Chapter 57 – WuYi and General MoYan

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Xiangyang Elementary School, a vibrant public elementary school in the city that used to see children bouncing and hopping about every day, has now become a temporary stronghold for survivors of the apocalypse to barely shelter themselves. When the apocalypse broke out, this elementary school was still in a closed state and had not yet opened for the new term. The high walls blocked most of the zombies so the facilities in the school remained relatively intact.

The rumbling of truck engines reverberated across the narrow road in front of Xiangyang Primary School, attracting onlooker zombies in the vicinity to come over, but they were easily cleaned up by Nie Xiao and the others.

Wei Hanming, Bai Yue, and the rest heard the sound of trucks driving from a distance and gathered at the reinforced iron gate at the entrance of the school early on. Soon, through the gap on the iron gate, they saw several military green pickup trucks stop in front of the school.

At that moment, everyone got excited and started chattering continuously.

“It seems to be a military truck? Could this be the troops stationed in Haicheng!!!?”

“Don’t worry about so much first!! Open the door quickly!!!”

“Ah ah ah, are we going to be saved!!?”


Feng Dao and Feng Qiang jumped out of the vehicle first. Everyone in the school was thrilled once again when they saw the familiar faces. Feng Dao told everyone not to block the school gate, “All of you scatter quickly and let the trucks go in!!!”

With the road unobstructed, Nie Xiao and the others’ trucks were able to drive into the school one after another, and the school gate was locked again.

Tang Youshan’s party was very surprised when they saw the scene inside the school. They didn’t expect that there was a small base of this size in the city center. They haven’t seen this many people in a long time, and they suddenly felt a sense of cordiality and elation. People are gregarious animals. Although they have hidden in the villages in the outskirts, self-sufficient, they would inevitably feel lonely after being devoid of company for so long.

Nie Xiao and the others, who were two steps behind, also jumped out of the car, and the jabbering voices around them immediately fell incessantly on their ears. Although it seemed a bit lively and noisy, it didn’t make people feel fed up with it.

Dr. Wei Hanming saw Nie Xiao’s group, who was leading in an extraordinary manner and hurriedly stepped forward from behind the crowd to welcome them. However, before his words of inquiry were spoken, a wind-like figure dashed out first, accompanied by an excited, quavering shout.


Before Bai Mei could make any mental preparations, he was hugged tightly by Bai Yue who suddenly rushed over. He then felt the tepid dampness brought by the other party on his neck. The slightly trembling body made Bai Mei truly feel the happiness and concern coming from his younger brother which unavoidably gave rise to emotions in his heart.

With his eyes lowered slightly, Bai Mei stretched out a hand and silently squeezed Bai Yue’s neck. His eyes seemed to uncontrollably redden faintly as he hoarsely called his brother’s name.

A genius boy who was not much shorter in height buried his head in his elder brother’s chest. For the first time in so many days, such a fragile posture appeared in Wei Hanming and the other’s eyes which made them feel slightly astonished. All along, Bai Yue had been giving them the impression of being sunny, cheerful, and reliable. Although he was young, he had been actively encouraging the people around him.

The wisdom and ability of a genius as well as a calmness not inferior to that of adults’ have long made them forget that the other party was merely a sixteen-year-old boy.

Bai Yue raised his head and looked at Bai Mei with flushed eyes as if he was confirming whether it was his real elder brother. Bai Mei was stared at by such straightforward eyes full of sincerity and longing, causing his emotions, which have always been very reserved, to suddenly become that of nervousness and helplessness.

“Brother, I thought I would never see you again.” Bai Yue repeatedly verified that this wasn’t an illusion. Tears fell and his voice was hoarse and glad as he said, “This is really great!!”

Bai Mei looked down, rubbed his brother’s fairly long hair, and said softly, “I’m fine.”

Nie Xiao’s group clearly saw Bai Yue’s appearance at this time and only felt that they were worthy of being brothers from the same mother. The two people’s eyebrows were very much similar, but Bai Yue’s outline was sleeker, leaning toward the handsome ray of sunshine type, while Bai Mei’s was more feminine, emitting a delicate and gentle temperament.

Watching the beautiful picture of the two brothers embracing and their reunion, the people around couldn’t bear to interrupt. Such a reunion was rare and difficult in this apocalypse. The more emotional people even silently shed tears.

At this time, Nie Xiao’s group’s identities became obvious. Scientists like Wei Hanming and Meng Zhongde, as well as the survivors in the school, were filled with indescribable excitement.

The group was invited into a large conference room in a teaching building. Everyone sat down to rest and slowly exchanged information with each other.

Bai Yue’s mood at this time had stabilized. He took Bai Mei’s hand and followed them into the conference room. During this period of time, after learning about the death of their family from Bai Mei, he felt sad and expressed his grievance to his only remaining blood brother, attaching even more importance to his kin. This made Luo Yunhai, who likes to stay silently beside Bai Mei’s side, be squeezed out of the place where he stood.

