Chapter 60 – WuYi departs from Haicheng

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The brief episode in the morning was very quickly thrown into the backs of their minds. Except for Nie Xiao and a few people who perceived some things, the others didn’t think about it as deeply and treated the subtle change in attitude that MoYan, Bai Mei, and the others showed as an effect of not sleeping well last night.

Presently, everyone shared the same fate of survival and they all regarded each other as close companions, especially MoYan and them who had never done anything to hurt others and have always had a good relationship with everyone. Therefore, it was very difficult for anyone to think about whether they were hiding any secret plots.

After breakfast, everyone temporarily restrained their respective moods and devoted themselves to their works and tasks.

Dr. Wei Hanming and the others had arranged tasks lasting for several days for everyone as early as yesterday. They must hurry up during this one-week period to help the Haicheng survivors first establish a small relatively regulated base, and only after that could they return to the mainland with peace of mind.

The Haicheng Base was currently being built around an area near Xiangyang Primary School where they were staying at the moment. In the future, survivors of Haicheng would expand it outwards on their own.

Duan Wenyu simply copied WuYi Base’s rules and regulations and revised and modified it to make a list of rules and regulations for Haicheng Base based on Haicheng’s situation. Everyone would act in accordance with these rules.

Soon after, Wei Hanming, Bai Yue, and the other scientists built more improved communication equipment and taught Tang Youshan and the crew how to maintain and use them. The school’s pipeline and electrical lines hadn’t been completely destroyed and only required a bit of maintenance and remodeling. As long as the generator’s fuel was sufficient, some basic electrical appliances could be used. But, in these particular apocalyptic times, everyone would save fuel and electricity when necessary.

Nie Xiao and WuYi’s team had been going out to collect plenty of supplies during this period of time. They helped the survivors of Haicheng clean up a lot of zombies and brought back many survivors while they were at it. The number of ability users among those they saved was actually quite large.

The presence of these various ability users accelerated the speed of construction of the base and one week became enough to build a small base.

While counting the number of ability users in the base, Nie Xiao and the others discovered a problem they hadn’t noticed in the past: at present, most of the ability users had hardly achieved the second level of awakening. In fact, even Wu Qingfeng and Luo Yunhai have only recently reached the threshold of awakening to the second level.

—The general rate of evolution of ability users was far lower than that of Nie Xiao’s group.

Therefore, Nie Xiao, a level three ability user, as well as Duan Wenyu and Jiang Qiu, who were about to enter this third level, could be referred to as the strongest amongst the strong.

Compared with the evolution speed of most ability users, Nie Xiao’s team’s evolution speed could be said to be at the level of transcending past the skies!!!

Regarding this, even Dr. Wei Hanming and the others were a little curious about the mystery behind it. Every ability user was obviously absorbing crystal nuclei all the same, so why is it that only their abilities were evolving fast?

In addition, Nie Xiao, Jiang Qiu, and several of their comrades’ abilities were not a variant ability possessing a single form but a whole system of an ability that cover multiple forms and variations. Including Wu Wenqi who was in the distant Fengcheng, practically all of wind, lightning, metal, wood, water, fire, and earth systems have been gathered by them.

As far as this matter was concerned, Wei Hanming and the other scientists couldn’t make sense of it, and in the end could only sigh, saying that the strong always appeared in groups.

Since Bai Yue reunited with Bai Mei, his personality had become lively. At this time, he couldn’t help but boldly spit out sourly, “So it’s not that we’re too weak. It’s all because you guys are too strong and too abnormal!!”

“Hah, being too outstanding must be our talent! The physical quality of us mercenaries and soldiers is of course better than ordinary people.” Ning Feng laughed shamelessly, drawing everyone’s envious and sour eyes.

Duan Wenyu couldn’t help rubbing Ning Feng’s head and say with a smile, “Low-profile, low-profile, be careful about being covered in sack1In movies, when they kidnap or beat up someone, they put a sack over the head or the entire body. later!!!”

