks with his big hands, then said with a smile, “Baby, did you forget that you still have a space? Wouldn’t it be alright if you just put Daddy in there? You absolutely wouldn’t lose me then.”

“If you lose me, Daddy will still find a way to get back to you!” Nie Xiao kissed Wu Yi’s lips with eyes full of tenderness and affection.

Xiao WuYi clapped his palms together and opened his eyes wide. “Right! Baby didn’t even think of that!!!

“Daddy, Baby suddenly got a good way to smuggle hihihi!” Xiao WuYi’s eyes lit up with glee, making Nie Xiao feel helpless and amused.

“Choubao has learned bad habits! Don’t tell anyone about your two spaces. If you let everyone know that you still have a space that can hold living things, you will be severely scrutinized everywhere!” Nie Xiao reminded him with a smile.

Due to personal reasons, he didn’t want others to know that Xiao WuYi had two spaces. Keeping the peculiarity of the other’s space a secret would always give the little one more means of self-protection. Currently, his ability to travel through time and space alone was already something extraordinary. It was very difficult to guarantee that no one would be afraid.

Of course, Xiao WuYi knew what Nie Xiao was worried about, so he nodded obediently, “Daddy, don’t worry. Baby won’t talk nonsense. About me having two little storages, only you in the universe knows about it. This is actually a secret of our royal family!!!”

“Oh?” Nie Xiao couldn’t help raising his eyebrows when he heard this.

Xiao WuYi blinked his big eyes and looked at Nie Xiao with an innocent and lovely appearance, then approached Nie Xiao’s ear and whispered like a thief, “Our royal family has always been said to have storage and shuttling capabilities. But in fact, it’s more than that. To be precise, our royal family has vitality and space-time abilities! The outside world thinks that the matter about vitality and space-time is just a legend, but it’s actually true!”

As Nie Xiao listened to the lightly spoken words “vitality” and “space-time,” his heart uncontrollably jumped. The power contained in these words was astonishing to imagine, so he couldn’t help but interrupt and solemnly educate him. “Such confidential things, how can you just tell me so easily? Aren’t you afraid that I will tell others? Why are you so stupidly incautious!”

Xiao WuYi felt a little wronged by the scolding, gazing at Nie Xiao aggrievedly. “Baby isn’t stupid! Daddy, why don’t you have the consciousness of being a princess! You are already a member of our royal family!”

Nie Xiao: “………………” That seemed to be the case.

“Even so, you can’t be so careless. Who knows if I am a bad man!” Nie Xiao didn’t hesitate to slander his character and image at this time.

Hearing this, the expression on Xiao WuYi’s face was both complicated and touched. He couldn’t help but reach out his little hand and touched Nie Xiao’s cheek, then kissed Nie Xiao with a ‘mwua.’ “Daddy, Baby believes in you and loves you more than anything. You are definitely not a bad guy! This little hamster’s intuition can’t be wrong; we’ll be together forever.”

There was nothing Nie Xiao could do now that the little guy had said this, so he could only sigh and scratch Xiao WuYi’s little nose. Helplessly and indulgently, he said, “Sooner or later, you’ll be sold, yet you’ll still count their money for them. Fortunately, I’m not a man without conscience!! If one day my heart changes, you can just cry!”

“No way! Baby believes in you!” Xiao WuYi hugged Nie Xiao tightly, his face full of trust and dependence. His voice was soft and sticky as he spoke, “Our royal family’s greatest ability is not to mistake good people! Although everyone in the universe jokingly calls us the dumb and cute royal clan, our royal clan has always been very smart and witty. Although we’re cute, we aren’t really stupid!”

“Our lovable and cute appearances are actually to conceal our powerful abilities!!!” Xiao WuYi earnestly looked at Nie Xiao, pouting as he talked, full of childishness and cuteness.

Nie Xiao was speechless for a while, then became so amused that he laughed. He wanted to eat and hide this little naughty in his stomach. Rubbing Wu Yi’s face, he said, “How come you’re so cute, Baby!”

Xiao WuYi put his hands on his waist and whined while adorably nuzzling against Nie Xiao’s cheek and refuting, “Baby is not cute, no! Everyone will be scared! Daddy, think about it, every member of our royal clan has almost all kinds of innate skill and abilities. Our individual ability can be said to be unparalleled in the universe. At the same time, our technological civilization isn’t lacking. I was born in the royal family, and my talents are even more powerful with my ability to travel through space-time and my little storages that no one knows about. Even if I bring an army to sneak into someone else’s planet, it would be no problem!!”

“You see, we are all this powerful. If we weren’t cute, no one would dare to make friends with us. We love peace and we don’t want everyone to be afraid and be on guard against us; otherwise, our royal family won’t go through this much trouble just to conceal all our abilities!! Just the ability to travel through space-time alone can make everyone nervous.”

Nie Xiao looked at the pompous and cute appearance of his cub, and he couldn’t help but laugh. However, after he thought about it, he concluded that this thinking was indeed reasonable. He could only say that the Nemo Royal Clan was really very successful. Gaining a foothold in the interstellar was also justifiable. As far as Possier’s and the others’ attitudes were concerned, the Nemo Royal Clan was very popular in the universe, and such a cute camouflage was indeed very fruitful.

“I know, I know. Baby is the smartest,” Nie Xiao couldn’t help but smile as he spoke, reaching out and rubbing the boy’s head.

The little hamster raised his head proudly. “See!”

Nie Xiao looked at the cute appearance of the youth. It was indeed exceedingly lovable, but if, like he said, this cuteness and pureness were all disguises, he would not believe it. No one could don a disguise so naturally. It could only be concluded that it was this peace-loving race’s nature; they were both formidable and cute.

Nie Xiao couldn’t help rubbing the youth’s hair and said with a smile, “Okay, Daddy understands. Now, my Baby Little Highness, can you tell Daddy specifically about your space-time and vitality abilities?”

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