Chapter 61 – WuYi’s return journey in progress

A Filthy Rich Hamster in the Apocalypse
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The sound of farewells could still be heard by everyone sitting inside the truck that was heading to the beach even from far away, causing the atmosphere inside the truck to be suffused with the faint sadness of parting.

Ning Feng’s eye sockets were slightly red. To break the silence, he half-jokingly said, “Shouting like that, won’t they attract all the nearby zombies!”

Duan Wenyu rubbed his head, amused. “Don’t be a crow’s beak!”1A person who make inauspicious remarks

Looking at Haicheng Base that was gradually getting further away, MoYan and Possier also felt somewhat moved, as well as unusually depressed and uncomfortable.

Xiao WuYi, who kept his little hamster form today, lay in Nie Xiao’s pocket watching everyone. Dr. Wei Hanming, Bai Yue, and the other scientists were surprised with Xiao WuYi’s fairy identity at first, but after successively learning about the existence of mermaids and vampires during the past week, they had completely accepted the existence of these unscientific magical species.

At the moment, several people were upholding their inquisitive scientific spirit and seriously studying Sislow’s special sound wave ability that could expel zombie insects.

If this sound wave could be artificially simulated, mankind would be able to solve a major survival dilemma that would benefit all of humanity.

Sislow, who was surrounded and encircled, wanted to cry but had no tears as he held his small body tightly. “You can’t use me as a guinea pig. Dissecting intelligent life forms is illegal and a crime. Races are equal. Vampires also have human rights. I can cooperate with you to test my sound waves, but you cannot harm my life!!!”

Bai Yue was amused with the little kid. He smiled and said, “Don’t worry, we are not inhumane perverse scientists. We won’t hurt you! But your kind of vampire is really different from the vampires in the movie, so cute hahaha!”

“Hmph, of course. That’s just you human beings’ ignorance and hear sayings!” Sislow snorted with his tiny mouth sticking out.

“Speaking of which, do you have any other races?” Ning Feng suddenly asked with curiosity, looking at MoYan and Bossier at the same time.

Sislow didn’t know how he should answer this. He hesitatingly said, “…There are, but you can’t see them now, and I also can’t see them right now.”

Hearing this, Ning Feng thought that he had poked at Sislow’s sad spot, so he apologetically and embarrassedly closed his mouth and stopped asking.

Humanity was currently in so much misery. There ought to be only a few fairies hiding in the world, and the impact of the apocalypse on them must’ve been very serious.

Sislow saw everyone’s imagination wandering and immediately wanted to say something but then stopped. He wanted to tell them that his parents were very happily enjoying their little life on the vampires’ planet.

But then… forget it… consider yourself an orphan for the time being, sorry Mom and Dad.

MoYan and the others also pretended to have acquiesced to the fact that the “extermination of their races” was inviolable and mentally uttered several “I’m sorry” to the direction of their planets.

The little hamster saw the several people displaying a guilty conscience and blinked, only feeling a bit joyful in his heart. Everyone was obviously looking very sad, but he feels nothing.2Maybe he was joyful about not having to be sad because he lost his memories or he have an intuition that his relatives aren’t dead yet and he feels happy


At that time, among the vast and splendid sea of stars, several small tracking warships with different insignias accidentally and coincidentally met in front of the same asteroid belt.

Having a chance encounter on the periphery of this star field’s protected area, all of the people from different planets boarding the several ships felt a sense of guilty conscience as if caught red-handed.

The edge of this protected starfield was forbidden to be approached as decreed by interstellar law.

Although there were still many noble sons and young ladies from rich and powerful families of different races sneaking to this planet to travel every year, they were all kept low-key as a personal activity that no one dared to disclose to the public. As long as it doesn’t cause major incidents, the nations that were members of the Star Alliance would turn a blind eye and tacitly cover up for each other.

In short, no one would openly reveal each other’s shortcomings, or else this secret tourism matter would be exposed and the public opinion of numerous interstellar masses towards the dignitaries of the major planets would be sprayed with a torrent of dog blood.

It’s just that no matter how tacit they were, this scene of running into each other face to face like this was still quite embarrassing.

After receiving MoYan’s communicator, His Excellency AnYi understood that the other party’s current situation might not be very good, otherwise he wouldn’t send his communicator back in emergency mode. Therefore, AnYi promptly made a decision. He entrusted the affairs of the royal family to the elders and personally brought a small tracking warship over to this starfield in secret.

He didn’t dare to make a public statement in fear of it being detrimental to MoYan’s current situation.

It was just that he never expected that he would see the tracking warships of the vampire, mermaid, and Qijiang races who also came here in secret.

Fortunately, the relationship between their four races had always been relatively good. Although it was a bit awkward at the moment, it was still possible to say hello.

Their respective signal lights lit up, and after a brief exchange, everyone gathered on the mermaid royal family’s tracking warship to meet each other.

Seeing the faces of old acquaintances, they all couldn’t help touching their noses.

“…All of you also come here to travel?”

AnYi’s disposition was very good, able to calmly ask the other three races as if they had met by chance at a 5a-class tourist attraction site.

There was no one else in the conference room at the moment, so there were no scruples to worry about when saying something. Lord Randt of the vampire race looked at His Excellency AnYi and spoke first. His handsome, white face was covered with worry as he sighed, and his old father’s heart was simply near breaking into pieces. “Since we are all acquaintances, I have nothing to hide. To tell the truth, I’m here to look for my family’s bear child!!”

“I also came to find my two sons.” Patriarch Feng also sighed and said. He and Lord Randt came together as the relationship between their two families had always been quite close. Their sons have gone missing together.

