Chapter 67 – WuYi’s variant ability

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Everyone was looking forward to seeing WuYi’s variant ability. From the information MoYan had revealed before, it could be concluded that WuYi’s completely recovered genuine ability was far more than just a storage space.

“Quick quick quick! Show us!!!” Ning Feng urged impatiently.

Bai Mei also stared at WuYi with interest. He’d always thought that WuYi’s space had been larger than his because the other had been higher in level. It wasn’t until a few days ago when MoYan told them they didn’t need to absorb crystal nuclei that he knew that his and WuYi’s spatial ability were two completely different things.

Thinking about how Possier, Sislow, and the rest had awakened their special abilities through their bloodlines, even Dr. Wei Hanming and his fellow scientists found it extremely magical. The universe was so big, and it was truly full of extraordinary things!

Xiao WuYi saw everyone staring at him with scorching eyes, and his puffed little face suddenly carried a hint of pride, making Nie Xiao’s heart a bit itchy. He wanted to just reach out and pinch it.

“Then don’t be scared oh!” Xiao WuYi gleefully said. He had recovered his full ability, and even he himself found it very fun, much more fun than his two little storages.

MoYan already knew of it in his heart, but looking at the expression of his family’s Little Highness appearing like a mischievous little kitten, only amusement and indulgence remained in his heart.

Then, without waiting for everyone to urge him again, a mystical scene appeared. They saw Xiao WuYi gently raise his hand and casually draw a circle in the air lightly. Everyone was obviously separated by some distance, but they could still clearly see the minute distortion of the nearby space. A black space hole then appeared in front of everyone.

Before everyone could come back to their senses, Xiao WuYi had already cheerfully gotten inside, and the space hole instantly disappeared without a trace. Everyone, who had recovered from their senses, frantically looked around.

Ning Feng searched left and right while his mouth exclaimed in astonishment, “He can really tear through space and time!!!! Awesome, where did he go? He couldn’t possibly be lost again, right?!!!”

“Hmph! Baby won’t get lost! I’m here hahaha!” Xiao WuYi suddenly appeared behind Ning Feng with a strange ‘boo’ cry, which shocked everyone into jumping. But before anyone could react, the youth disappeared into the black hole again, and the entire living-room space became an amusement park for the little hamster to “punch holes everywhere.”

One second he would appear here, and the next second over there, playfully frightening everyone. Like a mole-smashing game that players always lose in, the little hamster seemed to possess doors that randomly opens and baits someone.

Ning Feng and Sislow couldn’t help but play a catching hamster game with Xiao WuYi, causing them to joyfully leap and jump up and down in the living room. Others, who were watching this scene, couldn’t help but recall how Xiao WuYi had come to Earth by tearing through space. The distance he’d crossed must’ve been unimaginable. For a while, this amazing fact made their blood hot and excited them into shuddering. Perhaps there wasn’t a place in the universe that the little hamster couldn’t go.

“Damn, that’s so cool!!!”

“Ahhh, those random doors in that cartoon I‘ve watched when I was a child came true, fuck!!!”

In the end, Xiao WuYi appeared silently behind Nie Xiao. He poked his head out of the black hole, kissed Nie Xiao’s cheek stealthily with a ‘puchi,’ and hugged Nie Xiao while giggling happily.

Nie Xiao was caught off guard, and he was kissed. He looked at the giggling silly youth holding his arm, then suddenly felt his heart turn into a ball of softness. He’d thought that those two storage spaces were amazing enough already, but his family’s little hamster could even still easily travel through time and space like this. Although MoYan had foreshadowed it beforehand, it was still too inconceivable to be able to play around with space like it were a toy.

“Baby is amazing!” Nie Xiao said from the heart.

Xiao WuYi lovingly shook his head, looked up at Nie Xiao, and said, “There’s nothing in this world that can lock me up, but Daddy’s heart is an exception because Baby is already locked in his Daddy’s heart.”

With that said, Xiao WuYi pinched his fingers together to show Nie Xiao a little heart1. The sudden words of love with an earthly flavor2土 (earth) could also translate to unsophisticated. According to a source, 土味 is used to describe something tacky, unfashionable, very low, not foreign, and even many things that are very horrible, but sometimes it incites a kind of feeling of entanglement where you hate it but at the same time you can’t stop coming back to it. Ngl, I almost put cringe. But the word cringe doesn’t exactly cover the whole meaning. sweetened everyone’s mouth beside them and made Nie Xiao nearly unable to suppress the love in his chest.

