Chapter 66 – WuYi is finally awake la

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MoYan revealed everything they knew and didn’t hide anything, and thus, the tough problem was laid bare—the origin of the apocalypse was actually a deranged alien invader.

Out of everyone, Bai Mei’s mood was the most complicated, the most displeased, and the most resentful. Practically all of his parents and elders had died in this disaster. Even he himself was a victim. He was even almost bewitched by that man in black’s restorative potion to kill his fellow Earth citizens on his behalf.

“He will appear again. We will definitely catch him and take revenge on him.” Bai Mei clenched his fists, his face grave as he gritted his teeth and said, “The apocalypse will definitely pass!!!”

“Certainly!!! That intruder must pay the price!” someone said with red eyes. “Now, we also have General and them to help. If we all work together, we can definitely overcome this disaster!”

Nie Xiao nodded with a dark gaze. Suppressing the resentment and enmity in his chest, he looked up at everyone present and calmly said, “This is the end of the matter for now. We can only continue to wait. At present, only we know about these things regarding the man in black, and about MoYan and them. In order to avoid chaos caused by inadvertently alerting the enemy, I hope that everyone here can keep this a secret. We still know too little about the man in black. What is his purpose by attacking the Earth? Are there other groups behind him? …We don’t know these yet, so we have to slowly plan it out at the moment.”

MoYan nodded affirmatively. “Except for people who you absolutely trust, never divulge mine, Possier’s, and the other’s identities. Once the enemy knows that we’re on earth, things will get worse.”

“Understood!” Everyone wiped away their tears and said in chorus.

After the discussion, they hastily ate lunch while restraining their sorrow and hatred, then continued to drive on the road. At this point, all their grief and hatred had turned into vengeance. It became a driving force to rebuild the Earth.

On their way, Nie Xiao, Duan Wenyu, and their team as well as Wei Hanming and the scientists continued to exchange information with MoYan and the others, further sorting out and integrating the important information that they now knew.

MoYan and the others also took out the quantum brains and communicators they were carrying, and gratuitously provided it to Wei Hanming and the others for research. Looking at this unprecedentedly high-end equipment, Dr. Wei and his colleagues sunk into a frenzy. Bai Mei saw that this quantum brain was almost the same as what the man in black had, and confirmed once again that the man in black was an intruder.


Time passed quickly, and the little hamster had slept for three days. At this time, everyone’s trucks had already entered the boundary of Fengcheng and would soon arrive at WuYi Base.

This morning, the little hamster finally woke up.

The little dumpling dazedly opened his eyes and poked his small head out of Nie Xiao’s pocket. A long dream of his memories made him a bit confused as to where he was right now.

Nie Xiao was about to get out of the room when he lowered his head and saw the little guy who’d woken up. He was pleasantly surprised and quickly and carefully took the little dumpling into his palm.

The little hamster only felt the sky spin, and he was caught in Nie Xiao’s palm the next second. When he saw the familiar man in front of him, all his consciousness instantly returned, and his mouth couldn’t help but let out a surprise tone!

The cute hamster pounced and directly hugged Nie Xiao’s finger.

“Chi!” Daddy! I missed you very much while I was sleeping and couldn’t see you. Baby had a long, long dream and now remembers everything!!!

Nie Xiao’s heart was completely relieved when he saw the little hamster’s enthusiastic appearance. Although MoYan had always said that this was a normal phenomenon, not waking up for three days had been enough to make Nie Xiao unbearably worried. He’d been afraid that the little guy would go hungry while sleeping, so he held a syringe every day and fed him liquid food.

“It’s good that you’re awake. Daddy missed you too!” Nie Xiao couldn’t help but pet the soft little dumpling twice before bowing his head to kiss him, causing the little guy to squint his eyes in comfort and happiness.

Nie Xiao looked at the other person’s consistent appearance and once again felt relieved. Despite recovering his memory of being a little prince, the little cutie was still the soft and sticky little cutie!!!

He was still his baby cub.

The little hamster didn’t know that he had slept for three days and was taken aback by Nie Xiao’s reminder. He quickly changed back to his human appearance, put on his clothes, and prepared to go meet everyone outside with Nie Xiao.

“Daddy, Baby seems to have grown a bit taller too!” Xiao WuYi jumped while standing beside Nie Xiao and gestured. He had indeed grown a few centimeters taller.

Nie Xiao nodded with a smile on his face, then he stretched out his hand to pinch the boy’s soft little cheek, squinting as he said, “Is there anything Baby wants to say to Daddy after restoring his memory?”

