Chapter 7 – Angry WuYi is very scary

A Filthy Rich Hamster in the Apocalypse
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Resembling a young little prince with his fair skin and delicate eyebrows, the youth stood barefoot right in the center of the big bed. He glared condescendingly at these intrusive uninvited guests. His whole body alert like a blasted little hedgehog.

“Who are you? Quickly get out of my house!!!”

Xiao WuYi’s yelling was a bluff, in reality, his face was pale with nervousness and his hands were clenched into fists. He never imagined that these people could actually break-in and that Nie Xiao unexpectedly could not rush back in time to save him.

He’s just a little hamster, really, he couldn’t endure it QAQ.

Hearing this, Xie Jun took the lead and recovered from the initial surprise. He quickly explained, “You’ve misunderstood. We’re here especially to save you, we’re good people!!!”


The bad guys say they are good guys. Xiao WuYi didn’t believe this nonsense at all. His keen nose captured the bloody and rotten scent floating in the air and his gaze eventually fell towards the ground outside the door. His pupils immediately contracted and his face looked unsightly.

The body-less head on the ground was the cleaning aunt who was responsible for cleaning the house.

“You killed everyone! Yet you say you’re good people!?”

Xie Jun and the others looked at this beautiful young boy who was clearly unaware of the situation. They really wanted to say a few words to explain themselves but before they could even speak, they saw the young boy take two steps back, pull out a gun from one of the compartments of the bedside drawer, and quickly load it.

The muzzle was pointed straight at them.

Xie Jun couldn’t help but gulp. Although he suspects that this was a toy gun, the apocalypse had arrived, and there was nothing else that was impossible anymore.

“Little young master, why don’t you put down the guy in your hand first, let’s talk slowly shall we?” Xie Jun managed a smile while lifting his hands.

The younger brother at the side hadn’t seen his boss this humble and submissive. He immediately took two steps forward in anger. “It was out of kindness that we’re saving you. Why can’t you listen and understand what we’re saying? Boss, let’s not talk nonsense with him, he only took that toy gun out to bluff and scare whoever—”

The younger brother stepped forward with the intention of pulling WuYi off the bed, but he hadn’t stepped down on the ground yet when with a loud ‘bang’, they were directly informed whether WuYi was bluffing or not.

Everyone was shocked.

Looking at the scorch mark of bullet holes near his feet, the younger brother that came forward was so scared that his heart almost exploded from his chest. His knees wobbled and he almost couldn’t help kneeling down.

Xie Jun and the others were instantly drenched in the back with cold sweat.

Isn’t it too difficult to be a good person this year ba? QAQ

“No one is allowed to move!”

Xiao WuYi pressed his lips tight and dared not relax his hold on the gun. He ordered, “Put everything down and put your hands behind your heads!”

Xie Jun and others immediately followed suit with absolutely no struggles. All axes and hammers were thrown to the ground. Are you kidding? How can ruthless cold soldiers and their naked eyes compare with other people’s bullet speed?

But although they gave up very decisively, they couldn’t help but burst into tears in their hearts. They really saved a little ancestor; he can take a gun out at every turn. What a family belonging to an elder brother1大佬 (da lao): It’s slang synonymous to 大哥 (dage) which also means elder brother, but大佬 is  slang meaning “a person with high qualifications, old age, knowledgeable and respectable in a certain area.”!

Under such strict regulations in China, poverty still limits their imagination.

Xiao WuYi watched the “criminals” give up struggling. He quietly pinched the sweat in his heart. He dared not relax and continued to hold the gun before bravely jumping off the bed.

Seeing this bubbly bouncing scene, Xie Jun couldn’t help his eyelids from also bouncing and saying amiable words, “Little brother, can you put down the gun and talk, be careful not to accidentally set it off.”

Xiao WuYi couldn’t help but glare at Xie Jun while he pulled out several bullet-filled magazines from Nie Xiao’s drawer. When Xie Jun saw this, he immediately shut his mouth and stayed silent.

“Everybody go outside.” WuYi wanted to go out to see the situation, so he ordered the group of people to back out of the room.

However, at this moment, Xie Jun spoke again.

“That… why don’t you put your shoes on first.” Xie Jun couldn’t help but say. He looked at WuYi’s bare feet and he could not help but be flustered for him.

Liu Dashan and the bunch of younger brothers: “…”

I found out for the first time that Xie Jun (Boss Xie) can be such a mother-in-law.

Xiao WuYi felt that his mighty momentum was somewhat interrupted by Xie Jun. He avoided everybody’s eyes at that moment, and could only force with what little face he had left to put on Nie Xiao’s slightly bigger slippers.

“Go, back out.”

Xiao WuYi coldly commanded with his mouth. Soon after, it was a scene of a little boy resembling a little white rabbit, forcing a large group of sturdy men to keep walking backward. From afar, the scene was quite spectacular.

WuYi walked out of the bedroom and saw the broken limbs piled up on both sides of the hallway. The tragic picture triggered his vision and the smell of blood and rottenness made his stomach churn and his face turn pale.

As he looked around, his eyes fell downstairs where there were broken heads, rotting corpses, and limbs scattered everywhere. No one was spared among the servants in their house.

Even when WuYi accompanied Nie Xiao on his missions in the past, he had never seen such a bloody and cruel picture like this current scene of hell on earth.

He never imagined that he would wake up from his sleep and find that the world appeared to have changed.

Seeing the little boy shocked by the sight continue to feign bravery and walk in front of him, Xie Jun and the others’ hearts actually couldn’t bear it.

