Chapter 69 – WuYi’s reunion at the base

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The car stopped in front of the city gate of the base. There was someone on the city wall who was especially in charge of guarding it. Seeing the trucks, he opened the city gate to let the vehicles in.

Wu Wenyu’s defensive shield seemed to have become more flexible and adjustable. The defensive shield at the city gate would automatically change with the opening and closing of the city gate, and it would no longer be impassable as before.

Seeing the change of the defensive shield made Xie Jun all the more eager to see Wu Wenyu. People like Luo Yunhai and Wu Qingfeng, who were from the Capital Base, were extremely envious of the defensive shield. Such an ability was simply an invincible weapon against zombie birds and insects. Living in this kind of base gave a great sense of security from the body to the heart. In this regard, their bases couldn’t compare at all.

Entering through the wall, the hustle-and-bustle of people coming and going inside the base suddenly reached their ears. Wei Hanming, Bai Yue, and the others were instantly red-eyed. After all, all they saw along the way was absolute devastation and desolation. Later, the Haicheng base was built, but the number of people was very small and so few. At this time, they saw such an enormous scale—a place full of vitality that made them tremble with indescribable excitement.

The staff at the city gate quickly ran over and guided Nie Xiao’s group’s vehicles into the open space set up on both sides of the city gate. The other survivors in the base saw the return of the mission vehicles and all of them surrounded enthusiastically. From some distance away, Nie Xiao’s group could hear people shouting, “Welcome home!”

At that moment, there seemed to be a warm current pouring into everyone’s hearts.

The city-gate staff came up with a smile, looking and saying patiently and carefully, “Welcome home! Which mission teams do you belong to? Come here to register for an inspection. Later, you will need to be isolated and observed for a few hours to see if there is an infection.”

Hearing this, Bai Mei immediately hid behind Luo Yunhai and the others and slightly pulled down the hood of his black robe, trying to conceal the peculiarity of his body as much as possible.

Nie Xiao and Xiao WuYi didn’t expect that there’d be a newly added isolation procedure, which they hadn’t had before they’d left. But before they could utter their inquiries, they saw a man in the quarantine area next to them. The man appeared to be in good condition, but he suddenly turned into a zombie and was judged on the spot. Everyone went silent for a while.

Now, there were more and more zombies outside. The bite wounds weren’t eye-catching, and the time required for the mutation was also prolonged. Similar incidents had erupted in the base before, so this quarantine and observation procedure for entering the base was abruptly added. Although the judging was very cruel, it was necessary.

Duan Wenyu was about to step forward to negotiate when Li Qi rushed one step forward, seemingly familiar with the staff member.

“Brother Chen, we’re all okay. Registration is not needed. We’re all ability users, so we don’t need to be checked or isolated!!!”

Li Qi stopped the staff called Brother Chen with joy and excitement on his face, urging him, “Brother Chen, you came to the base at a later time, and you don’t know these people! In short, you should hurry and make an internal call to tell the people at the center of the base that Boss Nie and the others have returned from Haicheng!”

“Holy fuck!!!!!?”

Although they didn’t know their faces, these staff members were still well acquainted with Nie Xiao and his group’s famous names. Their eyes glowed as they gazed at Nie Xiao’s group’s captivating faces, which could summon the wrath of both people and gods. They then rushed with elation and admiration into the shed and made an internal call.

As Nie Xiao, Duan Wenyu, and the others watched this fascinating and energetic scene unfold, the corners of their mouths couldn’t help but evoke a trace of a smile. Then they simply stood there, watching the street constructions inside the base with full interest.

Bai Mei secretly breathed a sigh of relief when he heard that an inspection wasn’t needed. Soon after, she felt Luo Yunhai and Bai Yue squeezing his hands that hung by his sides, causing his face to uncontrollably reveal a smile.

Looking at this bustling base so full of life, no one could stay relaxed.

“Baby is back la!!!” Xiao WuYi was happily bouncing on the spot, waving his hands to greet the passers-by who welcomed them back not far away.