In the conference room, Nie Xiao explained the situation in the mainland and their purpose for coming here, and then directly got to the point, asking Wei Hanming and them when they intend to leave for the mainland. The environment for scientific research here in Haicheng has a large difference from that on the mainland, and there isn’t even a decent base here, let alone setting up a secure laboratory.

They came with a mission, and now that they have found the target of their mission, they naturally have to hurry to return and report.

“Dr. Wei, Professor Meng, we want to take you back as soon as possible! At present, the best scientific research equipment is all in the Capital Base, and Chief Xia has already started preparing for your return.” Wu Qingfeng said sincerely.

Wei Hanming, Meng Zhongde, and the other scientists could leave at any time, but they hesitated thinking of Haicheng’s current situation. Looking at the local survivors of Haicheng whose expressions suddenly became downcast, they felt a little uncomfortable. Naturally, it was impossible to bring so many people with them on the way back. These people must continue to stay on this solitary island.

Tang Youshan knew from the very beginning of their encounter that parting ways were imminent and inevitable. Although he was a little gloomy inside, he had long been mentally prepared. He said comfortingly in response, “There is no banquet under the heavens that doesn’t come to an end. Dr. Wei, you are all going to do great things. You don’t need to worry too much about us. Haicheng is just a medium-sized place, and those zombies can be taken care of slowly. Killing bit by bit is lessening them bit by bit.”

“That’s right! If you all can develop a cure earlier and solve this apocalypse, it would be better than anything!” The little brothers around Feng Dao and Feng Qiang echoed in agreement one after another.

Wei Hanming took in everyone’s bright eyes full of expectation, and he was suddenly choked with emotions as his eyes reddened. Then, he turned to look at Nie Xiao and Wu Qingfeng, his eyes resolute as he firmly said, “Mr. Nie, Major General Wu, please let us stay in Haicheng for a week. We want to help Haicheng and do what we can to the best of our abilities before we leave.”

Seeing the surrounding Haicheng survivors and Dr. Wei Hanming and the others’ ardent gazes, Nie Xiao and Wu Qingfeng were moved, and naturally, they wouldn’t be unreasonable with this favor.

Nie Xiao nodded and said, “Alright. It makes no difference if we depart a week earlier or a week later anyway. We can just take a few days off. If you need help, you can talk to us. No need to be polite.”

“Yeah, if you want to do something, just do it boldly. You’re in charge of the brains, and we’re on the muscles,” said Wu Qingfeng as he patted his chest.

Tang Youshan’s party and the Haicheng survivors listened to the decision of postponing their return journey in a daze. After regaining their senses, they were instantly gleeful to the extreme, and a thousand favors and ten thousand gratitudes showered Nie Xiao, Wu Qingfeng, as well as Wei Hanming and the rest.

Such a decision was probably the best for both sides at present. Although they were postponed for a week, this week would be of great help to many Haicheng survivors.

Xiao WuYi didn’t participate in the adults’ discussion. Sitting obediently beside Nie Xiao, he took out his phone from his strawberry backpack and looked at the time, his stomach then started growling.

“Daddy, it’s one o’clock oh!” Xiao WuYi opened his mouth and reminded him, bringing the adults, who had been discussing in full swing, back to reality.

Everyone was stunned, not to mention that they really didn’t notice that they were hungry. Nie Xiao smiled and rubbed the youth’s head before temporarily ending the discussion. Everyone first went to find some food to eat.

The food was actually prepared in the cafeteria a long time ago, but everyone got a bit absorbed in chatting today, so they forgot to eat earlier. The sparrow may be small, but all its vital organs are there. Although the area covered by Xiangyang Primary School wasn’t very large, it was equipped with all the facilities. Wei Hanming and the others took care of everything neatly and orderly after arriving here. Each survivor actually has their own position and job, and a small base has already started to take shape.

After the meal, Xiao WuYi made a request with Nie Xiao, not willing to go to the meeting room together with him. “Daddy, I want to see if General has woken up, you can go to the meeting by yourself!!” He really couldn’t stay in the conference room any longer. Those big things everyone talks about in there weren’t something a little hamster like him could bear.

Nie Xiao was a little amused when he heard this. He rubbed the youth’s soft hair and let him go. “Go, if General wakes up, come to us immediately. You can’t be naughty or cause trouble to others. Also, don’t go outside the school.”

“Un!” Xiao WuYi nodded obediently and then happily ran away. Mo Ye and Sislow also followed after seeing this. As for Possier and the others, they have other arrangements. Playing is only for Xiao WuYi and these little guys who are still immature.

From the time they arrived at Xiangyang Elementary School, the big tiger was arranged to rest in a quiet classroom. Although other people were curious, they did not dare to approach rashly.

