Chapter 6 – WuYi became a biped

A Filthy Rich Hamster in the Apocalypse
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Chapter 1 - WuYi is a little hamster Chapter 2 - WuYi can't eat fish Chapter 3 - WuYi is a left-alone hamster Chapter 4 - WuYi's last call Chapter 5 - WuYi fell into a deep sleep Chapter 6 - WuYi became a biped Chapter 7 - Angry WuYi is very scary Chapter 8 - WuYi’s hardcore housekeeping Chapter 9 - WuYi opens the way to find his father Chapter 10 - WuYi picks up crystal nuclei everywhere Chapter 11 - WuYi arrives at the center of the city Chapter 12 - WuYi goes to Yuncheng University Chapter 13 - WuYi saves Xiao Yu-meimei Chapter 14 - WuYi takes a comfortable bath Chapter 15 - WuYi covers his tiny sockpuppet Chapter 16 - WuYi's first stop, Shancheng Chapter 17 - WuYi exerts energy and strength Chapter 18 - WuYi looks at the roadside flowers Chapter 19 - WuYi was held hostage Chapter 20 - WuYi overtakes space ability Chapter 21 - WuYi continues moving forward Chapter 22.1 - WuYi’s about to reach Fengcheng Chapter 22.2 - WuYi's about to reach Fengcheng Chapter 23 - WuYi enters the fog Chapter 24 - WuYi enters Fengcheng Chapter 25 - WuYi arrives riding on auspicious clouds Chapter 26 - WuYi is Daddy’s child Chapter 27 - WuYi’s safety depends on everyone Chapter 28 - WuYi loves Daddy the most Chapter 29 - WuYi is three years old this year Chapter 30 - WuYi will help build a base Chapter 31 - WuYi has a big baobei Chapter 32 - WuYi is an all-rounder little expert Chapter 33 - WuYi carries out search and rescue Chapter 34 - WuYi asks Daddy to charge Chapter 35 - WuYi belong exclusively to Daddy Chapter 36 - WuYi and Daddy takes a bath Chapter 37 - WuYi wants to fall in love Chapter 38 - WuYi sets off to Haicheng Chapter 39 - WuYi’s portable big villa Chapter 40 - WuYi will be good to Daddy Chapter 41 - WuYi is the Little Prince Chapter 42 - WuYi fishes a black box Chapter 43 - WuYi meets a mermaid Chapter 44 - WuYi learns a new kissing method Chapter 45 - WuYi hates zombie bugs Chapter 46 - WuYi is a native fairy Chapter 47 - WuYi’s family and friends Chapter 48 - WuYi arrives at the strait Chapter 49 - WuYi and the Little Vampire Chapter 50 - Mediating WuYi is online Chapter 51 - WuYi’s crossing the sea Chapter 52 - WuYi and the Zombie King Whale Chapter 53 - WuYi’s Daddy disappeared Chapter 54 - WuYi’s butt spanked Chapter 55 - WuYi reaches Haicheng Chapter 56.1 - WuYi and everybody meets Chapter 56.2 - WuYi and everybody meets Chapter 57 - WuYi and General MoYan Chapter 58 - WuYi’s Maternal Uncle, General Chapter 59 - WuYi kept in the dark Chapter 60 - WuYi departs from Haicheng Chapter 61 - WuYi’s return journey in progress Chapter 62 - WuYi and the Zombie Bai Mei Chapter 63 - WuYi likes Bai Mei very much Chapter 64 - WuYi’s about to recover Chapter 65 - WuYi still hasn’t woken up Chapter 66 - WuYi is finally awake la Chapter 67 - WuYi’s variant ability Chapter 68 - WuYi has returned to the base la Chapter 69 - WuYi’s reunion at the base Chapter 70 - WuYi’s Xiao Yu-meimei Chapter 71 - WuYi’s complete abilities Chapter 72 - WuYi goes to the Capital Base Chapter 73 - WuYi’s zombie experiment Chapter 74 - WuYi and the Antibody Factor Chapter 75 - WuYi’s return from a rewarding journey Chapter 76 - WuYi’s Princess Xiaoxiao Chapter 77 - WuYi returns to the Nemo Royal Clan Chapter 78 - His Highness WuYi is awake Chapter 79 - WuYi is a little mischievous Chapter 80 - WuYi’s enemy who murdered his parents Chapter 81 - WuYi’s anger and hatred Chapter 82 - WuYi thinks he’s unworthy Chapter 83 - WuYi is coveted by the man Chapter 84 - WuYi has returned to Earth la Chapter 85 - WuYi hides in his little storage Chapter 86 - WuYi’s battle with Saath Chapter 87.1 - WuYi’s hidden merit and fame Chapter 87.2 - WuYi’s hidden merit and fame Chapter 88.1 - WuYi disappears Chapter 88.2 - WuYi disappears Chapter 89.1 - WuYi gets rid of Saath Chapter 89.2 - WuYi gets rid of Saath Chapter 89.3 - WuYi gets rid of Saath Chapter 90.1 - WuYi is a little conman Chapter 90.2 - WuYi is a little conman Chapter 91 - WuYi’s Space World Chapter 92 - WuYi is blessed and happy Chapter 93 - (Extra 1) The Birth of the Vaccine Chapter 94 - (Extra 2) A bright future

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Three days later.

