Chapter 58 – WuYi’s Maternal Uncle, General

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Nie Xiao and the others had long been mentally prepared for such great changes in life, or perhaps it could be said that they were accustomed to being shocked, so they accepted this reality very quickly. However, for Wei Hanming, Bai Yue, and the survivors of Haicheng, this was their first time directly coming into contact with miraculous species.

Dr. Wei and Bai Yue only felt that the scientism values they had established over the years had been severely impacted. They looked at MoYan, stupefied, and couldn’t come out of their stupor for quite a while.

Xiao WuYi looked at the new form of the big tiger, blinked, and let out an ‘although I don’t understand, it seems pretty awesome’ exclamation. He became a little excited and felt even closer to him. “So you were a fairy too, General!!!”

“Yes.” General MoYan smiled. A rare trace of affection and indulgence was revealed in his cold, light golden eyes as he strode towards Xiao WuYi.

Nie Xiao stared at the handsome uncle in front of him. At this time, all his nerves became highly vigilant, and his eyes unconsciously carried hostility. As long as he recalled that the giant tiger and this man in front of him were one and the same, he would feel a bout of unease. His cub usually kissed, hugged, and rubbed against this big tiger on a day-to-day basis wasn’t this tantamount to this man having taken advantage of that!!!?

The more he thought about it, the darker Nie Xiao’s face became. What’s more, all of this actually happened right under his nose. His heart simply felt so stifled and congested that he nearly vomited blood.

Nie Xiao almost subconsciously shielded Xiao WuYi behind him, not allowing the approaching MoYan to walk past and directly touch. MoYan saw this scene, and the blue veins in his forehead abruptly twitched. He stared at Nie Xiao, feeling even more unpleasant.

Xiao WuYi hugged Nie Xiao’s arm as he looked at MoYan on the opposite side, then he looked up at Nie Xiao whose expression looked unnatural. His nose quivered, and suddenly he could smell the thick vinegar in the air that had doubled in number.

General MoYan finally stood in front of Nie Xiao. Two men of equal height and imposing manner stood opposite of each other, and two hostile and fierce gazes collided, sending out intense sparks in the air.

Ning Feng and the others who were watching at the side dared not interrupt under this atmosphere. They opened their eyes wide, not wanting to miss every minute or second. They nervously ate melons as their hearts devoted itself to gossip.

Mamamiya, what’s this situation? A shura field?!!1Shura field or Asura field means a fierce battlefield.

WuYi’s old lover; Boss’ relationship crisis?!!

The Feng brothers and Possier were staring at General MoYan’s face at this time and only felt that his looks and name were extremely familiar. Finally, after pondering hard about it for a long time, there was a flash of light, and they remembered where they saw this man. Their pupils suddenly dilated in shock.

Fuck fuck, this General is a real general!!!

He’s the prestigious General MoYan of the Nemo Royal Clan!!!!

The three people clutched their pounding little hearts, turned to look at the lovely youth behind Nie Xiao, and instantly swallowed with difficulty. How terrible, how disastrous, they seemed to have accidentally bumped into a big man!!!

“Step aside.”

MoYan said with displeasure written all over his face. He was glaring at Nie Xiao’s bold and arrogant appearance, his internal organs aching with anger.

This brazen savage2包头的野男人: lit. man of the Baotou plains. Baotou is a place in Mongolia that is also called “land of deers”. There are two possible meanings according to baidu –  1 a man whose thoughts, behaviors doesn’t go by the rules. 2 a man whom a married man hooks up with outside. Based on my understanding tho, MoYan was probably calling Nie Xiao this because he’s a wild man who took advantage of their family’s young majesty. man!!

Nie Xiao looked at MoYan with cold eyes and tightly knitted brows. His hand was stretched out, blocking MoYan and guarding his cub without moving an inch as he said, “Who really are you? What is your relationship with my WuYi?”

