Chapter 56.2 – WuYi and everybody meets

A Filthy Rich Hamster in the Apocalypse
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“You guys have been staying here but didn’t think of going out to find other survivors? You all have abilities, right?” Xiao Yan looked at Tang Youshan’s party and asked them in bafflement.

Tang Youshan wiped his black face and said in lousy Mandarin, “It’s not that we didn’t want to go outside to save and find people, it’s because we soon found that the supplies were too scarce and we didn’t have enough to eat anymore. Except for the packaged food in shopping centers, the food outside has begun to spoil and rot. Under Haicheng’s weather and the absence of electricity, things are very likely to go bad if there’s no refrigerator.”

“Yes, every family stocked a lot of things during the Chinese New Year, but in less than a week or so since the beginning of the apocalypse, a lot of food has almost gone bad,” Tang Youshan’s companion added, “We have searched almost all of the supplies that can be used near our village and the neighboring ones as well. We can’t even support ourselves, so why would we consider searching for other people?”

This was unfeeling, but it was also very realistic. Nie Xiao and the others had never stayed in Haicheng before. Except for the coastal cities, the climate in other places on the mainland was basically cold before March. After the eruption of the apocalypse, their food could be kept for a long while with enough time to save and stock up on some perishable food. They thus didn’t realize that Haicheng’s supplies would be this scarce from the beginning. Moreover, the most alarming aspect regarding supplies in Haicheng was that the place was cut off from the rest of the world. Supplies from outside couldn’t come in, and the people inside couldn’t get out.

Tang Youshan wiped his face again and said, “We were originally going further out to collect supplies today. The weather in Haicheng is good so zombie insects are abundant. If it wasn’t absolutely necessary, we wouldn’t want to go out of the house now.”

After listening to these words, Nie Xiao and the others felt the urgency and cruelty of having to survive. No wonder Tang Youshan’s party was so excited when they heard that they were from the mainland.

Having said that, Tang Youshan was puzzled when he saw the people on Nie Xiao’s side. All of them were dressed nice and cool, especially the good-looking young boy sitting with the big tiger. His white arms and legs were exposed, showing that he was not afraid of the zombie insects’ bite.

Out of doubt and kindness, Tang Youshan couldn’t help but warn him. He then found out about Sislow’s special ability afterwards.

“You can also untie your clothes and relax. With this little guy here, those zombie insects won’t be able to get close,” Possier said with a smile.

Tang Youshan – upon learning that there could be such a magical ability – couldn’t wait to loosen his clothes. Their group had already been sweating from head to toe since earlier. Tang Youshan carefully observed the group of people and was filled with emotion. As expected of the elites sent from the mainland to cross the sea. All of them were very powerful, and it was estimated that the big tiger lying down and dozing off was also very great in combat strength.

After that, under the guidance of the locals in Tang Youshan’s party, Nie Xiao and the others quickly stormed into the city center, displaying their extraordinary combat effectiveness and making Tang Youshan’s party swallow hard and prostrate themselves in admiration.

However, finding people did not go as smoothly as they’d expected. When they arrived at the auditorium, the scientists had already gone and the place was empty. They only saw traces of people living there for a long time.

“Were they rescued?” Duan Wenyu looked around and said.

Nie Xiao nodded. “Should be.”

Nie Xiao and the others surveyed the auditorium carefully, trying to look for clues left by the group of scientists. However, after searching and circling the auditorium, they ended up with nothing.

At this moment, Sislow on the side couldn’t help but pull the corner of Possier’s clothes. His face showed he was in high spirits as he said with exuberance, “Possier, I can feel that Brother Feng Dao and Feng Qiang are near and they are even coming towards our side.”

“Really?” Possier was pleasantly surprised.

Hearing the two’s conversation, Nie Xiao and the others all turned around. Jiang Qiu took the initiative to speak. He looked at Sislow and asked, “Then in which direction do you feel those people are?”

They couldn’t find any clues in the auditorium, so might as well find Sislow’s two brothers first. Maybe they could get some clues from Sislow’s brothers’ mouths.

Having decided on that, the group of people immediately returned to the trucks. Xiao WuYi watched everyone come back empty-handed and couldn’t help being a little disappointed. Looking at Nie Xiao, he said, “Daddy, did you not find anyone? Is there something wrong?”

Nie Xiao shook his head and placed his hand on top of the youth’s head then rubbed it. He said in a comforting manner, “We didn’t, but it should be all right. We didn’t see any corpses inside, so they must be alive. We’re going to find Sislow’s brothers first to see if they know something about the situation.”

“Un!” Xiao WuYi nodded obediently. He looked at the still sleeping tiger and stretched out his hand to rub the top of his furry head. At this time, General MoYan was having a very long dream, and all of his memories were gradually returning.

Under Sislow’s excited and joyful commands, the car speedily drove towards the direction of the two brothers, Feng Dao and Feng Qiang.