Yuncheng, Fengshan villa area.

A teenager with snow-white skin lay curled up asleep on a bay window. He might have felt a bit cold as he unconsciously rolled the blue-gray blanket onto himself.

A crowd of ugly and disgusting zombies stood outside the bedroom door and sounds of fierce collisions could be heard coming from outside. They seemed to have smelled the scent of fresh meat inside the bedroom so they began to hit its door heavily.

Weird and strange hissing noises came through the door and with it came a horrid smell.

The sleeping teenager was awakened, his dark and pure eyes were still a bit dazed as he opened them.

He sat up and looked around in confusion until his eyes fell upon his hands. His big eyes opened suddenly in shock, and a lovely exclamation came out of his mouth.

The teenager hurriedly climbed down from the bay window and ran to the full-length mirror inside the bedroom.

In the mirror, his bare body like pure white jade that had been carefully sculpted by the creator from top to bottom was reflected. Every inch of its proportion was amazingly perfect.

However, the teenager had no time to appreciate this. He raised his hands and legs as if doing gymnastic stretches, repeatedly confirming whether it was his own body or not.

“I really became a biped like Daddy!”

What he thought in his heart was smoothly translated into human language and spoken out from his mouth. His voice broke the silence inside the quiet bedroom, its sound light, and sticky soft, just like newly baked glutinous rice dumplings.

The teenager was stunned by his own voice and covering his throat with both hands, his round eyes glowed with surprise and excitement again.

“It’s actually possible to talk!”

Xiao WuYi was very happy as he repeated Nie Xiao’s name several times, thoroughly confirming that the voice came from his mouth. 

However, these series of actions he made brought about more intense collisions and hissing noises from outside the door.

Xiao WuYi looked at the door of the bedroom and frowned slightly. But despite how these unpleasant, noisy sounds made him very unhappy, he ignored it and instead walked straight into Nie Xiao’s wardrobe, ready to choose a piece of clothing to put on.

The air-conditioning and heating in the room somehow failed, so the little hamster without his fur felt a little cold.

But the moment his hand touched the clothes, they vanished into thin air.

WuYi couldn’t help but feel startled. His little hamster instincts made his hands reach out subconsciously to rub his cheeks with baby fat.

This rubbing helped make a surprising discovery.

His two small pouches somehow became super huge.

The scene of two spaces appeared directly in his mind. On the left were countless, neatly arranged dark grids, and on the right was a valley with green mountains and streams.

Among the dark cells on the left, one was loaded with a few nuts that were originally hidden in his cheek pouch, and in another the clothes that have just disappeared.

With little thought, the nuts and clothes reappeared.

Xiao WuYi looked at the things that suddenly appeared on his paws and his eyes couldn’t help but sparkle. Like discovering new magic, he retracted, released, and repeated it a few times. It wasn’t until he let out a small little sneeze that he remembered to put clothes on his body first.

After getting dressed, Xiao WuYi sat cross-legged on Nie Xiao’s bed and continued to study his two small pouches that had changed appearances.

The dark grid on the left seemed to be able to store only inanimate objects and has the ability of automatic classification and infinite stacking. On the right, the valley space with green mountains can accommodate both living things and inanimate objects.

Xiao WuYi paid attention to the valley space with green mountains and streams, and with one conscious thought, he found himself standing upon the fertile field. The gentle breeze blew on his small face, and he believed that this world was real and not fake.

He looked around. The surrounding mountains were enshrouded by clouds, a thin crystal clear stream – which source was unknown – meandered down, and there beside the stream sat a cultivated plot of land…

WuYi looked at the paradise-like scene in front of him and was flushed with excitement. He suddenly couldn’t wait to tell Nie Xiao all of this.

How much food can be put in two small pouches of this size! Even if Daddy doesn’t work in the future, he can still certainly feed Daddy!

Xiao WuYi happily nodded his head1The meaning of nodding his head is like “not bad” or satisfied with and fumbled in the space for a while before he came out of it. Afterward, he couldn’t help but roll around on Nie Xiao’s bed, showing how happy he was.

Soon after, Xiao WuYi ran to the bay window and picked up the electronic screen, expecting it to light up immediately so he could give Nie Xiao a huge surprise.

However, after waiting until he turned into a limp little cabbage; the electronic screen still didn’t light up.

Xiao WuYi couldn’t help but lie on Nie Xiao’s bed sadly, sighing sullenly as he counted the days on his small little fingers. It was only supposed to be a week, but almost two extra days have passed.

Woo chi, why is Daddy not back yet QAQ.

At this moment, there were several heavy thumps outside the door, and the original shrill rashing noises suddenly disappeared, replaced by the sound of footsteps of several men.

These continuous movements made Xiao WuYi unable to sit still so he finally got up, frowning unhappily at the thick, solid wooden door, muttering complaints with his mouth.

“I’ll have to complain to Daddy when he comes home. The servants at home were not good today! Super noisy for this hamster!”