“I’m your Laozi!!!”3我是你老子: lit. I’m your old man/father. He’s just saying he’s older or maybe expressing contempt and anger MoYan scolded very sharply. If it weren’t for the favor they owed Nie Xiao and their young majesty currently being dependent on him due to amnesia, MoYan would have already started beating him up.

MoYan took a deep breath, suppressing the displeasure and irritability in his heart. He glanced at his family’s adorable young majesty, and then back at Nie Xiao, the wild man who dug up their fresh cabbage with his snout. Fuming with rage between gritted teeth, he said, “I’m his uncle, the one who watched him grow up. My wife and I cared for him hand in hand since he was just a one-month-old baby until he turned fifteen when he disappeared in an accident. So you fucking say, who am I!!?”


Hearing this huge amount of information, Ning Feng and the others were all dumbfounded. Shocking! A love rival became the uncle? Isn’t this a frighteningly giant melon!?

Nie Xiao was also very shocked by MoYan’s sonorous and convincing words, and his momentum somewhat weakened. The person involved, Xiao WuYi, who was holding Nie Xiao’s arm, issued another ‘although I don’t understand, it seems pretty awesome’ stunned exclamation.

“Hmph.” MoYan unhappily pushed Nie Xiao away then confidently pulled Xiao WuYi, who still hadn’t recovered from his daze, closer and hugged him affectionately in his arms. He would undoubtedly annoy Nie Xiao, this loathsome wild man.

The young majesty grew up cherished in their arms. Now that he, MoYan, is standing here, other savage men must stand aside.

MoYan looked at the youth of his family who had grown up a bit and couldn’t help but lift up his other hand and gently touch the other’s cheek.

“Young Majesty.”

Xiao WuYi felt inexplicably comfortable with MoYan’s hug. He tilted his head slightly to look at MoYan’s face up close and also couldn’t help but reach out his hand to poke the other’s face, an indescribable sense of familiarity and longing welling up in his heart. “Is General really my uncle?”

“En, your mother is my older sister.” MoYan nodded and said, his face full of smiles. His young majesty seemed to have become even more lovely after losing his memory.

“But… but how can a tigress give birth to little hamsters ya?” Xiao WuYi tilted his head in confusion and befuddlement. He never once thought that his mother was not of the same kind as him.

MoYan: “…”

Child, Nemo Royal Clan’s genetic pedigree didn’t come about like this.

Nie Xiao and others: “…”

It seemed to make sense.

“Then I should be similar to my biological father.” Xiao WuYi didn’t wait for MoYan to answer and just gave himself his own explanation. He then looked at MoYan and said with joy, “Great, I also have relatives now!”

“But I still can’t remember anything from my previous memories.” Xiao WuYi lowered his head, a bit frustrated.

“It’s okay, Uncle will definitely help you remember.” MoYan gently rubbed WuYi’s head with eyes full of gentleness. Trivial matters such as amnesia could be solved quickly by bringing the other back to their planetary hospital for examination.

Listening to the conversation between the two, Nie Xiao felt an ineffable sense of panic and foreboding that his cub was about to be taken away. He stepped forward, looked towards MoYan with a complex expression, and said, “Let’s put off this discussion until later. Baby has amnesia right now, and relying only on your one-sided statement isn’t credible. Do you have any evidence to prove that you’re Baby’s uncle? Where are Baby’s other family members at the moment? If thought about carefully, there are doubtful points in your words.”

Xiao WuYi slowly returned to his senses and thought about it carefully while touching his little chin and nodding his head. “What Daddy said seems to be right!”

“Baby come down first, don’t believe it too easily.” Nie Xiao opened his arms and asked Xiao WuYi to get off of MoYan and return to his side.

“Un!” Xiao WuYi heard Nie Xiao’s words and felt that they were a bit reasonable, so he struggled to jump out from the crook of MoYan’s arms and plunged back into Nie Xiao’s arms.

MoYan’s arms suddenly felt empty. Seeing Xiao WuYi, who turned his head and forgot his uncle without any conscience with just a few words from Nie Xiao, he felt a little distressed. Looking up at the wild man who was inciting disharmony in their uncle-nephew relationship, he felt even more upset.