However, this was the apocalypse.

During those three short days, they were met with all kinds of scenes more terrible and tragic than this.

“What exactly is going on?”

Xiao WuYi glared at Xie Jun and the others. He was too vigilant to reveal the slightest fear and was stubbornly pursing his lips. Now, all the details have made him see the clues. This was obviously not something that can be done by the few people in front of him.

Seeing the teenager finally put down the gun, Xie Jun and the others breathed a sigh of relief.

Xie Jun took the lead and didn’t hide anything. He straightforwardly told WuYi that the apocalypse had been going on for the past three days, letting this ignorant boy who had been asleep up until now fully understand the present world.

“You should thank the NB door in your room, otherwise the zombies would’ve broken in and gnawed you clean while you were sleeping.”

Xie Jun couldn’t help but sigh, feeling lucky on behalf of WuYi. When the meteor plunged the world into a coma, it was not known how many people were killed by the first wave of awakened zombies. Their deaths were unclear, and they didn’t even have the chance to resist.

Xiao WuYi listened to Xie Jun’s words and was shocked. His eyes couldn’t help but water as he sadly sniffed. “The door was locked by my daddy from the outside. The command to block the room can only be issued by my daddy. I fell asleep and didn’t know anything. My daddy went on a mission and said that he would come back soon, but in fact, three days have passed.”

WuYi finally recalled that one second before he fell asleep, he heard the ‘click’ sound when the door was blocked. It turned out that at that time, Nie Xiao had predicted the danger.

Everyone heard it and couldn’t help but be dumbfounded.

Xie Jun and others were too late to comfort him. They saw the boy suddenly head to the landline in the living room and repeatedly dial Nie Xiao’s number, but no matter how many times he called, there was no response.

The atmosphere inside the room was inevitably heavy. Xie Jun could not bear it and he opened his mouth, “Don’t bother. On the first day of the apocalypse, China’s entire communication network was paralyzed and the power grid was destroyed soon afterwards.

“It’s good that everyone can take care of themselves now, your daddy… the development of the situation he’s in is estimated to be more likely bad than good.”

“Shut up! My daddy won’t die!”

Xiao WuYi glared fiercely at Xie Jun. His eyes were red and his face stubborn and irrefutable. 

“My daddy and his comrades are the most powerful in the world! Daddy just went on a mission and he said that he’ll be back within a week. He definitely won’t die.”

With that said, Xiao WuYi left the group of people and rushed back to the bedroom upstairs.

There was a brief silence as Xie Jun and others looked at the back of the figure.

At this time, a large wave of zombies suddenly appeared outside the villa. They seemed to have been attracted by the sound of the gunshot earlier. They kept slamming ‘bam! bam!’ at the closed doors and windows. Xie Jun and the others’ faces became stern.

Xie Jun didn’t know how long the bulletproof door and windows could last, so he immediately said to two younger brothers, “You two go up, bring him down and kill the zombies later.”


With that said, Xie Jun and Liu Dashan thought about it, and suddenly, both their hammer and axe that had been left upstairs reappeared in their hands. It was such a magical scene, yet the younger brothers had already grown accustomed to it.

In the bedroom upstairs, WuYi moved quickly to change his clothes. He just didn’t believe that Nie Xiao would die so now, he decided to find his daddy on his own.

Even if… there really was an accident, then at least there must be… if the person is dead, then there must be a corpse.

With his thoughts going in this direction, Xiao WuYi couldn’t help but pat his face, rubbing his red eyes, and shaking his head to cast out this bleak idea. 

“Pei pei, if there’s no corpse seen, then Daddy must still be alive!”

Xiao WuYi took off the long down jacket he casually put on his body and chose his clothes carefully from the inside to the outside. He also put on a pair of Nie Xiao’s leather army boots. Although the size was large, as long as the shoelaces were tightened, they would not fall off.

After changing his clothes from head to toe, WuYi laid his eyes on the furnishings of the room. He then put what he wanted to bring into the enlarged small pouches. However, halfway through packing, he found out that he seemed reluctant to drop anything.

The whole house was a memory of him and Nie Xiao.

Thinking about this, WuYi suddenly turned around and ran down like a flash of light, just in time to crash into the two younger brothers who were going upstairs.

The two younger brothers were slightly stunned as they watched the young boy whose face had changed and had regained his spirits, then they quickly reacted. They quickly explained the situation below, picked up all the weapons they had dropped on the ground earlier, and then stuffed WuYi’s hands with a crowbar.

“We are currently surrounded by zombies. When we rush out together later remember to hit their heads directly, don’t get bitten or bruised or you’ll become a zombie!”

WuYi looked at the crowbar stuffed in his hand, he froze for a moment but was then urged to go downstairs together with them. When they reached downstairs, they saw Xie Jun and others squatting while guarding the doors and windows, waiting for when the zombies would break in to take the opportunity to fight back and kill them.

Xiao WuYi couldn’t help but look around a bit and saw the zombies surrounding the house, slamming at the windows and leaving bloody handprints on the transparent glass. A wave of burning anger suddenly ignited in his heart.

This little hamster is very angry!

“No more soiling my house!!!”

Everyone looked at the young boy with a stunned expression.

They were still thinking about protecting this child but who knew that under that fair and delicate appearance resided such a brutal and irritable soul!

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    大佬 (da lao): It’s slang synonymous to 大哥 (dage) which also means elder brother, but大佬 is  slang meaning “a person with high qualifications, old age, knowledgeable and respectable in a certain area.”


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