Chapter 70 – WuYi’s Xiao Yu-meimei

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Since the matter of Lin Mengfei pushing Wu Wenyu into a pile of zombies had happened a long time ago, Xiao WuYi and Wu Wenyu didn’t bother mentioning it again after meeting Nie Xiao and the others. So except for Headmaster Yuan and Xie Jun’s crew, who were involved from the beginning and knew the facts, the others were clueless.

At this time, looking at Xiao WuYi, Xie Jun, and Liu Dashan’s hostile expressions, Wu Wenqi and Nie Xiao were full of inquiry and curiosity.

Wu Wenyu was also a bit surprised to see Lin Mengfei here again, but at this moment, there were no fluctuations in her heart.

Wu Wenyu stared at the miserable back as if facing an insignificant stranger. She hugged Wu Wenqi’s arm and sweetly smiled as she said, “Brother, this person has nothing to do with me, I don’t know her.”

Lin Mengfei, who’d been firmly wrapping herself around Liu Gang, seemed to have heard the voice from behind her and instantly stiffened from head to toe. She didn’t dare turn her head back.

Hearing Wu Wenyu’s completely opposing words while seeing WuYi and Xie Jun’s extremely resentful faces, Wu Wenqi and Nie Xiao were befuddled.

Xie Jun felt sorry for what Wu Wenyu had experienced. If he were betrayed by his good brother Liu Dashan and was pushed into a sea of zombies, he’d probably go crazy on the spot. Xie Jun hatefully gritted his teeth as he glared at Lin Mengfei’s figure. He stepped forward and shouted, “I can’t just leave this matter as is!”

Lin Mengfei shrank in fear when she heard Xie Jun’s cold voice behind her. Liu Gang also took the opportunity to get away, panting as he shifted to Li Qi’s side. He watched Wu Wenyu and Xie Jun’s behavior and suddenly understood that this woman must be hiding an abundance of things. He recalled his experiences of getting along with this woman day and night and felt his scalp numb as goosebumps rose and his heart became exceedingly disgusted.

“…Are Miss Xiao Yu and Lin Mengfei old acquaintances?” Liu Gang asked in a slightly nervous manner. Recalling the times when his relations with people weren’t cordial, he was very afraid of Lin Mengfei offending Wu Wenyu in his name.

Xie Jun sneered, wanting to expose all the vile things Lin Mengfei had done, but Wu Wenyu grabbed his hand before he could do so.

Wu Wenyu looked at the woman who shrank and shivered at the side as she pulled at Xie Jun’s hand and swayed it. She said softly, “I really don’t know a person named Lin Mengfei.”

As early as the moment of betrayal, this person can’t live rent-free in her head anymore.

Wu Wenyu hugged Xie Jun’s arm and shook it, saying lovingly with a smile on her face, “Okay okay, you’re tired, everyone is tired, so let’s go back first!”

Seeing Wu Wenyu’s nonchalant young lady attitude, although Xie Jun and WuYi were a little angry, they still obeyed Wu Wenyu’s words and stopped bothering over it. The others also returned to the villa district together, filled to the brim with confusion.

Wu Wenqi and Xiao Yan glanced at Wu Wenyu, then couldn’t help but look back at the woman sitting on the ground. Their lips were pursed and their eyes somewhat deep. Even though they didn’t know what happened between the girls, they wouldn’t let others bully their family’s little sister no matter what. Judging from Xie Jun and WuYi’s behavior, they’d just believe in ghosts if there was no discord between them.

Nie Xiao rubbed Xiao WuYi’s drooping head, fell behind, and asked in a low voice, “Wait, can Baby quietly tell Daddy what happened?”

“Okay!” Xiao WuYi nodded heavily, then squeezed his fist and whispered to Nie Xiao, “Daddy, that woman’s bad. Xiao Yu-meimei is just unwilling to lower herself to her level. Hmph, she can be counted as lucky!”

Wu Wenqi and Xiao Yan, who both had sharp ears and keen eyes, further felt that there were some secrets hidden between the two.


As the group left, Lin Mengfei ran away while holding her head under the gazes and discussions of all the people around her. When she finally walked into an alley, her mother grabbed her arm.

“What happened to you just now? Didn’t I ask you to reconcile with Liu Gang? Why were you sitting on the ground like a log, couldn’t you talk more softly? I raised you to be this big and you can’t even do such a simple thing? Your brother’s still waiting for a meal! Why are you so useless, damn wench!”