Xiao WuYi and the others entered the classroom and saw the big tiger showing no signs of waking up. They couldn’t help but worry. Xiao WuYi turned to look at Sislow and said, “Didn’t you say that he could wake up before noon at the latest?? It’s already later than two o’clock in the afternoon now.”

“I also don’t know. I’ll check again.” Sislow also became a bit anxious. He worriedly leaned forward and placed his hand on the big tiger’s forehead.

However, before Sislow could carefully sense what was going on, those sleeping eyes abruptly opened, and the light golden tiger pupils caused Sislow’s entire soul to shake in fright.

Sislow met those eyes, turned around, and sprinted away, so scared that tears spilled out.

“Ahhhhh the villain woke up!—”

MoYan had already recovered all his memories at this time. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Sislow, the culprit who made him feel teeth-gnashing anger. He was so angry that he charged almost subconsciously.

He shot out like an arrow fired from a bowstring as he issued a wrathful, deafening roar from his mouth.

Before Xiao WuYi and Mo Ye could figure out the situation, they found that the place in front of them was completely empty. Two gusts of black and orange winds revolved in circles and blew on them. The two little ones thought dumbfoundedly and sluggishly in their hearts: …Why are you fighting again?

Before Nie Xiao and the other’s asses could warm up the stool they were sitting on, they heard a tiger’s roar outside, prompting them to all walk out of the large conference room.

Sislow saw Feng Dao and Feng Qiang and rushed over to them like a small cannonball seeking shelter. “Wuwuwu— Brother Dao, Brother Qiang save me, I’m gonna be eaten by this tiger wuwuwu!!!”

Facing the aggressive giant tiger, the two brothers, Feng Dao and Feng Qiang were taken aback for a second before immediately putting Sislow behind them in protection. They took out their weapons to confront the big tiger with a ‘you come, I go and we could go for a few rounds’ attitude.

Feng Dao couldn’t help frowning as he yelled, “Why are you bullying a child?!!”

General MoYan gnashed his teeth in anger, but Sislow was now being guarded tightly by Feng Dao and Feng Qiang so he could only let it go, huffing regretfully from his nose.

Feng Dao and Feng Qiang were relieved when they saw that the other had given up. Then they turned their head interrogatively and looked at Sislow, who was clearly in trouble as if to say: We’ll clean you up later.

Sislow instantly wept for the hardships he had to face.

The big tiger moved his head and eagerly searched among the crowd. He saw Xiao WuYi almost at a glance. The familiar figure made his eyes hot, and he broke into a run, rushing over.

Before Xiao WuYi could react, the brave and giant tiger pounced into his arms. He sat on the ground, chuckling as the other’s big head rubbed against him, “General, what are you doing?!!”

General MoYan’s golden tiger eyes were overflowing with delight and longing. He carefully traced Xiao WuYi features. Like an old father who had not seen his son for many years, he checked up and down for the condition of his little Highness.

Nie Xiao happened to walk in at this moment and saw his cub being rubbed against by the big tiger. He was inexplicably jealous. He stretched out his hand and pulled Xiao WuYi from the ground, then turned his head and narrowed his eyes at the big tiger.

“General, do you remember something?”

General MoYan was watched condescendingly by Nie Xiao, and his heart suddenly felt unwell and complicated. Although the man in front of him was the benefactor who has taken care of their amnesiac little Highness for several years, as long as he remembered the scenes of the other party’s various swindling of their family’s little Highness in his recent memory, he would feel his teeth itch a bit.

He stared at Nie Xiao, and the more he looked, the more unpleasant the other appeared.

MoYan suddenly unhappily turned his head, ignoring Nie Xiao’s question, and headed back to the classroom just now with his tail flicking.

Nie Xiao hugged his cub. He felt a hostility of unknown origin and was puzzled in his heart. He could only lower his head first and stretch out his hand to pat the dust on the pants of his cub who had just been sitting on the ground.

The others watched the bewildering tiger go into the classroom, also a little confused.

Meanwhile, Xiao WuYi didn’t notice the big tiger’s unhappy attitude towards Nie Xiao. His face was full of joy as he looked up at Nie Xiao and said, “Daddy, General must’ve remembered me just now!!!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a confident and unrestrained uncle who appeared to be in his thirties suddenly walked out of the classroom where the big tiger returned to. He was dressed in not-so-well-fitted clothes that were rummaged from who knows where looking like he had no other choice.

The other person’s appearance was outstanding and dashing along with a tall stature, one that was upright and fit. His overall temperament was brimming with a domineering and wild flavor.

Light golden eyes and short black hair with two golden highlights on the temples.

Everyone watched the handsome uncle in a trance, at the same time feeling inexplicable familiarity.

“Who… who are you?” Someone asked while stuttering.


MoYan replied concisely, brows horizontal and eyes cold1Signifying a contemptuous or angry look, presenting everyone a handsome face. “Nickname, General.”


  • 1
    Signifying a contemptuous or angry look


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