Chapter 59 – WuYi kept in the dark

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In the face of Sislow’s sorrowful act, MoYan and the others were at their wit’s end. Although it was done out of good intentions, it resulted in them having no immediate way to contact the outside. MoYan and the others looked at Sislow, this bear child1Bear child means little devil, brat, the kind you see climbing everywhere on the playground with their parents behind them and then crying afterwards because they broke a bone. who was lacking a sorting out, and collectively felt tired inside.

Fortunately, this wasn’t completely bad news. MoYan sighed and said, “I can only pin my hopes on my wife. I trust that he2Sooooo… MoYan’s wife is actually a ‘he’? I see… If, perhaps, the author made another typo, I’ll let you guys know when we meet General’s waifu. can find my communicator and pick us up right away, as my last position can be seen on the communicator.”

Ai, I can only wait slowly! The current environment of the earth is very terrible too.” Possier deeply sighed.

He had asked his subordinates to drive a spaceship and secretly send him to Earth to play. Before his subordinates left, he had ordered them not to pick him up unless they heard from him, nor could they reveal his location to other people in his family. Now that he couldn’t send out any message, all his subordinates were probably thinking that he was having so much fun on Earth.

It wasn’t known how long it would take them to discover that there was an anomaly with his connection.

The two brothers, Feng Dao and Feng Qiang drove here by themselves. Both of their spaceships were hidden at the back of the moon, but even with such a close distance between the Earth and the moon, their communicator commands couldn’t reach the ships.

Feng Dao couldn’t help looking at MoYan and say, “General MoYan, you also came here by ship right?”

MoYan nodded and shot a glance at Sislow, wearily wanting to light a cigarette. “I drove my ship here, yes, but my communicator is no longer here, and my spaceship can’t hear my thoughts and come down from inside the asteroid belt.”

Hearing this, Sislow bowed his head, terrified.

MoYan saw the communicator Possier and the Feng brothers were wearing, borrowed them, wanting to give it a try, and carefully checked for anything wrong.

In addition to their communicators, they were actually carrying quantum brains as well, but the area Earth was in wasn’t covered in the scope of the interstellar network. Otherwise, they could just send a message with the quantum brain so someone could pick them up, and there would be no need to bring a special communicator to travel.

Watching MoYan fiddle with their communicators, Possier and the others also put their heads together to look at it, but the results of the final inspection showed that their communicators had no problems at all.

They didn’t know what exactly was the problem.

At this time, Sislow suddenly feebly raised his little hand, attracting the attention of the four adults. Pinching the corner of his robe, he said somewhat nervously, “Uh… Uh, I seem to know what’s going on!!! My sonic waves also can’t be sent out. When it touches the atmosphere, it seems like something’s blocking it, en… it’s like something in the atmosphere specifically isolates the Earth from the rest of the universe.”

Hearing these words, MoYan and the three felt a thud of shock in their hearts, and their expressions immediately became serious.

“Lowzi3Low from Sislow and zi from haizi meaning child., are you sure?” Feng Dao grabbed Sislow’s little hand and said with a tense expression.

Sislow was taken aback by everyone’s reaction but nodded with certainty, putting the reputation of their vampire race on the line to guarantee that he wasn’t mistaken.

“Definitely! I felt it since the very beginning of the apocalypse. Even those satellites made by the humans were isolated outside.” Sislow nodded, confessing truthfully. At first, he thought it was just his own sound waves that couldn’t be sent out, so he didn’t take it seriously. It didn’t cross his mind that everyone else’s communicator might also be intercepted.

For a moment, MoYan and the three adults’ faces were all a little awful, and a very bad guess stirred in their mind. If Sislow was right, then this trick of isolating and obstructing signals of an entire planet wouldn’t be technology that Earth itself was capable of possessing. Moreover, in this current situation where a virus was rampant, it was simply illogical for earthlings to isolate themselves to the point where they couldn’t even use their satellites.

It was no wonder the earthlings’ communication network was paralyzed into what it was now. It was because the main foundation, the satellites, have all lost contact.

MoYan brows were creased tightly and his hands clenched into fists as he hypothesized, “Thinking carefully, this disaster that emerged on Earth is too strange. It stands to reason that the Earth’s cosmic environment within the interstellar is a rare stable and secure environment. The previous abrupt worldwide meteor shower was really peculiar, and the weirdest thing is that it gave no signs prior. Moreover, it’s unlikely for Earth’s astronomers to not be able to detect such a large-scale meteor shower. Humans had always been fond of watching shooting stars. If they detected it, it should’ve been reported long ago. So… perhaps those weren’t shooting stars made of meteorite at all, but virus bombs thrown and scattered in the sky.”

