Chapter 65 – WuYi still hasn’t woken up

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MoYan’s words aroused the curiosity and shock of everyone present. A few of the new terms seemed to tell the story of another world.

Possier and the others didn’t expect that MoYan would disclose this information so straightforwardly. They hadn’t yet discussed this decision! But being this direct was also good because as long as they dilly-dallied, their hearts would always be uncomfortable. Earth had become like this, and the wait was undefined. Were they really just going to look on as Earth’s civilization thoroughly fell to decay?

How innocent was the Earth?!!!

Possier and the Feng brothers approved of MoYan’s action in their hearts and sat calmly at the side. Their appearance, which looked as if they already knew everything, was in sharp contrast with the rest of the people next to them.

Except for Sislow, who was still young. He was a little nervous and apprehensive. He couldn’t help but clutch the corner of Brother Feng Dao’s clothes and ask in a low voice, “Brother Feng Dao, is it okay for us to just say that?”

Feng Dao reached out, rubbed the child’s head, and soothingly said, “Don’t be afraid. Currently, the situation confirms that an outsider has intruded. With such a grim situation, the Alliance will definitely intervene to provide humanitarian aid. Furthermore, if there is really a need to be held accountable, there will be big shots who can shoulder that, now that the little highness of the Nemo Royal Clan is here!”

Hearing this, Sislow immediately smiled in relief and nodded earnestly. He clenched his hands and said, “That’s right, and Brother WuYi will definitely talk to Boss Nie Xiao when he recovers his memory anyway!”

There were the big shots to take care of it, so what was there to be afraid of!

Mo Ye and Ning Feng, who were sitting next to Feng Dao and Sislow, clearly heard the whispered conversation of the two, and at this time, they had pea eyes1 due to shock.

“Outsider… Alliance… who are you guys ahhh?!!!” Ning Feng swallowed hard. His head was a mess, and he felt that the world had become a bit magical.

Nie Xiao was also a little shocked from the bottom of his heart. Through just a word or two, some very incredible information could already be seen. Although he had guessed that MoYan and the others might be hiding something, never had it crossed his mind that their secret might be an unprecedented new world.

Looking down at the soft, fluffy little cub in his palm, Nie Xiao’s heart suddenly became somewhat complicated. It seemed that… his identity was indeed that of a majestic little prince.

Everyone’s line of sight gathered on MoYan, Sislow, and their group. MoYan covered his mouth and coughed lightly, hinting at everyone to stay calm. “Don’t be impatient; listen to me slowly. This is a long story. We don’t want to keep it from all of you anymore because you have the right to know. It’s just that you might be a bit unable to accept the following content. You must be psychologically prepared. We can only solve this apocalyptic crisis faster by cooperating with each other.”

Seeing MoYan’s seriousness, everyone stopped their vehicles and listened attentively to MoYan slowly narrate. Soon after, their worldview was completely reshaped.

MoYan said apologetically, “First of all, I’d like to apologize to everyone. We lied a bit before. Actually, we are not creatures from Earth, including His Highness WuYi. We are from the Nemo Royal Clan, Mermaid Race, Vampire Race, and Qijiang Race, which all are part of the Interstellar Alliance. In addition to our races, there are still many other races in the vast universe. Together, we formed the Interstellar Alliance.”

Regardless of everyone’s stupefied expressions, MoYan continued, “The Interstellar Alliance was established after our ancestors had gone through a good deal of wars. If it were not so, there would be no such thing as the stable, harmonious, and amicable coexistence of all races, a peaceful situation where we are all mutually staying our hands.

“After the establishment of the alliance, we formulated a unified agreement and rules, abided by it together, and lived in harmony while at the same time continuing to explore the unknown starfield. We have discovered many planets with creatures of higher intelligence, including the Earth. But because your civilization has yet to reach interstellar level, we divided planets like yours into star fields in order to protect the area so congruency and shared prosperity can be maintained in the universe. We do not infringe or disturb and let you develop naturally until you’re capable of contacting the interstellar civilization on your own. Our entire alliance will open its arms to you and integrate you into the alliance with an equal status.”

MoYan uttered these basic conditions of the interstellar in one go. This information should have been known only after the earthlings entered the interstellar civilization.

These short sentences brought an incomparably enormous impact to everyone present. Their minds instantly constructed a broader brilliant starry sky, a collective higher civilization so awe-inspiring. Wei Hanming and the other scientists were also in disbelief. While they were still guessing and exploring the existence of extraterrestrial creatures, thinking about whether or not they were dangerous, they were actually being protected by aliens.

Ning Feng took a deep breath, touched his thumping heart, swallowed hard, and stared at MoYan and the others without blinking.

This was even more shocking than when they had known they weren’t human.

“My goodness!!! My little heart can’t take it anymore!!! You are really aliens!!!! I actually made friends with aliens without knowing it!!!

“I’m having goosebumps all over. Thank you for establishing a protected area!!! It’s so humanitarian!!!

“It turns out that we are a protected cub civilization in the interstellar world. I’m inexplicably a bit moved and somewhat want to laugh hahahahaha!”

Nie Xiao also felt a little stunned. The information was already far beyond the reach of the Earth at its present stage. However, Nie Xiao still kept a clear head. He looked at Possier and the others sensibly, and asked, “If there was such a policy where you cannot interfere and cannot disturb, then why did you guys appear here? MoYan has his reason, which is to come look for WuYi, but what about Possier and the others?”

“Of course, we sneaked out to travel hahaha!!!”