Xiao WuYi hesitated a little. He cautiously looked up at Nie Xiao, then asked Nie Xiao to lean over before whispering in a very small voice, “Then Baby will only tell you this. It’s a secret so Daddy, you can’t tell anyone.”

Nie Xiao smiled and nodded. “Okay.”

Xiao WuYi stared at Nie Xiao, blinking, and said unsuspectingly, “Actually… Baby is a little prince from an alien planet, and General MoYan is really my uncle. We are both aliens from the Nemo Royal Clan of the Garrosen Galaxy!!!”

“Oh, I see!” Nie Xiao pretended to be astonished.

Xiao WuYi looked at Nie Xiao’s calm appearance, a little confused and doubtful, “Daddy, don’t you feel amazed?”

Nie Xiao nodded calmly. “Wow, how amazing.”

Little hamster: “…”

“Don’t you believe me Daddy? I’m really a little alien prince!!! Baby remembers everything, and my abilities have also returned, which are super awesome!!!” Xiao WuYi said somewhat anxiously, not quite satisfied with Nie Xiao’s perfunctory attitude. He then said a lot of information not privy to the Earth until his little mouth dried up from speaking.

Nie Xiao sat on the side of the bed with the youth in his arms, listening quietly. With a smile on his face, he took a cup of water and gave it to the youth to replenish his saliva. He was still calm as before, which made the little hamster feel very frustrated for a moment.

“Daddy, do you still not believe me!?”

“Believe. Believe.” Nie Xiao raised his hand and saw that it was almost time. Guessing that Ning Feng and the others should’ve gotten up too, he no longer childishly teased the little guy and took the youth’s hand before walking out of the room to join everyone outside.

Ning Feng and the others in the living room downstairs heard the voices of Xiao WuYi and Nie Xiao from a distance, then turned their heads in surprise. They all came up to surround WuYi all at once and asked about his well-being.

“Little Labor, you finally woke up!!!”

“This is great, do you remember everything, WuYi? Are you really the little highnes of the Nemo Royal Clan? Is your ability restored?”

“What does it feel like to be a prince on an alien planet!?”

Xiao WuYi: “!!!!”

Hearing all of their endless questions, Xiao WuYi dazedly retreated two steps in alarm and ran into Nie Xiao’s arms behind him. He leaned back and grabbed Nie Xiao’s clothes with his hand. Frightened by everyone’s passion, he directly changed back into a little hamster.

The little hamster, who was afraid of being caught and dissected, tearfully looked at Nie Xiao. “Daddy, what to do?! Why does everyone know the secret?!!!!”

Seeing this adorable appearance, Nie Xiao laughed amusingly and stretched out his hand to rub the youth’s head. “Be good; don’t be afraid. Baby missed a lot of things during the three days you were sleeping! Your uncle has already told us about it!!!”

“WHAT!!!” Xiao WuYi suddenly felt that his whole person was unwell, and he couldn’t help but aggrievedly gaze at Nie Xiao. “So you were teasing me just now. Daddy, you’re so bad QAQ!!!”

“I had no choice. Baby is just so cute.” The rascal Nie Xiao spread his hands as he said this with a smile.

The little hamster fumingly crossed his arms. Baby wouldn’t be coaxed so easily.

Ning Feng and the others, who didn’t know what had happened, seemed to have been stuffed with food again by the “father-and-son pair.” He had just woken up yet immediately started spreading hamster food.

So lovey-dovey, really fucking lovey-dovey.

MoYan saw his little nephew after coming up from behind. After searching for him for several years, he finally saw the Little Highness with his memory restored like before, and his eyes instantly turned a little red.

Xiao WuYi saw the familiar faces, and he suddenly remembered his family members from the same planet1Here we go again. Idk if this is a typo but it says in the raws 哇星球 which literally translates to wow planet, or more crudely, wa celestestial body. Pls educate me if you know~. Feelings of longing surged forth all at once, causing him to rush directly over and hug MoYan, his eyes flushed. “Uncle, I missed you!!!”

“En!” MoYan’s voice was a little hoarse, and he rubbed the boy’s head tenderly and lovingly. “Fortunately, Your Highness is okay. Otherwise, Uncle really wouldn’t know how to report to AnYi and the others.”

Everyone watching this scene of uncle and nephew reuniting was a little moved. Jiang Qiu had unknowingly arrived behind Nie Xiao and uncontrollably patted Nie Xiao on the shoulder. While watching the affectionate uncle and nephew in front of him, he said sympathetically, “Man, you should think about how to curry favor with your uncle in the future.”