Afterwards, more and more people recognized WuYi, Nie Xiao, and others. News of their return from Haicheng spread throughout the entire base like a wildfire, and almost everyone with spare time came.

Wu Wenqi and Wu Wenyu rushed over as soon as they received the news. Pleasantly surprised, they directly transformed their bodies into their abilities and disappeared from the office in the villa district in the center of the base. Standing next to them was Headmaster Yuan, who was accustomed to this, gazing towards the city gate in the distance with a smile on his lips.

“They’re coming.” Nie Xiao felt the abnormal movements of the soil under his feet and the defensive shield around him before immediately grinning. Soon after, a cry of surprise suddenly came from Xiao Yan’s and Xie Jun’s mouths.

The Wu brother and sister approached quietly in an unexpected way and popped out to directly hug Xiao Yan and Xie Jun as if mounting a sneak attack. They finally reunited after a long time and had missed them very much.

“You guys are finally back!!!” Wu Wenqi hugged Xiao Yan, sighing from the heart. He carefully checked whether Xiao Yan was injured.

Wu Wenyu took Xie Jun’s hand, her eye sockets a little red. “It’s great that all of you can come back safely. You’ve all lost weight.”

Seeing this public display of affection as if no one were there, Ning Feng coughed loudly, then interrupted and complained to cut the scene, “Can’t the two of you see us? Don’t you care about us big people standing here? How heartless!”

Wu Wenqi and Wu Wenyu turned their heads and said almost in unison, “Just how old are you?!!!”

Ning Feng: QAQ!

“Silly boy, Dad is here to care about you.” Duan Wenyu sighed and raised his hand to stroke the head of this “landlord’s silly son”1Family background or personal strength is very strong but speaks or does things a bit stupidly yet is a harmless boy. to comfort him, causing those next to him to utter a kind laugh.

Liu Dashan brought Nana and a few children a few steps behind to greet them. At this moment, the Overlord Flower and Man-Eating Vine lying in ambush beneath the soil of the entire base suddenly broke out from the ground. Amidst the screams of everyone, Xiao WuYi was lifted and thrown up high, making the youth giggle with joy.

“Hua Hua and Teng Teng, long time no see!!!” Xiao WuYi happily touched the leaves of the two plants.

Possier, Sislow, and the others’ eyes jumped out. They never expected to see the famous fierce plants of planet Nemo here. Seeing the calm disposition of Nie Xiao’s group, they could only sigh, thinking that those who do not know, knew no fear.

In addition, the little hamster prince who could treat these two things like pets and make them do tricks was also very awesome.

The reunion scene was full of cheers and laughter. The ordinary people who were standing by to watch didn’t expect to see so many big bosses living in the central city all at once, and they looked at Nie Xiao’s group this group of dazzling people with adoration.

Amongst the crowd, a grayish and haggard woman cutting a sorry figure was hiding in a corner, staring at the joyous scene from a distance, her nails almost piercing into her palms.

Lin Mengfei looked at the stunning beauty next to Wu Wenqi, the tall man holding Wu Wenyu in his arms, and the group of powerful and handsome ability users around them while the dense jealousy in her heart was almost driving her crazy.

Nie Xiao and the others didn’t want to be stuck at the city gate for a long time. They were thinking about returning to the villa area at the center of the base when they saw a crazy woman suddenly rush out and grab Liu Gang. As if she were grabbing a life-saving straw, she tightly held on to Liu Gang’s arm, her long nails hurting Liu Gang with her grip.

“Brother Gang! Brother Gang! I was wrong, forgive me, we’ll get back together, okay?”

Liu Gang impatiently pushed Lin Mengfei away. With so many people watching, he couldn’t keep his face. He angrily said, “I have nothing to do with you anymore. Please stop pestering me. I haven’t even asked you to settle accounts regarding those dirty things you’ve done!”

Lin Mengfei knelt on the ground and burst into tears. She was pushed a few times, but she still rushed up to hug Liu Gang several times. “I was wrong. This time, I really want to have a good time with you. I wouldn’t dare anymore, I beg you!!!”