Hearing this, Sislow immediately grabbed Feng Dao’s clothes in fear, his face turning pale. “Then… then is someone specifically harming Earth? What should we do now!!!”

The Feng brothers and Possier’s faces also looked grave. If everything was explained in this way, it would indeed be very reasonable. Therefore, the question was, who would be so devoid of conscience that they would blatantly violate the interstellar law and target a basic civilization like the Earth which hasn’t even entered the interstellar age yet.

“Damnit, this whole fucking thing is done by someone!!?” Feng Qiang couldn’t help but burst into swear words and angrily hit the wall with his fist.

MoYan and the others all felt uneasy.


While MoYan and the others were discussing in secret, Bai Mei in the other room remained awake, or perhaps it could be said that he didn’t need to sleep at all.

It was only because of Bai Yue’s presence tonight that Bai Mei had to pretend that he was asleep, like this. Bai Yue insisted on sticking to him and sleeping with him, and he simply couldn’t refuse. If it was a normal evening, Bai Mei would be silently absorbing crystal nuclei to improve himself so as to survive the long night.

However, Bai Mei actually didn’t feel uncomfortable with the feeling of being accompanied tonight. Bai Mei’s deathly-still heart felt warm as he looked at his younger brother’s pure and handsome4Handsome as in smart, eminent, talented sleeping face.

Since their bedrooms were separated during elementary school, he had never slept with his brother so intimately and harmoniously again.

Because of his own shameful little thoughts, he’d often avoided Bai Yue. He had always been jealous of his younger brother for stealing their parents’ and relatives’ attention. Since childhood, his brother’s talent was prominent. Even if he was admitted to a prestigious school and won many awards, it still couldn’t match up to his brother’s unattainable achievements.

With Bai Yue’s genius halo as comparison, even his excellence against ordinary people had become very inconspicuous. Even if Bai Yue didn’t do anything wrong and rather loved relying on him since he was a child, even thinking about him when there were good things, he still couldn’t suppress the despicable little emotions in his heart.

He had always been jealous.

Even when he found out that Bai Yue had the healing ability, his first reaction wasn’t joy but jealousy. Various dark emotions in his heart tormented him. He was an ugly zombie while Bai Yue had become the hope of salvation. Everything seemed to be silently satirizing him, painting him as a dark and despicable clown inside.

He didn’t know how to face Bai Yue, but just because of that tight hug during their reunion today, all his negative and gloomy little emotions vanished like smoke in the air.

He suffered defeat under Bai Yue’s sincere gaze.

He had to admit that Bai Yue did possess the power to heal, even his dead heart was healed back to life. He was like a small sun dispelling countless dark thoughts of the mind.

As Bai Mei stared at Bai Yue beside him in a trance, he unknowingly burst into tears.

No matter what, this was his only brother.

Seemingly conscious, Bai Yue woke up from his dream in a daze and touched Bai Mei’s somewhat cold hands. “Brother, your hands are as cold as ice. Why haven’t you slept yet?”

“You go to sleep first, I’ll go to the bathroom outside.” Bai Yue said warmly, gently pulled his hand away, and ran to the restroom at the end of the hallway in the teaching building like he was fleeing.

Bai Yue didn’t notice any abnormality. He turned over and fell asleep again.

In the restroom, Bai Mei bumped into Luo Yunhai.

Seeing Bai Mei suddenly come in, Luo Yunhai was stunned for two seconds before he hurriedly lifted his pants with inexplicable nervousness and stammeringly said, “You… you’re going to use the restroom too?”

“En!” Bai Mei nodded lightly, lowered his head, and bypassed Luo Yunhai to enter a cubicle.

However, the moonlight shining through the small window made Luo Yunhai coincidentally see the tear stains on his face, causing him to act before thinking. Luo Yunhai grasped Bai Mei without any hesitation.

“You… you cried. What happened to you?” Luo Yunhai stared at Bai Mei’s downcast expression and felt his entire heart throbbing in pain.

“I did not. You can go back first.” Bai Mei flung his face to the side. He didn’t want people seeing him in this sorry state, so he directly drove Luo Yunhai out with a cold voice.

Luo Yunhai turned around and left in three steps. Bai Mei stayed in the toilet until he calmed down with great difficulty. But as soon as he got out, he found that Luo Yunhai was still waiting for him outside, leaning on the corridor and smoking a cigarette in silence. All over his body was the masculine smell of soldiers.

“Why haven’t you left yet?” Bai Mei asked, pulling a rare long face.