Sislow was the first to reply happily and proudly, his hands on his waist. There was no need to conceal things at this time, so he couldn’t wait to share all about the interstellar with everyone. His little mouth was suddenly like a machine gun as he babbled on, “As long as we don’t disclose information that has something to do with the direction human civilization is taking, it wouldn’t be considered harming you, which is a violation of laws and disciplines. The Alliance’s government has turned a blind eye to us small individuals!

“However, on the flip side, the Alliance is still taking strong measures and banning it. It’s impossible for ordinary people to come to protected areas to have fun if they have no money, but who made us powerful n2It said ‘n’ in the raws. It’s usually second generation right? It being ‘n’ here might be because there’s too many generations that they couldn’t count it anymore XD generations? Hehehe!!!”

Possier promptly covered Sislow’s mouth, his forehead covered with sweat. “Lowzi3Sislow’s nickname, you talk too much!!!”

Nie Xiao and others: “…………”

It turned out that there were also unspoken rules like these in the interstellar. Ah, this dirty yet real society.

At this time, Ning Feng was instantly mindblown and couldn’t help but stroke his chin as he wondered, “Then those about vampires, shapeshifters, mermaids, thumbelina, and so on that’s passed around on our planet… are these fairy tales based on you? From the trail you guys carelessly left behind when you come???”

Possier felt guilty. “…It probably is.

“But didn’t this just increase your acceptance of unknown races?”


The truth turned out to be this way.

Suddenly, this world’s painting style had become somewhat magical.

Everyone calmed down for a while before finally digesting these facts about aliens.

Ning Feng and Duan Wenyu looked at the little hamster in Nie Xiao’s hands. They never imagined that the little hamster who had been together with them for three years would actually be an alien creature and even a little prince of a royal family.

This was a big deal!!!

MoYan gazed tenderly at the little hamster and continued to say, “I am not a tourist. I am a genuine general of the Nemo Royal Clan. The purpose of my trip is to find the Little Highness and go back. His Highness’ amnesia is quite common in our clan. It usually occurs when we awaken. The sealing of the memory is a self-defense mechanism brought out by insufficient control of our excessively powerful innate skill and can generally be solved quickly by going to the hospital. However, His Highness’ spatial ability is very special. He directly tore apart space and disappeared without a trace. And because of the amnesia, he was thoroughly lost, which made things worse. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be looking for him for several years.

“Fortunately, even though we have experienced some twists and turns, we still found His Highness in this boundless universe! It’s just… I just didn’t expect to encounter the apocalyptic disaster of Earth while at it. In the end, we were all trapped on Earth, unable to go home, and even our communication devices were blocked.”

While speaking of the second half, MoYan’s complexion suddenly became darker. None of the people listening were fools. Their minds akin to electric flints connected all the clues in an instant. Suddenly, everyone’s faces turned awful and somber.

“So… that man in black is also an alien, right?!” Nie Xiao’s face was as cold as ice, and he was practically gritting his teeth as he said this. He was the first to arrive at the crucial point before everyone else.

According to MoYan and the others, if all of this were purely the rough fate earthlings were bound to endure, MoYan and they might not have stepped in and suddenly told them information regarding the interstellar. But now that they had said it, it could only mean that this disaster wasn’t a fate the Earth ought to be bearing with. Combined with the man in black… the truth of everything was obvious!!!

The others in the room also understood everything, causing them to suddenly clench their fists, issuing kaka noises. Picturing Earth’s devastated appearance right now, their hearts were instantly filled with hatred.


“Just what is his purpose for making the Earth into such hell!!! Laozi is going to kill him!!!”

“The strange meteor shower at that time was really just an illusion that deceived our eyes. I had said then that the real meteor shower couldn’t be found by the Astronomical Bureau!!!” Dr. Wei Hanming’s eyes were red with grief. They once all thought it was a natural disaster, but this was basically a man-made disaster.

All their eyes were flushed with resentment. How innocent were the countless people on the Earth; why should they suffer such brutal persecution and ruin!!

MoYan, Possier, and the others fell silent at this time, feeling very unwell. If their planet suffered such a disaster, they would also want to eat that man’s flesh and drink his blood4Expressing their anger. Metaphorical (might be literal, we never know keke).

Possier wiped his face, his unique mermaid voice calming everyone’s fierce emotions. “At first, I thought it was just my own communication device that was malfunctioning. Only after meeting Sislow did I realize that it was not a coincidence. The ones who can block our communicators can only be those from a similar level of civilization.

“From then, this disaster was no longer an affair specific to Earth. Our families will definitely send people to look for us. When that time comes, the entire Alliance will provide assistance to Earth, and the culprit will inevitably be caught.”

After hearing these words, everyone’s mood still couldn’t stop being glum. The sorrow caused by the demise of hundreds of millions of people on Earth wasn’t a matter to be shrugged off.

Everyone’s eyes were crimson, and their sadness was in the extreme.

The little hamster, who still hadn’t woken up and was nestling in the palm of Nie Xiao’s hand, seemed to be able to feel everyone’s sadness, and his pair of cute little ears trembled ever so slightly. 








Btw everyone, if you’ve noticed there are no quotation marks at the end of some paragraphs, and that’s because I’m using MLA style with them dialogues/monologues now:

  • 1
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    It said ‘n’ in the raws. It’s usually second generation right? It being ‘n’ here might be because there’s too many generations that they couldn’t count it anymore XD
  • 3
    Sislow’s nickname
  • 4
    Expressing their anger. Metaphorical (might be literal, we never know keke)


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