When Lin Mu and her daughter met, she still felt a bit of pity and affection for her daughter, but this love wasn’t worth mentioning compared to her husband and son. Moreover, along with Liu Gang’s departure came the gradual poverty-stricken and whittling life.

“If I saw correctly, Wu Wenyu was standing among those people just now, right? They mix so well now, why don’t you go find her! Weren’t you guys good best friends before, huh? What did you do? Did you offend her? I’m telling you if you dare drag me, your father and your brother down, just see how we’ll fix you up! You’re unprofitable goods, why can’t you awaken an ability…”

From the alley, spitting and cursing occurred again and again. Lin Mengfei was numb yet still pinched, scolded, and beat up by her mother. In her mind reverberated Wu Wenyu, who was just like a princess earlier— a moon cupped by stars. Jealousy, regret, and sadness… All kinds of emotions crammed in her chest. The most ridiculous thing was that while she was secretly jealous, the other party had already forgotten her from behind the back of her head. Plus, she even had to rely on the other party’s shield while living in the base, which was both lamentable and absurd.

Mother Lin was tired from beating and scolding. Seeing her own daughter’s lifeless face, she suddenly lost her anger. Then, from a small house deep in the back alley, Lin Guohai’s curses and her son’s cries and bawls sounded. Mother Lin resentfully glanced at Lin Mengfei, then voluntarily returned.

Lin Mengfei sat on the ground like a lost soul. Soon after, a pair of worn-out shoes stopped in front of her, and she looked up. She immediately wanted to drink his blood and eat his flesh. She questioned with bloodshot eyes, “What did you come here for?”

Zheng Wenjun had a deep smile in his eyes. “Of course I came to see the pitiful end of a white lotus, but your family really is the color blue made out of indigo but more vivid than indigo1Idiom means successor surpassing the predecessor, in this context, it would be one being worse than the other, tsk tsk! You almost got me killed several times, and I’m not as magnanimous as Wu Wenyu at not holding a grudge. Say, if the news of you framing our base’s guardian goddess in the past spread out, what will happen to you?”

Lin Mengfei’s face immediately became hideous, her eyes widening as if they were about to bleed. “You’re despicable!”

“We’re no better from one another.”


Nie Xiao and his group returned to the villa district in the center of the base. They were all fatigued and travel-worn. Wu Wenyu arranged a room for everyone and hurried them to rest in their respective rooms with a smile.

“Everyone’s tired, rest first then take a bath. For other things, we’ll wait for dinner in the evening and then gather together to discuss it. It’s just a few hours, no hurry.”

Wu Wenyu drove everyone back to their rooms like a little chicken. Seeing Xie Jun’s fierce face, she specially walked over to comfort him, saying, “Stop being angry. This is a rare reunion, don’t ruin your mood because of insignificant people!”

Xie Jun looked at Wu Wenyu’s nonchalant appearance, his eyes softened and he scratched his hair. “Forget it, Laozi wouldn’t bother with some ordinary woman2Ordinary woman as in she’s got no ability.. But Xiao Yu, you have to compensate me. I haven’t seen you for so many days.”

Wu Wenyu bashfully moved closer towards Xie Jun’s face, but just then the two of them felt a cold death glare from behind.

Xie Jun just wanted to slip back into his room, close the door, and rest obediently. Wu Wenyu turned and saw her brother. Her face suddenly blushed in embarrassment. “Brother, why are you walking so silently!”

Wu Wenqi was expressionless. “I’ve been standing behind you two since earlier.”

Xiao Yan covered her mouth and laughed in her sleeve.

Everyone actually wanted to investigate what had happened at the city gate earlier; however, looking at Wu Wenyu’s ‘don’t-want-to-mention-it’ appearance, no one knew how they should go about talking about it.

Since Wu Wenyu obviously didn’t want to recall it anymore, Wu Wenqi, Xiao Yan, and the others wouldn’t take the initiative to ask questions. There were insiders everywhere, and sooner or later, they’d know, it was just a matter of time.

When Xiao Yan returned to her room to rest, brother and sister Wu Wenqi and Wu Wenyu were the only ones left in the villa’s living room. As for Liu Dashan, he’d taken the children to see Headmaster Yuan early on.

Wu Wenqi merely rubbed his sister’s head and didn’t actively question her. The two went to Headmaster Yuan one after another. In the past, Wu Wenqi never had to deliberately inquire because the news would be automatically sent to his ears.