Seeing Bai Mei come out, Luo Yunhai hastily put out his cigarette. He scratched the back of his head, face a little red, then embarrassedly pulled out a white rose from the back of his waist, which he had picked from who knows where, and put it directly into Bai Mei’s hand as he dryly comforted:

“Don’t cry, you look beautiful with a smile.”

Looking at the flower, Bai Mei’s strenuously tidied up emotions were once again stirred. He bit his lip, tears streaming down his face. This fragile appearance made Luo Yunhai sweat profusely and be flustered due to worry.

Same-sex marriage was legal before the apocalypse, and Bai Mei had been pursued by other men and showed favor to, but never had anyone been so clumsy and cautious as now. It was as if the other wanted to place him on the cusp of his heart to cherish him.


Over the span of one night, a lot of things quietly happened.

Then came the faint, warm light of daybreak.

The rising sun illuminated Earth’s vast lands, but the Earth was now devastated and no longer had the hustle and beauty of the past.

MoYan and the few people who accidentally broke into such a huge secret stayed up almost all night. At this time, watching the innocent and kind earthlings who were unaware of the truth, they felt sad and sympathetic, as well as greatly angered.

A splendid civilization that hadn’t yet fully grown up became this dilapidated and miserable because of external man-made factors. It was very sorrowful and distressing.

Earth was a young, living planet within the interstellar alliance that garnered quite the anticipation. Including their motherstars, all were looking forward to the way the Earth would grow up to be in alliance with them.

But now, humanity’s course had completely diverged into a fork in the road.

Jiang Qiu saw Possier’s haggard appearance. He couldn’t help but walk over and awkwardly say, “How did you achieve such a ghostly appearance? I told you not to sleep with that brat Sislow. Did he disturb you and made trouble?”

As soon as Possier raised his eyes to look at Jiang Qiu, he couldn’t help but spread his arms and hug him, causing Jiang Qiu’s face to blush a crimson red.

“Hey hey hey, what’re you doing!!!” Jiang Qiu couldn’t help but look left and right and was met with other people’s teasing gazes which left him fairly embarrassed.

Mo Ye also noticed Sislow’s wrinkled face and couldn’t help but ask, “Did you fight with Brother Possier last night? Do you want to go back to sleep for a while?”

Sislow looked at Mo Ye, silently grabbed the other’s hand without a word, and suddenly said an unexplainable line, “Mo Ye-Gege, I like you very much.”

Mo Ye instantly blushed.

Nie Xiao, Xiao WuYi, and the others came out of the room at this time. Seeing Bai Mei, MoYan, and several other’s withered appearances, as if something heavy was weighing on their minds, practically everybody felt something was wrong and started to utter words of concern.

“Did you guys sleepwalk collectively to steal cows last night?” Ning Feng watched Luo Yunhai and the others and couldn’t help but smile with care.

Bai Yue saw his brother’s slightly swollen eye sockets and thought his bad sleeping habits had disturbed his older brother’s sleep. He suddenly felt a bit guilty.

“Brother, why don’t you also go back to sleep.”

“I’m fine!” Bai Mei smiled lightly and shook his head. Meanwhile, it was Luo Yunhai beside him who felt called out.

Xiao WuYi also worriedly looked at MoYan. Thinking that the other party was upset because of his amnesia, he couldn’t help but comfort him, “General, what’s happened to you? Don’t worry, I’ll regain my memories soon! Baby believes that you won’t lie to me!”

MoYan stared at the innocent appearance of his young majesty and was inevitably reminded of the other’s close and friendly relationship with Nie Xiao and the other earthlings. He was struggling in his heart; he didn’t know whether he should directly tell these earthlings the truth.

If all these disasters were due to the Earth conforming to nature, they might feel regret and pity, but they would not have such great guilt. However now, all of this was obviously not the developmental trajectory that the Earth was supposed to experience.

“We’re fine, but we had a bad dream last night.” MoYan touched the hair of his young majesty, softly comforting him.

MoYan, Possier, and others of their group did not conceal their weariness at all and even hoped that everyone could find clues directly from their emotions.

Nie Xiao frowned as he looked at MoYan and the other few people. He had once again determined in his heart that MoYan was hiding something from them. And now it seems that Possier and the others happened to know the inside story.

Nie Xiao embraced his Xiao WuYi, an indescribable feeling of dejection from being kept in the dark igniting in his heart, irritable and unbearable. He shot a look towards Bai Mei next to him, and the other’s thoughtful look also made him fretful for no reason.

Xiao WuYi, who was similarly kept in the dark, noticed how everyone’s individual appearances changed overnight, and for the first time, he urgently wanted to recall everything. He intuitively felt that the restoration of his memory would break the current situation.


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