“Memories are the best evidence.” MoYan retorted.

Nie Xiao gazed at MoYan while firmly clinging to Xiao WuYi in his arms, as if no one was going to take him away from him like this, and coldly said, “Then wait for Baby to recover his memories. Before that, you aren’t anything!”

MoYan squinted at Nie Xiao, gritting his teeth in hate. Sooner or later he would make this savage man regret what he said today, damn it!

In fact, he also has other evidence. It’s just that he couldn’t reveal all of that in front of so many earthlings.

Delay the urgent, he has to contact his motherstar first.

MoYan thought so and looked sideways towards Possier and the others.


Evening. The bright moon hung high.

Because of those things that happened during the day, everyone was somewhat tired. There were a lot of empty classrooms and offices in the school so everyone was able to find their respective places and rest.

Nie Xiao and Xiao WuYi didn’t release the villa this night. Instead, they just released a bed in an empty classroom where they could lie down and rest together.

Under the moonlight, Xiao WuYi eagerly gazed at Nie Xiao and whispered to the other party, “Daddy, although I haven’t regained my memory yet, I feel that General really didn’t lie to me. It seems that he truly is my uncle!”

Hearing this, Nie Xiao suddenly turned to his side. Visually tracing the young boy’s delicate facial features, he said, “But doesn’t Baby think he’s kind of hiding something? He was ambiguous and didn’t say where you lived or how you lived before. Even if he never wanted to hurt you, I don’t dare believe him fully at the moment.

“What if Baby is a member of a fairy kingdom, and one day he will secretly take you back and never come back again?” Nie Xiao half-jokingly said.

Xiao WuYi was briefly stunned when he heard this before his expression became rather serious as he pondered for a while. Then he replied, “Daddy, don’t worry. Baby will not leave without saying goodbye. Even if I really want to go back to the fairy kingdom, I will definitely not forget my daddy. I will take my daddy back with me.”

Nie Xiao couldn’t help but laugh when he heard this serious answer. He rubbed Xiao WuYi’s head and warmly said, “En, go to bed first. Let nature take its course. You’ll always think of it when you think of it so don’t pay attention to things regarding MoYan first.”

“Un!” Xiao Wu nodded and closed his eyes, but then he suddenly remembered an odd occurrence. He turned over, causing his whole body to be pressed on top of Nie Xiao’s body with his chest against the other’s chest and their hearts extremely close.

“Daddy, Baby remembered another strange thing!”

Nie Xiao, who was being pressed down, had to open his eyes. He helplessly wrapped his arms around the youth’s slender waist and kissed the youth’s lips. “What is it?”

“Um… it’s General. He seemed to have called me ‘young majesty’ today. Baby might really be a little prince of a fairy kingdom oh!” Xiao WuYi raised his calves and swayed them beneath the moonlight.

Nie Xiao immediately smiled. He couldn’t help but roll over, so he was now the one pressing against the youth, and kissed the other person’s lips once again. “Then you’re also my young majesty, my little prince.”

In the dead of the night, on the other side, while everyone was completely asleep and the air was so quiet that only the sound of breathing could be heard, General MoYan, Possier, and a few others stealthily gathered.

Sislow looked at MoYan with a bit of fright as he feebly hid behind Feng Dao and Feng Qiang. Possier and the Feng brothers had already recognized General MoYan at this time, and they were gulping somewhat nervously.

“How come his Highness General also came to Earth?” Possier asked, a bit tense. When the apocalypse erupted, their contact with the outside world was cut off along with it, so they didn’t know about the disappearance of the little prince of the Nemo Royal Clan that broke the interstellar news shortly after the beginning of the apocalypse.

However, now, they have more or less guessed Xiao WuYi’s identity.

Thinking that the esteemed general and prince of the Nemo Royal Clan were here, Possier and the others became even more nervous, and their breathing tightened.