Liu Dashan and the others came a step earlier. Nana and the other children chatted about what happened at the base’s city gate. When Headmaster Yuan and the students from Yuncheng University heard the name Lin Mengfei and learned that she was in the base, they were instantly filled with righteous indignation and spoke about the discord that had occurred.

Standing outside the door, Wu Wenqi heard that Wu Wenyu was almost left without bones in a pile of zombies. His heart squeezed, and he felt a lingering fear. Looking back at his sister, he felt distressed and self-blame. “So many things have happened, why didn’t you tell your brother?”

Wu Wenyu also knew that she couldn’t keep it hidden forever, so she smiled and took her brother’s hand, charmingly raising her nose. “Say it and make you worry in vain? After that, I wasn’t expecting to see her again. Besides, it’s been so long since it happened, and I myself found something good out of this setback. She’s just an ordinary person, are you going to find trouble with her and kill her?

“I’m not interested in holding grudges, my brain capacity is only enough for holding the people I cherish.” Wu Wenyu affectionately hugged her older brother and rubbed her head against him, learning from Xiao WuYi’s endearing moves. This immediately made Wu Wenqi not know whether to laugh or cry, feeling relieved and bitter in his heart.

“How come our Xiao Yu is so popular!”

“You bet, I’m the beloved guardian goddess of the base hehehe!!”


Nie Xiao also learned about Wu Wenyu’s affairs at Yuncheng University from Xiao WuYi’s mouth, but in the end, he could only sigh. The people involved didn’t want to pursue it, and it was inconvenient for them to just directly bully an ordinary person.

However, it was still easy to set up some stumbling blocks to make the other person’s life difficult. After all, their greatest advantage in helping someone was that they could cover up for that someone’s shortcomings.

What everyone didn’t expect was that while Wu Wenqi and Nie Xiao still hadn’t figured out how to retaliate on Wu Wenyu’s behalf, news of Lin Mengfei framing Wu Wenyu would suddenly spread through the base come evening.

This news spread simultaneously with the news of Nie Xiao’s group returning. One spread to ten and ten passed it to a hundred, it became known to everyone in just a short while.

It goes without saying that the apocalypse wasn’t nearly as richly colorful in respect to entertainment as before its arrival. The only source of fun for everyone now was chasing their stars, the ability users. Like the Wu brother and sister who could be said to be super first-rate celebrities inside the base. Especially Wu Wenyu who everyone regarded as a little princess. With her beauty and good personality, coupled with her defensive ability that guarded the entire base, almost no one in the base disliked her.

During the daytime, there were obviously hidden scenes, but every eye and ear could practically see and hear them. As long as her admirers remembered how Wu Wenyu had almost been strangled in her cradle at the beginning of the apocalypse, they’d be angered on the spot.

Even if they couldn’t blatantly violate the base’s rules to kill or harm people, all kinds of little methods which disturbed people’s lives were enough to make Lin Mengfei’s whole family uneasy.

Outlandish things relating to Lin Mengfei’s family were also spread everywhere, causing everyone to suddenly become full of contempt for the family. In an apocalypse, it was a rare fortune to be able to reunite with one’s family, but to not cherish it and even be so chaotic was simply the most outrageous thing.

There were numerous jobs in the base that provided points. As long as one could walk by the age of three, one could basically earn enough to feed oneself. Although it was said that it was exhausting with little food, it was absolutely impossible to die. But Lin Mengfei’s family was really eye-opening. The old and the young all relied on Lin Mengfei to cling to a man and beg for food. It was truly amazing. In short, it was anything but good.

Think about it, Lin Mengfei could be regarded as an evil person who possessed an evil-doer grinder3A vicious person will naturally have a more vicious person to make him suffer. Their whole family was notorious in the base thus, their days after that were destined to be greatly difficult moving forward.

When Nie Xiao and Xiao WuYi heard this news in the evening, they thought it was Wu Wenqi, the older brother’s move, but Wu Wenqi was wrongly accused.

However, this situation was still really pleasant to hear and see, and it saved everyone’s time and energy.

Looking at Wu Wenyu and Xiao WuYi who had honest and worry-free appearances, they suddenly felt that such lovely and kindhearted people were likable everywhere they went.

For such things, they didn’t need to get their hands dirty at all.

  • 1
    Idiom means successor surpassing the predecessor, in this context, it would be one being worse than the other
  • 2
    Ordinary woman as in she’s got no ability.
  • 3
    A vicious person will naturally have a more vicious person to make him suffer


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