Nie Xiao stretched out his hand and rubbed the boy’s cheek, then squeezed the other’s mouth into a pouting little goldfish shape and kissed him fiercely. “How come you’re so cute, Baby!”

The little hamster shyly covered his face.

Jiang Qiu on the side couldn’t help but click his tongue in wonder. “It’s terrible, terrible, I say. The little friend has recovered his memory and learned to take the initiative to tease his husband. How can Old Beast Nie hold it in?”

MoYan, who saw this lovey-dovey scene as the corner of his eyes twitched and his teeth grinded: “…” Tsk, unhappy.

Duan Wenyu pondered over WuYi’s ability to travel through time and space and couldn’t help but question, “WuYi, are you going to use this ability to return to your original planet? Can this ability carry other people?”

Hearing Duan Wenyu’s words, Possier, and the others’ minds were shaken. If that could be achieved now, Earth’s blockade wouldn’t be a problem for them at all.

Xiao WuYi touched his chin and contemplated for a while. Then perplexed big eyes filled with innocence gazed at them. He said, “I haven’t tried to take people before. Besides, if I want to return to planet Nemo, I have to first identify the position between Earth and our planet, Nemo, or else I’ll get lost if I go back directly like this. I don’t even know which protected area I’m in right now.”

“The most terrifying thing is that if I accidentally get lost and land on an unnatural planet, the hamster will suffocate without oxygen and drop dead!! With the long-distance travel in the interstellar, after my ability is used once, it would take a long time before it can be used again!!” Xiao WuYi thought of death as the consequence and covered his face in horror. Although he could travel through space, he was a road idiot3Person with poor sense of direction!

“At that time, my ability ran wild and was able to directly penetrate Earth. It really was a matter of Baby’s luck!!!” Xiao WuYi hugged Nie Xiao, then heaved a sigh as if he had a lingering fear.

The corners of Possier’s and the others’ mouths twitched: “…”

That stupidly cute royal clan truly deserved its reputation.

MoYan, who knew this would be the case, massaged his forehead. Fortunately, he’d come out to look for him. His Highness being stranded on Earth was purely by accident. This protected area was so far away from the Garrosen Galaxy, so it would be magical if he still knew where his home was.

“Forget it, I know the location. I’ll show you the star map later!” Feng Dao on the side said tiredly. Fortunately, they had driven here by themselves, and they had downloaded the detailed star-field map in their quantum brains.

Hearing this, Xiao WuYi immediately patted his chest and thanked him happily. “That’s great. If you have a map, everything will be fine. Baby will be able to go back without a hitch and inform them.”

Nie Xiao &4Yes, this was in the raws everyone: “…” Why are you speaking so confidently? We’re even more worried.

Nie Xiao stretched out his hand to hold the eager little hamster’s head, coughed lightly, and changed the topic, “There’s no hurry about this matter. Let’s wait until Baby is familiar with the map before talking about it again. It’s not that early now, so let’s have a meal and hurry back to the base! Let’s speed up a bit so we can meet with Wu Wenqi and the others today.”

They nodded in agreement: En, there’s no hurry!

The underestimated little hamster folded his arms angrily.


Everyone quickly ate breakfast and no longer delayed, driving the trucks back grandiosely. Bai Mei returned the villa to its original owner today and let Xiao WuYi take it into his own space.

As he sat in the car while getting closer and closer to the base, Nie Xiao’s heart was indescribably ardent. He missed it after having been away for so long and was wondering what the base had become now. Wei Hanming, Wu Qingfeng, and the others had never been there, but they were also looking forward to WuYi Base’s appearance. Everyone sitting in the car chatted in full swing about WuYi Base.

It was just that they chatted and chatted until the topic strayed, falling on WuYi and the others. Xiao WuYi was inevitably asked a lot of questions while sitting in the car. Ning Feng and the others expressed great curiosity about the Nemo Royal Clan and his little-prince identity.

Xiao WuYi didn’t hesitate to tell everyone about the Nemo Royal Clan’s customs and culture and even cheerfully invited, “When the apocalypse is over, everyone can come to our planet to play. We are the only natural planet in the Sengalo Galaxy. Unlike Earth, which is blue in color, our planet Nemo has a large land area and many forests. It’s the planet with the best greenery and the least pollution in the Alliance. The entire planet is a very beautiful green!!”

“Wow!! The air must be exceptionally good!!!”

“Yes, it is!!” Xiao WuYi nodded enthusiastically.