Several men with clubs, machetes, and axes were looking at the decorations of the villa.

They were headed by a man holding a big hammer, wearing a thick down jacket, and sporting a blue tattoo on his neck. Sitting on the sofa, he picked up an apple from the fruit bowl and bit into it.

“Finally ran out of the city; Laozi was damned tossed out there.” With that said, Xie Jun picked up another apple and motioned to the simple, honest man beside him.

It was the first time Liu Dashan, who was holding an axe, came to this villa area where the rich lived. He looked at the exquisite decoration and didn’t know where to put his hands and feet. “I won’t eat it,” he said hesitantly.

Xie Jun was somewhat dismissive and couldn’t help but stand up with a ‘tch.’ He pushed Liu Dashan onto the sofa and jammed the apple into his hand. “Brother, this is the end of the world!”

“I’m just not used to it.” Liu Dashan bowed his head and said honestly.

It’s not that he’s not used to it, but that he doesn’t want to get used to this apocalypse. Xie Jun suddenly couldn’t eat any more apples and was silent for a moment.

At this time, several younger brothers who went upstairs to investigate the situation ran down gasping, and they said to Xie Jun and Liu Dashan, “Brother Xie, Brother Liu, there may be a living person in the room upstairs. The zombies piled up at the door and were all killed by us. But the thing is, the door is locked and we can’t open it! “

“Go up and look!”

Xie Jun and Liu Dashan stood up in shock, ready to go upstairs to see the situation. While walking, Xie Jun couldn’t help but praise several little brothers who were able to cut down the zombies beautifully, causing the other brothers to scratch their heads in embarrassment.

“Remember to do it again like this in the future, and directly aim for a headshot. Only in this way can we kill these things completely.”

“Yes, we’ll keep it in mind!”

Xiao WuYi was lying on the edge of the bed, chewing delicious little nuts in his mouth while looking at his beloved hamster toys on the ground and thinking about changing back into being a hamster again. Then, the sound he heard that was originally starting to fade away, suddenly came back again.

He couldn’t help but sit up in anger, the noise was almost endless.

Xie Jun and Liu Dashan were led to the entrance of the master bedroom on the second floor by several younger brothers. The zombies’ limbs had already been kicked aside.

Xie Jun took the lead and tried to twist the door handle, but the door remained locked. He instead started shouting, “Is there anyone in there? Can you hear me? We’re here to save you. Just open the door if you’re there!”

Hearing this, Xiao WuYi finally realized that the movements outside were not caused by the servants at home. His entire body immediately became vigilant, and he retreated to the back of the big bed.

He raised his head and looked at the small dot displayed on the door of the room. He didn’t know when it happened but he saw that it was now red instead of green. He whispered a sigh of relief in his heart.

It turns out my daddy already knew there was danger, so he’ll definitely be back soon.

However, although he knew that the room was like an iron bucket, WuYi didn’t relax completely. He remained vigilant with his ears perked up, listening carefully to the movements outside.

Xie Jun couldn’t hear what was going on inside, so he turned towards the door and threw a few hard kicks, afterwards, his calves were already numb but the door was still motionless. Xie Jun couldn’t help but suspect that there was no one inside.

Looking at the piles of zombie remains outside, Liu Dashan didn’t give up. “Try again, what if someone fainted inside? Saving one is still saving someone.”

Xie Jun felt that this was also possible, so he slammed his large hammer towards the door. Everyone felt the whole house shake right then, but only a shallow dent was left on the door.

Xie Jun tried a few more times until almost all of his energy was used. As a result, he almost threw himself with the hammer but the door still didn’t break.

The younger brother on the side felt that this was impossible. Xie Jun’s strength was apparent to them and it wasn’t even an exaggeration to say that the hand holding that hammer was a shocking mountain.

If the hammer doesn’t work, then just change it to an axe. Liu Dashan carried his big axe and hacked at it a few times. Although the door still didn’t open, it made the solid wooden part of the door split to reveal the metal layer inside.

Everyone watching was shocked.

“Let me try again. Just what kind of big man lives in this house!?” Xie Jun felt that for the first time poverty has restricted his imagination. Now, he was more determined to open the door and see what was going on inside.

Everyone peeled off the solid wood part outside the metal inner layer and finally found a seam in between the metal. This layer of metal seemed to have been inserted directly into the hollow of the wooden door from the walls on both sides, making the whole room really look like an iron bucket.

Such a mechanism, ordinary people dare not think about it.

For a second, several of Xie Jun’s men were a little afraid of seeing what was inside.

But thinking that it was the apocalypse now, they let go of their cowardly citizen mindset. If it really was a rich man in a coma, they can be rescued so maybe it was a good thing.

So, they went to find a pry bar, and everybody struggled to insert it into that gap. They worked together vigorously until they finally opened the metal wall and pushed it back directly to the walls on both sides.

Ultimately, the remaining thin wooden part of the door was kicked lightly and it fell to the ground.

The scene in the room was immediately unobstructed.

The teenager standing barefoot on the bed surprised everyone present.

They had never seen such a good-looking person before, even if he was currently glaring at them.

  • 1
    The meaning of nodding his head is like “not bad” or satisfied with


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