As everyone quickly exposed the problem, Nie Xiao fell into silence and couldn’t help putting his gaze onto Xiao WuYi not far away, who was laughing with everyone. As long as one would carefully recall, they would find that whether it was himself, Duan Wenyu and Ning Feng, who’ve awakened their respective abilities of water and fire, or even Jiang Qiu, without exception, they were all people who have had frequent contact and interaction with the little hamster before the apocalypse.

As for Xie Jun, Mo Ye, Wu Qingfeng, and Luo Yunhai, who have variant abilities, their evolution speed started to accelerate basically after they had been in close proximity with his little hamster.

Coupled with the current situation of the major bases in the world that they have gotten in touch with, it seems that the base with the most ability users and the strongest of the lot was also their WuYi Base in Fengcheng.

Nie Xiao only felt that he had accidentally discovered another shocking secret. Perhaps this speculation has yet to be verified, but Nie Xiao intuitively felt that all of this were inseparable from his family’s Xiao WuYi.

Xiao WuYi, not far away from him, seemed to feel Nie Xiao’s gaze and couldn’t help but tilt his head to look back. Then he cheerfully ran over and threw himself directly into Nie Xiao’s arms. “Daddy, what’s wrong with you?”

Nie Xiao pushed the guess down in his heart, smiled, and stroked the boy’s head, “It’s nothing. It’s just that I suddenly found out that Baby is a big treasure.”

Sweet and honeyed words could be seldom heard from Nie Xiao’s mouth, so Xiao WuYi immediately happily nodded his head. “Baby is Daddy’s big treasure!!!”

The people around who didn’t know the circumstances: “…”

Damn, how lovey-dovey.2Could also be, “Damn, how greasy and crooked.” pft…


One week passed quickly, and Haicheng Base was initially established at last. Nie Xiao and the others had done everything they could to help. From now on, further expansion and clean-up of the island would all depend on the Haicheng survivors.

At the time of parting, the emotional air of farewell shrouded the skies above Haicheng. The little brothers rescued by the Feng brothers, as well as Tang Youshan’s party, didn’t want to face the upcoming separation, but all good things must come to an end. On the last night before the departure, everyone gathered together for a sumptuous meal.

“Brother Dao, Brother Qiang, you will forever be our bosses! And we will forever be your most loyal followers3lit. little male fans!!!” The group of little brothers from Haicheng hung onto Feng Dao and Feng Qiang, their tears raining down.

Faced with the little brothers’ teary and snotty faces, the two brothers could hardly say any hateful words. They have to admit that these silly earthling little brothers were sometimes quite cute.

“Okay, okay, it’s not a life and death farewell. look at you lot crying like bears. All of you live properly and we’ll come back to visit you!!!”


Some other Haicheng survivors, although weren’t as emotional as these little brothers, were still filled with reluctance. Although the time they spent together may not have been long, Nie Xiao and Dr. Wei truly did their Haicheng a very big favor.

Flimsy words couldn’t express their inner gratitude at all. Everyone could only use actions to convey the gratefulness within their hearts and continued to add and prepare dishes to entertain them to eat more.

Xiao WuYi’s bowls were quickly refilled, but because he couldn’t eat anymore, they could only be transferred to Nie Xiao and Duan Wenyu. As a result, those who didn’t have the courage to give dishes to Nie Xiao and the others went for the youth’s bowls and slipped them in.

This made him both happy and troubled. Xiao WuYi’s little face wrinkled. He could only sigh and say, “No more, Baby is full! Why is there more again!” He gazed at Ning Feng and the others who were just laughing away.

Mr. Meng Zhongde looked at Xiao WuYi’s adorable anxious appearance and smiled with eyes full of affection. Then, when he remembered his business, he coughed lightly before speaking his thoughts about staying in Haicheng.

For a moment, everyone in the room was quiet; they were all taken aback by the proposal.

“Professor Meng, what’s the matter with you…” Wei Hanming suddenly looked at Mr. Meng Zhongde with puzzled eyes.

Meng Zhongde smiled, showing a few amiable wrinkles on his old face, then waved his hand and said, “No need to persuade me. I’m 80, nearly 90-years old now. My old bones will shake and be tossed from side to side along the way, and I’ll simply be a hindrance to your journey if I follow you. Besides, my academic research path is not linked to your medical science. The research on the zombies will have to depend on you. It will be better for the elderly to stay in Haicheng.”