Watching this entanglement, Ning Feng couldn’t help but curiously ask Li Qi beside him, “Little Lizi2Li Qi is 李琦 and Ning Feng called him 小李子, 子 means child. Just Ning Feng and his nicknames., what’s going on?”

Li Qi’s expression was complicated because it was hard to explain in words, and he sympathized with Liu Gang from the bottom of his heart. “How to say it? Liu Gang and this woman only met after the apocalypse happened, and they went to the base together. This woman saw that Liu Gang had an ability and took the initiative to say that she wanted to be Liu Gang’s girlfriend. Before the apocalypse, Liu Gang basically had no relationship with women. He was a poor cook with a fat physique. It was rare for a woman to take the lead to be with him, and on top of that, she was so pretty, too. However, deep inside his heart, Liu Gang also wanted to live his days with her at that time, and all his good things were closely tied to this woman. Originally, it was a good love story from me to you, but in the end, this woman…”

“What happened, what happened?” Ning Feng’s heart was filled with desire for gossip.

“…Liu Gang became green3From wearing a green hat or being cheated upon..” Li Qi wiped his face and explained with difficulty, “It didn’t just stop at becoming green. Later, her parents and younger brother also found the base. After reuniting, they also depended on Liu Gang, and not only were they all take and no give, but they also disliked Liu Gang for getting lesser things. All the little belongings that Liu Gang exchanged when going out for missions were all emptied and given to them. Her parents were the most outrageous: they disliked Liu Gang’s strength for not being powerful enough and told this woman to go and hook up with other more formidable ability users.”

Li Qi sighed. “Liu Gang was considered an honest person before, but this woman just played Liu Gang with her wheedling, and she also had a set of sly ideas, which caused Liu Gang to be very infamous for a while. Nobody wanted to team up with him for missions, such that this dignified ability user almost had nothing to eat. Fortunately, he realized her true colors, but Liu Gang was traumatized and became a little bit afraid of women.”

Everyone: “…” What a gold digger ah.4这女人吊啊 = This woman hangs ah. A woman who leads you around, asks you for things she wants and only likes you for your money. Practically the same meaning as gold digger so i translated it as such.

Xiao WuYi, Xie Jun, and Liu Dashan looked at the wretched woman’s back and felt it was a bit familiar, but they couldn’t remember the details.

“I seem to know this person.” Xiao WuYi couldn’t help but touch his chin. He looked at Li Qi and asked, “Liqiqi, what’s her name?”

“I also feel she’s a bit familiar,” added Liu Dashan.

Nie Xiao and the others heard Xiao WuYi and the others’ conversation. Initially, they didn’t want to pay attention to it, but at this time, they also looked curiously towards Lin Mengfei and Liu Gang’s direction. However, the woman had her back to them from beginning to end, so they couldn’t see her face clearly.

Li Qi also couldn’t remember very clearly. He knitted his brows, pondering carefully, “It seemed to be Fei’er? Xiao Fei… Meng Fei?”

Xie Jun instantly reacted. “It’s Lin Mengfei!!!”

“Right, right, exactly! That’s the name!!!”

This name evoked the memories of everyone present. Xiao WuYi and Xie Jun both had a deep memory of this name!

“Crap, she’s still alive and even came running to our base!!!” Xie Jun couldn’t help grinding his teeth when thinking of Wu Wenyu’s experience at that time.

Xiao WuYi’s seldomly seen puffed-up angry face revealed itself.

“Bad person, disgusting witch, Baby hates her!!!”

Nie Xiao and Wu Wenqi didn’t quite know about the disagreement that had occurred; all they knew was the name “Lin Mengfei.”

“Xiao Yu, isn’t this your friend?”

  • 1
    Family background or personal strength is very strong but speaks or does things a bit stupidly yet is a harmless boy.
  • 2
    Li Qi is 李琦 and Ning Feng called him 小李子, 子 means child. Just Ning Feng and his nicknames.
  • 3
    From wearing a green hat or being cheated upon.
  • 4
    这女人吊啊 = This woman hangs ah. A woman who leads you around, asks you for things she wants and only likes you for your money. Practically the same meaning as gold digger so i translated it as such.


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