Far away, Feng Dao, Feng Qiang, and the others heard the faint sound of trucks coming from a distance. In this desolate and quiet apocalyptic city, the noise was very conspicuous.

“There are actually living people!! Could it be those people sent from the mainland?!!” A little brother at the side couldn’t help shouting excitedly.

The two brothers glanced at each other before leading the group of little brothers in the direction of the sound. For the trip outside this time, in addition to looking for food and supplies, their major task was to go to the auditorium and leave a memo of their location.

According to the news that Dr. Wei Hanming and the others received, the people sent from the mainland to rescue them should be here within a few days. In order to prevent them from reaching the goal empty-handed, they were asked to leave an address there.

But now, listening to the rumbling of vehicle engines, Feng Dao and the rest only felt that there might not be any need for them to leave clues anymore.

Finally, under the two parties’ initiative to approach each other, they were able to directly meet in the middle of the street. Feng Dao’s group blocked the truck’s path, causing it to issue the harsh sound of brakes. The dilapidated buildings built on both sides of the streets bore witness to this historic meeting that commenced after a difficult journey.

When Sislow saw the two familiar elder brothers from a distance, he impatiently flew out even before the truck could come to a halt, his little cloak leaving black afterimages in the air.

Faced with a black shadow rushing towards his face, Feng Qiang almost subconsciously swung the red-tasseled gun in his hand. Then, he realized that he was looking at a familiar little boy on top of his gun. His young and immature little face was wailing endlessly, full of teardrops.

“Brother Feng Dao, Brother Feng Qiang wuwuwu!!!”

“I finally found you!!!!”

Feng Dao and Feng Qiang were shocked and unresponsive for a long time. Seeing the youngest son of their uncle from the vampire race here, they suddenly felt their whole person become unwell, and their expression stretched tautly. They grabbed the child’s black robe and pulled him off the gun’s barrel. They shook him vigorously in mid-air as they almost roared, driven mad, “Why is a stinky boy like you here too?!!!”

“Uncle will kill us!! Fuck!!!!”

Nie Xiao and the others were getting out of the car one after another at that time. Seeing the scene of the three brothers’ reunion, they couldn’t help but size up the two handsome and tall young men as well as the group of little brothers who came with them.

When they heard Sislow talk about his two older brothers before, they had subconsciously thought that they would also be vampires with blond hair and blue eyes of European descent. They never expected that they would be of black-haired, black-eyed Asian descent.

…Apparently, they weren’t real brothers.

Feng Dao and Feng Qiang were eager to scold Sislow, and they were busy for the time being with no time to take care of them at the side. Duan Wenyu didn’t want to disturb this “warm reunion” and directly approached the little brothers who hadn’t yet come out of their reverie. He said softly and politely, “Hello, we are from the WuYi Base and the Capital Base in the mainland. By any chance, do you know of the whereabouts of the scientists in the auditorium?”

One of the little brothers who was asked heard the question and suddenly quivered as he became excited. He nodded fiercely and began to speak incoherently, “I know! I know!!! They’re in Xiangyang Elementary School. They were saved by us not long ago!!!”

“Ahhhh, I didn’t expect you guys to actually come!!!” The little brothers screamed with excitement.

Nie Xiao and the others didn’t expect for there to be such a coincidence. They immediately felt glad; it could even be described as effortless.1a thing that was urgently needed cost very high and required a large amount of effort, but was unexpectedly delivered to you.

Possier stepped forward at this time, temporarily interrupting the frantic Feng Dao and Feng Qiang brothers. He reached out to take Sislow, who had been lectured so much that he became pitiful, and stuffed him into the arms of Mo Ye next to him.

Feng Dao and Feng Qiang looked at the beautiful and non-human-like man in front of them. Their nose was very sharp. They smelled and identified the smell all at once. One brother raised his eyebrows and said, “Mermaid?”

Possier smiled lightly and extended his hand. Both sides then established a mutual understanding of each other’s identities. “Nice to meet you.”

Nie Xiao learned of the whereabouts of the scientists from the little brothers and immediately walked over. He nodded towards Feng Dao and Feng Qiang amicably and said, “If you have anything to say, let’s get in the truck first and talk there.” The middle of the road wasn’t a good place to talk.

Xiao WuYi beside him saw there were more and more people, so he inevitably released another truck out of his space, bouncing around to let the other people who couldn’t sit in the other trucks sit inside in batches.

Feng Dao and Feng Qiang stared at the cute teenager and the sleeping tiger in the car, and their brows jumped again. They couldn’t help turning their head. They made eye contact with Possier and received a nod and an affirmative smile.

…All these “comrades” have come together.

After getting in the truck, the group of people drove majestically in the direction of Xiangyang Elementary School.

  • 1
    a thing that was urgently needed cost very high and required a large amount of effort, but was unexpectedly delivered to you.


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