At the side, Duke Seidon was silent for a while, recalling his son who had avoided blind dates before sternly spitting out two words, “Plus one.”

His Excellency AnYi couldn’t help being a little surprised when he heard the collective disappearance cases. As for his own purpose for coming here, the other three knew of it without asking. After all, the news regarding the disappearance of the Nemo Royal Clan’s little prince was still being discussed on the Starnet.

The entire conference room’s atmosphere sunk into a brief silence. The parents sighed together. It was a genuine coincidence that they all came to find people.

“Then your children are also in the protected area?” AnYi couldn’t help but ask.

Lord Randt nodded. “Yes, I used the vampires’ innate skill, ‘tracking’, on my son. The closer I get here, the stronger the reaction was. As for Patriarch Feng’s sons, they must be staying with my son!”

Patriarch Feng nodded. “They all ran here together.”

AnYi couldn’t help looking at Duke Seidon next to him. Duke Seidon didn’t hide it. He sneered as if he was about to catch his son and give him a brutal beating. “I asked Possier’s subordinates. If he doesn’t want to go on a blind date, then I’ll comply with him and just leave him alone, but he was stubbornly unwilling to properly stay at home and even slipped out during estrus. If I see him, he’s going to heaven.”

Seeing Seidon’s angry appearance, the others couldn’t help rubbing their arms.

“Don’t be angry, kids want to have the freedom to love nowadays.”

Duke Seidon sneered. “Why wouldn’t I allow him to freely fall in love? It’s just that his flowery nature3Flowery nature: you know, Possier, very flirty and fickle- a player/rake/etc. became infamous long ago and other fishes would have to see him favorably first.”

Everyone: “…”

They were left speechless. At that moment, a subordinate of the mermaid race knocked on the door, entered the meeting room, and reported an important piece of information that had just been discovered to Duke Seidon.

“Duke, we found a concealed aircraft in the asteroid belt. Based on the insignia on it, we judged that it belongs to… the Nemo Royal Clan.”

Upon hearing this, His Excellency AnYi anxiously stood up, causing the stool to make a loud noise, and hurriedly said, “Take me to see it!”

The several big shots in the room looked at each other and then went outside together to take a look at the aircraft hidden in the asteroid belt.

Seeing the black outer hull of the aircraft, AnYi knew almost at a glance that this was MoYan’s. He had it specially custom-made and given as a gift for MoYan.

AnYi directly inputted the authorization password, and sure enough, the aircraft cabin smoothly opened without any mishap. He entered straight inside.

“It looks like something really happened.” AnYi’s face was grave as he said this.

After the inspection, the aircraft was obviously still in good condition, and there were no signs of damage. In this case, MoYan sending his communicator back must mean that he encountered something big that made it too late for him to summon his aircraft.

Lord Randt and the others also looked serious as they listened to AnYi. This might be connected to their children’s sudden loss of contact. After all, General MoYan’s combat effectiveness was outstanding and famous. If even he has encountered danger, then that is really not a trivial matter.

Several big figures suddenly looked simultaneously at the bright starry field in the distance, their expressions solemn. A bad premonition was sprouting in their hearts. It seems… something was probably going on in the protected area.


At this time, the little hamster and everybody else had already boarded the ship and sailed towards the mainland without any stopovers. Compared to the bumpy journey at the time of their arrival, the sea surface was unexpectedly calm during their return home.

Except for dense, small zombie fish, the large deep-sea zombie behemoths never came close to their ship. This smooth situation astonished everyone, and it also made Wei Hanming, Bai Yue, and the others who were unclear about the circumstances extremely curious.

“Did you guys have a hard time when you came?” Wei Hanming couldn’t help asking.

Ning Feng remembered those aquatic zombie beasts akin to small hills and seriously wiped his face before saying, “You don’t want to know, and it’s better not to know.”

Sislow nodded in agreement, and fearfully said, “Those were even scarier than Possier of the mermaid race.”

Possier: “……………I’ll beat you up oh.”

“Maybe it’s because we were here on the way back. God wants us to go back safe and sound!” Bai Yue touched his chin and thought before saying very seriously, “A top-notch halo of protection from us scientists!!”

“Hahaha screw you, are you still a scientist? Even openly engaging in feudal superstition in public!!!” Ning Feng laughed and scolded Bai Yue with his arm around the other’s shoulders.


Bai Mei was standing on the deck, leaning on the railings while listening to everyone’s chatter. His lips were curled up slightly, and his eyes squinted comfortably as he welcomed the sea breeze.

It would be great if it could be like this forever.

The little hamster watched everyone laugh and joke with one another then shrank into Nie Xiao’s pocket while laughing ‘chi chi’, his voice soft and cute. However, it didn’t take long before the little guy rubbed his little face with his small claws. Apparently, he couldn’t keep his sleepy eyes open any longer.

“ChiDaddy, Baby is sleepy.

Nie Xiao found it a little strange. He looked down at the little dumpling in his pocket, and then gently and indulgently said, “Then go to sleep ba. I wonder why Baby is sleeping so much these days.”

Since MoYan recovered his memory, his little hamster began to sleep longer. But it didn’t seem to be caused by MoYan’s underhanded move because the other party obviously hadn’t noticed the little guy getting sleepier lately.

Nie Xiao stared at his bulging pocket, looking pensive.

  • 1
    A person who make inauspicious remarks
  • 2
    Maybe he was joyful about not having to be sad because he lost his memories or he have an intuition that his relatives aren’t dead yet and he feels happy
  • 3
    Flowery nature: you know, Possier, very flirty and fickle- a player/rake/etc.


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