Bai Yue immediately became a bit anxious. “How can you say that, Sir. The results of your research have obviously been plenty, and there’s me who can definitely keep you healthy!”

“I’m not leaving, not leaving!” Meng Zhongde continued to shake his head.

Nie Xiao and the others were earnestly gazing at Professor Meng at this time. They really couldn’t understand why a respected and reputable old scientist would suddenly say such things.

Tang Youshan’s party and the Haicheng locals also started to persuade him. Haicheng’s environment wasn’t as good as that of the mainland. In addition, Bai Yue and other capable people would be there, thus, it would be better to go to the mainland.

In the end, Professor Meng was rendered helpless by everyone’s persuasion. He could only tell his heart’s truest desires while lovingly looking at the Haicheng survivors.

“Listen to me first, what is the biggest problem that Haicheng is facing right now? It’s not the zombies at all, but food. Everyone should be well aware of this. If I leave for the mainland, who can guarantee that food will be delivered to Haicheng? Have you considered the immense risks of crossing the sea? Haicheng’s supplies have already begun to go scarce, and it’s too late to start planting now. Sooner or later, they have to sit and eat on an empty mountain. The zombies can be dealt with by killing them, but there is no means to acquire food.”

“My ability isn’t powerful, and I wouldn’t be able to help many people, but at least I can make sure that these children in Haicheng will not starve.” Professor Meng explained with a sigh. Even if Haicheng did establish communication with the outside world, it is, after all, separated by the sea. Water from afar cannot quench the thirst of the near.4I think this means that people from somewhere with the better situation will not be aware of the urgency of problems in a faraway place, thus wouldn’t be able to save them.

Hearing these long-term prospects, everyone fell silent. Some of Tang Youshan’s party and some of the survivors of Haicheng’s eyes even secretly reddened.

Professor Meng originally didn’t want to say anything. Seeing everyone’s grateful gazes made him unable to bear the sappiness. He rubbed his arms in a weird manner and amused everyone. “Don’t look at me like that! Don’t be burdened either. I’m not doing this for you lot. I just think the climate in Haicheng is very good, which is especially suitable for this old me. Moreover, I’ve been researching agricultural crops my entire life. I can continue farming three crops in a year by staying here.”

“Don’t drive me to the mainland. My old bones can’t afford all the moving around.”

Seeing Professor Meng’s childlike manner, everyone couldn’t help but laugh and smile until the corners of their eyes became wet again. This old man was really venerable and lovely for a lifetime.

With that speech put out, no one could force Mr. Meng to the mainland anymore and could only agree to the other party’s wish to stay.

“In that case, Professor Meng will remain here. It just so happens that Haicheng Base is also lacking an overseer. I hope everyone can live well and not disappoint Professor Meng’s decision.” Wu Qingfeng said the final words.

Tang Youshan’s party and the Haicheng locals responded together, shouting excitedly, “Yes, we will definitely take good care of the old man.”

Professor Meng was able to stay and was perfectly satisfied. He watched everyone with kind eyes and smiled until his eyes were nowhere to be seen.


The time for parting always comes quickly. Night soon passed and Nie Xiao’s group was ready to go. They bid farewell to Mr. Meng and rest at the gate of Haicheng Base.

The early morning sea breeze blew, and the sun rising from the horizon shone onto everyone’s faces as if a gradually arising light of hope.

“I hope that when we meet again, this apocalypse will have passed. It will definitely get better and better! We must all live well!”

“Everyone, take care!! ‘Till we meet again!!!”

“Have a safe journey!!”

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  • 1
    In movies, when they kidnap or beat up someone, they put a sack over the head or the entire body.
  • 2
    Could also be, “Damn, how greasy and crooked.” pft…
  • 3
    lit. little male fans
  • 4
    I think this means that people from somewhere with the better situation will not be aware of the urgency of problems in a faraway place, thus wouldn’t be able to save them.


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