Nie Xiao: “…” Suddenly sensing malice coming from the entire universe.

Xiao WuYi distressedly stretched out his hand and wiped MoYan’s cheeks. Practically speaking, MoYan was truly the one who brought him up. “Uncle, don’t cry. Baby has been raised well by Daddy in the past few years and hasn’t suffered any hardships!”

MoYan keenly heard the certain form of address and suddenly narrowed his eyes. He glanced askance at Nie Xiao at the side and asked, “Who did Your Highness call Daddy just now? His Highness the late Emperor’s soul and spirit would cry. Your Highness’ memory is now restored, so you don’t need to confusedly recognize some wild father2Wild as in random, someone carelessly picked from who knows where..”

Nie-Wild Father-Xiao stiffened.

Xiao WuYi blushed shyly, lowered his head, and mumbled, “…Baby blurted it out of habit. Uncle, don’t bother about such trivial things.”

MoYan: “Hmph!”

Everyone next to them looked at Nie Xiao, who was in the fierce battlefield of meeting the parents, then covered their mouths and laughed very unkindly with schadenfreude. 

Hahaha god fucking wild father hahahaha!! The fate of performing the father-and-son play was really miserable hahaha!!!

Jiang Qiu and Ning Feng couldn’t help taking out their mobile phones to record this moment. It was a rare opportunity to see Nie Xiao eat a loss.

Nie Xiao: “…” It’s been too hard for me.

Thinking of how Nie Xiao had relied on his family’s Highness having amnesia to “take advantage” and “monopolize favor” the past few days, MoYan could only hold back a sigh in his heart. Now that his family’s Highness had regained his memory, MoYan only felt elated.

Facing the tense atmosphere between MoYan and Nie Xiao, the little hamster seemed to relate to the anxiety of the male protagonist squeezed in the middle in the TV series “Mother-in-Law and Daughter-in-Law Relationship.” However, as a 21st-century little hamster, WuYi thought that he also had to contribute to familial harmony. Plus, all things considered, the “mother-in-law and daughter-in-law problem” came from his side.

The little hamster, who was suddenly shouldering a heavy responsibility, wittily diverted the topic and eagerly looked at MoYan. “Uncle, are Aunt AnYi3So I guess from here, we can assume that MoYan’s “wife” is AnYi, and the ‘he’ from before is not a typo and them okay? What happened to everyone on the planet while I was away? What happened during these three days while I was asleep?”

MoYan looked at the Little Highness’ cute appearance and couldn’t get angry. He temporarily tossed Nie Xiao to the back of his mind, smiling gently as he said, “Nothing big has happened on the planet. Everyone misses you and is concerned about you. We have always been searching around the interstellar space, and AnYi has quietly cried for you several times.”

Xiao WuYi was incessantly moved by this. His tears streamed down, and all of it stained the chest part of MoYan’s clothes as he sobbed with a milky voice. “Uncle, you’ve really worked hard.”

MoYan’s heart immediately melted.

After Xiao WuYi had calmed down a bit, he listened to Ning Feng and the others’ narration of what had happened in the past three days. Only then did WuYi realize that the man in black was also an alien visitor, and he also became very angry.

Having lived on the Earth for several years, he had come to love this beautiful aquatic-blue planet very much.

Xiao WuYi couldn’t help but look back at Nie Xiao and rush to hug his waist. He rubbed his head against him and promised, “Daddy, don’t be sad. Earth is now my second hometown. Baby will definitely help you defeat that villain. Our planet is very strong!!!”

Nie Xiao’s heart immediately warmed. With eyes full of tenderness and pampering, he lowered his head and kissed the youth’s cheek. “Thank you Baby, everyone would be grateful to you.”

MoYan, who was watching this scene, couldn’t help the corner of his eye from twitching. He interrupted, “Little Highness, your memory has already been recovered, then how about your ability? Has it been restored?”

At the mention of this, everyone present immediately looked towards WuYi with anticipation. Xiao WuYi couldn’t help laughing sweetly and proudly, showing two very cute dimples on both cheeks.

“Of course it’s restored!

“This little hamster warrior has fully evolved!!!”

  • 1
    Here we go again. Idk if this is a typo but it says in the raws 哇星球 which literally translates to wow planet, or more crudely, wa celestestial body. Pls educate me if you know~
  • 2
    Wild as in random, someone carelessly picked from who knows where.
  • 3
    So I guess from here, we can assume that MoYan’s “wife” is AnYi, and the ‘he’ from before is not a typo


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