MoYan looked at the expressions of Possier and the others which implied that they had guessed everything and couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows, saying, “Don’t be nervous. All of you shouldn’t be ordinary citizens either. Which family does each of you belong to? It’s impossible for ordinary citizens to go through the formalities when coming to places as far as Earth. Maybe I even know some of your family members.”

Possier touched his nose and embarrassedly said, “My full name is Possier Seidon, the youngest son of Duke Seidon of the mermaid race.”

“Then I do know your father.” MoYan nodded and then looked at the Feng brothers and Sislow the brat.

Sislow said weakly, “Can I not say? I’m afraid you’ll complain to my parents.”

“Say it!” MoYan intimidatingly said.

Sislow instantly trembled, crying without tears. “My father is Lord Randt of the vampire race4血族: Actually, this word doesn’t necessarily mean vampire. It covers all creatures who feed on blood. Idk if those creatures will appear later on so better safe than sorry., and I am the seventh youngest son of the Randt family.”

MoYan bore it in mind. “I will complain.”

Sislow: QAQ

As for the two brothers Feng Dao and Feng Qiang, it was needless to say; MoYan knew when he had heard their surname. “Feng” was the first of the four surnames of the Qijiang race, but still, it was to some surprise that both of them were actually the sons of a direct descendant of the Feng family.

Therefore, carefully considering the people present, several planets would have to shake no matter who had a mishap happen to even one. MoYan, who was now clear with everyone’s identities, straightforwardly started talking about the current problem.

Possier and Sislow originally hoped that the two brothers, Feng Dao and Feng Qiang, would take them back, but they never expected that the two brothers would also be stranded on Earth and could not go back.

“So, have we lost all contact now!?” Feng Dao couldn’t help but hold his forehead. One person and another two couldn’t get in touch with outside of the Earth, it really seemed a bit strange.

“What the hell is going on!!?”

At this time, MoYan picked up Sislow and started shaking him while calmly saying, “Let me see if my communicator can establish a connection. Return my belongings, you picked them up at that time.”

Possier and the others immediately brightened. The communicator of a general like MoYan certainly had a higher authority than theirs.

Sislow was a little dizzy due to the shaking. His black cloak made of special materials from the vampire race rattled and dropped a lot of messy things. MoYan quickly retrieved his wallet and other items, but he didn’t find his communicator.

“Where’s my communicator?” MoYan felt a bit of a headache.

Sislow didn’t dare look at anyone. He hugged himself and cried as he shrank into a small ball. He mumbled super quietly, “I… I helped you send it back to planet Nemo. I regretted it after biting you and I was afraid that you’ll be skinned by humans to make a blanket if you stay on Earth without remembering anything… so, I switched on your communicator in emergency mode and let it fly back to find your family by itself. It should’ve arrived on planet Nemo long ago.”

MoYan whose mouth corner was twitching: “…”

I want to beat this child up right now.

Bossier and the Feng Brothers: “…”

Count us in.           




Xena: Count me in. Now I understand why Uncle MoYan and Uncle Randt have problems with Sislow. Such a crybaby, but also very bratty. My heart is now full of anger with nowhere to vent. 

Koi: Count me in +1. Sislow shouldn’t be allowed to go out on his own. -_-     

  • 1
    Shura field or Asura field means a fierce battlefield.
  • 2
    包头的野男人: lit. man of the Baotou plains. Baotou is a place in Mongolia that is also called “land of deers”. There are two possible meanings according to baidu –  1 a man whose thoughts, behaviors doesn’t go by the rules. 2 a man whom a married man hooks up with outside. Based on my understanding tho, MoYan was probably calling Nie Xiao this because he’s a wild man who took advantage of their family’s young majesty.
  • 3
    我是你老子: lit. I’m your old man/father. He’s just saying he’s older or maybe expressing contempt and anger
  • 4
    血族: Actually, this word doesn’t necessarily mean vampire. It covers all creatures who feed on blood. Idk if those creatures will appear later on so better safe than sorry.


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