Seeing everyone’s admiration, Possier, Sislow, and they weren’t to be outdone and also talked about the appearance of their hometown, which made everyone in the truck full of curiosity and desire to explore the universe.

While listening to Xiao WuYi talk with his small mouth, Ning Feng suddenly remembered a question and couldn’t help but ask it. “By the way, what’s your original name, Little Labor!?”

Upon hearing this question, Xiao WuYi, MoYan, and the other people in the know were taken aback. Soon after, Xiao WuYi couldn’t help but look at Nie Xiao beside him, showing a big jolly smile.

Possier and the others then reacted, feeling that there were really such curious coincidences in the world. They almost forgot that in the eyes of Ning Feng and the others, the name “WuYi” was chosen by Nie Xiao.

Nie Xiao also reacted in hindsight. He turned his head to look at his cub in surprise, and then the youth nodded affirmatively, his eyes turning into crescent moons with joy.

“Baby was initially called WuYi!!!” Xiao WuYi grabbed Nie Xiao’s hand, shook his head, and said, “I was called WuYi before, and I’m also called WuYi now!”

“Fuck?!!!!” the crowd exclaimed.

That so-called curious fluke, was probably like this. When Nie Xiao picked up the little hamster, the name he chose casually happened to be WuYi’s real name. This kind of mysteriously foreordained fate made everyone present sigh and gasp in astonishment.

Even Nie Xiao himself thought it was very magical and incredible.

“What kind of immortal love is this!! Lao Niang5Kind of like a female equivalent of Laozi. Translates to Old Aunt. believes that this marriage predestined by fate is a big deal ao ao ao!” Xiao Yan couldn’t help holding her slightly blushing cheeks, her maiden heart almost going to burst.

On the other hand, MoYan couldn’t help grinding his teeth. He hmph-ed and shot daggers at Nie Xiao, murmuring, “It’s just a case of a blind cat running into a dead mouse6Blind/lucky coincidence. Earth’s calendar happened to coincide with our planet’s calendar. The day His Highness awakened and disappeared happened to be on May 1, the celebration date of our planet and the fifteenth birthday of His Highness. In our royal clan, May 1 is the holiest day of the year when the stars align and all living things come to life. His Highness was coincidentally born on that day, and he took this name under the blessing of the entire clan.”

Possier couldn’t help but nod in agreement and say to everyone beside him, “You can never imagine what the Nemo Royal Clan’s celebration on May 1 is like. Every sprout of all the creatures on that green planet is dancing. It’s really special, magical, and romantic. The Nemo Royal Clan’s May 1 can be said to be a sacred day famous in the whole Interstellar Alliance!!!”

“Yes, it is!!!” Sislow and the others nodded. “All of us other planets want to go, but only very few people are allowed to enter planet Nemo’s star harbor during that day!!!!”

Listening to the exaggerated description of Possier and the others, everyone had their mouths open in stupefaction.

Ning Feng couldn’t help but apologize to WuYi at this time. Learning of the sacred origin of the name, he decided not to inconsiderately change it up again. It was no wonder that every time he was called “Labor,” the little hamster would be annoyed. It turned out that although he had lost his memory, he had been subconsciously defending the meaning of his name!!

“His Highness WuYi, I was wrong! I will not inconsiderately change it up again!” Ning Feng put his hands together and apologized to Xiao WuYi.

Xiao WuYi hummed twice, raised his nose, and lifted his head as he magnanimously waved his hand, “This Highness reluctantly pardons you!”

Nie Xiao looked at the youth’s pompous little appearance and couldn’t help amusedly rubbing his head. This cute little prince, you could only wonder what he had eaten while growing up!


Everyone just laughed and bustled while hastening their journey. With the help of Bai Mei’s zombie king’s coercion power, they advanced unimpeded all the way. As their distance from the base got closer and closer, a search team formed by dozens of people suddenly rushed out of the street and blocked everyone’s way. 

  • 1
  • 2
    土 (earth) could also translate to unsophisticated. According to a source, 土味 is used to describe something tacky, unfashionable, very low, not foreign, and even many things that are very horrible, but sometimes it incites a kind of feeling of entanglement where you hate it but at the same time you can’t stop coming back to it. Ngl, I almost put cringe. But the word cringe doesn’t exactly cover the whole meaning.
  • 3
    Person with poor sense of direction
  • 4
    Yes, this was in the raws
  • 5
    Kind of like a female equivalent of Laozi. Translates to Old Aunt.
  • 6
    Blind/lucky coincidence


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